Khiladi 786 trailers (updated)

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79 Responses to “Khiladi 786 trailers (updated)”

  1. This looks so stupid to me but I guess the majority of the masses love this sort of stuff.

    Interesting that its releasing on 7th December – 1 week after Talaash! As an Aamir fan would’v preferred it to be releasing in January to give Talaash more of a chance to get big numbers….

  2. Doesn’t look quite as coherent as RR but hopefully it takes its cues from that film…

  3. the tired matrix treadmill keeps on running, doesn’t iit? 90% of the action sequences bare the “matrix stamp” nowadays. i’ll never understand bollywood’s morbid obsession with that movie. its so ridiculous…

    incidentally, this film looks awful…..

  4. tonymontana Says:

    story by himesh! i rest my case

  5. I believe this might be bad news for taalash (after RR, HF2 and OMG)

  6. “Doesn’t look quite as coherent as RR”

    GF – looks like you have really given up on Indian movies if you are using RR as a comparison for coherence.

    • Hahaha! Only when the comparison is a film scripted by Himesh Reshammiya. And to be fair I found RR a fun riff on the original Don template. A solid entertainment, not high art. When one compares it to the completely awful scripts in some of the mangled masala films we’re subjected to these days, RR really stands out as a far more engaging effort. Found it pretty much better than any masala movie that’s released in the wake of Ghajini.

  7. this looks pathetic – just copying from sallu’s dabaang and AD’s singham – i want public to reject such repetitive craps. Give us more OMG, Barfi and Talaash kinda movies…..stop this crap. Akki was damn good in OMG.

    • Talaash kinda movies? How can they give you more movies like a movies , they haven’t even seen?

      • “Talaash kinda movies? How can they give you more movies like a movies , they haven’t even seen?”
        Haha papayas : u r right– this happens in the land of die hard fans :-)
        Prospective viewing in the future …

  8. Wll see this trailer later on —
    But I actually enjoyed rowdy rathore quite a lot —
    Infact the best of this latest south/masala flicks (with ghajini & dabang)
    Loved ‘pretam pyaare’ & infact the whole vibe of prabhudeva …
    Since loads lf abhishrek sympathisers/apologists abound here–
    Abhishrek should forget about all these dhulia /prestige bullcrap stuff right now …that can come later
    Get hold of prabhu deva and a hit massy south script..
    Give priority dates and do it for free
    ( or even ask papa to put n some cash & coproduce it under abcl!)
    And yes:
    Sign ileana da cruz in the lead with some item numbers thrown in!!
    He will get his solo 100 crore blockbuster !!

  9. Ha ha, does the 786 mean he’s playing a Muslim? Should be fun! The title song seems like a variant of the “Dabangg” title track…

  10. Qalander : I think it was u who gave some really good ileana south song clips–not sure where they are..
    Can we have a repeat of some ‘choicest’ ones, if possible –thanx
    Also — who do u think are the best looking South Indian actresses currently … This seems a v difficult question here ….

  11. Thanx qalander — also apt choice of songs ;-)
    Btw I tried to google
    This one achieved my seal of approval

    I don’t know who are the other current south Indian heroines but I declare her no1 south Indian heroine currently!
    I won’t be surprised if she is the top paid south actress now.
    Ps–note how there are 4 actors in the above song (that I don’t understand lyrics of)– the hero, heroine, ileanas eyes and Ileanas waist !!
    Enjoy qalander :-)

    • She has gone past her sell by date in South(telugu/tamil) films. Luckily for her Barfi happened may be now she can get some Hindi films. Otherwise its practically over for her. Samantha, Tamannah and Kajal are the one’s ruling the roost now followed by Anushka.

  12. This will easily be the third 100 cr grosser for Akshay in 2012.

  13. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Excellent Trailer…..I don’t know how it will turn out finally…
    but the trailer is enough to give it a huge weekend collection….
    This might turn out to be Akki’s year but Khiladi 786 will have to at least cross 150…3 films above 100 crore and one of them above 150 will be a rare achievement…

  14. Looks good to me. This is what masses love, Akki in an out and out crowd pleasing role. This film is about entertainment and the teaser promises plenty of the same. Single screens will be on fire.

  15. Ok, here is some news regarding the plot of the film

    Khiladi 786 is about a family of con-persons who masquerade as cops to carry out brazen fiscal dupe plans. Khiladi 786 features Akshay as an British-Indian con-man named Tihattar (73) Singh.

    Says an actor from the film, “Akshay’s father played by Raj Babbar is named Sattar (70) Singh. He is married to an angrez (Caucasian) Akhay’s uncle Unhattar Singh (71) is played by Mukesh Rishi (and old friend of Akshay). He is married to a Chinese. Akshay is the first male member in this wacky family to fall in love with an Indian girl. He’s egged on by the entire Singh clan to solemnize his relationship with Asin. Himesh Reshammiya plays the owner of a marriage-bureau holding a world record for failed marital alliances.”

  16. Here is my fav song from the entire Khiladi series. To my find, the musing of Abbas Mustan’s Khiladi ranks second only to Mohra amongst Akshay’s 90’s films- This was my first exposure to this scintillating beauty called Ayesha Julka (both Akki and Julka also had another good rain song in Jai Kishen)

  17. This one from Sabse Bada Khiladi is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures- I am sure people belonging to 90’s would remember the rage this song created due to its double entendre laden lyrics

  18. Wow , WTF is This [added to post]

  19. The “Long Drive” and “Hookah Bar” tracks should be charting soon. Himesh in some form here

  20. This ‘Punjabisation’ of every other song in B’wood is truly nauseating…when the hell is it going to stop? Is there no other state that has hariyali khet in India?

    So much for the ‘diversity’ in India…

    • I don’t understand such comments. Films produced in the South are also southized.

      Just because the films are produced in Bombay, it doesn’t change the fact that they are UP/Biharized (by Kashyp etc) or Punjabized -as these two represent the Northen parts mainly.

      Bombay being the place where most ‘refugees’ from Punjab (the part now in Pakistan) took refuge.

      It’s like complaining why most films in Malyalam are so keralized or the ones in Tamil so Tamilized and so forth.

      • The voice doesn’t suit Akshay, but the the song has a good tune. The picturization is…meh.

      • Good points oldgold …
        One should get above ‘regionalism’… :-)

        • Whoa Oldgold/AA! HOld on before you hang me with the noose of ‘regionalism.’

          Please do read my statement again..I say – the Punjabisation of EVERY OTHER song..

          I am talking about the need to put in Punjabi lyrics for songs and situations/story that do not have any connection to Punjab at all..I can understand if SINGH IS KING or SOS or MAACHIS has Punjabi words/lyrics. But what to make of those films which are set in Bombay but still have actors and actresses suddenly breaking into SHAAVA SHAAVA and devouring SARSON DA SAAG??

          It is not as ‘obvious’ as Oldgold makes it out to be. South films are southified which is fine; Tamil films are ‘Tamilized’ which is fine. But when you have a hero born and brought up in Bombay singing songs with Hyderabadi Hindi lingo
          – mein tumse bahut pyaar kartu; tum bhi mere ku karti kya?? —
          just to make it hip or funny, doesn’t it sound hollow? Shouldn’t there be some semblance to the characterization of people/places in the film?

          Pune Marathi is quite different from Sangli Marathi though both are the same terms of pitch, a little bit of sound and pronunciation, and the speed with which native ‘Pune’ites speak. Can you have a hero and heroine born/based in Pune singing and dancing in Sangli Marathi just because it sounds funny and different?? Unless and until there is some situation that is logical to this sudden change in dialect?

          My grouse is that most HIndi films of today – ever since the success of DDLJ — can’t see beyond Punjab if they have to depict romance or ‘family’ values? Does no other Hindi speaking state do justice to these values? Is romance any less romantic just because it speaks the language of Hindustani?

          One cannot have a Texan drawl to every character that is born and situated in New York just to make it appear oh-so-different from those Big Apple yankees!

          • When did hindi films in general tried some sort of authenticity? It is rootless and generic most of the time.

          • Superb comment An and I completely agree to everything here. And you are so right on the Sangli Marathi dialect being different from let’s say the Konkan area- I am from North and my 3-4 yr stay at Sangli has been enough for me to spot these differences even though I can hardly converse in the language (infact it took me quite some to pronounce the syllable which combines ‘l and d’ as in Kolekar (interestingly in archaic Hindi we did have that syllable)

            And similarly these every film (excluding some exception) set in UP these days has actors speaking only Bhojpuri when UP itself has so many dialects like Awadhi, Bundelkhandi etc apart from the Khadi Boli

        • >films which are set in Bombay but still have actors and actresses suddenly breaking into SHAAVA SHAAVA and devouring SARSON DA SAAG??

          Why not? Do you belong to Shiv Sena?
          Why can’t one sing in Punjabi in Bombay whose population is quite mixed. Unless one is a diehard Maharashtrian and speaks nothing but Marathi (or English), yes it would be strange to burst into a Punjabi song.

          BTW let alone Bombay, I had sarson ka saag in London – no one objected ;-)

          BTW I don’t think those are fields in the latest song trailer, they seem to be lovely wild flowers growing on a meadow.

          • :-) oldgold
            Think Ann has a point but u have put it well also.
            Btw who all have experience of living both in north & south India –plz opine on thi language sociocultural-geographic-psychic politics —would be interesting to compare it folks …
            India seemingly has more variety & diversity than Europe & America put together –indians should be proud of it & ’embrace’ it.
            OG–I think u have such experience – yeah jab I got it right?–do share it in terms of both places north & south…
            “BTW let alone Bombay, I had sarson ka saag in London – no one objected”–haha where was it ;-)

          • Nothing to do with language of the place, so I don’t see Ann JO’s point as you do.
            Most of the characters shown in such films have a punjabi name. I’m pretty sure Akshay’s character is a Punjabi one.
            I think Bombay is being over run by people from BIhar for labour and people from Punjab for films (since the time of partition), and if these people sing in their language there’s nothing wrong.

            Bursting into a song isn’t normal anyway!!!!!!

    • LOL don’t get mad…Bollywood actually used to use Punjabisation well…now, it’s like a formality lol. if they can start using it well, they should.

  21. hehehe, awsumness with AB and SRK :P

  22. this theatrical trailer is BEYOND terrible. just a pile of crap because one single piece of crap doesn’t do justice!

  23. “Saari Saari Raat”–liked Akshay in it!

    A creepy fim with b-grade vibe, even dodgy singer etc
    but can smell a good melody from afar and dont scorn on it but do enjoy it for its worth
    Havent watched the rest (& wont) but this one seemed fine
    And akshay Kumar–along with hritik, john–believe a hero should look a ‘hero’ on the big screen

    A good change amongst the stunted khans (physically)
    Like akshay here—his face and the rugged north indian physique–unfortunately he didnt do justice to his potential till now–atleast masala may salvage the day for him!
    btw didnt notice there was a sin also around…

  24. Some competition for Talaash. The songs are very catchy and Akshay looks his flamboyant best. The film open big, no doubts. Of course if Talaash is a strong film, it will hold well irrespective of anything. But in the possibility of Talaash being half decent and Khiladi also being half decent (which is the best chance for a Reshammiya-penned script), the latter will win hands down.

    My own feeling is that Talaash will be excellent and both films can co-exist easily, as it is roughly the TZP- Welcome model, though not the perfect equivalents at all. Would be amazed if Khiladi turns to be a Welcome. But point is, no real overlapping.

    Khiladi is clearly overshadowing a low-key Talaash but is even putting Dabangg 2 in the shade. Khiladi’s bliztkreig seems to have come from nowhere.

  25. Agree with those points there sandy
    Havent heard the other songs-but saari saari raat should do well
    Like it ..

  26. “as it is roughly the TZP- Welcome model”
    I get your point sandy
    BT that comparison brings into perspective of what Aamirs own sympathisers really feel about his star power
    Tzp had aamir in a glorified cameo with a buck tooth as the main hero
    Here he has rani/Kareena for company …
    And a full fledged role n 4 years
    No wonder -talash is giving some the anxiety to predict

    • I disagree completely with the TZP analogy. Talaash is a major production. A somewhat tricky genre, moreso if there is less ‘light’ relief, but it is nonetheless a major Aamir film with two important female leads.

      As for ‘anxiety’ there are many here who have made some very big predictions. Speaking for myself if many of Abhishek’s failures did not prevent me from making predictions for his forthcoming films it’s hardly likely that the same would happen here for a guy who’s record is good as good for more than a decade now! But many of the analogies people have made are just wrong. Your own Barfi one for example. There’s a difference between a film that is different but also light and enjoyable. Here the audience just has to clear the bar of showing up. A star and/or the right kind of production can do this. But with a dark subject audience participation gets limited even when the film is very successful.

      Now when one makes a prediction it shouldn’t be like hitting the lottery. That even when one is right it doesn’t mean anything as there really hasn’t been any real analysis behind the predictions! I have always expected a very successful film here. There are two scenarios here. Either the film stays in the 100-120 crore range in terms of final gross in which case it will have been a very successful film but also one with a dark subject where the presence of Aamir got it to the best total possible (say 50 crores over Kahani for a somewhat comparable subject.. though a thriller and a dark drama are not necessarily the same thing). The other possibility is that it does 150 crores or more, i.e. it starts behaving like other major grossers. Here again one would have to see the film. If it’s not as dark as seems evident from the previews that total would not be a mystery though it would still have overperformed other 100 crore grossers by quite a margin (even those in that range all things considered). If it does turn out to be a rather dark subject and nonetheless does that huge number then a few things will be highlighted once more. Firstly Aamir’s extraordinary standing. Secondly the sheer under-performance of most other big films at any 100 plus number. In other words if a dark subject like Talaash gets to a certain number what does it say about other completely crowd-pleasing song and dance and comedy films that these could only do as much?!

      So for me whether it’s 100 or 150 (let alone anything more) the film is very successful and has put many others in the shade. Because again it’s not just about doing ‘different’. My claim has long been that a lot of ‘different’ films really just have the veneer of being so when they’re otherwise on the right side of multiplex audiences. Talaash is clearly the sort of drama that Aamir hasn’t done since Sarfarosh. And it looks to be much darker than Sarfarosh. In a way then my guiding light here if you will is this film. The extent to which Talaash grosses (assuming a film that is liked and is doing well) will tell me a lot about other films in that range and of course Aamir’s own standing. But the ways many here have defined it is simply fatuous though some have been hitting the lottery for a while and they keep throwing up numbers every time a new film of his shows up.

      Why can’t I narrow it down to one end of the range or another? Because with this sort of film it’s harder to predict for all the reasons I’ve outlined. There is an inherent risk in such subjects. And even when they work the audience can be limited in certain segments. Aamir’s prestige and goodwill with the audience is a huge overriding factor but this doesn’t mean he can make a D3 out of Talaash! The rest remains to be seen. As for those who are predicting massive numbers here if they’re right they will have been lucky, not ‘correct’. There’s a difference! This applies to most people here not all. Now if as you think the film does 175 crores that will even more dramatically underline my point about the under-performance of ETT! Actually even with a far lower total than this the point would stand. Then again ETT’s own internals reveal this for anyone who wishes to see the obvious!

      • exactly! people are just making random guesses because nobody knows.
        the success of barfi and omg (and also raaz as some people like to point out) has already underlined exactly how much the likes of jthj have underperformed. the business of talaash is interesting for that reason only, it’s going to throw light on a lot of things.

        • exactly anya
          but thats why ‘kids’ (like u and me) gather around veterans like satyam to ‘throw light’ eg on the box office on talaash
          but whats the light satyam throws —
          basically anything from 6-70 crores to 15- crors and more is what satyams predictions are-laced with lots of commentary of all sorts
          Baisically what satyams saying is–
          the fact that aamir has completed a film and now is finally managing to release it (after nuemrous delays) we should all line up and call it a ‘successful” film even before release, and irrespecive of the box office outcome

          cmon satyam—be a man–Take a figure—IF u go wrong–I will protect u ..

          satyam–your ‘hesitation’ in coming up with a talash figure is disappointing !

          • typo– 60-70 crores to 150 crores and more…
            “Why can’t I narrow it down to one end of the range or another? Because with this sort of film it’s harder to predict for all the reasons I’ve outlined. There is an inherent risk in such subjects.”
            oh yeah–is it not true for almost any film( ok maybe a bit more) or anything in life
            i mean.. the ‘fear’ in satyam that i have instilled is intriguing—deserves a film
            satyam—this has to be one of the lowest points in your blogging ‘career’

            (after your cocktail deepika red bikini comment)
            i knew i can play around with peoples minds but didnt know that satyam will become the biggest causalty
            why was i repeating this question more here –more so than films like jthj, sos etc
            Talaash box office prediciton is one for the real afficianado–
            one that separates men from boys
            unfortunately satyam, u ran away even b4 it began..(which is more disappointing than getting it totally wrong!) :-)

          • I stand by my Cocktail comment. Unless one is interested in Deepika’s bikini scene there is nothing to ‘see’ here! In fact liking this moment suggests some taste. Liking the film in general is just an obscenity! LOL!

          • satyam–i will be frank about that deepika bikini scene here with u
            would have ogled (like u did) when i was a teenager etc but all i saw was not deepikas ‘body’ or ‘legs’ or ‘bikini’ etc
            all i could see was her “soul” & “angst laden eyes” :-) clapping folks

  27. good points satyam and agree—a knowledgable person like sandy comparing talaash to tzp caught my eye as well
    It is indicative of a lot of unsaid things esp about aamirs ‘stardom’ that incidentally i disagree with!
    “So for me whether it’s 100 or 150 (let alone anything more) the film is very successful and has put many others in the shade…”

    Satyam again your point is there but wheres the prediction here
    u are starting from 100 (that too covered for hashmi starrer raaz standards for 70-80 deal) and covered for 150 or above
    U cannot have it like that my friend :-)
    thats not prediction but tightrope walking
    Be a man!
    take one figure–let u or aamir be wrong!
    Im taking 200 or lets say 180–let aamir fall short!
    but IF he is really worthy of all the accolades and top ranking–standards shouldnt be reduced for him
    finally satyam–
    whats your prediction on talaash– im lovin this.. :-)

    • Though I understand that every debate in life for you is reducible to the male sexual organ (I shudder to think of the Freudian implications!) I find it hard to go along, even at the risk of perhaps appearing ‘less man’ (though being a woman does not quite seem to me the disreputable alternative that your own ‘phallo-centric’ world-view often suggests).

      As for not having it ‘that way’ well I evidently am! And I have a long set of reasons why I find it hard to zero in on a range as I would with many other films. And as I said just shooting numbers in masturbatory fashion (let’s keep the metaphor going!) does not imply any greater wisdom! Much as being a big movie star also doesn’t mean masturbating box office results at will irrespective of anything else!

      By the way a real ‘man’ doesn’t have to talk about it so much..

      • Satyam–your being “less man”, or “masturbatory” or “less phallocentric” is all tolerable
        infact there are treatments for that..
        your forte always was box office results and predictions –and unlike some genres like romcoms etc, i acknowledged your mastery in that
        But your capitulation here is disappointing really –not to ‘catch u out’ but purely from a personal pov…having associated u for some time

        This reminds me of 10dulkar struggling and getting beaten on spin and that too by the english team and on his home turf–so much so that he himself has asked the selectors what needs to be done about his career…
        Think the ETT, barfi debates have left deeper scars on your psyche (something that i didnt intend)
        so relax–take your pick on the numbers and behave like your cool carefree self satyam :-)

        • “your forte always was box office results and predictions –and unlike some genres like romcoms etc, i acknowledged your mastery in that”

          surprised you did given how many times I was wrong on Abhishek’s films!

          On the rest don’t recall being involved in a Barfi debate and on ETT don’t recall the other side making a worthwhile point!

          By the way give Sachin a break. He’s only pushing 40! I do think he should retire at this point.

          • “surprised you did given how many times I was wrong on Abhishek’s films!”
            one is allowed to go wrong in “matters of the heart”–which is what seems to be your case towards abhishrek (and frighteningly even towards me lol)
            “On the rest don’t recall being involved in a Barfi debate and on ETT don’t recall the other side making a worthwhile point!” i appreciate your attempts to ‘blank out” unpleasant memories or denial as a means of coping with it–and if needed–i will help u with that (though it doesnt change reality lol)

          • satyam, this is your space and you are a veteran in this so you know better. but a suggestion if i may – stop feeding the trolls.

          • you’re right.. I succumb to temptation from time to time!

          • Satyam & i seem to share a strange ‘bond’
            though we seem to be fighting on most things, there is a ‘invisible connect” :-)
            No wonder, many get ‘jealous’ with this…(like anya here)
            satyam—look @ my eyes–am i right ? :-)

  28. infact to be more blunt and at the risk of offending sandy–must say that her comparing talaash with TZP is like humiliating aamir khan, sandy..
    why the blood of true aamir fans didnt boil at that ? :-)
    i will come to ‘true aamir fans’ later …

  29. It’s funny how a rough analogy suggested by me gets so fantastically twisted, and how within the span of a few comments, the supposition gets converted into a statement that I apparently made!

    It doesn’t require common sense to see how Talaash and TZP are not similar. Obviously they are not. But Talaash-Khiladi scenario broadly, and exaggeratedly matches the TZP-Welcome model to the extend that the 2 films have a better chance of co-existing in the same space than a Khiladi-Dabangg, if that were to be the clash. In fact, i believe Khiladi doing well will be a spoke in Dabangg’s wheel.

    It’s tough to predict for Talaash, esp when promos are not an indicator with Aamir films especially. But I sense the film will open decently and then pick up dramatically. In fact, even a film like 3 idiots had only moderate buzz. The good will he got with TZP wa despensed for Peepli Live, which disappointed a section, So 3 idiots did not get an earth shattering advance. Even previews were not fully booked. But of course all the film needed was one show and the boxoffice was on fire.

  30. Right Satyam. I got the chronology wrong. Let me get that correct. Aamir somewhat disappointed a section with Ghajini even if the film broke records. Many found the publicity distasteful etc, so that impacted initial buzz for 3 idiots that was releasing again in Christmas. Peepli reaped the benefit of 3 Idiots.
    And Im aware that Khiladi releases a week later. Doesn’t change any of my arguments :-)

    • yes but Talaash is unopposed for a week. It’s a big difference specially for a film that isn’t a niche product like TZP. At the end of that week if it’s doing fine Khiladi won’t derail it though of course competition always hurts. I also suspect Talaash is much more of a multiplex deal where Khiladi is unlikely to cause it too much damage. Again the competition is a factor but better than having it in the same week.

      On the rest I think with 3I the previews were just not exciting enough. We were all going to show up for Aamir and Hirani. With Ghajini it was the opposite in the sense that the previews truly excited strong cross-sections of the audience. Don’t think all else being equal that Hirani would ever get the biggest possible day 1 numbers. Because his films don’t have enough frills attached in this sense. He’s too sincere a filmmaker for this. Most of the films that get those truly extraordinary openings have lots of gimmicks one way or the other whether it’s the star combo or the production or the sequel factor or whatever.

  31. I’m nowhere expecting Khiladi to be a good film, but it’s coming between two very important films and with all those surprise chartbusters is causing a bit of heartburn to Sallu and Aamir.

    • Dabanng has no problem here. Its releasing around Christmas. That’s much later. Khiladi meanwhile is unlikely to do anything serious after two weeks even if it is doing well. Just looking at typical trending patterns these days. Even where this competition might be a factor the newer film never suffers. I’m going to bet Talaash will still be doing better by the time Dabanng releases than Khiladi! The advantage Aamir has most days is that his films don’t seem substitutable.

      • yes, this is looking like the worst akshay film by far, but horrible films are in vogue. still, it’s not going to do much after a week. its primary function at this point is going to be mucking up the numbers for others. it’s the ron paul of year end releases!

    • It is produced by Himesh Reshmiya along with Eros and Akshay himself.
      Dabangg2 is following Dabangg template. It should do good business. I think that has chance of crossing 200 when relatively weak ETT did so much. In today’s market a good liked movie should do business in 300.

  32. I feel Khiladi is causing some distraction to Dabangg at the moment, when both films are vying for attention. Salman and team are looking at early promotions clearly and that is where I think Khiladi’s chartbusting numbers are upstaging it. And since both are outright masala entertainers, songs and other such frills are important for early impact.

    I dont mean that Khiladi will impact Dabangg BO directly, because yes, there is a gap. But for now, Khiladi is preventing Dabangg from getting a free reign on the airwaves.

    • Khiladi causing some distraction to dabangg2! Khiladi may turn out to be another Joker or TMK. By using the title Khiladi which was such a wonderful movie, he is devaluing its franchise.

      As for Talaash, it will depend on the pace.

      Baazigar also was dark thriller of sorts with a fantastic musical score and a nice family drama with a love triangle thrown in. And the comedy of Johny lever rocked. It was one of the finest thrillers with a desi touch.

      • he has already done four Khiladi films before! Most of them very regrettable efforts. The first one was an Abbas-Mustaan suspense effort which was more or less a remake of Rishi Kapoor’s Khel Khel Mein.

        So I would hardly call this a storied franchise!

  33. ‘I’m nowhere expecting Khiladi to be a good film, but it’s coming between two very important films and with all those surprise chartbusters is causing a bit of heartburn to Sallu and Aamir’

    Like seriously… LMAO

    Where exactly are Khiladi songs doing well?? On top of that Dabangg 2 has only been completed few days back. The promotions have hardly started.

    Let me make a prediction. Dabangg 2 will make more than Khiladi’s lifetime in 7-9 days flat. Talaash will dent it BIG in the multiplexes and overseas and Dabangg 2 will be the final nail in the coffin.

  34. ‘Like akshays looks when he cares for it
    and im not sure why people are considering salman SO much above akshay so as to downgrade the latter so much’

    Who’s downgrading Akshay here??

    I would never have bothered commenting on this thread had Sandy not referred to Khiladi’s music as Blockbuster music. I mean no where do I see the songs topping the charts so can evidence be provided please.

  35. paresh rawal looks proper maniac,table 21.
    I bet he reserved it for 2013 release.

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