Thoughts on Talaash

(spoilers ahead)

As the name signifies talaash is based on multiple searches  both spiritually and physically.

Movies is based on c-phase road and basically it is both the starting point  as well as end point a  name which goes along with its proximity to sea as well underneth underbelly of red light and the lifeline of mumbai the local trains.

The stylish representation of the junk in form of charsis, smoke , drink and as well as sale of porn dvd awaits a gripping start (ala anurag kashyap in paanch and shaitan) along with a murder but sadly the movie loses its flow and concentrate mostly on grief part of couple for the best part of first half. Aamir khan as shekhawat is not the usual macho officer but more a man with grey call who is equally vulnerable to his past .

An insomniac suffering from his guilt(which reminds alot of  christian bale in one of his most titanic performance machinist centering around a child and  women) here to a child and women played a crucial part in increase and redemption of aamir’s inward search where his guilt takes him into. There is roshni his wife who at time much appear much stronger than his partner .

Devrath(  name of bhishma pitamah who was the follower in war and timur who is crippled(much like timur lang the crippled  ) provides an interesting analogy so did why rosie insists shekhawat to help simran( a name which is closely related to her).

Interesting in much like kashyap style of shaitan there is an interesting chase sequence ironically which involves a cripple again being one of the better parts and finally a shyamlan style climax resembling his sixth sense. Inspite of all these positives talaash suffers from a lacklustre script and certainly kareena is not convincing in her part as prostitute. Personal angle of aamir is forced and so did his breakdown in climax which drags on.  15 minutes into second half and one knows what the climax would be. Promos and promotions foussed on thriller aspect but the movie has heavy dose of emotional quotiet which dont go along with a flow ..a climax which is done upteen times in case of many hollywood thrillers and various subplots which goes only on surface. Taking technalities and cinmatography aside( which is always a strong part of excel production) talaash left lot to be desired and falls behind despite convincing performances from both the lead and a sparkling cameo by nawaz


6 Responses to “Thoughts on Talaash”

  1. Rockstar – good take on TALAASH


  2. OK folks – here’s my take:

    [post created]


  3. fantastic write-up.
    quite a few people were focusing on kk’s styling etc. but i think you hit the nail on the head – this is a deliberate choice, and a very good one at that. as even aamir said to her ‘you don’t belong here’
    there are narrative deficiencies in my opinion but you are right that this will probably age very well with the target audience. incidentally, i think most of aamir’s old films have also aged better than the other 90’s stuff. i prefer even the regular ‘didn’t exactly set box office on fire at the time stuff’ like dil hai ki, hum hain rahi, jo jeeta, 1947 earth etc. to the ‘iconic’ films of some other stars, which seem very dated i think. and of course sarfarosh, aaa, dch, lagaan have cult status.


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