Transcendence trailers (updated)

thanks to Aamirsfan…


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  1. Check it out again –this should be v good actually.
    “When artificial intelligence becomes self-aware”. Apparently depp downloads his own consciousness onto a computer when in danger.
    Depp can’t be recognised nowadays in a ‘normal’ getup (!) and carries far too much baggage for this. Also the setup /team seem incapable of handling this subject.
    Needed someone like Nolan or even CAmeron…


    • Sorry..I have to remember it’s Sci-Fi . J.Depp? didnt recognize him. HAL in the flesh….OK I’ll watch it again if you say so 😛


      • Yup maggie: it’s somewhat like HAL in flesh.. Find this subject quite intriguing (& per say more interesting than even inception but the latter definitely had better treatment/cast/team than this one ever will have!)
        What’s interested me is the fact that after senility/ death, all the data/mental pathways/skills/’wisdom’ accumulated by humans (& moreso by intelligentsia!) just goes into a black hole !!
        ANY technology that can tap this database and make it accessible for direct/indirect upload into other humans creating a cumulative reservoir memory bank—that will be the next major advance after the www !!
        Anyhow, won’t bore U more and back to the film —
        Unsure about depps suitability here but perhaps he was the only a-lister(?)these people could get signed on…
        On a related note–I like Rebecca hall ..( Vicky Christina Barcelona fame amongst others –have u seen it?)


        More bits on the film from
        After two deceptive teaser trailers earlier this week, narrated by Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman, the first full trailer for Transcendence is finally here and it is packed with new and impressive footage. Coming from first-time director Wally Pfister (the cinematographer for Inception and The Dark Knight), the film looks like a lower-budget Christopher Nolan thriller, brimming with intriguing questions about science and the dangers of new technology.

        Johnny Depp stars as Dr. Will Caster, a researcher for Artificial Intelligence who finds himself very involved in his quest to create a sentient machine that carries intellect and human emotions when he becomes that super-intelligent machine. The intensity of his power will likely become a catalyst for great things, terrible things, or great, terrible things. Rounding out the film’s terrific ensemble is Rebecca Hall as Caster’s wife, Evelyn, as well as Kate Mara, Paul Bettany, Morgan Freeman, Clifton Collins Jr. and Cillian Murphy.

        From this new footage, Transcendence looks like both an intriguing thriller about science ethics and a throwback to cautionary tales from the 1980s and 1990s about the high cost of high-powered technology. Although some of the digital effects look incomplete, it seems like Pfister’s ambition extends beyond the story into full-throttled action sequences. Admittedly, it’s a bit worrying that there are four listed screenwriters on the film, but hopefully the final draft is a potent blend of science-fiction thriller and action film, and not too heavily balanced on either side of that genre spectrum.

        It is still too early to tell whether Transcendence has the chops to be an Inception-level thrill ride, but the stunning cast and intriguing subject matter should make for an easy sell among science fiction fans. As long as the film does not end up to be a re-tread of other films with unsavoury feats of science (2001: A Space Odyssey‘s HAL 9000 instantly leaps to mind), Transcendence should be one spring release to look forward to. It arrives in theatres on April 18, 2014.


  2. full trailer:

    [added to post]

    johny depp jumping into sci-fi…not sure about BO but i like the concept. Also Christopher Nolan is executive producer.


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