Images from Jai Ho (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..

thanks to Xhobdo..

thanks to Jai..

thanks to Xhobdo..


40 Responses to “Images from Jai Ho (updated)”

  1. Love the tag line People’s Man. It goes with the concept of the film.

    Plus Salman has sketched this himself. Now that’s the poster done, trailer next week πŸ˜€

    I think they’ve timed it beautifully. IMO 5 weeks promotion is more than enough.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      was reading an article mentioning that salman film’s don’t really need any promotions! i kind of think that to be true at the moment. the release of this mere poster ‘crashed’ the server on his FB! his popularity is still at peak level.


      • Hmmm I wouldn’t go that far. I think all stars need to do promotion I just think 6 months plus is way OTT.

        This is the longest gap Salman has ever had (unless I’m mistaken) since Dabangg 2, around 13 months. From people around me in England (so I’m guessing India will be far more crazy) we his fans have been desperately awaiting his next film.

        I no longer watch Hindi films in the theatres unless it’s a Salman film heck I don’t watch many films at all lol. Last film I ventured out for was Prisoners (which I thoroughly enjoyed).

        May go for Homefront this week and the one I’ve been looking forward to American Hustle hits the screens in time for Xmas.


  2. I have zero intention of watching this (or indeed any other Salman Khan film) but this is a cool poster.


  3. I really like this poster. Apparently (or so I have read) the story is about someone doing a good deed for 3 people and those 3 people have to find another 3 people to do good deeds for – I might be wrong.
    Unfortunately this kind of story is more up Hirani’s street than Sohail Khan!


  4. P.K Talli Says:

    for those who dont know it is a remake of Stalin


  5. Rather than this , Salman Khan will do others good if he rightfully serves time for the deaths caused by his drunken driving.


    • Maybe that’s how this movie starts-the first scene is him driving drunk and he kills 3 people and then he decides to help 3 people or whatever the concept is


  6. crap director Sonali khan –
    Recycled script–no problem

    No katrina /no DP, nothing

    1 pic –websites crash

    THIS is stardom !!!

    Ps: not plotting and planning for three goddamm years, getting rani/ prostiute Kareena /excel on board
    And fall short of 80 crores…

    And to all Salman fans like naveed–
    the Salman -kjo interview was EPIC
    He speaks my wavelength there πŸ™‚


    • yes but that’s like Vin Diesel is the true star because he depends on crap and doesn’t require anything else whereas Di Caprio needs Nolan and Scorsese and whoever! The point is precisely the opposite of what you’re suggesting. It IS the crap that is Salman’s calling. No one wishes to see him in a serious film!


      • ‘No one wishes to see him in a serious film!’

        He’ll change that with this film. Who cares what a few think, his fans will turn up. It’s been 13 months since last release. Plus it’s a one man show as usual.

        @apex – yeah KWK was fun. I was worried how KJO was going to behave but it was all good. It’s the most viewed episode of KWK (going by YouTube views)


        • If Jai Ho is a remake of Stalin it’s not a ‘serious’ film by any means. Don’t even think it’s a particularly good film in its genre. By the way I didn’t mean to be critical of Salman with that comment. Just calling a spade a spade.


    • Talaash may have have been a semi-hit at under Rs 100 crores, net –90 if i am not mistaken, but i would rather Aamir do a good film like Talaash than a nonsensical blockbuster.


  7. P.K Talli Says:

    Talaash fell short of 80 cr and Krrish made 250 cr ? lol thanks for the entertainment .


  8. Haha Don’t remember the exact figures but did talaash make 100 cr(wh)ores ??forget 150, 200.
    Yes or no ?

    “No one wishes to see him in a serious film!”
    There are people dying /getting killed/getting raped–THAT is serious!!
    Films are not …
    Films are entertainment entertainment entertainment my little boy..


  9. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    I dont have much faith in this or any other film directed by Sohail Khan. But this is the best poster of a Hindi film in years, buy miles.


  10. Good points there naveed & utkal uncle …
    Has Salman painted this? ( on top of his photo?)

    I’m feeling worried about aamir now
    What if sohail khans jai oh comes near d3 tally? It will be hilarious —
    unlikely..let’s see the fun


  11. I think amongst all the petty debates here, 2 things can’t be argued against:

    1. Salman is the biggest superstar around these days. He won’t need Katrina, Deepika, great promotions or a big banner to open up a movie big. His mere presence will provide opening collections no one can provide.

    2. Talaash is very well made film. A film made with a lot of sincerity and dedication and I don’t mind whether it made 80 cr or less or more.


  12. jack sparrow Says:

    Good poster! Better than most of Salman’s recent ones.
    And can’t believe it crashed the servers! Stardom at its peak.


  13. Really nice poster & art work…
    Note the absence of a director, forget someone like hirani or even the backing of yrf or kjo
    Or the ‘helping hand’ of deepika or katrina …
    THIS is stardom…

    All u Salman fans–time for u to ‘come out’ of the closet n enjoy… πŸ™‚


  14. this was the digital poster from a couple days ago:

    seems like a positive theme. but yes sohail khan as director is a huge negative.


  15. Here’s the EXCLUSIVE
    Poster of JAI HO (added to post)


  16. tonymontana Says:

    Just crap


  17. So revisiting this thread…it seems only Poster was the only good thing about the movie.

    To answer Apex’ note.

    13 Months since last film, promotion of Jai on all the TV Shows including big ones like Comedy with Kapil plus visits to Cities, Malls and in Gujarat flying kite with Modi…Plus Aamir running a countdown on Twitter on Jai on his 5.7 million followers…so promotion on twitter with almost 12 million followers when you combine both. A Normal Day release and bang..what you get…17.5 crores.

    Once again i am saying, No one has stopped Salman to do collaboration with good director and increase production values. When you don’t, you suffer. All this talk of Salman being above everyone is now for a toss as paying audiences dont care about the stuff but good product in all.

    Waiting for Kick.


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