Meena Kumari on Filmfare (Aug 19, 1955)



6 Responses to “Meena Kumari on Filmfare (Aug 19, 1955)”

  1. she looks very different here..


    • Not different, just very young. This is how she looked in her earlier films like Baiju bawra and Miss Mary, and Tamasha from 1952

      The song starts after a few seconds.


    • I guess I’ve seen so much of Meena Kumari, in just about ever available movie of her, that the photo doesn’t seem so ‘different’ to me. But yes, it is different to how she looked later on. I think 1960 was the crossover year for her – the Meena Kumari in Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi seemed older, more mature, more womanly, unlike the carefree girl that happily pranced about with Kishore Kumar in the fifties (not that she didn’t do lots of serious films then too). But she still looked very beautiful in the early sixties, until about 1964 when alcohol appeared to have taken it’s toll on here. Nonetheless, she remained mesmerising right until her final movie, shot whilst she was dying:


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