Legendary actress Suchitra Sen dies in Kolkata hospital

Legendary actress Suchitra Sen dies in Kolkata hospital

Legendary actress of yesteryears Suchitra Sen died in a Kolkata hospital, aged 83.

She breathed her last at 8:25 AM. The immediate reason of her death was cardiac arrest.

She was admitted to Belle Vue Clinic on December 23 with severe lung infection.

During the past 26 days, she has been frequently in and out of the danger zone. CHief minister Mamata Banerjee visited her seven times over the past few days.


19 Responses to “Legendary actress Suchitra Sen dies in Kolkata hospital”

  1. RIP Suchitra Sen ji, Prayers…

    Tere Bina Zindagi Se – Aandhi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxHFP10N1xE

    Tum Aa Gaye Ho – Aandhi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTCX_M-meHc


  2. One of the great legends of Indian cinema…


  3. I am yet to see her work in Bengali cinema, for which she gained the status of a legend, but even her few Hindi films are evidence of her greatness – Devdas, Aandhi, Mamta, Bambai Ka Babu.

    This song (from Mamta (Lata, Roshan, Majrooh) says its all:

    Rahe na rahe hum,
    Mehka karenge
    Ban ke kali,
    Ban ke sabaa
    Baag-e-wafaa mein

    Jab hum na honge,
    Jab hamaari khaak pe tum rukoge chalte chalte
    Ashqon se bheegi chandni mein
    Is sadaa si sunoge chalte chalte
    Wahin pe kahin, Wahin pe kahin,
    Tumse milenge,
    Ban ke kali,
    Ban ke sabaa
    Baag-e-wafaa mein

    Rest in peace.


  4. RIP
    She had such grace and beauty.
    A melodious song from 1957 Champakali.


  5. The Garbosque life of more than three decades and half had only mystified the aura around Suchitra Sen – the veteran actress who passed away at the age of 82 today, January 17.

    Gopal Krishna Roy, the only journalist with access to her even in her reclusive years, narrates moments of an extraordinary friendship to Sujoy Dhar.

    A screen star was born in Tollygune studio in 1953.

    Mrs Suchitra Sen appeared in the silver screen in the early 50s with her first Bengali release in 1953. It was a film called Saat Number Kayedi (Prisoner Number 7). What followed is what you call history.

    Mrs Sen (I would like to refer her as that) was born in a middle-class family in Pabna, now in Bangladesh.

    She came to India in 1947 as a refugee.

    Eventually, she got married to Mr Dibanath Sen, who was from an aristocratic family of Kolkata’s residential enclave for the rich and famous then, Ballygunge Place.

    Her surname before marriage was Dasgupta. She was Rama Dasgupta.



  6. Rajenmaniar Says:



  7. R.I.P. — (don’t like the way people are using this term without the ‘dots’)!
    Btw Isn’t she moonx2s mom –& Riyas grandmom,..

    Graceful beauty
    Well, have seen only two of her films -devdas which was DK @ his best
    And last but not the least–this vastly under rated film

    I Liked dev anand even more –if I remember correctly, this film has the heroine showering her love on her ‘brother’ who well, isn’t a bro.

    Of the top of my head–
    With dev anand in a film I liked a lot (unsure if many have seen/liked it)


  8. “Suchitra Sen completely disengage from public view” – Sharmila Tagore

    “As far as I am concerned Suchitra Sen was a true legend, no two ways about it. She withdrew from public life nearly 40 years ago. So we only know her through her films. I last saw her when she was shooting for Gulzar’s Aandhi. I just loved the way she used her voice and her beautiful eyes.

    Mrs Sen brought up her daughter very well. She sent Moon Moon to the best schools, made sure she gave the best possible facilities to her. Her grand-daughter Raima does have a little jhalak of Suchitra Sen. Mrs Sen led a beautiful life. She tried to give her daughter the life of comforts that she didn’t have. She was deeply spiritual. All of us past a certain age have a craving for a certain public platform. She didn’t. She left it all behind and led her life away from the public eye. I couldn’t do that. But that was what she chose to do. And she never wavered in her decision. I can’t disengage from public life the way she did. She chose to engage with her spiritual endeavours, with her daughter and grand-children. Her gravitas, that sense of ‘self’ that she had was unparalleled. She was feminine and yet so strong.

    What I remember the most about her is her royal bearing. Above all, I just loved her arrogance. Manikada (Satyajit Ray) was very keen to work with her in Ghair Bhaire. He wanted to cast her with Uttam Kumar. Whereas Uttam did eventually work with Manikda, Manikda and Suchitra Sen never did come together. There was this ‘ego’ tension between them. Both were giants. I wish they had worked together. But mediators created trouble between them. Manikda never had any money to offer her. Uttam-Suchitra were to me the ultimate pair. All their films together were magical. They too had an ego clash. Right in the beginning of my career I was working at New Theatre in Kolkata when I came across Mrs Sen. She was giving me a close look (laughs). Then she said to me, ‘You’ve very pretty eyes.’ Coming from her, that was such a compliment. She was truly a star and carried herself like one. Was I influenced by her? I don’t think so. I’ve always been a rolling stone. I always did my own thing. And if you ask me my favourite actresses they are Nutan, Waheeda Rehman, and Meena Kumari. I definitely admired Suchitra Sen. Other Benngali actresses like Kanan Bala, Madhabi Mukherjee, Sandhya Roy and Roopa Ganguly were also formidable in their own right. In the same way that British actors are much superior to their American actresses, Bengali actresses are, I think, a class apart.

    Mrs Sen was first a star, then an actor. Of course she was very talented. But more than that there was a certain presence about her which was unparalleled. She had an amazing aura. No one knows what she looked like after the 1960s. I hope her privacy is preserved in her death and that her body is not put up for public viewing. I am sure Ms Mamta Bannerjee will make sure of that. It would be such a betrayal of her privacy if her face is now seen by the public.”


  9. Gulzar on Suchitra Sen.


    The Telegraph from Calcutta has come out with a supplement on her. Some fabulous, very rare pictures and a couple of interesting pieces. If you haven’t come across it yet Satyam, let me know — I’ll scan and send.


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