Amitabh Bachchan: Meet the biggest movie star in the world (The Independent)

thanks to Andy..



15 Responses to “Amitabh Bachchan: Meet the biggest movie star in the world (The Independent)”

  1. Fantastic image here…


  2. The link seems to be missing


  3. Koi shaq!


  4. One should age like amitabh. Not losing an iota of charm but gaining it as days pass by.

    As the famous one said age shall not wither him. Age may touch him but it cant damage his charm.

    Hope I am not sounding like some sycophant.


  5. Satyam, great still from Satta….. I will soon watch this again, as I remember liking it a lot.
    Raveena – I like !!


    • The only memory I have of Satta is that of Atul Kulkarni’s performance which pretty much made the film for me (the guy is one of the most talented actor we have, sadly Bollywood can’t design one proper role of him)- I was quite shocked when his “good-politician” character turns out to be a slimy bastard.


    • this is one of the better films of the last decade.. really like Atul Kulkarni’s understated performance here..


  6. Michael Bloomberg in conversation with Amitabh Bachchan
    [post created]

    Thanks 🙂



    As much as I love Big B I have to agree on some level with the comment. In all this time he hardly gives anything away and keeps his cards close to his chest.

    I’m not talking about personal stuff because that’s what it is personal and I wouldn’t want him to share it but I expected a lot more in terms of movies.

    He’s always vague. Not expecting a breakdown in story and screenplay but if he’s okayed a script then it should be okay to say the maker and the concept on hand. We tend to get more accurate info from the gossip sites.


  8. Once again this is a case of stupid, senseless and copycat media. That post was created and written by Big B himself in self deprecating and humorous way. There is a thing called sense of humour and if others don’t have it and don’t get it then….


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