AAP pulls off a stunning victory!


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  1. 67 seats is absolutely stunning! One of the most incredible political results I’ve seen and given Kejrival’s resignation after 49 days one of the most incredible turnarounds. 54% of the vote share. How often does any party go over 50% in any Indian election. But really this result is mind-numbing! The Congress is gone. The BJP reduced to 3 seats (though of course they have enough of a vote share unlike the Congress).

    Man, the expectations Kejrival now has to live up to! But history he has certainly created.


    • Man, the expectations Kejrival now has to live up to!

      I absolutely get what you are saying…but if there’s someone who can live up to these expectations, it has to (will be!) be Kejriwal.


      • they’ve certainly shown a lot more signs of political maturity this time around..


      • @saket: You are as excited as I was when I watched akki’s baby 🙂 😉


      • Agree!! And if I have judged him correctly he’ll get into action immediately, as he did in those 49 days for which many people voted AAP back.
        One big relief is that atleast now the bhakt trolls will stop with bhagoda, or mock ‘only 4 members in parliament’. They thought this could never happen to them.


  2. Can all the comments regarding the election results be shifted here from that Obama in India thread?


  3. I’m going to shamelessly replug one of my comments from 2011, posted on this very blog!

    In my opinion, Anna Hazare’s movement is a major plus for Indian democracy. And to object to its raison d’être — corruption in public life — is to completely miss the point. It is true that there are possibly other problems facing the country and they need their space and focus too. It’s just that the massive outpouring of support to his call implies that corruption indeed is the most “inclusive” problem for the Indian populace. And if I may be allowed the freedom to say this, armchair criticism of such movements are usually devoid of any alternative solutions to the problem. Yes, any criticism of his movement needs to offer a formal solution. And one that’s practical too.

    Anna Hazare isn’t an Oxford or Harvard educated intellectual with a doctorate in Social Sciences; he’s a man of the masses. A thoroughly simple man with a great track record for enforcing social change, in today’s age and time, he’s almost as venerable as the Mahatma himself. But even leaving Anna Hazare aside, the most basic criticism against his crusade overlooks the “cascading” effect of such movements, or any political movement for that matter. If it’s viewed in isolation, one can often surmise (incorrectly, in my view) that it will not amount to much. That the Indian society or the vast middle class is doing token service and will ultimately go back to its previous state of political apathy once the fervor dies down.

    That is indeed a possibility, but what gives me hope is that such a movement has accounted for such huge numbers when economically the country’s doing well. In normal circumstances, this kind of resonance is only witnessed when the economic structure of the country is about to break down, paving the way for widespread social unrest. The terms of the debate would have been vastly different if the GDP was showing negative growth instead of a healthy 8-9%. An increasingly “assertive” middle class is a good sign for any nation, which is a point missed by many. It’s naive to assume that this kind of militant activism will set a dangerous precedent simply because the central “issue” needs to be truly inclusive in nature.

    Moreover, the fact that social as well as political upheaval stems from economic evolution should not be overlooked here. The expanding middle class is not happy to live in a cocoon of comfort, but is willing to ask some tough questions. Team Anna has even proposed a ‘Right to Recall’ bill, even more aggressive than the Jan Lokpal Bill, where the voting population would have the right to recall a sitting MP based on non-performance. It’s easy to be cynical, but there’s also a chance that this isn’t an isolated movement. There’s a possibility that this first movement could initiate a chain reaction that could alter the whole political landscape of the country. And therein lies the true worth of such an agitation – once the wheels of change are set into motion, it’s very difficult to go back. Major social upheavals will follow, as is the case with any domino effect witnessed in history.


  4. Congratulations to AAP and , good luck with all sincerity. It is a democracy and people have spoken. W
    E should respect it. Unlike libtards who couldn’t show the same decency afterModi’s win. Satyam as always is an exception.


    • After winning Delhi, which is just slightly bigger than a municipality election, I hope he actually performs this time and not turn into another didi. The way people are rejoicing shows more of hatred for Modi than love for democracy!! MSM is blaming the modi suit. lol


      • I support Modi, but that suit was really OTT. IMHO, the peak of the nadir of hubris. And this tamacha is well-deserved. I do believe that he is made of a stern core and will bounce back. Sincerely hope that he will discard all his sartorial inclinations, and the baffling PR machinery that he has gathered; and go back to the drawing board with solid lasting solutions to India’s issues.

        Delhi might be a token state govt, bereft of any real power. But the symbolism of Kejriwal will echo at every little step taken by Modi. Both of them will need to walk hand in hand, and co-operate selflessly. A fickle electorate which is sharp enough to reverse a previously stunning verdict within the space of 8 months, will not tolerate any future slips by either of these two men. The constant social media cycle that has become the horse that draws the chariot of traditional print/TV media will ensure that neither of them can fool the public. IMHO, this result is a big win-win for Delhi and India.


        • this relationship will have to be managed. There is so much the Center controls in Delhi.


          • Exactly. And Kejri is going to keep clawing and gnawing to gain previously excluded powers. Every lil issue will be blown up and highlighted, for him to gain that power in Delhi. It will actually suit Modi well, because it will keep Kejri bottled up in Delhi’s problems. He may get breathing space to concentrate on nation wide macro issues.
            However, come 2019, Kejri’s ambition will catapult him to prime challenger role. So, Modi will have to really deliver on some big macro reforms very soon and hope that they foster some inclusive growth for his own future survival.


          • the irony for the BJP is that they wanted ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ and in these elections they precisely wanted the Congress to not fade too much! They will discover the same nationally. The Congress doesn’t look like recovering any time soon but there are a number of important populist forces regionally. And Kejrival has certainly become an important national voice for these concerns. Again in a Western context Modi wouldn’t have a problem but in the Indian one a certain center-left space is still very much a majority one (in the last elections the BJP got 31%, 38% with allies.. it’s fair to assume they can never better that result) and more importantly it’s one where populist appeals can be made of the sort that are a thing of the past in most other democracies. Certainly in the West. I don’t think it’s going to be easy to beat Modi in 5 years. A certain kind of politician is always hard to beat. But the Kejrival thing is a wild card for sure even if next time is possibly too early for him. They were facing political extinction themselves. They should be a bit more careful this time about thinking nationally. But clearly this win will galvanize a lot of the anti-Modi opposition around the country.


          • Their duel and need to outdo each other will only work for the betterment of India.


          • The only problem with all these other left-of-center parties is that they are no AAP! They are full of scam-tainted run-of-the-mill politicians who overwhelmingly use muscle-power to get ahead. Plus most of them are casteist parties. That space will only be ceded to a pure crowd-sourced party such as AAP, or when AAP decides to go to those places eventually. Until that happends, a Modi-led-BJP will still have a good shot at wresting power in those states. Reverse-polarization is very much alive everywhere else, the Delhi verdict has not killed it. It just would not have worked in a cosmo area such as Delhi.


    • thanks much Rajen for that comment.. and to repeat an older point a different way here anyone who’s not for the AAP politics and is disappointed today or is still against AAP has a perfect right to. Either one must make the democracy argument everywhere as you have just now or one must stick to the ideological position which doesn’t depend on democratic politics. Because democracy gives one the right not to agree even with the most overwhelming result. Many who celebrated the Modi victory and/or suggested that no one could disagree because a democracy had spoken did not use the same logic when Congress won. These are the very same folks who regularly castigate Nehru. Didn’t a democracy speak then? On the other hand if I resist Modi it’s not because of democracy or the lack of it. It’s because I disagree ideologically. When Republicans win I’m not happy either! This doesn’t mean that I start hoping for disasters to happen so that the govt can lose. Rather I hope for moderating influences in a party I disagree with. But again people can be against AAP today also. There’s nothing wrong with this. But yes if democracy has to be celebrated (as many people rather opportunistically do in select cases) one must do so everywhere. Which includes ‘Italian’ Sonia because presumably the people knew who they were voting for!


      • Indian politics is not about ideology. It is about pragmatism, practicality and results. We don’t have the luxury of ideology. We need good governance and fairness. What sets AAP apart is this is a fairly fought election. Congress victories post Nehru weren’t always that. The underprivileged and the man on the street don’t care for ideology. They want jobs, housing, peace and food on the table. Unless, when they are swayed by rhetoric.
        I supported Modi not because ideology but to give him and his party to provide a good government. Despite of the fear and anarchy created in the minds of the minorities by misguided liberals, they are more safe and have more freedom than anywhere else in the world regardless of who is in power. If someone chooses to paint Godhra ( an isolated chapter ) in a wrong light and hue, it is upto them.


        • ” It is about pragmatism, practicality and results.”

          But these words are never as neutral as they sound. In life one has to make choices. What is ‘good’ for one economic group might not be so for another. When a dam is constructed somewhere in India and a number of villages are emptied out and the farmers are forced to move to another state or wherever and asked to grow crops they have no experience with, when all of this happens and the idea presented is that this dam is good for the state or the nation one must ask ‘who’ is it good for? Those displaced, dispossessed villagers will never be beneficiaries of that dam. 200-300m tribals have forever borne the brunt of development programs over the last 70 years or so. One could multiply these examples. I am not saying that these choices can be avoided, clearly no plan can cover everyone. But this is why what choices favor ‘who’ is all the more important. I think that the entire language of ‘development’ in India is part of the larger globalization language which is prevalent everywhere and which depends on certain kinds of upwardly mobile classes or they are the ‘who’ in these questions whereas others are constantly left behind for structural reasons. in other words it’s not that somehow there are people working in garment factories who will eventually enjoy the fruits of this brand of capitalism but that they will have to remain in that state for this larger framework to work. Once the ‘third world’ was in the West, today it’s elsewhere but the dynamics are the same. And we are all responsible for it too. It’s not just politicians. For instance the coltan that is required for all the microchips in our cell phones and laptops and what not depends on brutal civil wars being nurtured in Africa to ensure and constant and cheap supply of the same. We are all seduced by Apple but consider how horrifying their factories are in China. Or for that matter the Amazon warehouses right here in the US. Again the point is that this ugly side is enabled by this current economic compact and is not an unfortunate byproduct of it. The same then holds for India. And it’s not enough to say that some of those people were poor anyway. There’s a difference between being a poor farmer and having to be a poor factory worker. Just as all ‘middle class’ ways of being are not the same similarly all ways of being poor are also not the same. We tend to use such abstractions when it comes to the poor.

          All of this does not mean that I’m somehow naive about all this. Clearly the world is always about injustice one way or the other. But the least we can do is at least identify those questions even if we don’t have the power to do anything about them. But when we accept this globalization language we gloss over these real issues. We either convince ourselves that in some fantasy future everyone will be ok or we equally delude ourselves (for example in the US) that anyone who wants to be someone can succeed. I am not sure what calculus makes it ok to continually destroy the lives of one sixth of India’s population (tribals). They are ‘historical’ losers in a way but I don’t see why they cannot be a greater part of the conversation. the Maoists (though their tactics are often atrocious) don’t come out of nowhere. They emerge from such a world of enormous injustice where daily their lands are appropriated, their lives and lifestyles destroyed with a label like ‘development’. These are not neutral terms. Till the early 20th century economics was actually called ‘political economy’. It was a good term as it kept the politics in it! But then we moved on to a more neutral term and the rest has followed. In India especially so much of economics is predicated on differences of region or religion and most of all caste. I am heartened by the AAP discourse because it’s a rare party that speaks this language of the poor. Almost nowhere in any other democracy, certainly in any Western one does anyone speak this language (even when there are policies for the poor the language of stealth is used.. for instance Obama only talks about the ‘middle class’). Having said that I have a dim view of what is actually possible. The reign of globalization and the economics associated with it is total. We have very many different political systems in the world but hardly any outside the reign of this same economic model. The question then is: what might be a model for the future in political and economic terms, what might be a model therefore for that greater democracy which would not exclude so many so easily with such easy phrases? To this extent I celebrate the AAP result as some kind of salvo, at least in the Indian context (where incidentally I think the center-left space is still the majority one.. this was borne out even in the last Lok Sabha polls) but I don’t expect very much. This by the way is also a lesson that many Obama voters found hard to accept and were hence disappointed. Obama is a liberal ‘ruler’ of what is nonetheless an ’empire’. He might be more benign, he might be more well-meaning and so forth but he cannot overturn the entire logic of the US state. The rest follows (including the NSC scandal and so on). Similarly AAP cannot on its own subvert an entire globalization logic. By the way we see this even with the BJP govt so far. Many are already disappointed but in economic terms the BJP is more or less continuing Congress policies. They would be more robust globalizers if you will with less obstruction in the Rajya Sabha but it’s the very same program. There are of course differences at the social level, in terms of the welfare state and so on but these are not seismic changes. Which is why from the BJP to the Republicans cultural warfare often becomes a way of keeping the troops happy. The Left once played this game too but hasn’t as successfully in a long time.


          • It is a very unfair world. A part of the population is treated like animals. And what to speak of how we treat animals. Stray dogs starve and die in front of our eyes. Animals are killed for food in a barbaric way. Animals are used to carry burdens fit for mini lorries and there is no one to stop that practice.

            Kids abandon old parents. And kids are abused. There are lakhs of destitutes dying of hunger, diseases and are left to die. Roadside hawkers who try to sell their meagre ware and are harassed by the police. Police is the worst form of repression invented by humanity.

            The only way to reduce this suffering and pain is to reduce the population drastically, go for welfare the way Nordic countries do. Easy to say but hard to implement.


          • “go for welfare”…crzy idea!!!


        • Agree with the first part of your comment about ideology.
          IMO in an underdeveloped country you can’t go §applying western political definitions. Here being Right means being a Banana Republic.
          AAP is a solution centric party, a more 21st century ‘thing’ (don’t want to call it ideology)

          The latter part about it being more peaceful in Modi’s time, I’m not sure you’re uptodate about Love Jihad (and the attacks because of it), the increase in number of rapes in Delhi, 5 attacks on churches in Delhi, and various riots that took place a few of them in Gujarat itself but not publicized.


  5. Nice…really nice!


    • awww…that is so cute. I feel for the wife (politician wife). Like military wives. They sacrifice a lot. I like it when Kejri is smiling. Appears more relaxed than when he is stressed out. 🙂
      An IITian and a Chaiwala. Both outsiders to Lutyens Delhi. Fun-fun.


  6. Unbelievable Performance !!
    I am pasting what a friend at SS had emailed me after the Modi win-( I have replaced the Party’s name)

    “Congratulations on the AAP’s election victory — I certainly wasn’t pleased, but am certainly impressed by the scale of the victory!”


    • Uddhav Thackeray has put the dagger in saying the Modi wave has met the Kejival tsunami! He’s been frustrated for a while. LOL!

      On the rest it’s true.. ‘New India’ admires anyone as long as they ‘win’! From cinema to politics ultimately the image, ideology or anything else seems to take a backseat as long as one is seen to be successful. Can’t say this is a sentiment I’m very sympathetic to but hey I think I’ve had enough long comments for today!


    • by the way the most opportunistic politician in recent times has been Shazia Ilmi and she’s really being asked all sorts of uncomfortable questions everywhere. Serves her right.


      • She is pretty hot though !!
        Actually my Bhabhi knows her pretty well, and she had said when the Video about her asking for Muslims votes came out that She is one of the few progressive and modern Muslims that she knows , and that video does not represent the true Shazia at all.


  7. I also wish them all the best and hope they do the best for Delhi and India !!


  8. शाजिया इल्मी की हालत ….
    उस गर्लफ्रेंड की तरह हो गयी है जिसने अपने बॉयफ्रेंड को इसलिए छोड़ा के वो बेरोजगार है……
    और 2 महीने बाद वही बॉयफ्रेंड UPSC topper बन जाता है ।।।।
    🚘 Toyota innova has more seats then.BJP & Congress 😅😂😝

    Now the whole opposition in delhi can travel in NANo car 🚗
    Party at Delhi tonight.
    Drinks: AAPsolute Vodka
    Dress code: Muffler
    Non Drinkers will get Cough syrup


  9. Teri Is Jeet pe Itna Gumaaan na kar…

    Mein kya Bolu aieee Nadaan

    Bekhabar puri Dilli mein to Teri Jeet se Jyada

    Charche Meri Haaar ke hai…

    Haha found this one really funny…..
    Arvind ne dhokha diya….
    Jhadu bolke Vacuum Cleaner chala diya…..

    The First False Promise of Kejriwal…. He said he will stop Rapes in Delhi….
    And look at what he is doing to BJP ?? 😜😜


  10. For all kejri fans:must watch!


  11. Hahaha
    Btw on a related note–some worthy sensible comments by ‘aamirsfan’ above–
    Btw will be good to hear aamirsfans views on ‘baby’ to get the ‘complete’ picture..


  12. Modi shd have immediately declared election in Delhi after LS win – what was he smoking all these months? he gave enough time to AK to get up and kill BJP………..sigh!


    • Even if he did not call elections, his state unit and the 7 elected BJP MPs shouldve been out and about amongst the Aam Junta, helping them with their issues. At least they shudve done something to stop the police bribes, the water tanker mafia etc. So basically, they were just hanging on Modi coat-tails for 8 months, thoroughly neglecting the junta. That time was enough for Kejri to recoup and re-register in the Delhi junta psyche. BJP thought that he is dead for good. What a costly amatuerish mistake by a seasoned party. Now they can lick their wounds and hopefully start to really serve the “People”.


      • all those mistakes would only explain a normal defeat, not a 67 seat one. Someone was saying on one of the channels that this is a uniquely lopsided victory. There is nothing greater than it in Indian history barring perhaps a Sikkim election in ’89.


        • Yes it is historic. Like a ReSet button just got hit in Delhi. Reverberations will be felt for a long time. All these other jokers who are rejoicing (ie Nitish, Mamta et al) will be in for a rude shock. An advice for them: Chup ho jaao bacchon, warna Kejriwal state me aa jayega.


          • LOL, true, and soon enough they’ll be lambasting him! Having said that it’s also the case that when you get to the badlands of UP and Bihar it’s not as easy for the ‘nice’ volunteers to go everywhere. The local parties don’t exactly take it sitting down. You get roughed up! Or more! With Delhi they could run the sort of thorough campaign that they cannot in many states without running into thugs from the other side. Unless they welcome a few in their ranks from other parties but then it’s business as usual politics.


      • This is what I don’t understand. Modi isn’t divorced from the BJP…he represents the BJP and the BJP represents him!

        Even if I take the claim that Modi himself is an honest incorruptible individual seriously, what about the people surrounding him? Jaitley is a thief, Rajnath Singh is a crook and so goes the list right down to all the BJP MPs/MLAs.

        It should be clear to one and all that in terms of corruption, the BJP is at least the Congress party’s equivalent, if not more. This has always been the case and will continue to be so. It’s part of their DNA! This is exactly why I find it hard to trust them. With jokers like Jaitley, Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj around…not to mention Smriti Irani, Nihal Chand etc how can one repose faith in the BJP?

        Moreover, during the elections, Modi and his stooge, Amit Shah, spoke the same sadak-chaap language that the Congress used to speak — only a little louder this time. I watched one Amit Shah speech where he was trying to take credit for reduction in prices of Petrol and diesel? Junta to bewakoof samajhte ho?

        If the BJP is serious about good governance, they should put an end to the trident-waving brigade. Full stop. It should be non-negotiable; the problem is, quite a few BJP supporters would stop supporting them if they do this. They still should go ahead and do it. They will lose support in the short term but make gains in the long term.

        They should learn from AAP how to be honest. This is probably the most difficult thing for them to do as this would imply wiping out more than 80% of their cadre. They should still be serious about it.

        Contrary to what the right strongly feels, the AAP is not just supported by anti-hindu, pakistan-loving nationals/muslims…but people who wish to live with dignity. And yes, people who wish to live honestly! As hard a concept this is to grasp, a lot of people wish to live morally and ethically. Not all Indians like to give/take bribes…not all Indians are married to an ideology.

        I’ll speak about myself. I don’t think my life is long enough for me to give a f*ck about religion, religious practices and the like. I wish to live honestly, with dignity and with some luck, make a creative contribution to this world. And I support AAP and am disgusted with the BJP/Congress and their age-old shenanigans. In fact, I’ll take precious moments out of my life just to spread the word that people shouldn’t fall for charlatans and demagogues. Hopefully, this is how some others feel as well.


        • Well, crony capitalism at the national level never went away. It is alive and strong in Western democracies as well, no matter which party comes to power. Obama with the $1B healthcare website is proof that cronyism will thrive forever. So expecting something different in India is a bit too utopian.
          Where AAP will succeed is in reducing the street-level corruption because its cadre is essentially clean. Every other party has goons at the street level, most of whom are there only for some quickbucks. There is truth to the fact that many corruptible BJP capos balked when an incorruptible ex-policewoman was hoisted on their heads; and therefore refused to help in the vote-getting efforts.


        • Speaking for myself there is a tendency in India for the bourgeois classes to be absolutely obsessed with occupation. Obviously it’s a serious problem, specially so when you have to deal with its various guises all day long, I wouldn’t understate this. And yet it is also the case that far greater crimes are not taken as seriously by the same folks because they mostly have little experience of these. Put differently they’re willing to forgive a lot if there is less corruption. Ideally all issues should be taken care of but I’m never that invested in the corruption argument. To take an extreme example Hitler wasn’t corrupt. So what?!

          Now on your other point you do strike a chord (religion, caste et al) but note how you already need to belong to a certain class roughly speaking or have that luxury to make such a statement. Again I agree with it but in certain other situations whether I agreed with it or not would be irrelevant. Because every aspect of my life would be governed by the caste I belonged to or what have you. Unless you get to that point in life you cannot ignore these structures, even if things are a lot better in some ways than they earlier were. So yes parties exploit all of this but they take what’s already there.


          • Hitler was morally corrupt! Corruption comes in different guises…

            But leaving Hitler aside, I’m not speaking about how corruption affects me as an individual. The middle class, the IT crowd, is hardly confronted with direct instances of bribes. Maybe once in a few years, but it’s not a day to day occurence.

            The real brunt of corruption is faced by the socially deprived who are not only forced to part with their money on a day to day basis, they are made to feel like crap by the unscrupulous constable, the incompetant babu (clerk). Even the business class is not spared…with IT raids used as a tool to extract bribes.

            It’s not just parting with money that’s the problem. It’s the humiliation associated with the whole process. People have to part with their hard earned money and also beg for forgiveness from people who are the moral equivalents of rapists and murderers.

            This is life without dignity, which a vast majority of people in India are forced to live! They are the people who would always vote above caste/class/religious politics and support AAP.

            The thing is, it could have been the BJP or the Congress. It could have been anyone who was willing to fight against the vicious system that strips away the last vestiges of self-respect from the majority of Indians. It needs to stop and AAP gives people hope that it can stop!


          • The bourgeois classes are only ever concerned about financial corruption though. I don’t disagree with the rest. My only point is that in many parts of India even if those instances of corruption were fixed there would still remain the structures of caste and so on which are limiting even in ‘honest’ situations.


          • So much of Hitler’s argument was also about economic security (specially after Germany’s catastrophic 1920s period), about middle class self-assertiveness, about national might and so on. To respond to your point a different way I have a rather dim view of the middle class voter (usually the backbone of the vote in most democracies). I think that you can more or less buy this class with economic security. The ‘moral corruption’ can be paid for this way. This might sound harsh but it’s true. It’s not that people individually accept these ugly things but they’re willing to go along with a lot when push comes to shove and then they create all kinds of psychological alibis to give themselves a good conscience. It’s much like cinema. Yes we can blame the industry for creating garbage but the audience ultimately rewards it. or when they’re regressive messages the audience similarly doesn’t mind it. This same ‘New India’ (here I mean the upwardly mobile urban classes who were the beneficiaries of liberalization) was very receptive to the regressive Yashraj/Johar messages. And so I still don’t trust them. They’re not quite as progressive as they pretend to be. They just have superpower envy (!) and they just want Western consumption to be enabled in the smoothest possible way. Give them this and they’ll go along with a lot. Which is why one of the things I like about Kejrival is that though he tries to speak to everyone he doesn’t pander to this cross-section of the audience. His focus is very much slanted towards somewhat more disadvantaged classes (literally or otherwise). But it’s true and as you’ve pointed out they’ve thread the needle. In a way they’ve gone back to Indira Gandhi basics! They’ve bypassed what followed! And in this sense it’s hard to see how they could be a great match for the Bihars of India though Kejrival definitely has significant political gifts. probably could reframe his message enough without giving in to those labels very much. Of course my worry always is whether those ground realities disappear just because one starts using a different name.


          • Unless you get to that point in life you cannot ignore these structures, even if things are a lot better in some ways than they earlier were. So yes parties exploit all of this but they take what’s already there.

            Speaking of AAP, they did not promise the socially backward another Mandal commission. They did not promise reservation in the private sector, which a lot of political parties do (the BSP, which thrives on caste politics was behind the Congress in the Delhi elections, which tells its own tale!)…and yet they received support from the socially backward without any strings attached. What does that tell you?

            I agree, I come from a privileged background; not extreme privilege, but given the social inequality in India, I should count myself lucky. But the fact is, I too was brought up in a structure. I did not exist in a vacuum. I choose to reject a religion-based structure that defines humans. I’ll actually go one step ahead: I don’t even believe in nation-based identities.

            All I’m trying to say is, no matter what the surroundings, no matter what the environment, no matter what cards one was dealt with…there’s always a rational line of thought one can rely on. It’s not a radical thought; it’s the only line line of thought that makes sense.


          • “I don’t even believe in nation-based identities”

            Hear hear! I am with you on this!

            “there’s always a rational line of thought one can rely on”

            Here I must disagree because again everyone doesn’t have the same ‘rationality’. If I insist on certain definitions of identity everything else will be governed by these categories. I will only get to those other questions through this prism. In the same way even if I wish to be simply neutral about this stuff depending on how the rest of society treats me I might still have to confront these issues. If there is racism directed against me in a country I can’t just say ‘I don’t believe in it’. Of course I could vote for a party that is conducive to this idea but it’s not always the case that such a party has the winning argument.


        • Btw, read somewhere about how Lutyens Delhi corrupts the most upright people who land up there. Clearly, Modi with the expensive suits and shawls and vests had fallen to the darkness of Mordor. Now that AAP has gotten this astounding mandate, it remains to be seen if they can escape the evil eye of Sauron.


        • Man Mohan Singh was also an honest PM in a corrupt party. And who says Modi isn’t corrupt. Taking money is not the only example of corruption, which he takes heavily in the form of donations to party running into 100s of crores – and then he has to pay it back – by giving huge loans.
          In addition he is corrupt for being authoritative for ruling by passing ordinances to suit his ambitiously lopsided development model where he can grab land without so much as a by your leave and give it to his cronies.


          • Here I’d say that no one forced Manmohan Singh to remain honest-in-a-corrupt-party. That excuse works only upto a point, not when there are massive scams happening. I don’t doubt his personal decency but one can agree to provide the veneer of respectability only upto a point. Having said that and while I have no sympathy for Congress I do think that their economic record has received a tough rap much as this whole idea that they never did anything and so on is absurd. This is a media narrative. It’s crazy to think that after doing nothing they got reelected. Wonder why the BJP with the Shining India campaign couldn’t do so earlier. This media narrative has become so divorced from reality that some have said the same for Delhi or Maharashtra. Again as if one can get 10 or 15 years just by fooling people! So one can disagree with things but the representation of the Congress has become totally detached from reality. They still deserved to lose, that’s another matter, and of course I wish the BJP hadn’t been the only other choice. Essentially Modi represents something aspirational for many Indians, rightly or wrongly, and when the tide turns the past appears as not just a failure but as ‘archaic’. This is what has essentially happened to the Congress. But this is also why disappointment is already beginning to set in with the BJP (though Modi will be hard to beat any which way) and I’ll say again that historic as this victory is AAP really have an unenviable task from this point on.


          • Mentioning MMS as honest was to rebutt that Modi is honest and how wonderful that is when we know it wasn’t wonderful in the former case.


        • saket – Indian people love heroes – LS win was Modi’s win and so is Delhi’s win Kejriwal’s! take him out of AAP and u will have another dud……….so basically we are a theatrical society 🙂


  13. Where is Oldgold? She used to be a great supporter of AAP?


  14. Somehow this election and its results sound more like a cricket match.


  15. First they ignore you
    Then they laugh at you
    Then they fight you
    Then you win – AND HOW!!!!


    • You won only after a big dose of maturity, that was obtained after a reckless careless decision that nearly wiped out your survival. Sincerely hope that this new maturity prevails for a long long time. This height of success is the most anyone couldve ever attained. Sambhal ke rahna, Ud na jana auron ki tarah. Warna Raasta sirf neechey ki taraf hi nazar aayega. My Best Wishes to you’all. May you do what everyone hopes you will! Clean India in Reality!


      • Two contrary statements;
        >You won only after a big dose of maturity

        >a reckless careless decision that nearly wiped out your survival.

        How do you expect anyone or any party to gain experience and mature? You don’t just sit around and gain it.

        I think the two things that were a blessing in disguise so a very good step IMO were – the formation of minority government and fighting LS elections. It is because of the latter that there is some support all over India, and volunteers came from all over.


        • After the LS polls, I was worried about AAP’s future. The manner in which they rebounded implies that there’s tremendous self-belief in Arvind Kejriwal and his colleagues. It takes courage and resourcefulness to reclaim lost ground; to just instil hope in discouraged volunteers would have been a herculean task.

          They don’t have the BJP or Congress party’s funds, nor the RSS cadre to fall back on. They just had their leaders, who were being mocked by the media at large and bullied on social media. I’m very surprised and obviously happy that they all came out of this in such a triumphant manner. It’s a great lesson in the annals of organizational recovery.

          The BJP obviously had a large part to play in the recovery by acting like a proper bully. The more they railed against Kejriwal, the more they threw dirt at him, the more AAP gained. I don’t have any reason to doubt Kiran Bedi’s credentials but as a CM candidate, she was almost a disaster. Her public and perhaps organisational skills left a lot to be desired. Yogendra Yadav mentioned that one Kiran Bedi interview was enough to keep AAP trending for 5 days. He wasn’t exaggerating at all!

          But getting back to the question of LS polls, I’m not convinced one bit that it was the right move. It was too ambitious and gave out the wrong signals. This time around, Kejriwal personally vetoed the idea of fighting elections in other states and decided to concentrate on Delhi. This turned out to be a great move in the end.


          • Agree with Saket. The decision to skip Haryana and Maharashtra was very intuitive, as well as pragmatic. There was absolutely no sense in trying to stretch any further. He concentrated entirely on Delhi, and by doing so, he proved that he was going to work only for the junta in Delhi. So now he does need to fulfill all those expectations, without any more media brouhaha. Heads down, one step at a time, keep national ambitions in check.
            Modi haters should realize that Modi himself did the same for 12 yrs in Gujarat before stepping out to the national level. Kejri may step out nationally in 5 yrs itself, ie if he gets a resounding certificate of approval from Delhiites and the media.
            Btw, this was exactly what I had said in Dec 2013. But somehow hubris got to Kejri’s head and he got gobsmacked. This time he himself has cautioned his party to check any arrogance or ambition.


    • Well said. Now, to action, proving, living up to the faith….all the best AAP.


  16. Amul Topical : Kejriwal’s landslide Delhi win!


  17. Ab Tak Chhappan 2 | Theatrical Trailer | Nana Patekar, Gul Panag, Ashutosh Rana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhiHnL8Gx8o

    AbTakChhappan2 poster

    Thanks 🙂


  18. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Santosh Desai, the sane voice as always, in Times of India today.

    AAP victory points to a third- this is an impulse to live everyday life better. Things that are often classified as ‘populist’- water, electricity, inflation, traffic, petty bureaucracy, the police- these are things that need to change if ‘acche din’ are to be experienced. Growth matters, for that is the real engine, but unlike corporations that measure it month on month, people in their daily lives do not. They only put value on it if it translates into an easier life, which can be experienced daily. The problem currently is that the Modi government does not carry with it the promise of this kind of change. Does anyone really expect, everyday life in Haryana, for instance to be dramatically better because of the BJP government? There has been little interest shown in overhauling the political and administrative infrastructure at the grassroots level—at its core, BJP under Modi has no plans to radically challenge the political system and unless it does so, there will always be a disconnect between it and an important aspiration of the electorate.



  19. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Another sane voice, this time an avowed BJP supporter – Swapan Dasgupta.

    The Delhi election has shown that the appeal of the BJP has dulled on two counts.

    First, there are growing murmurs against the slow arrival of the much anticipated achche din. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the complaint ‘nothing has really changed’ sullied the mood against the BJP and added to the charms of the change promised by AAP.

    Secondly, the wild utterances of the extremist fringe have derailed the political narrative of the Modi government. In Delhi, this triggered the en-masse consolidation of Muslims, Christians and people from North-East India against the BJP. Equally, it made the appeal of the BJP lukewarm to the youth and a section of the middle classes.



  20. As EXPECTED, the nomenclature-afflicted ‘LIBERALS’, you know – those guys/gals/somebody in-between’, ‘, due to the cruelties of nature I mean – that pride themselves in calling themselves and their coterie ‘liberal’, are jumping with joy in their natural clothing that the BJP – I meant ‘Modi’ – lost in the DELHI elections. That’s fine; actually expected – nothing further than the mandated basic ‘IQ’ expected of them..

    What’s actually a ‘joy’ for me is that the BJP lost!! Right, the right-wing, ‘evil’ middle-class guy/gal [I am just leaving my online-sex guessing so that Apex doesn’t hit on me] who prefers ‘orderliness’ in daily life to the blood of Muslims and Christians is NOT confused at all!

    It is, to put strategically, a warning to the government that you need to pull your socks up!! Modi, or Kejriwal might be the winner. Who cares! The winner is the ‘average’ Indian who wants a better life – ALTHOUGH according to some, the ‘middle-class’ is a blood-hound that would prefer trains & buses running on time rather than the prospect of minorities ‘living’ a life!!

    I am now waiting for OUTSTANDING comments that spell-out in an extra-ordinarily command of the Queen’s tongue that I am basically, a closet-fundamentalist who approves KRISTALLNATCHT..


    • “[I am just leaving my online-sex guessing so that Apex doesn’t hit on me]”
      For him you are always Annie. 😉
      On AK: I don’t think he really cares for Delhi. Eventually they all get seduced by power and get corrupt. Par Aam Janta can always hope. Free wifi. Now that is something even I would vote for 😛


    • Bedi congratulated Arvind Kejriwal on AAP’s spectacular victory and expressed hope that they will fulfil their promises.
      Now Dharnas will begin in Delhi and blame game (center not giving us money for free electricity and wifi, lol) will begin. I am glad that “modi lost”. Let AAP fulfill the expectations of free loaders and greedy people!! Free wifi…yhea right…who will pay for it!?!?!


      • Burnol is easily available you know 😉


        • “Burnol is easily available you know”
          I really don’t care for politics. Now if Akki’s Baby was flop, I would need burnol…lol. I am all for kejri, modi, raul/priya etc IF they are working for the people of India and not for their own fame/glory/ego/corrupt ideas. Modi is almost a Sadhu mahatma (in indian political context there won’t be another one in centuries to come) whose worst crime is wearing a suit with his own name in some people’s eye (I thought it was a BOLD move in front of Obama instead of looking like a cheap suck). I think he breaths and lives for Bharat mata and that is really anamoly. He hasn’t resorted to free wifi, free electricity, free food, free clothing and whatnot for sake of votes!


      • And now she says Imam’s Fatwa (rejected by AAP) was reponsible for her defeat. LOL


      • Regarding free Wifi, I’m surprised (not really!) that this wasn’t brought up during the elections. The AAP actually wanted a debate with Kiran Bedi before the elections but she deliberately ran away from it.

        The BJP and the Congress should have participated in a debate and asked all such questions. Seriously, it would have benefited one and all.

        As far as freebies are concerned, free wifi is a reality in countries like South Korea and Japan. And it’s not that expensive either. From what I recall, Kejriwal mentioned the total budget for free Wifi in Delhi would be around 100 crores.

        The annual budget for Delhi is 37500 Crores. So free wifi isn’t exactly the greatest burden on the exchequer.

        I’m not claiming to be an expert on finances but instead of being busy throwing much at AAP and Kejriwal, perhaps the BJP could have asked these questions seriously! The answers would have illuminated a lot of voters. My guess is, if Kejriwal would have given convincing answers, which is the usual case, it would have taken away even more votes from the BJP!


    • omrocky786 Says:

      As has been the case increasingly and unfortunately on the blog, the most sensible comment is largely and conveniently met with the most silence. Thanks, An Jo.


  21. I propose a “Countdown to Dharna” meter be installed somewhere in Delhi. Lets see how quickly the first Dharna takes place.


    • So you are the BJP brigade who didn’t even shy away from using a ‘right of people’ as a weapon to attack AAP. Do you really want to deprive citizens from the act of expressing a demand by peaceful dharna?

      Any comments on Modi dharna of 3 days (in a comfortable tent) against central government?

      These attacks failed. Words like dharna, bhagoda, nautankibaaz/dramebaaz/49AK49/ all those vicious ads etc etc
      Continue with it at your own risk & look frustrated.


      • Too sensitive eh? Jeet gaye ho AAP, thodasa muskara bhi dijiye.

        As far as I understand, most people have voted for Kejri on the premise that “woh sudhar gaye hain”, which means no more Dharnas, only soild Karnas.
        The Modi dharna was indeed in a tent on Gujarat Univ grounds, not in the middle of traffic. But, if AAP believes that their 96% mandate has enabled them to amp up the atmosphere several notches more than in Jan 2014, and to do endless Dharnas and inconvenience public in a large city like Delhi, be my guest.


        • It’s not a coincidence that Kejriwal and the AAP leadership, in general, have toned down their aggression. They listened to the criticism; probably did some self-reflection and that definitely helped them re-connect with the masses.

          I actually welcome the change. I personally don’t have too much patience for the morally and institutionally corrupt, but there’s a way to disagree without being disagreeable.


        • > not in the middle of traffic.

          Because the wily police blocked his way, and he sat at the very point where they blocked him.
          You can’t deny that both the big parties with media help wanted to portray a ridiculous image of AK and AAP.

          >Jeet gaye ho AAP, thodasa muskara bhi dijiye

          OK. I forgive your obsessing over dharna trying to create a bogeyman to frighten people.

          >But, if AAP believes that their 96% mandate has enabled them to amp up the atmosphere several notches more than in Jan 2014

          errrr….talking of Modi/BJP’s amping up the atmosphere several notches???


  22. ” I see bottom-up Swaraj complementing the top-down initiatives of the NDA.”

    Read more at:


  23. Delhi will not continuously vote for one party. They have given a chance to Modi and they have given a chance to Kejriwal.

    Delhi was ruled by mughals for a long period and before that many assorted muslim rulers. They have left many landmarks in and around Delhi which are now famous tourist attractions. The muslim stamp on Delhi cant be erased easily by ghar wapsi zealots. Delhi being the capital city of India shelters people allover India irrespective of caste, language or religious affinities without asking them to follow one language, one culture. The aberration is the treatment meted out to people from north east by some ignorant section. If you know some hindi, life is easy in Delhi.

    Calling some Indians traitors, vandalising churches, ghar wapsi events, calling for hindu rashtra will not ensure that the trains and buses run in time or sanitation will be improved.


  24. http://www.ndtv.com/opinion/2-major-take-aways-for-bjp-from-delhi-738538?pfrom=home-topstories

    Secondly, the wild utterances of the extremist fringe have derailed the political narrative of the Modi government. In Delhi, this triggered the en-masse consolidation of Muslims, Christians and people from North-East India against the BJP. Equally, it made the appeal of the BJP lukewarm to the youth and a section of the middle classes.

    In Delhi, the BJP ended up angering too many social constituencies and ended up with just its core vote. Unfortunately for it, the core vote cannot win elections.

    Swapan Dasgupta


  25. Kiran Bedi blames fatwa for her defeat

    Kiran Bedi has done it again! Just a day after results of Delhi elections were announced, BJP’s CM candidate Kiran Bedi said that she should not be blamed for the defeat. It was all fault of a fatwa issued by Jama Masjid’s Shahi Imam Bukhari.

    “I have been told that Fatwa led to my defeat. Election Commission should inquire into this. Infact, do a study on how Fatwas affect votes,” Bedi said while speaking to mediapersons.


    This is what I meant about Kiran Bedi’s press conferences and interviews. I’m surprised she has little clue about what she’s saying. Her interview with Ravish Kumar of NDTV was an unmitigated disaster! Reminded one and all of Rahul Gandhi’s ill-fated encounter with Arnab Goswami…


  26. omrocky786 Says:

    Shanti Bhushan again brings up the fact that Money was taken for Ticket distribution,
    The protest against Church vandalism have mysteriously stopped.
    The Suit turns out to be costing only couple of thousands, TOI issues an apology for saying it was 10lacs.
    The Batala house investigation will be reopened

    AAptards are back in full force abusing

    Yeh toh shuruaat hai, aagey aagey dekhiye , hota kya hai huzoor !!


  27. If you offer cheaper electricity free water etc these are populists policies, but offering cheap land is reformist


  28. omrocky786 Says:

    Aamir, Salman, SRK all have yelled at Kjo and the AIB has given unconditional apology to everyone except the Hindus….
    Notice that not one so called liberal on SS not so much as even mention the apology to the church.
    If that apology had been given to say VHP- yahan SS par toh toofaan aa gya hot..links par links par links..

    But for Aaptards and liberals – Hindu right is against FOE
    wah !!


  29. omrocky786 Says:

    At the end it is all about perception, even now an Aaptard has shamelessly stated above on SS that the BJP is behind the Church attacks with NO PROOF !!
    But hey , the NYT has approved it, the Jholawallas believe it ..


    • Even here it is only the BJP wala who shows christian/muslim hatred. Part of gharwapasi scheme.


    • So you can convert 80K people a year and if I try to get even a few of them back (say 10 people) you get burn all over? you need a burnol. Seriously. It should be free for all. To convert. lolz. If I was poor person, I would convert serveral times a day and get money from both sides. roflol.


  30. I talked to a couple of people for the reasons behind BJP’s humiliating defeat-
    1.10 lac suit vs Muffler
    2. Petrol price reduction was not enough, the public did not want it o go to Excise tax
    3.No MP went to their constituency after May ( they said that even in UP , where Akhilesh ney tabahi macha rakhee hai, the BJP MPs are no where to be seen to protect their supporters.)
    4.Kiran Bedi
    5. AAP’s groundwork and offer of freebies
    6. Media


    • Right, the playful manner in which they bestowed gaalis on AAP and Kejriwal does not deserve a mention!

      Hilarious. But as I said, keep on moving in the same direction. It helps us, tremendously!


    • Petrol Price reduction was by Modi? Naseebwala?
      Wily Modi didn’t even reduce it in propotion to the real price crash as elsewhere.


      • Why the reduction is not proportionate? And this question was even asked by Kejri, a supposed Economic genius. Perhaps the genius should check the stability of the Rupee vs the USD. When every other currency of debt-ridden countries in the world has depreciated against the dollar, the rupee held remarkably steady. Reason? The huge savings and windfall by the Indian exchequer due to the oil price slump. By not passing on the entire savings to the consumer, the govt of India shored up their own balance sheet, which had been booby-trapped to explode by a sneaky Chidambaram (ie by appropriating 2014 expenses on the 2015 budget). It was indeed good fortune that saved the Indian rupee, otherwise it wouldve been languishing at over 70 to a dollar.

        And funny that you of all people bring it up! Especially after your own Swissies have been unshackled from a falling debt-ridden Euro. In this wild volatile currency market, it speaks volumes for the Indian Rupee to have remained stable between 61-63 to 1 USD. This would not have been achievable had we not had a bania PM who understands the value of shoring balance sheets.


        • Since you mention Kejriwal’s economic acumen, I’d like to repeat his response about subsidies on electricity and free water.

          When he came to power, the total cost of subsidies on electricity was 250 crores and 50 crores for water.

          Kejriwal reduced VAT (something he proposes to do now as well) and that actually increased tax compliance. Not really counter-intuitive, if you think about it. Lowering VAT does have that effect (the financially challenged will no doubt see it as another leftist/liberal idea, but that’s their burden!)

          So, in effect, when he was CM for 49 days, he actually generated 1000 extra crores of tax revenue. Taking out the subsidies, he actually generated a profit of 700 crores…or 7000 Modi suits! LOL

          Who is the baniya now?

          Jokes aside, I get what you are saying about increasing excise when the price of crude oil is going down. But how does that help the rupee? The rupee will not fluctuate till the time there’s capital flow outside the country, which in turn depends on various geopolitical factors and stability (political as well as social). The RBI rate has been fixed and is offering a very good return for investors; there’s political stability in the country so why should the rupee fluctuate? The debt to GDP ratio hasn’t changed much in the last 5 years (it has, in fact, come down from 75 to less than 70%) either.

          When there’s capital flight across the world, something that will happen when Greece exits the Euro (for example) you will see the effects on the Rupee because dollar is the reserve currency. Then no baniyagiri will help us save the rupee.

          And finally, I doubt Modi even understands the intricacies of global finance, even if he’s a born Gujarati!


          • Im not sure he ever lowered the VAT, not sure a state CM can even do that. He did cut the redtape in filing VAT forms and made it easier for traders. Also, he stopped the VAT-raids from tax officials, which were just shenanigans to collect bribes. Now, whether this actually resulted in 1000cr tax revenue increase has to be verified. This 1000cr figure has been touted by many AAP supporters, but has this ever been substantiated? Every AAP supporter when questioned points to the AAP website which makes these claims!

            On oil: Off course when we import oil, we export capital. The biggest deficit inducer for the Indian budget is the import of oil. And the balance of payments of a nation directly affect its currency, its just basic economics.
            Capital flight in risk off events, to US treasuries affects stock markets more than it affects the rupee. And usually a risk-off event depresses oil prices, which again strengthens the rupee. You just need to study some historical charts.


          • Now, whether this actually resulted in 1000cr tax revenue increase has to be verified. This 1000cr figure has been touted by many AAP supporters, but has this ever been substantiated? Every AAP supporter when questioned points to the AAP website which makes these claims!

            It can be verified quite easily. Just file an RTI application for Rs 99/- and get your answer!

            And regarding the link you’ve provided, the article was published in September when the price of crude had just fallen below $100. Now the price is close to $55. Since then, with all the excise duty gained, has the price of the Rupee appreciated against the dollar? It clearly should according to your theory, which is not happening.

            So the claims that the rupee would be languishing around 70 (to a dollar) had the ‘baniya’ PM not intervened are a little off! If that claim is true, the price of the rupee should be hovering around 50 at the moment. The fact is, there’s capital flight towards the dollar and the rupee is expected to fall further this year.


          • My dear, fist of all all these are not my theories, but widely accepted news in the financial media. If you invest, trade, etc, you will know these things.
            And you are indeed just proving the point. The Rs would have been much stronger had it not been for the relentlessly bullish dollar which has walloped every debtor-nation currency. So the strength of the Indian balance sheet has actually provided a backstop to the slide. Ie, think of it as an anchored boat in the eye of a storm. The storm has blown away every other currency, but the unique factor of oil price windfall that has given almost USD50B to the Indian balance sheet has saved the Indian boat.

            Another factor that has also helped in not strengthening it more, is that the RBI has actually helped in keeping it weaker in order to help exporters, you know of the IT kind that you and me deal with. Now, we would not want our exporters to be suddenly bereft of their huge windfall, ie getting paid in expensive dollars but paying their local staff with cheaper rupees.
            Once again, not my views or theories. Here goes another link for you:

            “Analysts have attributed this to India’s central bank, the RBI, resisting FX appreciation pressure.”



          • And a research paper on the subject by Dr Hidayatullah, Modh Rafaee, etc:



          • http://www.thehindu.com/sunday-anchor/crude-fall-to-oil-indian-economy/article6668316.ece

            Since i cannot post multiple links, I will post some more of the widely accepted financial media views for you.


          • And here is a latest article which talks about a Rs fall due to the appreciation in oil prices:



          • “While the rupee is usually one of the “prime beneficiaries of lower oil prices,” it’s being weighed down by a “generalized shock” across emerging-market currencies, Kamakshya Trivedi and Themistoklis Fiotakis, strategists at Goldman Sachs in New York, wrote in a 22 December client note.”

            Read more at: http://www.livemint.com/Money/TuH421DuTbLVzlpg15c4DI/Rupee-seen-winning-as-oil-plunge-roils-Indias-peers.html?utm_source=copy


  31. maan jao bhai Aaptards……ab toh jhoot mat bolo and stop your fav past time of trolling people !!!


  32. Clarification

    This report had incorrectly identified Raakesh Agarvwal as the designer of the suit. The article also seemed to convey that he had cited a possible price range for the suit. In fact, that quote was given by another designer, who requested anonymity. We have removed those traces from the article. The errors are regretted



  33. I think we fight too many inconsequential online battles. It is more like mere star ki movie hit ho gayi, mere star ki movie prestigious hai..Twitter junta never changes vote because there is new evidence. The voting public is not internet aware and mostly goes with what is buzz around.You can say that buzz is because of internet and other avenues. It may be true for Delhi but as you go more inland, they have no meaning.


  34. If I had to list all the cogent and cohesive desh-bhakt arguments I’ve read (online) against Kejriwal, the list would look like this:

    1) His real name is Kejruddin, you know why! He’s a closet muslim sympathizer. Ergo, he’s bad for the majority (and also India).

    2) He’s a communist. If he comes to power, he’ll turn Delhi into Bengal. He will destroy industry, take away jobs and create a failed welfare state. People will become lazy and used to freebies and no one will have any incentive to work.

    3) He’s a Naxalite. He wants to take India into the stone ages; he only works to destabilize the central government. His aim is to destroy the great progress that’s waiting to happen under Modiji.

    4) He’s a Pakistani/ISI agent. Also see charge #1. He’s taking money from the ISI to destabilize Modiji’s government.

    5) He’s not as honest as he tries to portray himself. He’s just like the rest of us and he’s doing a swell job of fooling everyone with a false show of honesty.

    6) He’s an anarchist. He will only create problems, sit on dharnas and waste public money & time. We will all become poor because of the crores lost due to his dharnas.

    7) He’s a dictator. Shanti Bhushan has come out against Kejriwal; he’s worse than Hitler; he’s a dhokebaaz; he stabbed Anna Hazare and the person who helped form AAP. He will give the public of Delhi a grand ‘dhoka’ as well.

    8) He’s a media creation. The Indian media, which is so anti-Hindu, supports him and puts down the great Modiji! The media is helping him to win all elections. It’s a conspiracy that’s hatched behind close doors in Pakistan with the CIA backing them as well. The ISIS is also involved but probably not Kim Jong Un.

    9) He’s a paid agent of the Congress, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. See also #8 in terms of conspiracy theories.

    10) He’s a CIA agent. Also provides snooping info to the NSA.

    So yes, we get it…the best writers in the world will never be able to create a super-villain like Arvind Kejriwal. He’s Lex Luthor, Osama, Professor Moriarty, Arundhati Roy, all rolled into one. There’s no cure for him. In fact, unless he’s defeated, there’s no hope for humanity as a whole!

    Now bring out your tridents, practice your hindi gaalis and let’s all go out and get him!


    • ROFL on point no. 4 and 8. Saket, you have really nailed the anti Kejriwal brigade by these points which are neither true nor have any semblance of truth, but be prepared to take at least 50 ADJECTIVES INVENTION AFRESH for Kejriwal after your post.

      Problem with all these pro or anti brigade is they are so invested in their ideology and beliefs that anyone who provides them with other facet of the side, they take it as it an affront on themselves and their belief system with out trying to get in to a proper debate and from here onward begins ROASTING of “against people” with muckraking and mudslinging being hurled. So i absolutely agree with Munna that it becomes pointless after a stage where people get personal and start calling names, writing ludicrous comments in their support and what not, so it’s better to just put your view across and stop reacting to lame and senseless comments as it turns out to be a futile exercise.


      • “Problem with all these pro or anti brigade is they are so invested in their ideology and beliefs…”
        Let it be. Let them be invested in their “ideology and beliefs”. It is THEIR country. They are majority. Let them be!! It is a shame that majority have to be in fear of minority. THIS happens only in India!!!


        • It is as much YOURS, THEIRS (Majority) country as the rest of the population’s country. I too belong to MAJORITY, but being majority doesn’t mean ” i’m always right attitude” . I too like Modi but not blindly or fanatically but with rationality. I would not keep supporting Kejriwal if he backtracks from his promises or turns truant again. But let’s not forget that BJP also began with 2 seats in 1984 elections and where it is today or after 12 years in 1996 with the formation of Vajpayee Ji government of 13 days. So let’s see what AAP are up to in the next 5 years than waiting for their doomsday as their emergence would provide the nation with more choices which in turn would result in more pressure on political parties to deliver good governance. With monopoly, we the people are on the losing side as we are left with very limited choices, but with healthy competition, people would stand to gain. Hope this is suffice to make my stand clear.


          • Very well said, Myselfaamir.


          • “but being majority doesn’t mean ” i’m always right attitude” .”
            How do you know and be so confident? Wearing hijab and not driving car may be the absolute perfect thing to do so in Saudi. Why do you have to be so judgemental?


      • Thanks, myselfaamir!

        be prepared to take at least 50 ADJECTIVES INVENTION AFRESH for Kejriwal after your post.

        As an ‘aaptard’ I’m quite used to it, by now 🙂


    • No one is saying anything. Stop all this xenophobia Saket. Every single “bhakt” on this blog has said “yay” for democracy (even if they personally dislike Kejri) and given their congrats. You don’t have to be modi-bhakt. All we are asking is give poor fellow a change (of 5-10 years). We the “bhakts” are ready to give Kejri his (2 minute) glory in power and limelight. Lets see what he does. If he delivers, then let him be the next PM. Who cares? I don’t!!!


      • No one is saying anything.

        I did not mean you. I didn’t point fingers at anyone here. Wonder why you took offence? Is it because you (privately) believe one or the other conspiracy theories floating around regarding Kejriwal?

        If not, relax. I also did not mention any ‘Modi-bhakts’ at all. Only some looney ‘desh-bhakts’.


  35. Forget all the hype and hand wringing.
    The onus is now on Kejri to come through.
    They have made some outrageous promises.
    If they come through, hats off to them. If they can’t, they will be a footnote in history. Doesn’t matter what any one says about Kejri. The proof of the pudding is in eating.
    Results matter. If he delivers , he is a hero.
    If he can’t, he will go down as another ineffective, opportunist politician who got elected on the coat tails of disillusionment with party in power and optimism for future.
    It is one thing to get elected and all together a differe thing to deliver. For the sake of the electorate and the country, hope he can deliver.


    • >If he can’t, he will go down as another ineffective, opportunist politician who got elected on the coat tails of disillusionment with party in power and optimism for future.

      Kejriwal revived the party and motivated the disheartened volunteers after LS debacle.
      With hardly any money, a very hostile media, completely blacked out by some he moved among people for months, explaining things – this win is not your usual win.

      He held 100+ local meetings interacting with people and jotting down their problems and needs which was the Dehli dialogue – topic by topic which was then elaborated and experts consulted, took the form of the manifesto – so this not your normal party and election. Completely volunteer based, complete interaction with people – unlike any other party.


      • At least we can safely say that the core team politicians are much more responsive than other parties. I don’t know the responsiveness will remain same as they grow bigger (in business paradigm smaller companies are more nimble to customers compared to big companies). At local level that is very important. It will force other parties to be similarly responsive to local problems even if you cannot solve them.

        I do have reservation regarding economic policies.


        • The point is that *no one really knows what the policies are*.

          No one has read the manifesto. No one goes to the AAP pages to read the manifesto. All one knows is what is being passed around – like gossip/rumour.
          Example is this about everything being free.

          AAP has a very balanced policy keeping everyone in view.
          With zero corruption there is more finance available than people imagine.


  36. AAP promised expanded PDS, lower fertilizer prices

    Protecting and even expanding the PDS and keeping fertilizer prices low were part of the election promises that the AAP made in Delhi.

    But the key reforms unveiled by the Modi government in its Union Budget last July included decontrol of urea prices, fewer subsidised cylinders a year and withdrawal of kerosene from the public distribution system (PDS). The rout that the Bharatiya Janata Party faced in the Delhi Assembly elections seems to have forced the hands of the government.

    The AAP manifesto says: “The AAP government will end corruption in the PDS with the involvement of mohalla sabhas … instead of direct cash transfer, we will ensure direct transfer of rations to the families and will include dal and oil in the PDS.”

    The AAP supports lower fertilizer prices as it believes high input costs in the face of low procurement prices are pushing the rural economy into distress and thousands of farmers to suicide every year.

    The Modi government is putting on hold its plans for some key economic reforms Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had announced in his maiden Budget last July.

    Fear of a political backlash based on inputs from party leaders — now established by the rout in the Delhi Assembly elections — has forced the hands of the government.


    Kejri need not do anything. The BJP will be forced to do what Kejri is expected to do. Because of the fear of losing more elections.


    • Next to go should be anti poor and anti tribal measure like Land Acquisition Ordinance.


      • Lets have Congress Govt. back 🙂

        “Since Jayanthi has admitted that she was forced to close Vedanta’s project in Orissa’s Niyamgiri hills on the orders of Rahul Gandhi, I want to repeat the story of what would have happened if the project had gone ahead. Anil Agarwal’s idea of building an aluminium refinery close to a source of excellent bauxite reserves could have reduced the international price of aluminium by half. Aluminium is hugely important for the environment because it replaces wood, and Orissa may have become the world’s most important centre for its production. This made international producers nervous so an ageing socialite was recruited to help stop the project after the refinery was built at a cost of more than Rs 11,000 crore. This lady, almost famous long ago for marrying a rock star, was taken to Rahul Gandhi by a Delhi socialite, once very famous for her devotion to the Dynasty.
        Rahul was easily persuaded. So off he trotted to the Niyamgiri hills to tell a gathering of tribal boys and girls, wearing very modern hairclips and ribbons, that he would be their ‘sipahi’ in Delhi. He thought it was their land that was being taken away but his Environment Minister closed the project for alleged violations of forest laws. Later in this newspaper’s Idea Exchange, N C Saxena (who headed a committee set up to look into the Vedanta proposal) admitted that Vedanta had brought prosperity to this primitive region and he would not have closed the project if 500 more jobs had been created.


    • Fertilizer price in Delhi? Are there any cultivable land in Delhi?


  37. The THIRD WORLD politics

    the problem here is that people (“supporters”) of various denominations place too much emphasis on one person(s) –be it Kejriwal or Modi or Obama or xyz or whoever..

    This is precisely the “THIRD WORLD” or “DEVELOPING countries” model of politics and bringing out “meaningful change”.
    change the leader or party and there u go!

    the fact is that humans are a naughty race…

    here in a space of nine months (note the coincidence!) one has seen jingoistic worshippers of Modi replaced by Kejriwall claiming the COMING of the biggest thing since SLICED BREAD!

    I personally feel that an individual (or a group thereof) is capable of only so much. Though policies and BASIC TENETS DO matter, but theres much more that happens that CIRCUMSTANTIAL..\

    Also its the PHASE in the life cycle of that individual thats MORE important

    ALL MOVEMENTS begin with a certain PURITY& INNOCENCE
    thats WHY they start in the first place
    be it AAP, or BJP ..
    and more so the indian congress–in the indian context
    Heck there were certain powerful admirable aspects of even HITLERS persona before the megalomania strikes.

    Its just that POWER CORRUPTS the best
    and the REAL TEST only comes RETROSPECTIVELY

    Lets not the worshippers of various parties be quick to lavish praise and fully trust to any one individual(s) so soon

    the INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS started with something as nobel as the FREEDOM STRUGGLE of india

    The letters of nehru to indira gandhi represent some of the best literature written ever
    high calibre in thought and vision

    Even the congress hit a ROADBLOCK with its OWN ABHISHREK BACHCHAN in RAHUL GANDHI.

    its NOT the person be it modi or kejriwal or obama but the FRAME OF MIND AND ‘PHASE” he or she is in a period of time..
    and like everything in life–this “phase” is dynamic and changing 24×7…

    things change
    for eg indira gandhi who undertook THE TWO most difficult and DECISIVE decisions in indias post independence history is apparently now a hated figure if one believes things

    “Power corrupts”–its an undeniable and proven fact!
    forget real power–one can only see the negative disproportionate impact of a ‘simple moderator button’ is doing to a simpleton like “satyam’ —hes a changed man/woman…

    also read the worthy comments of myselfaamir –ts not that simple m8 because there no ‘like for like” in history.
    in similar positions of power or weakness different countries, persons and gropus of people do NOT behave the same
    ( and they cannot be held to task for behaving similarly)\
    sometimes its ‘might of the right’ and sometimes its ‘whoever stamps the other first to the ground first ‘!!

    let those like modi or kejriwall cope with the vagaries of real power for five years and then pass judgements…
    till then theres no point in climbing over each other to show who all amongst u is a bigger loser (bigger blind supporter!)
    Lets give our own intellect a bit more respect & credit rather than kneeling down in front of the next obama, modi or kejriwall..


  38. NyKavi, read all the links you’ve provided. Thanks.

    Now, if you bear with me, a few things that I will repeat:

    1) The value of Rupee compared to a dollar isn’t just dependant on the Current Account Deficit. There are other factors at play as well, which is what I had mentioned in my initial response. So shoring up the balance sheet doesn’t have a 1:1 correlation with the value of the rupee, although it seems to have made the rupee stronger compared to other currencies, even if it has fallen 3% with respect to the dollar.

    2) Like you mention, the price of currencies the world over are falling with respect to the dollar. That was my second assertion — that there is capital flight towards the dollar. If there’s a banking crisis again in the Eurozone following a Greek exit, it’s going to get even more prominent. All the articles that you’ve quoted don’t take this possibility into account at all. If there’s a state of panic, capital flows towards the reserve currency.

    3) The firstpost article mentions 2 key factors regarding the rupee. First, the price of crude should be below $80 for most of 2015 and the CAD should be below 2%. In the previous fiscal year, the CAD was 1.7%! It’s expected to be around 1.3% this year. The price of crude may not go beyond $80 throughout the year. With turmoil in the middle-east, I don’t expect the prices to go up by much at all.

    So, now coming back to the original point. What if the Government had passed on the price reduction in Crude oil to the customers? Sure, their CAD would have suffered, resulting in a minor swing in the price of the rupee, but would it have dropped to 70?

    Let’s look at the other side of the equation. With further reductions in the price of petrol and diesel and passing the reduction to the consumer, the price of essential commodities would have come down. This could have spurred spending amongst the masses increasing the GDP. Let’s not forget, the government also collects VAT on most items sold, so part of that money would have anyway gone to the Government.

    The export lobby would have been happy as well, if there was a minor downward swing on the rupee. Inflation would have come down with transport costs of items taking a hit.

    But most importantly perhaps, the lower income group would have seen an appreciable jump in their disposable income. This would have happened nationwide. They probably need such a relief.

    Now one can argue that once the price of crude goes up, this jump would have vanished anyway and then the mood between potential voters would have soured.

    If the price of the rupee fell, the price of petrol would have risen as well affecting the entire chain. But in this scenario, market forces are allowed to prevail. There is no attempt to regulate the currency.

    With elections coming up in various states, this probably is not what the government would like to risk. I understand that. There is also stability via regulation, at least in the short term.

    But I don’t see the financial catastrophe that would occur in case price reduction in Crude oil is allowed to be passed on the populace.


    • A good financial idiom is to save for a rainy day what you reap in a windfall. Besides that, it is not as easy as it seems. The GOI gained due to the lessening deficit in balance of payments, which was net positive for the Rupee. But now, ONGC/IOC etc started having losses because of refining crude bought at higher prices and selling petrol at lower prices. So, the GOI which owns these public sector companies would anyway make a loss if they decided to pass on entire crude savings to the consumer!

      The decision in front of them is to either strengthen the Rupee in the face of the rampaging USD, or take a loss on public sector books. A loss of rupee strength would sap confidence of foreign investors who are piling into India. When the Rs had crossed 52-53 back in 2012, RBI had panicked and started 10%+ bonds on USD deposits. This huge rate did not solve any problems and the Rs kept hurtling down towards 67-68. The slide only stalled when the Rs was technically humongously oversold, and Raghu Rajan did some rejiggering of the BoP window in order to somehow stall the slide. However, the strengthening started only after oil started dropping. Several of those articles also point out that RBI has intentionally not strengthened it further because of concern of exporters who got used to profit margins from a cheaper rupee. So now, the GOI itself does not get full benefit of falling oil prices, because the Rupee was not allowed to strengthen to full capacity in order to protect exporters.
      So all in all, there is a lot of balancing that goes on. Perhaps, if India was a true capitalist country, with privatized oil companies, they would have not blinked before letting consumers enjoy all the savings. This is what happens in the US. But even then, the Rs would have borne the brunt of the BoP deficit, and a sliding Rupee would again dissuade foreign investors from investing. India is a net importer and not blessed with having a reserve currency. Unless they can become net exporters (like China), they will keep being slaves to these events. So now, how can we even become a net exporter, unless we reform labor laws or land aquisition? Now onus goes back to Modi and he is not getting help from the opposition. Will Kejriwal help him?


    • One more thing, I highly doubt that these decisions would’ve been any different had the Congress or other parties been in power. India has been accustomed to paying for huge losses through subsidies whenever the price of oil has appreciated, (which is like always). These last few months were a rare opportunity for India to enjoy some gains. I doubt any other political party wouldve passed on these gains easily.
      And while we debate all this, the price of oil has jumped back to 60, ie a $15 swing in 2 weeks. Technically, a breakout from here will push it towards $75 in no time. So whatever savings they couldve had made have been made, and it will be back to square one pretty soon.


  39. Like

  40. Like

  41. LOL!!


  42. I too can carpet bomb SS with similar ROFLOL links……. The Keju Bhakts please take note !!


  43. Aaptards are now KejuBhakts ………
    Lage raho !!!


    • Don’t worry.
      -We won’t call you anti-national and desh drohi, if you criticize AK
      -nor abuse you or use filthy language as bhakts do all over social media if if you criticize AK
      -ABOVE ALL – we won’t make Arvind Kejriwal temples.


  44. AAP MLA from Okhla, Amanatullah Khan has already termed the Batla house encounter as “fake”. He has said he would seek a probe into this matter. Raking up such sensitive issues to appease a section of the society is not a good sign. Highly amusing is the fact that Amanantullah is the person who AAP alleged put communally sensitive posters in the run up to the Delhi elections, and seeked his arrest, but now he is an AAP MLA.
    Kumar Vishwas is core team member. Vishwas, is said to have branded the NSG commandos who offer security as “informers”. He said that “Arvind Kejriwal did not need VIP security since the security persons around him are informers“.


    • Was wondering when this will come out. AAP has categorically rejected this and have told Okhla candidate that they stand by court’s decision – and this is Not part of AAP manifesto.
      Since then he has shut his mouth.
      This is NOT AAP’s policy


  45. The irony just committed suicide, sau choohey kha kar billi haj karney jaa rahee hai !!
    For calling names just check Vishal Dadlani tweets before May 16.
    Check a known Aap bhakt Tanmay Bhatt- and his tweets about Bhagwan Ganesh jee !!
    But hey carry on …..


  46. I can’t deal with this trolling , got work to do ….
    I had decided yesterday that will not comment on this thread, should have stuck by that decision, Aaptards sey behas karna- matlab- Bhains key aagey been bajana !!!!
    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat !!!


    • must read Omy. Great bong also has same thoughts nicely written in his blog! “intellectuals” history kaha padtey hai!?!?
      Free wifi; free bijli; free paani. aab hum kabhi iski (red hi red) shikang sey nahi nikal payange.


      • Oh yes, AAP the communist party. After Kejriwal as Maulana Kejruddin, this is the second most forceful and logical argument against AAP.

        But why stop at Bengal? Why not invoke North Korea? Fans of globalization should themselves be a little global in their fears and trepidation!


      • It follows that the decision to construct a nuclear plant or a radio telescope or a dam will rest solely on the gram sabhas. That is how nations progress.

        So the author is assuming that gram sabhas will oppose building of dams, nuclear plants etc.

        More insidious is the suggestion that villagers shouldn’t have a say in what gets built and where. It’s the government’s job to find a piece of land and one fine day, tell the villagers to pack their bags and start the wheels of progress.

        Now imagine such a scenario: the government displaces villagers, takes away their land and they are wooed by the Naxals. They create trouble in the area and precious time and resources (not to mention human lives) will have to be used to fight the same people who might have given the land away through a polite dialog.

        But such is the short-sightednes of the core capitalists that human voices (and lives) will never figure in their balance sheets. It’s always about keeping the juggernaut rolling. At any cost.

        The fear is that when, a few months from now, Delhites stand squeezed and huddled together in the hopscotch square, of a colour red, it is they who might turn to anarchy, it is they who might become what AAP was in its earlier avatar.

        This is an example of blatant scaremongering. It’s aimed directly at BJP supporters or people sitting on the fence (quite possibly the latter, as the former would be willing participants anyway) without any substantiated facts. Figures are mentioned exactly once in the entire article; the assumptions made are humongous. There’s no attempt to engage with the AAP manifesto in terms of facts and figures — just a drawn out conclusion that predictably spells out a dooms day scenario.

        Is this the kind of criticism the desh-bhakts can conjure up? One that can be shred to pieces in 5 mins? Really?


  47. I’m not a fan of the BJP or Modi, but I’d like to believe there are fans of both who truly believe that under Modi it is possible to make genuine progress. These are the people who are not tied to the Hindutva ideology but are pragmatists who are genuinely interested in the country’s future. These are the kinds of people the BJP leadership, if it’s serious about stretching its run, should target.

    This can only be possible by suppressing the interests of the hardliners (Hindutva ke Thekedaar or HKT) and projecting an image of inclusiveness. Actually, not just projecting an image, but believing in it. How do you do that? By publicly castigating the likes of Sakshi Maharaj, Swami Omji (who threatened to kill Kejriwal) and displaying a zero tolerance policy towards attacks on other religions. The Prime Minister’s silence on these matters is just plain wrong. I’m sure he’s aware of the BJP’s polarizing image and if he does not speak up, it sends out a very strong message that he’s tacitly supporting these nutcases.

    I’d love to give the benefit of doubt to the BJP and Mr. Modi, but it has to be earned. It’s not enough to have token Muslim faces in your party or giving speeches about harmony and collective progress. There is a need to take decisive action. And it should be clear to the party’s cadre that religious intolerance will not be tolerated.

    Why am I saying this when I’m an avowed AAP supporter? Because in a democracy it’s better to have two parties who are pushing each other in terms of support on common grounds than to have all power vested in one – even if it’s AAP; the discourse on corruption is a different matter, but here too the BJP should make a positive change in its outlook. They should learn from AAP, even if its presence is currently restricted to Delhi. Competition is always good for the end voter. But on moral and ethical grounds – not a race to the bottom like the one that existed between the BJP and Congress.


    • Agree with sentiments in comment. I will prefer congress also change their course.

      “Swami Omji (who threatened to kill Kejriwal)”
      He is not in BJP. Any one can attach Hindu to their name or organization.He contested in New Delhi seat along with official BJP candidate. He got 373 votes! But yes these fringe (both side actually) should be stopped if they are nuisance or ignored.



    • “Swami Omji (who threatened to kill Kejriwal)”
      He is not in BJP. Any one can attach Hindu to their name or organization.He contested in New Delhi seat along with official BJP candidate. He got 373 votes!

      In that video he has been introduced as Hindu Mahasabha member. Now if you want to say it isn’t a fringe of BJP then that would be wrong.
      As for standing for elections. There are several reasons why many do that. Sometimes it is to confuse voters as we saw in Delhi. There were so many candidates with exactly the same names as several AAP candidates.
      Maybe his name resembled someones and was put up for that.


      • His party name is “Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha”. I think it is more for publicity. You can get away with saying outrageous stuff (even if you mean it or not).


  48. Films are failing regularly because politics have become much more entertaining. Everyday there is a blockbuster on the political front.


  49. omrocky786 Says:

    So some stupid Organization not even remotely connected to the BJP says something stupid – arrey dekho kya kar rahee hai BJP!

    Aaptads ka MLA kehta hai kee Batala Investigation will be reopened-

    Aaptard’s Response- arrey kuch naheen, hamarey Supremo ney kaha hai kee aisa kuch nahee hoga !! Kya bhakti hai bhai !!!


    • tumhara supremo bhi kahe na. iss baat ko reject kare.
      Why is it not being rejected and condemned.
      How does one get so much courage to threaten a person’s life so openly?


  50. What happened to that documentary on AAP by Anand Gandhi & Ship of Theseus team? Proposition for Revolution – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZvJA1CcyCA


  51. Arvind, this party was founded with a lot of idealism by thousands of people, especially young people, who came out and spent a lot of their time, effort, energy, money, sweat and blood in order to create a vehicle for alternative politics, in order to create a party that would practice clean and transparent politics. But unfortunately, all those principles are being betrayed by you and your coterie, who are currently in control of the party. And it has become a supremo-oriented, high-command culture kind of party.

    You feel that you can rectify everything by running the Delhi government well in the 5 years that you have. You think that if you deliver on governance, people will forget what you have done to the party. I wish you well in that endeavour. Even traditional political parties like Congress, BJP have done some governance. But the dream that we started with for clean and principled politics and corruption free governance was much much bigger. The fear that I have, is that after how you have behaved and the character traits that you have showed, this dream of clean and principled politics that the Aam Aadmi party was founded on may well turn into a nightmare. But still, I wish you well.

    Goodbye and good luck,




    • People get the government they deserve.
      People of Delhi let themselves be hoodwinked by this joker. Twice.
      They made their bed. Now, they have to lie in it.


  52. sanjana Says:

    People of Delhi are not complaining. It is PB and YY and others who are complaining. Without the brand name of Kejriwal, they wont get even 100 votes. People of Delhi did not vote for elitist idealism. They voted for cheap water, electricity and less corruption in their lives.


  53. MSDhoni Says:


    Currently seems to be the most explosive Indian on earth !! Not that he is clean himself, but being an insider he is best suited to show the us the existing nexus between political – corporate – media.

    Otherwise, how would we the common people ever know a political novice named Varun Gandhi whose only claim to fame is inciting sectarian flares was acting ‘dalal’ for his so called ‘political foe’ ‘Auntie’ Sonia Gandhi’ for 400 million dollars ransom behind the scenes. All these dishonorable masterminds like Jaitley/ Sushma Swaraj are worst lot because their only claim to fame is fanatical patriotism.

    I am happy his expose is not a single interview which would just explode and die down in short time, but here there is a series of timely tweets and we must all hail Twitter for this medium !!!

    The reason I am posting the link to his tweet is to spread the word since the guy since last 2 days is asking for support for #letsclean IN and forming some sort of non profit NGO.

    Lalit Kumar Modi ‏@LalitKModi 22h22 hours ago
    1/2 All my fellow citizens who want to be part of MY non profit NGO. Please corruptpoliticiansinindia@gmail.com

    Lalit Kumar Modi ‏@LalitKModi 22h22 hours ago
    2/2 cv. Yes I am hiring drive. Ready to take on corruption

    Lalit Kumar Modi ‏@LalitKModi 22h22 hours ago
    1/2 All investigating Journalist who have breaking stories and data please email me on corruptpoliticiansinindia@gmail.com – along with your

    Lalit Kumar Modi ‏@LalitKModi 21h21 hours ago
    2/2 total unsolicited out pouring of resources commitment in last one hour is over 17 crores. Amazing. #letsclean IN


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