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    • Seems to be the most comprehensive list.
      Is it limited to multiplex chain only?


      • From footnotes:
        “Based on data supplied by INOX, PVR, Cinemax, Fun Republic and Satyam Cineplexes (which are having nearly 200 screens across India’s cities) to begin with, the Economic Times Intelligence Group (ETIG) has worked out a set of key metrics that’s meant to give the fledgling industry a good indicator of what’s working – and what’s not – in the box office. “



    Quissa gets 4 Stars.

    Badlapur is also getting positive reviews.


  2. Roy Has Poor First Week
    Friday 20 February 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Roy had a poor week grossing 33 crore nett. The film started well with a 9 crore nett first day but the film was unable to grow much on day two despite it being Valentines Day so the writing was on the wall and the film crashed Monday.

    The film was saved another crash on Tuesday by a holiday for Mahshivratri but Wednesday saw collections go down another leg. The Monday fall of 70% from the Friday collections was huge and this sort of drop rarely occurs even for thr worst of of films.

    The film had fared decent in Delhi and East Punjab over the weekend but the sort of falls on weekdays meant even these two circuits finished with low first week figures of 7 crore nett and 3.60 crore nett respectively.


    • Please check this movie whenever you get chance. I found it much better than the reviews.


      • I intend to.. thanks.. I read your comment on this earlier.. seems to be a mood film in certain ways. the sort of thing I often like.

        On a related note check out Force Majeure and the Drop. Both released recently on Netlfix.

        And while on the subject I might have been tempted to watch Badlapur had it been playing nearby.


        • Thanks for recommendations. Lately I have been watching junk on netflix. Mostly lifetime TV movies. They are like Indian TV serial, just little better in quality. Did see French connection 1 and 2. I think I saw first part sometime back.
          One of the other movie I liked was Copenhagen.

          ps – In 2000, I used to drive 40 miles to check Hindi movies. Now in 5 mile radius, I have at least 3 cinema halls playing any new release!


          • I used to once drive 50 miles or so and it didn’t seem like much. At points there were theaters that were closer but those didn’t last too long. Now I have one within 25 min but it doesn’t play everything. There’s another with 30 min but that’s the city and it’s a more complicated deal getting in and out if one isn’t too motivated for a film. But yeah I once used to drive 50 miles multiple times for the same movie!


          • Have you seen CitizenFour? It is on HBO go.


        • Ha, look forward to hearing your thoughts!! I thought it was atrocious

          Did u see shamitabh yet??


  3. Badlapur Has Decent Opening At Multiplexes
    Friday 20 February 2015 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Badlapur had a decent opening 25-30% at multiplexes. The opening is weaker than last week’s Roy but better than most of the other releases this year in terms of occupancies. The multiplexes in Mumbai city and Pune were pretty good.

    The single screens are dull with UP and Gujrat especially having low figures but the film has a pretty low budget so can do well from business at multiplexes. The film also can take advantage of a dull period of releases over the coming weeks if it finds appreciation and can sustain.

    It is likely that Mumbai circuit will lead on the strength of Mumbai and Pune though Gujrat will hold the circuit back from a very good number.


  4. LOL..this can happen only in India. Pornstars from US can become POWER COUPLES in today’s India/Hi-fi. This is not an indication of Leone’s ‘higher’/’upper’ standards but Hi-fi’s lowering standards day-by-day..


    • No I don’t think “this can happen only in India.” It is the influence of social media. Anyone and everyone can become a star these days thanks to social media. Look at Kim K, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus…all these gals are OK in the talent department (except for Kim K) but their main pull is from twitter and Instagram. Pornstars in the US are also being more accepted in Hollywood nowadays, like Sasha Grey and “James Deen” to name a few.


  5. Arnub tries to find the true meaning of ‘Freedom Of Speech’, as he invites the creators and the people they offended in a scintillating debate.


  6. Aamir certainly displayed hypocrisy with his AIB comments. Clearly, the Khans are all on the wrong side of 40 now.


    • But Shobhaa de went overboard digging all the past history of aamir starting with his stance on awards. Stupid woman as usual. Does she expect aamir to attend all those award functions? Why to criticise him in such a harsh manner? She is a SRK fan and I never saw her praise any of aamir’s films.

      Aamir would have been hypocrite if he answered diplomatically on AIB roast.

      Who is a real hypocrite aamir or Shobhaa? She never criticised her best friends Mallya or ambanis. She attacked only the soft targets and she attacked politicians in a filthy manner. I remember how she attacked P.V.Narasinha Rao and his dhoti(dig at south indians) and how she constantly attacks Modi(no one will marry him). And how she gleefully enjoyed Ram Jethmalani’s jokes on late Indira Gandhi being seen with assorted men in her bedroom.

      She is jealous of aamir’s success and she vents out her feelings like this whenever she gets opportunity.

      What can one expect from a stardust employee?


    • WTF is all the hoopla with his freaking comments? Get over it people. Its his OPINION…AIB wasn’t for him. Can’t a man have his own damn opinion??? He’s never claimed to be a choir boy…and he said as a separate issue that he is against the banning over AIB. I think people are way way too sensitive to want this ‘cool’ AIB to work and if those people who don’t think it is all that ‘cool’ then hell is raised. The show was boring barring a few performers. I’ve seen better here in the US; better comedians and better writing. Talk about pretentious…everything about AIB was pretentious with king of pretentious Mr. KJo leading the way.


  7. I dont understand this AIB supporters. It is like you are with me or you are my enemy. Why cant somebody not like AIB roast? Is it necessary to be cool always just for the sake of being cool?
    The roasters are big hypocrites as they did not target big fish. I think they were testing waters. Let them do it for political people and let them taste the results.


    • Well said as usual Sanjana and Aamirsfan. I am amazed at the long legs of this stupid created controversy. Aamir spoke about this when asked at a public youth related function, on Feb 10. The full 40 minute video is available. He spoke about other things. But only this six minute bit about AIB makes news and gets discussed tgreadbare, with Aamir getting lynched by social media, continuously. The man should have chosen his words with care. Wasn’t he aware of the consequences of starting his response with a’ I have not seen the show, but…I have watched two- three clips, been told all about it, by Karan….’ Almost every commenter has picked on the first part, ignoring the rest. Well, loose lips and all that, but seriously, this overreaction is a bit much.


  8. New York frozen?


  9. Badlapur First Day Business
    Saturday 21 February 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Badlapur did pretty well on day one as it grossed around 7 crore nett. The collections in cities of Maharashtra were good be it Mumbai, Thane, Pune or Nagpur. The business of Mumbai circuit will come in at around 2.50 crore nett

    Its is the third best opening day after Roy and Baby and is a much smaller film. the business should be able to grow on Saturday as some multiplex dominated circuits like East Punjab and Mysore were lacklustre and these should show good gains on Saturday

    The film will be hit hugely on Sunday by the cricket match between India and South Africa and its fate will depend on the business on Monday. If the film finds appreciation it should slowly cover some of the business lost due to the match on Monday and the rest of the weekdays.


  10. Roy Has Heavy Fall On Day Eight
    Saturday 21 February 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Roy had another huge crash on its second Friday as it grossed around 50-55 lakhs nett. The film has dropped close to 95% from day one.There will be growth on Saturday but not the sort that there is normally on a second Saturday as the film has been rejected totally.

    There is the cricket match on Sunday so the weekend business may go to around 1.75 crore nett. The first week was around 33 crore nett so the lifetime business of the film is looking to finish at 36 crore nett.

    The film is a huge flop and will finish at 36 crore nett lifetime business but is still second highest grosser of the year showing how bad the year has been till date..


  11. Nawajuddin siddiqui is edging out Irrfan and Manoj Bajpai.


  12. The management of Mumbai’s iconic cinema hall Maratha Mandir, in accordance with Yashraj Films, has decided to continue the 11:30 AM show of director Aditya Chopra’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge even after 19 years of its release. The film was released on October 19, 1995.

    In a statement, Yashraj Films said, “The sudden announcement of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge being pulled out from Maratha Mandir at the end of 1009 unprecedented weeks resulted in a spontaneous and an overwhelming outcry from the cinema going audience, as well as dedicated fans of the movie, expressing their shock and disappointment.”

    It further said, “Ever since this news went out, the Maratha Mandir management was flooded with requests to reinstate the movie based on which they decided to immediately reconsider their decision. Given this, it has been mutually decided to continue the screening in the same 11:30 AM morning show – without breaking the uninterrupted run of the movie!”

    It was earlier reported that the SRK-Kajol starrer will stop screening on Thursday but due to public demand, the screening has been continued.


  13. tonymontana Says:

    Watched Badlapur.

    It’s an offbeat revenge film and certainly doesn’t take the same route a film of such sub-genre does. But it is also possibly the most interesting character study of two very different people you’ll see in recent hindi cinema. This is a highly frustrating film overall yet a deeply impactful one.

    A word on Nawaz. He elevates it to a different level altogether. He was flat out extraordinary.


  14. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Good fiction enables you to empathize with its characters, good and bad. Lets you live their lives. Think their thoughts. Stand in their shoes. Get under their skins.

    So imagine you have lost you father when young and have been brought up by your mother. It’s been a hard life. You have turned out to be a badass character. Lived a life of crime, in and out of jail. Out of jail, one day, you return home late. Your mother gives you a piece of her mind. Says, “You are no good. Just like your father.” “Mom. Are there any good things about my father you remember?” you ask. Your mother is silent. “Just one thing,” you prod her. Your mother replies, “ Woh purana chawal se keeda nikalne se kya phayada?” (What good will it do to dig out insects from an old sack of rice?) You are struck by a sledge hammer. Not one good thing she can think about my father!

    Life changing, the thought can be. ( You will know the context better when you see the film.)

    And it changes Badlapur, from perhaps the smartest Hindi film script ever, to a piece of poetry.

    Brings to mind Anurag Kashyap. His films I think are brilliant prose. But Sriram Raghavan’s ‘ Badlapur’…it is poetry. Because what Kashayp says in ten pages of description, Raghavan does in one line of metaphor. Make no mistake. Kashyap’s ramblings, his indulgences, are fun. It’s just that Raghavan is crisper, leaving you with a sharper, well-aimed impact.

    Another thought on the film: There are a set of directors I like Hirani, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Barjatya ( only Hum Aapke Hain Koun..?) in whose films everyone is good. Even the bad characters. ( The worst thing about bad woman Bindu in HAHK is that she wears loud clothes.) And there is Kashyap, in whose films..from Paanch to Ugly…. everyone is bad. But what Sriram Raghavan does here is even more interesting. In Badlapur you see good people do things you won’t have imagined even the bad people capable of and the bad people, perhaps just once in a while, come up with acts of shining good. And mind you, none of them will strike you as acting out of character.

    I won’t tell you anything more about the film per se because I want you to see it as pre-conceived as possible. But may be a few more rambling observations. I am struck by how the makers of noir films come up with the most interesting female characters. Think of the Richa Chadda and Huma Qureshi characters in Gangs of Wsseypur. Or Vidya Blan in Isqiya and Madhuri Dixit and Huma Qureshi in Dedh Ishqiya. Or the Tejaswini Kolhapure character in Ugly, And this film has a whole sorority of them: Huma Qureshi ( again!), Divya Dutta , and the heartbreakingly innocent and symbol of pure goodness in the film, Radhika Apte. (She was so effective in Shor in the City; and she is even more effective here. ) And then there is Yami Gautami. She doesn’t have much to do. But then a ray of morning sun doesn’t have much to do either, except shine on bright, right?

    And this thread of thought takes me to the performances. What does one talk of when one talks of Nawazuddin Siddiqi? Craft of acting? Perhaps not. One can find a hundred flaws. Range? No. One can say he is limited and pull out fifty roles he cannot play. Genius? Perhaps, yes. How else can one explain how and why does what he does? (Think of his sudden turn at mimicking the lame jail mate, if you have seen the film. Or how, when his mother exclaims at seeing him turn up at home from jail unexpectedly, “ Tum toh kal aane wale thay?” he does a quick about turn to say “ Toh kal aata hoon’, before turning again to hug his mother. ) A hypnotic shaman. Yes, yes. Try taking your eyes off him when he is on screen.

    Then there is Varun Dhawan. This is only his fourth film and his act is a good act. It is that kind of a performance where more than individual components of a performance – diction, delivery, timing, body language, etc, etc. – what you marvel at is his ability to become the character he is playing and make you buy in his actions that are clearly outside the spectrum of a normalcy. Like Shahid in Haider, Varun too makes his descent into maniacal and murderous violence here believable, not through some clever tools of method acting, but perhaps by just internalizing the character. By just being Raghu. All the women in the film as well as the man who plays the police inspector investigating the case and Vinay Pathak as Harman are consistently engaging with compelling performances.

    The film has some beautiful songs, used unobtrusively and weaved in seamlessly into the narrative. The cinematography is excellent. So it is really a good case of a film being enriched by contributions from all departments, as it should be. . But in the end it is a triumph of great writing. The kind of writing that would be good writing even if it was not a film.

    As I said, I will not tell much more about the film. Apne aap pe ek ehasn karo. Badlapur dekh hi lo. Hindi film ke baare mein hi nahin, Zindagi ke baare mein bhi aap ka nazariya badal jaayega. Aur achhe hone ka galtafahmi dur ho jaayega. Hum acche hain shayad is liye ki bura hone ka mauka hamein nahin mila. Aur bure hain toh, koi achha kaam karne ka ek mauka zindagi hamein zaroor dega. Use khona nahin, bas.

    Ps: This is the script Aamir should have picked up instead of Talaash, the gimmicky mess


    • I found Talaash much better movie than Badlapur (only thing that was bad in Talaash was ending filmi-ness). Both movies are dark and serious drama.

      Badlapur is an unconvincing movie though it looks good during the proceedings. I found Varun flat in many dialogue delivery. Nawazzudin whose acting people and reviewers were raving, just adequate. His character is timid for most of the movie and there is nothing much of significance. Only in end his character gets upper hand he is good. Character actors were good through out. It is a decent movie but dialogues, ending and some of the screenplay make it a mediocre effort.


  15. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Consistent with its contrarian streak, the film, though apparently a story of revenge, actually makes a case for forgiveness. It brings to my mind a line from Tagore’s Shyama , where the protagonist who could have, but did not forgive the sinner, says to God , “ I am sure YOU will forgive the sinner, but you will not forgive my not being able to forgive.” Or something to that effect. That is what Nawazzudin was leading Varun to realize during their final interaction.


    • Based on the ending Shriram wanted to make it a movie about forgiveness. There is no other ending for a serious movie. The loss Varun character is shown, is irreplaceable in real world. No amount of revenge would bring back the loss. It is no Sholay which is on masala terrain. But IMO the movie took convenience route. **Spoiler** because then he shouldn’t have shown Nawazzudin character with illness and the way murder was solved (when they couldn’t find the robbery accomplice for 15 years).


  16. Kind of disappointed with Badlapur. Nawaz is brilliant and rises head and shoulders above the rest of the movie. Varun doesn’t look 40 at all – appearance nor actinf and that was the biggest disappointment for me. The movie has a lot of brilliant moments interspersed with random ones giving it a very uneven tone overall.


  17. Caveat- I am not a supporter of AIB knockout

    @ Why to criticise him in such a harsh manner ?

    She is not criticising Aamir for his opinion but his double standerd. For Delhi belly he said i already told viewers that the Film has Adult content.

    @ She is a SRK fan and I never saw her praise any of aamir’s films.

    No..She is no ones fan. She had a public fight with SRK after Wankhede incident. Both fired some below the belt remark about each other. Just read her review of SRK’s film since 5-6 year.

    Aamir would have been hypocrite if he answered diplomatically on AIB roast.

    @ She is jealous of aamir’s success.

    So anybody who criticise successful person is jealous of thier success.

    @ What can one expect from a stardust employee ?

    So a persons IQ will be decided by where he/She works.


    • I am an avid reader of her blogs since she started blogging. So I know what I am saying about her.
      She has love hate relationship with SRK, mostly love.
      She does not like aamir and that is a fact.
      She is unjustified as she dragged his attending Oscars, his Mangal Pandey promotion, his so called self righteousness(did he ever say that only he is right?), his not following up Narmada and other things(why should he?). Even during SJ, Aamir was least judgmental. With AIB roast he was judgmental and he said he talked to Karan Johar about it as a friend.
      She is so dismissive of his good points and concentrated on what suited her to take out on him.
      Even I am not saying he is right about roast and there are ways to express it without going into other things for Shobhaa de. She was repeating what Mahesh Bhatt said about Aamir.
      As for Shobhaa de, she is a below average journalist seeking sensationalism through her writings. Now she has toned down on certain people because of fear of reprisal. So she is targetting soft targets like aamir.
      I read what she writes because I have lots of time. And I am interested on how her mind works.
      I just cannot forget her filthy below the belt writings about P.V. Narasimharao and her tasteless writings on Modi.



    Just because Salman Khan said that his favourite cricketer is Azharuddin.

    See the comments section.


  19. Already under fire for a list of words to be banned from films that was recently issued by the Central Board of Film Certification, the board’s new chief, Pahlaj Nihalani, is in the news again. In a recent interview to a TV channel, he targeted one of the former chairpersons, Sharmila Tagore, under whose leadership, several films that had expletives in their dialogues were passed. He cited the example of Omkara (2006), hinting that it was cleared because it starred her son, Saif Ali Khan.

    “Omkara was her son Saif Ali Khan’s film. The board cleared it after being pressurised by her, which set the trend and release of films like Gangs of Wasseypur happened,” Nihalani was quoted as saying.


  20. Badlapur Second Day Business
    Sunday 22 February 2015 13.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Badlapur showed good growth of 20% on Saturday. The growth was there in practically all circuits. The first two day business of Badlapur is as follows.

    Friday – 7,00,00,000
    Saturday 8,50,00,000

    TOTAL – 15,50,00,000

    The film is likely to fare best in Mumbai and South as Maharashtra is faring best from first show and the really huge growth of nearly 100% on Saturday came in Mysore.


    • Badlapur Shows Good Growth On Saturday
      Saturday 21 February 2015 23.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Badlapur showed good growth on Saturday as collections of multiplexes of all major cities were up. The collections on Saturday will be around 8.50 crore nett which is a healthy 20% improvement from Friday. The two day total will be in the 15.50 crore nett range.

      There is the cricket match on Sunday which will hit the film at peak viewing time but still it will comfortably cross 20 crore nett and that is a decent figure for the first weekend for this film.

      The real test will start Monday and as there is a limited flow of major releases over the next few weeks so Badlapur has the chance to emerge the first of the year but that will depend on the appreciation for the film and how collections hold up over the weekdays.


      • “There is the cricket match on Sunday which will hit the film at peak viewing time but still it will comfortably cross 20 crore nett and that is a decent figure for the first weekend for this film.”

        their blooper reel continues. This is ‘decent’ for a film in this genre. What do they expect? 40-50 crore weekends for these kinds of films?! Oh wait.. if it crosses a 100 even Jai Ho is kinda ok!

        I actually think it’s done very well so far.


  21. LOL, the other day when there was news of DDLJ being finally pulled down after 1009 weeks I joked about how I was disappointed that they hadn’t extended the run to 2000 weeks and kept the farce going. Well as it now turns out they’ve changed their minds. They’re going to keep it running “for the fans”!


  22. Saw Badlapur, very good watch. Both Varun and Nawaz did exceptionally well and even all supporting actors are great. The story is simple but the treatment makes its awesome watch though at few places the pace drops but its only the performances which keep the film moving. Nawazuddin is the real star of the film even according to the script. Good film for Varun’s CV. Recommended to watch.

    Overall, being my personal preference, I prefer this for the director – Sriram Raghavan.

    Johnny Gaddar > Ek Hasina Thi > Badlapur > Agent Vinod (didn’t like).


    • Is it violent? The trailer shows everyone hacking everyone with scissors or any blunt object just lying around as though they have never heard of guns and are still living in 10th century.

      I really look forward to Raghavan’s films but if there is gratuitous violence then i will stay away since I am weak-hearted. Cartoonish violence like that of Quentin’s ok with me…


  23. Badlapur Holds Strong On Sunday Despite Cricket Match
    Sunday 22 February 2015 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Badlapur has held up very well on Sunday with collections likely to come in at better than Friday and a little less tha Saturday. The collections may well be around 8 crore nett despite the cricket match. The Sunday number could even challenge the Saturday figure though will depend on the evening and night multiplex numbers.

    The film is looking at a 23-24 crore nett weekend which is a good total especially considering it would have lost some of its collections on Sunday due to the match.

    The weekend will not be far of the Roy collections last week despite starting of weaker than that film. Badlapur has a much better trend than that film over the first weekend.


    • Looks to be a good year for Varun Dhawan. This film will definitely be a hit and look like it’ll cross his solo commercial movie Main Tera Hero and possibly even SOTY. Then he has that ABCD 2 movie and ends the year with a bang with the SRK-Rohit Shetty movie. Of the newer kids I think he is the only one who could do Rohit Shetty movie (or just comedy in general) convincingly.


  24. Anybody watching OSCARS 2015? A new thread?


  25. Let’s see how Neil Patrick hosts…


    • Very disappointing that Eddie won over Benedict and Keaton. Both these performances were far better than Eddie’s. Goes on to show that ‘illness’ and physical make-overs still continue to be Oscar baits..

      Lady Gaga’s tribute to Julie Andrews was exceptional. It was a weird shock to see her in normal clothes and as a normal human being, Arquette’s speech was good. Glad for my favorite Julianne Moore for winning the trophy.

      The best wise-crack was Jared Leto’s when he announced the nominations for Best Supporting Actress and mentioned Streep’s as ‘in accordance with California State Law..’

      Overall, not as great as last year’s, but still worth it..


      • Was glad that American Sniper got sidelined. Feel bad for Cooper but don’t care for Mr.Eastwood’s politics.
        Neil Patrick Harris was blah and the performances boring. 2014 was a bad year for HW with few worthwhile films.
        I can’t get enthused about Budapest Hotel or Still Alice or Wild. The Imitation Game and Birdman were good though Birdman was a bit wacky IMO. Give me an AmericanHustler anyday. Or 12 years a slave or Wolf of Wall Street or Dallas buyers club.


        • I didn’t watch the Oscars barring the first five mins and I couldn’t bear to watch more! Looks like I didn’t miss much! But even otherwise I’ve felt for many years that though they’re wonderfully choreographed they’re the most boring thing imaginable. They’ve just become super(Broadway)-productions. Bland and insipid. Still I don’t mind watching parts sometimes but the whole thing is just impossible to sit through.


      • it was a yawner. NPH was a total bore. Seems he is only funny doing his “Barney” character. The rest of the night wasn’t that memorable…although on couple of occasions I knew the right wing idiots here in the US would make a big deal out of was the Patricia Artquette comment on equal wage men and women and possibly the John Legend and Common speech. It didn’t take long for Fox News contributor to take a “stand” with the Patricia Artquette.


  26. According to a report on, Anushka Sharma’s NH 10 has hit a major roadblock. The film which was set to hit the theatres on March 6, will now be released a week later, courtesy censor issues, the report stated. Further to the report, Censor Board’s new list of prohibited words on screen is the main reason behind the delay in the film’s release. Since the film is a crime thriller, it is supposed to be equipped with several words which do not fall in line with the new guidelines, the report further stated. Though few scenes and cuss words have been chopped off, a clear picture of the film’s final release is yet to be out, the report concluded.


  27. Well, the charade is over. Last year Oscars were marred by stupid selfie fever. Sad that Lunch Box could not make it even at the nomination level. Nomination itself is like winning half the battle.


  28. Badlapur First Weekend Business
    Monday 23 February 2015 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Badlapur did well in its first weekend grossing around 23.50 crore nett. The film fared best in Maharashtra due to the regional flavour of the film. Mumbai circuit grossed 9 crore nett apprx over the weekend and that too with Gujrat not being too strong. The first weekend business of Badlapur is as follows.

    Friday – 7,00,00,000
    Saturday – 8,50,00,000
    Sunday – 8,00,00,000

    TOTAL – 23,50,00,000

    The cricket match had a limited affect this week as other films playing like Roy and Baby did not fall on Sunday. Generally collections withstood the cricket better than last week rather than it being film specific. The weekdays will determine the fate of Badlapur.


  29. Baby At 81 Crore After 31 Days
    Monday 23 February 2015 11.30
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baby has grossed close to 81 crore nett till the end of its fifth weekend. The business of Baby till date is as follows.

    Week One – 51,94,00,000
    Week Two 18,86,00,000
    Week Three – 6,76,00,000
    Fourth Week – 2,79,00,000
    Fifth Weekend – 60,00,000

    TOTAL – 80, 95,00,000

    The distributor share is 38 crore which is not much better than Akshay Kumar films released years back like Welcome, Singh Is King and Houseful.


  30. I do plan to write reviews of “Badlapur”, “Shamitabh” and “Qissa” — all of which I really liked. “Badlapur”, I thought, was quite fantastic.

    Baradwaj rangan says.


  31. Roasting films and stars

    Life OK Comedy Classes. They are spoofing famous films like Agnipath,TZP, Karan Arjun, HAHK etc. and now Kabhie Khushi Khabhie Gum titled as Kabhie whiskey Kabhie Rum. Krushna Abhishek is the only one with goodlooks and a good smile. And Bharti doing all the heroines roles from Madhuri Dixit to Kajol. And also doing male roles.



    Early ratings show Oscars telecast down from last year


  33. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Why Aamir should have done Badlapur instead of Talaash.

    Well, maybe he would have spoiled what has turned out to be such a landmark film. But that’s the challenge he should have taken.

    Firstly, good though Varun is, there many gaps that only an experienced actor could have filled up. And the age transition would have worked out perfect. Raghu, 30 at the start of the film, married 5 years back when he was 25. Fifteen years later, for the second part of the fil, he would have ben 45, very close to his real age. Would have looked so natural and convincing.

    Secondly, it is far meatier role than the one in Talaash. There so many scenes of Varun in Badlapur that one remembers. What do I remember of Aamir in Talaash. Only his moustache. And his scowl.

    Thirdly, the female characters in Badlapur are so much more interesting than Rani and Kareena in Talaash. And the hero has meaningful and interesting interaction with each one of them – Yami, Huma, Divya and Radhika – and each interaction is different, each relationship is different.

    Fourth, it would have been a true noir film instead of a fake one like Talaash.

    Fifth, the role would have stretched Aamir as star, and as an actor. The things he does to Huma, Divya, or Radhika wouldn’t have been accepted by the audience, conventional wisdom says. But challenging that is true dare is about. And risky though it is, it also could have had big pay-off if he could pull it off. Like Ghajini dd.

    And he could have just softened his badness a bit by making Raghu realise the futility of revenge n the end and could be inconsolable in his realization of how much harm he has done to everyone he came in contact with due to his inability to forgive.

    That would have been good for the film too.

    It IS a landmark film already, with Aamir it would have been a huge landmark film. If he had pulled it off. If not? It won’t have been any worse than Talaash.


    • Earth is the negative film he did when he was quite young.
      At this age, it is not advisable to do that type of role.

      Talaash was a very well made film and it was more than his moustache and scowl. It had so many shades.


  34. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    munna: ‘Acceptance speech doesn’t constitute you force your political view on others.’ Force? No. But it certainly is the best platform you can get for making your views, liberal or whatever they maybe, heard by the maximum number of people.



    WASHINGTON: Political activism and social advocacy punctuated Sunday’s 2015 Academy Awards ceremony that saw the Oscar for the best movie go the showbiz satire Birdman, whose Mexican director Alejandro Inarritu, who also won the best director for the film, was the central figure in the night’s drama.

    “Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?” blurted out the actor Sean Penn as he opened the envelope that contained Inarritu’s choice for best director. The mock profanity, which the two men regarded as playful banter given their long friendship, shocked viewers, who gave vent to outrage on social media, calling the comments racist and offensive.

    Special: 87th Academy Awards

    Inarritu himself took no offense to the comment, turning it into an opportunity to canvas for better treatment for immigrants. “I just pray they can be treated with the same dignity and respect of the ones that came before and built this incredible, immigrant nation,” he said, laughingly referring to the fact that two Mexicans had won best director Oscars back to back.

    But the media outrage would not be tamed. Those offended maintained that the struggles people endure for immigration justice should not be reduced to punchlines. A Washington Post critic accused Penn, who is himself a political and social activist, of insensitivity, saying his “hey congrats on winning the award of your life here’s a green card joke to announce it” was in poor taste.

    Also accused of grandstanding during the ceremony was Patricia Arquette, who won the best supporting actress for her role in Boyhood, for her rallying cry for equal wages for women among other issues.

    “To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights,” said Arquette, 46, who plays a single mother named Olivia in the film. “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.”

    Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez, among others gathered, greeted the remarks enthusiastically. But they were received less generously elsewhere and were seen as symptomatic of white privilege in a year where there has been much chatter about lack of diversity at the Academy Awards.

    The comedian Neil Patrick Harris, who was hosting the Oscars for the first time, himself tried to set a light tone for the evening with an opening gig in which he joked “Tonight we celebrate Hollywood’s best and whitest, sorry … brightest.” But several other jokes centering on black entertainers, including ribbing Oprah Winfrey about her wealth, fell flat and were received with incredulity and distaste.

    Harris’ appearance on stage in his underwear to spoof a scene from Birdman was the highlight, or low-point, of the evening, depending on where one stood. It laid bare the fact that for all its liberal outlook, Hollywood – and America – prefer decorum to excessive derring-do.


  36. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Coming off a massive holiday weekend, Fifty Shades of Grey plummeted 74 percent in its second outing. Still, the movie easily held on the top spot this weekend with $22.3 million.

    Among the new releases, McFarland, USA and The DUFF did solid business, while Hot Tub Time Machine 2 flopped.

    Fifty Shades of Grey’s 74 percent drop is steeper than the second weekend declines for The Fault in our Stars, Valentine’s Day, and all five Twilight movies. It’s the second-biggest decline ever for a movie playing at over 3,000 locations; the worst belongs to the Friday the 13th remake, which fell 80 percent on this same weekend in 2009.

    Adapted from an immensely popular book and opening on Valentine’s Day weekend, Fifty Shades of Grey was always going to be fairly front-loaded. Still, the movie’s horrible reviews (25 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and weak word-of-mouth (“C+” CinemaScore) surely contributed in some way.

    Fifty Shades has now earned $129.2 million, and could be on track to close below $170 million. That’s still a huge win—especially considering how well it’s doing overseas—though it’s not quite the monumental hit that its opening weekend may have suggested.


  37. Badlapur First Monday Business
    Tuesday 24 February 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Badlapur grossed around 3.75-4 crore nett on Monday. It’s a decent hold but there was a noticeable fall in some areas. The drop is just under 50% from Friday. The film is driven by Mumbai circuit and it’s a plus that a big contributor to all India business is leading. The four day business is around 27.50 crore nett.

    The film had average business on in the North over the weekend and Delhi and Punjab had the biggest falls on Monday. The central belts and Mumbai are better and they will have to drive the film. The film lost around 2 crore nett on Sunday due to the cricket so there was chance of strong hold the next day but it was not case here.

    The film is safe due to low costs and this is a first for the year and it remains to be seen how the business holds over the week and into second week..


  38. Bob Cristo Says:

    Whai i like about Utkal sir is his honesty in opinion. Almost all the people review THE ACTOR’S Film but Utkal sir Reviews THE FILM. He is one of the biggest Aamir bhakt still he like a kick, a Chennai express, a badlapur or a cocktail. He doesn’t belive that Aamir is sole gurdian of Quality films in bollywood. Keep it up utkal sir.I always like your passion for the FILMS and not for the STAR. I Share your fondness for GOW series spl part 1 and music of both the films is out of the world.


  39. Woman, 33, watching 50 Shades of Grey arrested for masturbating at movie theater!!

    Police in Sinaloa, Mexico, arrested a woman for masturbating last week. She was in the twelfth row during a screen of the popular S&M drama. After being put in handcuffs, the unmarried woman was taken off premises

    Film dominated at box office last weekend with $81.7million in ticket sales
    PUBLISHED: 21:35, 22 February 2015 | UPDATED: 21:41, 22 February 2015

    A woman watching 50 Shades of Grey at a movie theater in Mexico got taken out in handcuffs – and not because she went with a Christian Grey impersonator.
    Moviegoers at a cinema in Sinaloa, Mexico, called police after noticing a woman masturbating during the movie.
    The unmarried 33-year-old had managed to secure herself a prime seat in the twelfth row of the theater to watch the blockbuster.
    Scroll down for video

    Fifty Shades affray: Fight broke out when two gangs of women…

    Thousands of female 50 Shades fans harass Seattle real…

    The woman had gone to see the film two days after its release on Valentine’s Day, La Verdad reported.
    Police arrived at the cinema and arrested the woman for public indecency.
    Handcuffs were snapped on her wrists and she was removed from the premises.
    Although the woman might disagree, the film has received mixed reviews from critics.
    Based on the best-selling novel by E.L. James, the movie stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.
    in the film, which is known for its S&M content, student Anastasia Steele’s (Johnson) life changes when she meets handsome billionaire Christian Grey (Dorman) and they begin a relationship.
    The film, which dominated at the box office last weekend with $81.7million in ticket sales, grossed $23.2 million this weekend, USA TODAY reported.
    Paul Dergarabedian of ticket-sales firm Rentrak said: ‘The film is now over $400 million worldwide.
    ‘It’s an unqualified, out-and-out success.
    ‘This movie was a sprinter out of the gate, posting the biggest opening weekend ever for February and become a worldwide phenomenon the minute it was released.’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  40. “What do I remember of Aamir in Talaash. Only his moustache. And his scowl”


    As much as I hate the elevation of talaash to some sort of masterpiece
    As much as I hate blind worship and fandom of aamir here

    The ONE good thing about talaash was Aamir khan!!

    Just came across this track…

    Ps: on a related note –this is ONE role that really suited Kareena!!
    I don’t know why but even rani looked somewhat attractive strangely

    The only worthy mood pieces after talaash in Bollywood that I watched and liked were Hooda (highway) & arjun rampal (Roy)

    what a SIMMERING IMPLOSIVE act by aamir in talaash…

    Ps : haven’t seen badlapur but don’t compare Varun godamm dhawan to aamir khan !!!


  41. Finally someone appreciates the film and gives it the detailed review it deserves:

    Satyam, your turn next 🙂


  42. Full video is out on youtube…
    IMO one of the best recent song tracks from Bollywood

    Tera naam toh hoga bhaaya re
    Jo school mein tha likhwaaya re
    Tera koi pata toh hoga, hoga ration card..
    Tharki chokro aayo re
    Banke mhaaro mehmaan…

    Ps: loved the ‘dance’ —note the sincerity aamir brings to his craft (esp after 2:45) which has catapulted him to the
    ‘apex’ ….


  43. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    But Badlapur goes beyond genre and simple homage. It isn’t slick. It has a verité feel. The film appears to have been edited on the jagged edges of life.. It’s a slap in the face of films like Death Wish that exhort us to cheer for the wronged hero. And it tells us that no one’s really that heroic, that good, that blameless, that spotless – and it tells us that the survivors are most likely victims of PTSD. They need help. It isn’t just Misha or the little boy who end up as collateral damage, or even Misha’s Tamilian parents, who refuse to eat. (In one of the many subtly amusing moments, Raghu’s north Indian mother asks her husband to go to the supermarket and get idli and sambar mix. Madrasis, clearly, don’t eat anything else.) Raghu himself is collateral damage – he’s “damaged goods,” in the way we use the term for people who are “psycho,” like those who return from war and discover that their life is now shrapnel.

    Scene after scene subverts what we think a hero in our cinema is going to be like. We expect Raghu to be in mourning for his wife and his son. And he is. We are invited to sympathise with him when people recognise him on the train and point at him as if he were a minor celebrity, or when he makes a reference to the money he’s getting from his little boy’s LIC policy, or when, in a fit of self-flagellation, he gets beaten up by irate truck drivers. But slowly, we pull away from him. The easy empathy we have for people in these situations isn’t what we have for Raghu. Badlapur complicates our feelings for him. He has sex with a prostitute named Jhimli (Huma Qureshi), and later, with the social worker Shobha (Divya Dutta). At one level, this is only to be expected. After all, why should Raghu be like other husbands in Hindi cinema, whose sex life dies after the wife’s death? But this isn’t just that. This isn’t just about forgetting the world for at least those few minutes. Something else has hardened inside Raghu, and we are left disoriented.


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