Papanasam trailers (updated)

thanks to Krrish..


5 Responses to “Papanasam trailers (updated)”

  1. Looks good. Except Kamal and Anant Mahadevan, I could not recognise others. Who are the other actors?


  2. The lead actress is Goutami, Kamal’s wife. You will remember her as the ‘babe’ in Chikku Pukku Rele – The song that made Prabhu Deva famous. After cancer she looks very thin and haggard unfortunately..Asha Sarath replicates her role of the inspector. Also Kalabhavan Mani – a very fine actor in Malayalam is also in there as the bad guy…
    Interestingly the Ajay Devgan version has Shriya Saran as the wife who is actually very young to play that part( She has to look like a mother to a teenage girl). Tabu would have been the perfect choice but they have roped in Tabu for the Asha Sarath part.


  3. Nice trailer. Same director. Cakewalk role which is ade interesting as Sivaji fan and looks a proper thirunelveli man. Small budget film.


  4. Impressive music by Ghibran again. Man to watch out for.

    allah rakha rahman
    mohd kalil ghibran


  5. Na Muthukumar lyrics is not as dense as Kamal lyrics in Uttama Villain but still to be cherished..


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