Bangistan, Drishyam & Bajrangi Bhaijaan (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 24h24 hours ago
    #Drishyam has collected approx 34Cr only in first 6 days means film is as big flop as #ActionJackson and #Himmatwala


  2. AamirsFan Says:

    ‘Colbert Brings Jon Stewart To Tears With Correspondents’ Farewell’

    This moment was truly a genuine and heartfelt from both Stephan and Jon. Stephan went off script and spoke with such eloquence and showed genuine appreciation for Jon Stewart. So glad that Colbert and John Oliver will sort of carry the torch forward. I’ll give Trevor Noah a chance…but he has to be genuine…that is what made Jon so freaking great.

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  3. Bangistaan seemed sharp from the previews, will watch it this weekend…


    • I suggest listen to the intuitive KRK prior heading out –

      Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 7h7 hours ago
      After many yrs #Bangistan is first film which I have left in interval coz I don’t have capacity to watch this greatest film off all time.

      Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 6h6 hours ago
      For those who are asking- yes my friends #BombayVelvet is Mughal-E-Azam compare to #Bangistan

      Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 8h8 hours ago
      I am ready to watch this greatest Chutiyapa of all time #Bangistan till interval but pls someone tells me how to Jhelo it.

      On top of that I hate this India – Pak crap when ground realities are totally different.


  4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan All Time Third Highest Third Week
    Friday 07 August 2015 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan recorded the third highest third week ever as it grossed around 29 crore nett. Only PK and 3 Idiots have done more in week three but both had open weeks while Bajrangi Bhaijaan had competition from a major release liek Drishyam. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan figures till date are as follows.

    Week 1 – 1,83,52,00,000
    Week 2 – 86,28,00,000
    Week 3 – 29,00,00,000

    TOTAL – 2,98,80,00,000

    The distributor share is a huge 152 crore apprx, just 9 crore short of the 161 crore record of PK. The decent hold in week four may see the film become the biggest grosser in many circuits. Bihar and a small circuits like Assam and Orissa have already broken all records.


    • “…but both had open weeks while ..”
      And BOI’s excuse train keeps chugging along. Why does Aamir Khan cause them such frustration?


    • Their excuse is immediately contradicted by their next post ie “Drishyam Has Low First Week” !
      So Drishyam, a BIG MOVIE with a puny first week total of 30crs, somehow ate into the 3rd week shares of BB causing it to fall behind PK/3I !!


      • Forget BOI NyKavi,

        Just see Drishyam for Ajay and Tabu and Gaitonde.

        Shwashank redepmtion of India. True to its original version (and better)


      • yeah and it actually started falling behind PK in the second week before Drishyam had even released. So the roughly 30 crores it’s going to fall behind on with respect to PK is all due to Drishyam. The problem as always is the false premise which then has to be justified every which way. if you say that Salman in the right script should be able to beat everything in sight you run into a serious problem with Bajrangi! Therefore you have to come up with new reasons every day that range from the implausible to the absurd. And no one learns either. They’ve been playing this game for years. Every other film with SRk first and now Salman was supposed to beat Ghajini, then 3I, then Pk etc. It never happens till inflation becomes a serious factor. Even then it doesn’t happen convincingly. But people think everyone else has Alzheimer’s as they conveniently move on to the next one. Suddenly people have discovered competition and trending after all these years after making fun of some of us forever. Now it’s so extreme that every day is micro analyzed (hey today a new Chinese restaurant opened in Bombay, lots of people went to dinner there, affecting the evening shows). every excuse is offered and what not. And then films are declared all time blockbusters. If Bajrangi is an all time blockbuster I am the Pope with this ID! And it’s not just about Salman. PK isn’t an all time blockbuster either. Those are films not just with absolute grosses but extraordinary trending. You know one when you see one. HAHk for example. And so the entire commentary on this stuff is dumb and but that only the dumb could accept this level of partisanship. It just goes on and on as it has for years. there are clearly enough dumb folks out there at least online who consume this stuff. And dumb either literally or (more likely) because their partisan instincts force them into such a direction. I guess unless Bajrangi releases on Diwali and has a free run through the new year everything is competition! And when I say free run it means not only absence of other movies (including Hollywood ones) but also absence of any sporting event, any significant political event, and probably a TV blackout as well! And even if all of this happens it still applies selectively to certain films. For the rest let’s not discuss this stuff!


  5. Drishyam Has Low First Week
    Friday 07 August 2015 13.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Drishyam had a low first week of around 36.25 crore nett though the film was steady on the weekdays it was not good enough to make up for the low weekend figures. The collections for week one are only as much as a film like Badlapur (35.96 crore nett) and that film had costs less than half of Drishyam.

    Still all is not lost for Drishyam, the weekdays business do give it a chance albeit a small one. It will be crucial for the film to be around 2.50 crore nett at least which will give it a chance of 60 crore nett business depending on what it can do when Brothers releases next Friday.

    The film will be an average fare if it can do around a 30 crore distributor share which is the similar to what Action Jackson did but film cost 93 crore compared to the 62 crore for Drishyam. Basically if it gets a 30 crore share it will be similar result to Baby released earlier this year where a bad initial has come in the way of a film that has found appreciation among some of the audience.


  6. Oh dear lord… this is freakin’ epic ! all bets are off !

    “Mughal-e-Azam’s iconic sheesh mahal recreated for Salman Khan’s ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

    Director Sooraj Barjatya, who has reunited with Salman Khan after 13 years in ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ that releases on November 12, is paying his homage to the cult classic ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ in his film.
    The iconic director known for his classic blockbuster family films like ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, ‘Hum Apke Hain Kaun’, has constructed a Sheesh Mahal for ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ in Karjat, which is an integral part of the movie. The Sheesh Mahal is similar to the one that was constructed for Dilip Kumar’s ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ which was featured in the song ‘Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya”


  7. Set in the weeks ahead of Partition, Govind Nihalani’s 1986 television series Tamas narrates how that event changed forever the lives of people trapped in the raging fires of religious hatred.

    Based on the acclaimed Hindi novelist Bhisham Sahni’s book, Tamas premiered on Doordarshan amidst much controversy and was acknowledged as a classic.

    “When I started reading Tamas I instantly knew it had to be made into a film. I could relate to the tragedy in the lives of the characters,” Nihalani tells Syed Firdaus Ashraf/

    Bhisham Sahni — whose elder brother Balraj Sahni starred in Garam Hawa, M S Sathyu’s classic film about the aftermath of Partition — would have been 100 years old on Saturday, August 8.


  8. Day-wise breakup for India

    Day Collections (INR Cr.)
    Day 1 (Fri) 8.50
    Day 2 (Sat) 9.40
    Day 3 (Sun) 12.13
    Day 3 (Mon) 4.05
    Day 5 (Tue) 4.50
    Day 6 (Wed) 4.10
    Day 7 (Thu) 3.60
    TOTAL 46.28


    • After 8.50 opening day and 12.50 Sunday figure .. 4.05 on Monday looks unbelievably low .. considering the appreciation it got. BOI is little under-reporting .. Producers over-reporting .. truth is somewhere middle.


      • what do you have to say on this then –

        Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 5h5 hours ago
        #Bangistan Today on a multiplex- 1st show- 11 ppl, 2nd show- 17 ppl, 3rd show- 12 ppl. 4th show at 8PM- 5 ppl therefore show is cancelled.

        Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 36m36 minutes ago
        #Bangistan collected ₹65 thousand in entire West Bengal territory. Hahahaha Ye Toh Kuch Gazab Hi Ho Gayaa!


      • The first week is around 41 crores. BOI has it a little low and I have no clue what the sources for the others are as producers haven’t declared any numbers as far as I am aware. I suspect BOI will adjust the numbers of first week from their 37 crores. There is still some work to be done though for this movie. It needs to reach around 60 to 70 crores to be a clean hit. But the WOM is relatively positive and an open second week will help. I got the first week numbers from some distributors.


  9. Quite goosebumps inducing.


  10. The original Sholay MAUSI scene…


  11. AamirsFan Says:

    this is bad…very bad…it was mockery of a ‘debate’ last night…but i guess people just want to be entertained.

    TV Ratings: GOP Debate Soars, Brings Fox News a Record 24M Viewers

    “For a quick comparison of what a surge this is compared to the last election, the first Republican primary debate in 2011 drew a meager 3.2 million viewers to FNC. And its coverage of the final 2012 presidential debate between President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney reached 11.5 million viewers.”


  12. thecooldude Says:

    Must say that Salman has shown some nice vocal talent here..!/watch-salman-sings-main-hoon-hero-tera-online-1000066389-m


  13. Walk the talk with Nawazuddin Siddiqui

    Having watched the video, i must confess it was neither fun nor engaging. Shekhar Gupta seemed to be uninterested without having a proper questionnaire. It appeared as if NDTV wanted to cash in on the current popularity of Nawazuddin with out having done their home work. I may be wrong but Shekhar Gupta’s body language suggested superiority complex and indifference galore while talking to Nawazuddin!! Correct me if my presumption is wrong.


  14. Bajrangi Bhaijaan Heading For All Time Blockbuster Status
    Saturday 08 August 2105 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan grossed 1.25 crore nett on its fourt Friday as the competition around it means it is losing pace. Still the film should coume out a good weekend for a fourt week. The collections will 5 crore at a minmum. The total till date for the film is close to 300 crore nett and the finish will be around 310 crore nett.

    The film should see some circuits hit all time records this week either in nett collections or distributor share. There will not be any records in Mumbai as the circuit looks at a 85 crore nett finish which is well short of the 100 crore nett plus of PK.In South also the Baahubali wave affected the film from day one.

    The figures have to come out on top in the other markets for it to be an All Time Blockbsuter especially North India and its looking to just about get there. If it happens it will mean it is highest nett grosser in half of India. The best business for the film should come out in Delhi / UP even after the entertainment tax was doubled in Delhi city on day four of release though a tax free status in UP from second week cushioned that blow a little.

    Top East Punjab Third Weeks – Bajrangi Bhaijaan Second


  15. Mission Impossible And Bangistan First Day Business
    Saturday 08 August 2105 13.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation grossed around 6 crore nett on day. The collections are pretty good but considering how well the last Mission Impossible film opened this should have done better. Mission Impossible 4 had opened to around 4.75 crore nett but the market for Hollywood has grown much bigger now with films crossing the 10 crore nett mark on the opening day.

    Still the film should show solid growth over the weekend and come out with a good number for the weekend. The opening day collections are probably the fifth or sixth highest ever for a Hollywood release in India with Fast & Furious 6 being the biggest ever with a 12 crore nett opening day.

    Bangistan fared poorly grossing around 1-1.10 crore nett on day one. The film made no impact at all and was lost in the competition around it. The film released on 700 screens. Saturday will be higher but with such a low start it is hard to go anywhere.


  16. Drishyam Has Decent Hold On Day Eight
    Saturday 08 August 2105 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Drishyam had a decent hold on day eight as it grossed 2.25 crore nett which means the collections are around a little under 60% less from day one. Its a decent trend but 60 crore nett seems a tough ask from here though the jump tomorrow will tell more as the Saturday jumps have been getting bigger in the recent months.

    The business after eight days is around 38.50 crore nett and it should easily go over 45 crore nett after the weekend is out. Mumbai will be the best performing circuit and may reach 20 crore nett for lifetime business. North India has not performed to well and its a similar case in South and East India India. CPCI and Rajasthan are decent.

    The film did not open but has found decent appreciation and when this happens, some films get lucky and have a open field and some don’t with Drishyam falling in the latter. If the film was not released in a crowded period the numbers would have been much higher.


    • yeah when they want to support a film even 50-60 crores as a final gross is fine (going by their numbers) because though it might be low ‘hey some people liked it’! Before this Piku-like grosses were perfectly fine for commercial subjects like Gabbar and Hey Baby. And so on.


    • Piku was Deepika’s success .


  17. I was not even offered the film: Deepika

    For some time now, there have been rumours doing the rounds that Deepika Padukone is to star opposite Hrithik Roshan in a YRF project. While some reports suggested that the movie will be related to the Dhoom franchise, some others reported that it will be an entirely new project, possibly titled ‘Thug’. This got us all excited, especially since we have not ever seen this pair on-screen.
    However, at a recent event, Deepika rubbished these rumours. The dimpled beauty said, “I was not offered the Yash Raj Films’ movie. I read reports that I even walked out of the film. I don’t understand that if I am not offered the film, how can I walk out of it.”


  18. Is a sequel to Bluffmaster (2005) happening?
    Riteish (Deshmukh) and I have convinced Rohan (Sippy; director). He’s working on a script. Hopefully, we should roll by next year.


    • hope they give this serious thought.. the original is a fine film and it would be a pity to spoil it with an unworthy sequel. Don’t even think it needed a sequel. Just impossible to replicate that twist in any way. But if they are doing it they should at least try and make it worthwhile in other ways.


  19. Is a sequel to Bluffmaster (2005) happening?
    Riteish (Deshmukh) and I have convinced Rohan (Sippy; director). He’s working on a script. Hopefully, we should roll by next year.


  20. This sequel should have happened years ago. Bluffmaster is one of the ABjr films that i like, i guess he was on the verge of superstardom back in 2005. Even in US lot of the people i meet, recall this film. Hope it allows him to bounce back.


    • yeah it’s quite a long break. if this film begins next year by the time it releases there will have been a dozen years or so in between the two.


    • “… he was on the verge of superstardom back in 2005.”

      stardom, not superstardom!


      • actually it was indeed the latter… there was an Indian Today cover with ‘The Rising prince’. He was being celebrated all over the place. After Guru he was at his peak but then it went wrong with JBJ and never quite got back on track again.


        • “. After Guru he was at his peak but then it went wrong with JBJ and never quite got back on track again.

          The peak started with Guru and ended with guru. It need some more (solo) successes to cement that stardom achieved which was lost right away. No way close to superstardom at all.

          Also, to think of year before Guru – 3 releases were KANK, Umrao Jaan and Dhoom 2. That doesn’t sound like a path to superstardom.


          • There were lots of films between Dhoom (1) and UJ. Of course even when he was at that peak folks like yourself were saying the very same things with slightly different formulations. Abhishek never had failures like Besharam and BV till very late when he got to KHJJS. None of his failures were like these films barring UJ. But to focus on this so much as his film when no one’s doing the same for Roy is more than a little curious. And whatever happened with D2 this was still a successful film and when Guru happened no one cared about D2! When we go back something like BNB was huge. All those folks (again like yourself) who never though Bachchan was a part of the box office story when it was about SRK or some other stars suddenly decided that this wa s a mulstistarrer! Anyway I’m not going to recycle all the old debates here except to say that the narrative on him has always been extremely dishonest at every point. The goalpost has always been shifted one way or the other. Now of course a star doesn’t get films or not based on what this sort of narrative states. Which is why when he was viable he was getting some of the best films and then when he wasn’t he didn’t. Nonetheless the dishonesty must be pointed out. India Today gave Ranbir that sort of cover in recent times but they weren’t doing it for every star who was big. And when a star has a string of successes in a row at some point you have to start asking what’s common there! All of this isn’t rocket science! Anyway this is an old, too old ‘debate’ that I won’t get into again beyond this except to say your comment is part of that same false and incomplete (alright I’ll be polite and won’t say ‘dishonest’ narrative)! by the way you get to superstardom when you have the kind of critical and commercial success he had between Yuva and Guru. When JBJ came around he was expected to take it to the next level. As late as Raavan and despite a lot of problems in between Taran Adarsh (no great friend of Abhishek’s) said that this film would make him a superstar. Again it didn’t happen. So no one’s saying he was one but there was a certain path for a couple of years. But it takes a bit of honesty to see facts whether one likes them or not. And I’ve by the way said the same at every point. When BB happened I was arguing for the film working for Abhishek in ways that I wasn’t with D3 or even HNY (though people liked him a lot here.. actually he;s been liked more than SRK in both films they’ve shared.. for what it’s worth!). There has to be some sense of ‘facts’ in all these discussions.


          • ” All those folks (again like yourself) ”



      • Abhishek stardom started with Yuva and then with likes of Dhoom, Bunty aur Bubbly, Dus, Sarkar, Guru and Bluffmaster .. all these within a period of 2 years … was actually on track on big stardom .. I still remember during AAG .. when Abhi appears on screen for a song .. theatre was full of whistles and cheers. My friend with me in show told “See, this is clear cut sign that Abhishek is on rise” … But as Satyam saying, post JBJ he never able to come back on right track. Its 8 years now .. this is very big time gap and Abhishek has only Dostana, Bol Bachchan and some extent Dum Maaro Dum to his credit .. He got appreciation in HNY, but it was still SRK movie.

        Now to gain fandom, some miracle is required (Like saif got fan following after DCH .. almost after 8-9 years of his career) .. Abhishek has to give solid performances in each upcoming movie .. along with BO rewards.


        • Re: “Now to gain fandom, some miracle is required (Like saif got fan following after DCH .. almost after 8-9 years of his career)”

          I agree the road is a hard one, but one advantage is that, unlike Saif, Abhishek has at least a potential for mass success (as seen in films like BnB and Bol Bachchan), whereas Saif was unlikely to be a broad-based success, at least outside of the love story-terrain (even there, his biggest success — Love Aaj Kal — was interest on the principal of Jab We Met, as a lot of people who missed the latter in the cinema and then loved it, flocked to the next Imtiaz Ali film)…But yes where Saif scores over Abhishek is that, friend or no friend, he would rather flop than play second fiddle — which is what Abhishek should also be doing. Flops hurt him much less than hits like Happy New Year…


  21. Bajrangi Bhaijaan At 306 Crore After In 24 Days
    Monday 10 August 2015 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan kept the momentum going in its fourth weeeknd with collections in the 7-7.25 crore nett range and comparitively PK grossed around 8 crore nett in its fourth weekend and that was the first time PK had faced competition from another release after three open weeks. The main difference between Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK has been the third week where PK had an open week while Bajrangi Bhaijaan faced competition from Drishyam. There was a 13 crore nett business in difference between the two films in week three.

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan has grossed 306 crore nett till date and should be around 310 crore nett at the end of the week.

    The distributor share is 154.25 crore and will finish at around 157-158 crore which will be a little short of the 161 crore done by PK. The film has topped 8 crore nett in Bihar and become the first film to do so.


  22. Mission Impossible And Bangistan Weekend Business
    Monday 10 August 2015 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation had a good weekend as it grossed 26.50 crore nett including paid previews but the figures are well short of films like Fast & Furious 6 and The Avengers – Age Of Ultron which took business for Hollywood releases to another level. The three day business of the film is at a similar level to The Amazing Spiderman (2012) and the fourth or fifth highest weekend ever for Hollywood releases.

    Mission Impossible 4 grossed 47.75 crore nett in 2011 so this film should manage to go above that but will find it hard to hit 75 crore nett which is the benchmark for Hollywood releases with three films surpassing it and Fast & Furious 6 going to 95 crore nett.

    Bangistan had a poor weekend of 3.50-3.75 crore nett and the trend was also not good. Jaanisaar was a washout and there was also a release from Pakistan named Bin Roye which was also a washout.


  23. LOS ANGELES — 20th Century Fox’s big-budget “Fantastic Four” went down in flames at the weekend box office, adding to fears about superhero fatigue and calling into question Hollywood’s willingness to hire novice directors for major films.

    “Fantastic Four,” carrying an estimated production and marketing budget of $200 million and directed by Josh Trank, a 31-year-old filmmaker with only one previous feature under his belt, sold about $26.2 million in tickets in North America. Box office analysts had expected sales of at least $40 million for the disastrously reviewed movie, which would have been a disappointing total in itself.

    Fox, facing a ticking clock to make a new “Fantastic Four” movie or watch the rights revert to Disney-owned Marvel, was trying to reintroduce the superhero quartet to audiences after two “Fantastic Four” films underwhelmed in 2005 and 2007. The latest attempt, which took in an additional $34.1 million overseas, will instead go into the failed superhero movie hall of fame, joining efforts like “Catwoman” and “The Green Lantern.”


  24. ‘A week after RangiTaranga released, multiplexes and single screen theatres were cutting down on the shows despite good collections. Luckily for us, the film spoke for itself and social media helped us a lot.’

    Meet the Bhandari brothers, who scored a critical and commercial hit with their debut film while the biggest movie of the year was dominating the box office across the country.

    Left: Nirup Bhandari and Radhika Chetan in RangiTaranga

    Kannada film RangiTaranga, a mystery thriller written and directed by debutant Anup Bhandari, has turned out to be a hit despite tough competition from S S Rajamouli’s blockbuster Baahubali.

    Good word-of-mouth and positive reviews from critics have played a major role in its success.

    According to the grapevine, Bollywood filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker has shown interest in the remake of the film but Anup refused to comment on the rumoured deal.

    RangiTaranga released in Europe earlier this month and is all set to release in the US on August 13.

    Interestingly, Anup’s brother Nirup Bhandari makes his acting debut with the film.

    The brothers discuss their journey to silver screen glory and beyond with contributor Rajul Hegde.


  25. P.K Talli Says:

    aamir_khan @ DM FAV RT ? 4 mins ago
    For all those concerned about Raju Hirani, I have just met him in hospital. He is doing fine, and will be discharged this evening.


  26. abzee2kin Says:

    Finally saw Bahubali… [post created]


  27. Abhishek has to keep up with his presence and possible choice of movies, it will definitely turn up for him. Saif Ali Khan took almost 10 years before getting Hum Tum, Abhishek has been appreciated in HNY but as yakuza mentioned, it was SRK film.


  28. The guy comes around –

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan Aug 9
    #Bahubali What a vision of the director! Salute to @ssrajamouli for making such a huge film n still very interesting. It’s a treat to watch.

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan Aug 9
    #Bahubali is a proof, if a director has a vision n ready to work hard to make a film not project then he can win hearts with fiction also.

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan Aug 9
    At least once you watch #Bahubali to know why Bollywood’s most of the directors are idiots, Hazzaam n classless compare to @ssrajamouli


  29. When Katrina Kaif Made a Surprise Entry at Beau Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s ‘Tamasha’ Wrap Up makeout Party
    By Parismita Goswami | Updated: August 10, 2015 18:33 IST

    Last week, ex-lovers Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone wrapped up their shoot for Imtiaz Ali’s “Tamasha”.
    To celebrate it, producer Sajid Nadiadwala organised a wrap-up party for the entire unit on Saturday.
    The bash was attended by all the team members including Ranbir, Deepika, director Imtiaz Ali, co-producer Siddharth Roy Kapur and others.
    While everyone was having fun at the bash, Ranbir’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif made a surprise visit at the venue. The “Phantom” actress apparently arrived at the party to meet her beau.
    The presence of Katrina reportedly resulted in an uncomfortable situation for Deepika as well as others present at the bash.
    ” As the cast and crew were celebrating the wrap up of their upcoming film, they were shocked when they saw Katrina Kaif who was an unexpected visitor at the venue. She had dropped by to meet Ranbir. With Ranbir’s present and ex under the same roof, the warmth on the set fizzled out,” a source told Bollywood Life.
    There were also reports that both Ranbir and Deepika got teary eyed on the final day of the shoot as it was supposedly difficult for them to bid adieu, considering they were ex-lovers and continue to share a friendly bond. However, Ranbir dismissed the reports and said it was all fun.

    Ps: this is apt for the ‘bangistan’ thread …



    “”It is sweet of people to say that (National Award). I think there are a lot of other people who deserve national
    award than me. I appreciate that. People have loved the film …watched it three four times.. that is the national award for me,” Salman told reporters here”

    ” Meanwhile, Salman will be seen next in “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”.
    “This film is about brother-sister relationship. It is a family film. Get ready to cry… There is a double role in this film,” he said.


  31. “This film is about brother-sister relationship”
    Can’t believe barjatya will be tackling incest now.
    What all people do to milk money …


  32. sabina lamba ‏@SabinaLamba 4h4 hours ago
    Superb! Grand Total till Monday 311.05 CR RT @ErosNow #BajrangiBhaijaan collects 1.05cr on Monday, 10th August in India. @BeingSalmanKhan

    PJ ‏@Prakashjaaju 2h2 hours ago Mumbai, Maharashtra
    It is shocking that #BajrangiBhaijaan is not crossing #Pk & #Drishyam not touching 100 Cr … Common reason : #Bahubali’s 120-130 Cr.

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 8h8 hours ago
    With $26M+ from overseas mkts, #BajrangiBhaijaan becomes the 3rd HIGHEST ALL TIME OVERSEAS GROSSER – ahead of #3Idiots @BeingSalmanKhan

    Team Kabir Khan ‏@teamkabirkhan 9h9 hours ago
    #BajrangiBhaijaan will again release in September in other cities of #France. The promotional activities will begin soon.


    • *** PJ ‏@Prakashjaaju 2h2 hours ago Mumbai, Maharashtra
      It is shocking that #BajrangiBhaijaan is not crossing #Pk & #Drishyam not touching 100 Cr … Common reason : #Bahubali’s 120-130 Cr. ***

      Is he safe? Which hospital is he in now? Such shocks are truly unbearable..


  33. Satyam- how are you watching Masaan ?
    DVD aa gayee kya ??


  34. Sholay, through the eyes of Salim Khan
    Last updated on: August 06, 2015 18:07 IST

    ‘We got more money for Majboor than Sholay. Rs 2 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh respectively.’

    In our special Sholay series, Salim Khan recalls his memories of Ramesh Sippy’s film.

    Dharmendra and Amjad Khan in SholayGrowing up in the dusty town of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Salim Khan never imagined he would end up being a writer and a superstar writer, at that.

    At first, he dreamed of being a cricketer, then a pilot.

    Eventually, he landed in Mumbai to act.

    After starring in over 20 films, he called it quits.

    “If I had acted any longer than I did, I am sure Dilip Kumar and Marlon Brando would have been out of business,” he jokes.

    It was screenwriting that would truly establish his reputation. He turned to writing, because as he puts it, “I thought if I knew two per cent about scripts, the second best didn’t even know one per cent. I had a lot of material to be a good writer.”

    With Javed Akhtar as an ally, Salim Khan penned Zanjeer, Deewar, Trishul, Don and Mr India.

    But Sholay made Salim-Javed immortal.

    The idea for Sholay, in all honesty, stemmed from Salim Khan’s fascination with Westerns, especially The Magnificent Seven, The Five Man Army, Once Upon a Time in the West and (though it is not a Western, but set during World War II) The Dirty Dozen.

    Salim-Javed fixed up a meeting with the Sippys after a long wait and narrated two ideas — one was Majboor, which they later sold to producer Premji.

    The other was a four-line idea for a film which would eventually become Sholay.

    “We got more money for Majboor than Sholay,” says Khan, “Rs 2 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh (Rs 200,000 and Rs 150,000) respectively.”

    “The casting of Sholay was more or less finished even before the release of Zanjeer,” he adds.

    Salim recommended Amitabh Bachchan for Jai’s character. “When we recommended him to the Sippys, it was met with some opposition,” he reveals. “We then held a trial of Zanjeer and convinced them to cast Amitabh because we felt he was perfect for that role.”

    Thakur Baldev Singh is Salim Khan’s father-in-law’s name

    Salim-Javed had a lot of confidence in Sholay, or Angaaray, as it was titled earlier.

    “We knew we were writing something special, but we couldn’t point out exactly how big this would be. The kind of money that was spent on that train sequence alone, I think an entire film or two would have been made in that budget,” Khan recalls.

    When the trade magazines declared the film a monumental flop, Salim-Javed released an advertisement in Screen weekly to set the record straight. “We mentioned that Sholay would make Rs 1 crore (Rs 10 million) in every territory but it surpassed our expectations. It made a lot more than that.”

    Much of Sholay’s inspiration came from Khan’s friends and incidents that happened to him.

    Jai and Veeru were named after Khan’s college friends, Veerandar Singh Bias, son of a jagirdar at Khajrana Kothi, Indore, and Jai Singh Rao Kalevar, a Pindari warrior and vegetable farmer. Both men passed away.

    Thakur Baldev Singh (Sanjeev Kumar’s Thakur) is his father-in-law’s name (wife Salma’s father).

    Danny Denzongpa was considered for Gabbar Singh. Even Sanjeev Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan expressed a keen interest in playing the iconic dacoit.

    Javed Akhtar proposed Amjad Khan’s name after having spotted him and his brother Imtiaz in a play, Ai Mere Watan Ke Logo, way back in 1963.

    While writing his films, Salim Khan relied on screen classics that he had seen as a young man.

    A James Dean admirer, he says with a laugh, “During my younger days, I had this misconception that I was James Dean. Bohot galat faimi thi.”

    Influenced as he was by movies like The Big Country, Written on the Wind and Garden of Evil, Jai’s coin-flipping trick was adapted from the Gary Cooper starrer, Garden of Evil.

    In that film, Gary Cooper and Richard Widmark draw cards to decide who will leave and who will stay behind to fight off the Apaches.

    “I had a good memory and would draw from my movie-watching experiences. I don’t believe in the idea of originality. Nothing is original,” Salim Khan says.

    The comic scene in which Jai meets Basanti’s (Hema Malini) mausi with Veeru’s marriage proposal was drawn from a conversation Khan had with Honey Irani’s (Javed Akhtar’s then to-be wife) mother.

    It was, in part, influenced by the famous Half Ticket scene in which Kishore Kumar paints a terrible picture of his own self to scare off a pandit who arrives with a possible alliance for marriage.



  35. EXCLUSIVE: Sakshi Tanwar To Play Aamir Khan’s Wife In His Next

    Aamir Khan’s next will hit the big screen only on Christmas next year, but it has been making news for its casting decisions for a while now. The latest development is that TV actor Sakshi Tanwar — best-known for playing the role of Parvati in the hit TV show, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii — has been finalised to play Aamir’s wife in the film.

    “Sakshi’s part is interesting as well as challenging. Over 70 actresses were auditioned for the same role. Around 52 of them were from small towns across states like Haryana and Punjab. A few of them had television experience. But none of the auditioned actresses were known faces from Bollywood because the makers wanted an organic chemistry between Aamir and his on-screen wife,” says an insider.

    In fact, Aamir enacted scenes with all the 70 actresses when they auditioned for the part. “Generally, no big star would do that, but Aamir did it, since the idea was to gauge their body language, comfort level and look. After a lot of discussions and brainstorming sessions, the actor and the makers collectively took the call to cast Sakshi,” adds the insider.

    Although in the past, Sakshi has done a cameo in C Kkompany (2008), besides acting in a few small-budget films, director Nitesh Tiwari’s movie will mark her big-ticket foray into Bollywood. “Before she starts shooting, Sakshi has to undergo intense training sessions to get the diction (Haryanvi), and body language right. She will also take cues from real-life Haryanvi couples, since the makers want a certain kind of comfort level between Aamir and her. They play the role of an aged couple,” says the insider.

    A few days back, rumours were also rife that Mallika Sherawat, who hails from Haryana, was eyeing the same role opposite Aamir, and reportedly had also auditioned for it. While we couldn’t reach Aamir for a comment, the film’s spokesperson


  36. Another “desperate” commentary of Boi which shows how unnerved Aamir’s bonafide successes have made them! And search ways to belittle him and his achievements, assuming we are illiterate in these matters!!

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan On Verge Of Crossing PK Footfalls
    Wednesday 12 August 2015 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan is on verge of crossing the footfalls of PK. It has fallen short of PK in terms of a benchmark like nett gross and the distributor share will be a little short but the footfalls are certain to go over PK. This would make it the most watched film this decade and the second most watched film this century.

    The footfalls are not that important to the industry as most in the production and distribution sector would rather have more money by raising ticket rates than getting more footfalls but in terms of appreciattion and star power these are important.

    Twenty five years ago most things were equal and more business meant more people watching the film but today with higher weekend rates, then raising rates even higher for holiday releases and then trying to keep them up on weekdays, it is all distorted and not an equal playing field. Here both PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan had raised ticket rates but PK managed to hold them higher for longer due to the Xmas and New Year period.

    In the first week, if we look at the five major chains then PK had 4.50 crore nett more business but its footfalls were 50,000 less than Bajrangi Bhaijaan as ticket rates for PK were held higher for longer. This is just the main chains and if we take other multiplexes, Bajrangi Bhaijaan should have done at least 6.50-7 crore nett more in week one if ticket rates were not bought down on Tuesday. It would have made no difference to the business as the film was accepted and people would have paid.

    The three week footfalls of Bajrangi Bhaijaan stand at a little less than 3.37 crore and PK finished at 3.50 crore. If we assume that Bajrangi Bhaijaan will have the same ATP (Average Ticket Price) in week four as in week three then it will be at 3.50 crore footfalls after four weeks. The ATP may come out a little higher as multiplexes are contributing more now but it will only be a matter time as it will surely cross in week five because its not as if Brothers is going to stop its run totally. The fact that Bajrangi Bhaijaan has done better in the interiors has also added to its footfalls.

    This will also mean that Bajrangi Bhaijaan will have a higher adjusted nett gross in time as the yearly ticket rates emerge unless of course if the ATP comes down for 2016 or 2017 which would be very unlikely. There will be a 25 crore nett gap between PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan but it is down to three reasons.

    1. Multiplex ticket prices especially week one
    2. Baahubali down South hit it for 10-12 crore nett
    3. Major competition in form of Drishyam came in week three.

    It also means that a good film with correct distribution strategy, correct pricing, right timing and a little bit of luck with competition can go much higher than a Bajragi Bhaijaan or PK and more importantly 4 crore footfalls is not a distant dream which it did look like in the mid 2000’s with the biggest blockbusters failing to get 2 crore people to the theatres


    • ‘1. Multiplex ticket prices especially week one
      2. Baahubali down South hit it for 10-12 crore nett
      3. Major competition in form of Drishyam came in week three.’

      LOL with these points and just desperate & unnecessary justification, it looks childish and from a fanatic point of view.
      Film is huge success, isnt it enough, it can stand for itself, but doing this crap commentary they are just belittling its success.


    • It’s not even a stale joke anymore!


    • thecooldude Says:

      Their star ranking (who knows how they calculate it) has Aamir number 1 for a while….and with a commanding lead. I don’t see how they are belittling him. No one disputes BOI’s P.K. total or BB total so why are we putting so much emphasis on their analysis.


      • Their BB total is definitely disputable, how is their numbers so close to Taran/Producers total. For some random days, their numbers were higher than Taran’s. I am sure they will revise it by year end.


        • Their PK total number was also very close to Taran/Producers total (only 4 crore difference which is about a 1% difference).


  37. THE HATEFUL EIGHT – Official Teaser Trailer – The Weinstein Company
    [post created]


    • I am surprised by loud background score and it doesnt add anything to trailer. Little disappointed.


  38. Why does Boi not apply these absurd logic to Gadar, Welcome, TZP and such other examples, but would keep coming up with such gems just to distort the reality to suit their own imagination!!And for people who are astounded by Salman’s back to back blockbuster spree, if Salman is the one who is giving these money minting films one after the other, why do they keep overlooking sensational record of Aamir who has given 4 ATBB within a span of 7 years and has been holding all overseas records since 3 idiots?? And he had TZP, RDB, Fanaa prior to 2008, so it’s not as if he came from nowhere like Salman who had had his share of disasters and flops before he turned the tide with Dabang in 2010 and keep delivering them year after year since then. And the cherry on cake is that Aamir has movies which are loved and respected both, yet he is not given the credit he deserves. On TV front, he came up with such an unusual theme in the form of SMJ, yet delivered in spite of its heavy content bereft of any entertainment value. But detractors would keep coming with “mulish” reasoning that it was Christmas, holidays, directors, franchise and last “the content” as if being intelligent and wise is a sin!! But Aamir is a non-entity dependent on the above-mentioned factors to make hay while sun shines. 😉


  39. Lol BOI taking about an emasculated film and stars film drishyam denting bb in the THIRD Week ?
    The same people were quiet where suits
    For eg was No mention of Haidars simultaneous SAME day release?

    Anyhow some good comments by saif n Kabir Kahn on phantom

    Sme good katrina stills


  40. CONCEPT triumphs in aamir films

    But we are talking about STARS who ARE the CONCEPT themselves
    Like Salman Or Hrithik or even Srk in his prime

    Similarly–Cruise refuses to go away

    Tom Cruise is indestructible: a Jack Reacher sequel is in the works
    Following the success of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Paramount has confirmed a sequel to 2012’s much less successful Cruise action vehicle

    There’s seemingly no stopping Tom Cruise. After topping the US box office for two weeks in a row with Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, his fifth film in the franchise, Cruise is now on board for a sequel to 2012’s Jack Reacher.


    Ps: one has to understand Tom Cruise and stars of his ilk

    Oblivion didn’t Work but he had the guts to do another sci if Edge of tomorrow

    And after a career extending MI5, he could have taken the easy route

    But he may go for the jack reacher sequel (whose part1 didn’t work!)

    U don’t need to plot and plan to get everything right for years

    Finish your film in jan and wait till dec JUST to get the right holiday dates and clear weeks

    U can afford to make points
    If u are the CONCEPT yourselves
    If U ARE the STAR….


  41. P.K Talli Says:

    Thats par for the course for BOI , not too long ago they were saying this i still dont believe PK or BB could have more footfalls than 3I .


    • Good finding. No way pk had more footfall than 3i. Their Old post say 2.8 cr footfall for 3i and there is no way pk can be at 3.5 cr. it should be 2.5 cr or much below.


  42. Happy New Year
    Release Date: 24 Oct 2014Runtime: 179 min Genre: Masala
    Total Nett Gross ₹1,78,41,00,000
    Budget ₹1,50,00,00,000
    Screens 3850
    Distributor Share ₹96,54,00,000
    Total Gross ₹2,38,83,00,000
    All Time Rank 37
    Footfalls 1,97,28,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,78,41,00,000

    Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…
    Release Date: 14 Dec 2001Runtime: 210 minGenre: Drama
    Total Nett Gross ₹55,65,00,000
    Budget ₹40,00,00,000
    Screens 500
    Distributor Share ₹36,35,00,000
    Total Gross ₹92,81,00,000
    All Time Rank 8
    Footfalls 3,11,73,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹2,74,72,76,490

    Release Date: 27 Oct 2000Runtime: 216 minGenre: Love Story
    Total Nett Gross ₹41,88,00,000
    Budget ₹19,00,00,000
    Screens 315
    Distributor Share ₹25,52,00,000
    Total Gross ₹70,62,00,000
    All Time Rank 12
    Footfalls 2,67,23,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹2,35,50,97,990

    Release Date: 12 Jul 2002 Runtime: 185 minGenre: Love Story
    Total Nett Gross ₹41,65,50,000
    Budget ₹44,00,00,000
    Screens 325
    Distributor Share ₹24,75,50,000
    Total Gross ₹68,19,00,000
    All Time Rank 84
    Footfalls 2,05,53,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,81,13,35,890

    Kal Ho Naa Ho
    Release Date: 27 Nov 2003Runtime: 186 minGenre: Love Story
    Total Nett Gross ₹38,55,00,000
    Budget ₹28,00,00,000
    Screens 400
    Distributor Share ₹20,66,25,000
    Total Gross ₹58,18,00,000
    All Time Rank 94
    Footfalls 1,37,33,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,21,02,89,290

    Main Hoon Na
    Release Date: 30 Apr 2004Runtime: 179 minGenre: Masala
    Total Nett Gross ₹36,20,00,000
    Budget ₹25,00,00,000
    Screens 550
    Distributor Share ₹20,13,50,000
    Total Gross ₹53,57,00,000
    All Time Rank 103
    Footfalls 1,26,27,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,11,28,17,510

    Veer Zaara
    Release Date: 12 Nov 2004Runtime: 192 minGenre: Love Story
    Total Nett Gross ₹41,86,00,000
    Budget ₹23,00,00,000
    Screens 625
    Distributor Share ₹23,72,75,000
    Total Gross ₹60,65,00,000
    All Time Rank 62
    Footfalls 1,33,53,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,17,67,99,890

    Release Date: 24 Jun 2005Runtime: 140 minGenre: Drama
    Total Nett Gross ₹12,84,50,000
    Budget ₹14,00,00,000
    Screens 350
    Distributor Share ₹5,82,00,000
    Total Gross ₹18,49,00,000
    All Time Rank 395
    Footfalls 38,19,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹33,65,68,470

    Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
    Release Date: 11 Aug 2006Runtime: 192 minGenre: Drama
    Total Nett Gross ₹44,40,50,000
    Budget ₹48,00,00,000
    Screens 800
    Distributor Share ₹22,53,00,000
    Total Gross ₹62,82,00,000
    All Time Rank 186
    Footfalls 1,06,21,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹93,60,28,730

    Don – The Chase Begins Again
    Release Date: 20 Oct 2006Runtime: 171 minGenre: Action
    Total Nett Gross ₹50,34,50,000
    Budget ₹38,00,00,000
    Screens 850
    Distributor Share ₹24,67,75,000
    Total Gross ₹70,49,00,000
    All Time Rank 104
    Footfalls 1,24,87,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,10,04,79,310

    Chak De India
    Release Date: 10 Aug 2007Runtime: 152 minGenre: Drama
    Total Nett Gross ₹66,54,00,000
    Budget ₹22,00,00,000
    Screens 500
    Distributor Share ₹30,09,00,000
    Total Gross ₹85,86,00,000
    All Time Rank 58
    Footfalls 1,39,83,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,23,23,21,790

    Om Shanti Om
    Release Date: 09 Nov 2007Runtime: 162 minGenre: Masala
    Total Nett Gross ₹78,16,50,000
    Budget ₹40,00,00,000
    Screens 1200
    Distributor Share ₹40,34,00,000
    Total Gross ₹1,09,78,00,000
    All Time Rank 27
    Footfalls 1,79,74,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,58,40,48,620

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
    Release Date: 12 Dec 2008Runtime: 166 minGenre: Love Story
    Total Nett Gross ₹84,68,00,000
    Budget ₹39,00,00,000
    Screens 1350
    Distributor Share ₹42,26,50,000
    Total Gross ₹1,16,83,00,000
    All Time Rank 30
    Footfalls 1,72,43,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,51,96,25,590

    My Name Is Khan
    Release Date: 12 Feb 2010Runtime: 164 minGenre: Drama
    Total Nett Gross ₹72,82,50,000
    Budget ₹85,00,00,000
    Screens 1650
    Distributor Share ₹36,74,25,000
    Total Gross ₹99,68,00,000
    All Time Rank 112
    Footfalls 1,16,62,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,02,77,72,060

    Release Date: 26 Oct 2011Runtime: 151 minGenre: Action
    Total Nett Gross ₹1,13,94,75,000
    Budget ₹1,30,00,00,000
    Screens 2900
    Distributor Share ₹63,84,00,000
    Total Gross ₹1,53,95,00,000
    All Time Rank 89
    Footfalls 1,61,50,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,42,32,99,500

    Don 2
    Release Date: 23 Dec 2011Runtime: 146 minGenre: Action
    Total Nett Gross ₹1,06,44,00,000
    Budget ₹76,00,00,000
    Screens 2850
    Distributor Share ₹56,61,00,000
    Total Gross ₹1,43,73,00,000
    All Time Rank 91
    Footfalls 1,49,27,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,31,55,16,510

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan
    Release Date: 13 Nov 2012Runtime: 179 minGenre: Love Story
    Total Nett Gross ₹1,01,59,00,000
    Budget ₹78,00,00,000
    Screens 2450
    Distributor Share ₹54,90,00,000
    Total Gross ₹1,37,83,00,000
    All Time Rank 102
    Footfalls 1,27,62,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹1,12,47,15,060

    Chennai Express
    Release Date: 08 Aug 2013Runtime: 142 minGenre: Masala
    Total Nett Gross ₹2,07,69,00,000
    Budget ₹1,15,00,00,000
    Screens 3600
    Distributor Share ₹1,15,54,00,000
    Total Gross ₹2,78,13,00,000
    All Time Rank 13
    Footfalls 2,52,27,000
    Adjusted Nett Gross ₹2,22,32,55,510

    This is another brazen attempt of Boi to declare movies hit which even didn’t recover their own budget! Besides that the generosity with which have they given their verdicts on the above-mentioned movies also makes their commentary very dubious and blatant. For some it’s not budget but distributor share, but for others it is only budget!! If this is not shamelessness in showing favour to one particular star over the other then i don’t know what would take to open the eyes of PARTISANS!!


    • for them sholay is super-hit and srk films which are super-hits are actually ” blockbusters ” useless site . Since when did paheli become hit what it was FLOP


  43. Bad start to Brothers. A sample of the few trending tweets –

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 4h4 hours ago
    I give1* to one of the biggest crap film of 2015 #Brothers To know why? Watch my review on today at 8pm

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 5h5 hours ago
    If you watch #Bangistan n #Brothers back to back then it will be so difficult for you to decide which film is bigger chutiyapa.

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 4h4 hours ago
    For me @FarOutAkhtar n @karanjohar are bigger criminals than #RadheMaa who produced #Bangistan #Brothers to fool public so file FIR on them.

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 7h7 hours ago
    I just want to ask director of #Brothers Ki Karan Malhotra sir Banana Kaya Chah Rahe Thai Aap? Ye Kaya Hai sir? Can you pls explain me sir?

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 1h1 hour ago
    100% it shud come under criminal act if some1 makes like #BombayVelvet n #Brothers for 100Cr. It’s wastage of money time n energy of ppl.

    last but not the least here comes the disclaimer too –

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 1h1 hour ago
    Ppl must remember that I gave 3* to Akshay films #Baby n #Gabbar so how suddenly I have become his enemy now? I can’t say good about a crap.


  44. Wanted to post this on your Everybody Loves Raymond comment but could not as comments are closed –

    Among the various reruns, Friends had lost its sheen and is a cringe worthy watch now very similar to what one will experience watching a 90s kjo movie.

    However Everybody Loves Raymond is very identifiable / relatable and on an all time great list and the joke never tire no matter how many times you watch the reruns.

    Another great series / sitcom I prefer than watching all these crime scene / investigation crap is to sit through reruns of Two and a Half men ( the one with Charlie Sheen ) …sitcom / adult jokes could not have been written better.

    There is nothing to beat good American humor !!


    • “There is nothing to beat good American humor !!”

      You need to watch some good old fashioned British sitcoms!

      I think with Friends, it is very era centric. You have to kind of be in that age bracket to really enjoy it. I still watch random episodes and generally find the humour becomes forced post series 4. Prior to that the show is pretty natural and fun.

      Agree on Everyone Loves Raymond. I am now starting to watch the same episodes as they come and cannot tire yet.

      Two and a Half Men is very funny too. It’s quite repetitive, but life really is. This series is nothing more than a British one called Men Behaving Badly that use to air in the 90’s. It was ridiculously funny IMO.


      • Did not know about Men Behaving Badly and will check it out. Agree on British humor though it’s much classier and fine tuned. These American series border more in-your-face and have a bit of toilet humor attached to make it very contemporary. At one there is the Borat type which is good but the extremities but Hangover is typical American humor one cannot tire watching.

        These days Modern Family is creating waves and is a good take on American family and is culturally very relevant.


        • Men Behaving Badly is quite crude and rude. With this series and older stuff like Only Fools and Horses or Absolutely Fabulous you kind of need to watch them from the beginning to get a sense of what some of the characters really go through.

          Its more fine tuned for sure. Though think American comedies have stepped it up over past few years, stuff like Big Bang Theory is really genuinely funny.


          • thecooldude Says:

            American Dramas have probably stepped up even more. American TV in general is going through it’s best phase ever.


          • Yes it seems like American TV is way better than the films being produced. I would love to get into it, but fear getting sucked in and addicted!


      • Yes minister might be my all-time favorite in this sense.

        Not much of a sitcom person though. Haven’t seen a single episode of any of the most iconic American sitcoms from the past two decades or more barring Seinfeld. And even from before this period I’ve seen very little.

        Do like classic BBC dramas a lot and some other genres similarly.



          Can’t vouch for watching all of these but top 2 are absolutely golden series. Dad’s army is hilarious. 5-8 are all classics from the 70s-80s – seen some of it and it is great stuff.
          But seriously on this list of 50, there are probably 10 extra-ordinary and 15-20 really good series. I think the difference really is the production quality is never as good as American tv but the writing is miles ahead. A lot of this list archives stuff relating to politics, history, wars etc…so is tinted with realism meeting sentiment. Blackadder for example, the stuff related to war is so funny yet heart breaking. The writing is seriously crisp.


          • have seen all of Fawlty towers and like it a lot. Some of the others have been on my ‘to-do’ list for years. Black adder for example. but this is a valuable list. thanks.


          • I guess a good way to judge this list is The Office comes in at #25! Now I am no fan of this series, but its created ways both side of the pond. But if you were going to start somewhere, just go with #1. The first few years are not great, but the stuff from 1985 onwards all the way to till the end is very rewarding.

            And The Office coming in so late probably informs you of how poor British comedy probably is now. 70s-90s was definitely the golden era.


          • Only Fools and horses is available on hulu (entire show). Just added it to the queue. Some of the others on the list are as well but I’ll start with this. thanks again.


          • shifting gears a bit any thoughts on Foyle’s war? again have had this in my queue for a while. Love a period setting anyway.


          • Must admit not seen this. To be honest not heard much about it either so not sure how good it is.


    • thecooldude Says:

      One word folks: SEINFELD!


      • SEINFELD has got to be THAT ONE series that captures life in NYC for ‘insecure’ Americans THE best so far this century. I have NEVER seen the oddity and insecurities of ordinary people captured so whimsically yet so relatably. The point is, the more ‘accessible’ in terms of reflections of one’s life’s onto the characters one it gets, the better one connects. And the ‘spectrum’ is really mind-boggling the way it is captured in simplicity. Costanza, though laden with insecurities since he is short, fat, and balding and to make it worse, also living with his old parents — which is a BIG, BIG sin in American society — and is perennially short of money — but yet, cannot ‘accept’ the fact that it is difficult to get women with such statistics [he still believes he has a ‘shot’ and sometimes even mildly succeeds too, is a superbly etched character. Elaine with her ‘upwardly’ looking get-away-from-middle-class either through a boyfriend/man or a job is a gem. And Jerry, as the central pivot yet not the ‘weighing’ one who plays more of an observationist is wonderfully under-stated.

        And Kramer, I just cannot describe him. Words fail me. I stopped analyzing his character. He is just meant to give exercise to your lungs via laughter and that is ONE FULL BLAST of a laugh..


  45. Viacom has finally released drishyams collections and the collections stands at 53 crores after Wednesday and almost matching BOI,s numbers. Now watch all trade analysts and publications will revise their numbers downwards. Indicine has now revised the numbers. As I have always said, BOI,s commentary is dicey but their numbers are always close to trade guides and more importantly they don’t quote producer numbers nor wait for it.


  46. Another negative one with more technicalities in the review and why its not working. It doesn’t bode well for ‘Sultan’ if not done properly –

    “While we’re constantly promised there’s a historical battle just round the corner, it only emerges after we’ve spend much of the 170 minutes of screen time witnessing a broken family’s many struggles, tragedies and copious amounts of tears.

    Not that any of it is ever going to influence you.

    You sit there, unaffected, watching one drama after another unfold without any impact.

    The narrative is awfully sluggish and predictable, and would’ve benefitted immensely from extravagant trimmings. Clearly, we can’t put the blame entirely on Karan or his editor Akiv Ali, because much of the damage came out of borrowing the script (officially) from Hollywood’s ‘Warrior’.”


  47. A bit of Govinda here –

    For the stick in the mud unfortunately there is a Salman connection here too in form of Arbaaz !


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