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  1. AamirsFan Says:

    saw this movie last weekend and absolutely loved it. Benicio del Toro owns this movie..Emily Blunt was great and its thru her lens we follow this movie. Wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being nominated for best picture for Oscars.


  2. This is a new low for RGV. This is not even worthy to be called B-grade flick. It looks like C or D grade flick. Just a day before Ram Charan’s ‘Bruce Lee – The fighter’ music launch, RGV annoucned his Bruce Lee!


  3. Good reviews coming in for Singh is Blingg- FirstPost, Koimoi, etc
    House full morning shows.
    A big number today… Won’t be surprised to get 30cr+ today.


  4. P.K Talli Says:

    wont get to 30 cr .. more like 23- 25 cr range .


  5. Average rating so far: 3.2. Same as All is Well, lower than Hero and Katti Batti .


  6. Singh Is Bling Has Excellent Opening In North
    Friday 02 October 2012 13.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Singh Is Bling had an excellent start in East Punjab and Delhi city with occupancies of 60% apprx. This is as good as Bajrangi Bhaijaan though does not have the screenings to probably reach the levels the Bajrangi Bhaijaan did in Punjab or Delhi on day one but being a holiday the occupancies will hold better through the day. At the time of release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan it was the only release as Baahubali was not much of a factor in North. Here the holdover Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon and Talwar are taking a screen each at many multiplexes.

    The opening was also good in Rajasthan, Bihar and CI at around 50% but in other circuits its opened around 30-35% which would also be normally good but as its a holiday it should be higher. The overall opening is around 45% which is second best of the year.

    The lower opening in South and West Bengal is not a problem as mass films tend to open lower there and this more so as its a North film. It is Mumbai that is crucial for the film, it has to go near the 6 crore nett level in the circuit on day one for the holiday benefit to really show in the all India collections.

    Talwar has also benefited from the holiday and will have respectable figures on day one though this one will still have potential to improve further though that is dependent on word of mouth.


  7. The scariest part of Meghna Gulzar’s Talvar is when it makes us laugh.

    A tightly-coiled procedural made with such dryness that it seems, in parts, documentarian — resembling a reenactment more than a feature film — Talvar is one of those rare films that remains constantly aware of what it is doing and what buttons it is pushing. It is an unflinching film, hard to swallow, and when — somewhere near the end — it breaks down into round-table absurdity, with opposing investigators laughing off each other’s theories, the scene is brutally, irresistibly hilarious. Investigators and senior intelligence officials poke holes, guffaw at the language used, and one team even literally calls the other a joke. It is scythe-sharp writing, and, after being horrified by a narrative this terse, it feels good to finally kick back and snigger as things get funny.

    That hilarious scene, and our relieved reaction to it, is symptomatic of who we are and how we now consume even the most nightmarish of facts. It betrays our desperate need to move on, our hunger to be quickly amused, our desire to skip past the facts and find the Kafkaesque vein so we can tut-tut and shake our heads bemusedly.


  8. The man has genuine acting chops, drips with screen presence, is significantly fitter than his contemporaries, and has the kind of reassuringly goofy grin that makes him appear likeable even in truly mediocre movies. Why must he then subject us to such ghastly movies? He’s a gifted comic actor, but his current comedy template is so harebrained that, well, it would embarrass Adam Sandler.


  9. SIB seems to be doing exceptionally well considering this is Akshay’s 4th release this year !

    Friday 02 October 2015 15.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
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    Singh Is Bling is matching Bajrangi Bhaijaan in both Amritsar and Noida which are key cities of East Punjab and the Delhi NCR areas. The collections for both films prior to 3pm shows are as follows.

    Singh Is Bling – 5.98 lakhs (23 Screenings)
    Avg / Screenings – 26,000

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 6.71 lakhs (28 Screenings)
    Avg / Screenings – 23,964

    Singh Is Bling – 5.27 lakhs (21 Screenings)
    Avg / Screnings – 25,095

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 6.69 lakhs (26 Screenings)
    Avg / Screenings – 25,730

    The collections for Singh Is Bling are a little lower than Bajrangi Bhaijaan but the collections per show are better in Amritsar and just a little lower in Noida. The total screenings for Singh Is Bling is 58 in Amritsar and 87 in Noida. Bajrangi Bhaijaan was 68 in Amritsar and 99 in Noida. This is the story across North India with occupancies matching and even bettering but collections will come out lower due to lower number of screenings.

    Note – Bajrangi Bhaijaan was a normal day ( Pre Eid also but above centres have minimal effect of pre Eid) while Singh Is Bling is a national holiday.


  10. Just back from Talvar. Haven’t been hit so hard by a movie for ages. Takea bow Vishal Bharadwaj and Meghna Gulzar. The film makes you feel, and it makes you think. More than who is innocent or who is not, it opens our eyes to the process of criminal investigation. It brought to my mind the valedictory address at my son’s graduation at NLSUI, where the speaker said: The courts are not designed to punish the guilty. They are designed to punish those who can be proven guilty. So often we forget that. The film shows how investigations are conducted and how with the transfer of the investigating officer at CBI the whole course of the investigation can change. A post-mortem report can change 5 times, a typing errr can happen ten times in a blood report, negating crucial evidence, witnesses retract their testimony, who can be an approver and who can’t is decided by the whim of an investigating head. The film show2s how all those who have been convicted may are not necessarily the culprits and all those outside the jails are not necessarily innocent. Bharadwaj who has been perfecting his black comedy right from Maqbool, gaining some serious heft in this department through films like Kaminey, Saat Khoomn Maaf, Matru Ki Mandola and Haider hit a purple patch here in the final ssequence here where rival investigating team sof CBI present their stand point. It is a masterclass in writing. The great writing is matched by equaly great performances from the ensemble cast. Irrfan of course is tops. But Neeraj Kavi, Konkona, the guy who plays the second investigating officer and the servant and his friends are all good. And I must make a mention of our Bengaluru Theatre Man, Prakash Belwadi who does an enjoyable turn as the retiring director of CBI, especially in his awkward eagerness to complete the shayari started by the new CBI head. And yes, I loved the song Zinda sung by Rekha Bharadwaj during the end credits. Most of all it is heartening to note that the Gulzar name is going to shine in Bollywood filmmaking for some more years to come with Meghna carrying the baton from papa Gulzar with total confidence and control.

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    • And she is also the daughter of Raakhee Gulzar and her nickname used to be Bosky.


    • Good to hear this Utkal.. planning to watch this weekend. Personally I have followed this case very closely so watching movie is given. Even liked Rahasya to an extent.


  11. “SIB seems to be doing exceptionally well considering this is Akshay’s 4th release this year !”
    A SLAP for the fans of the star who has a realise once in two three years and is still the ‘so-called number one by a distance’…
    Getting this in various genres in 3-4 releases is creditable

    Haven’t seem this but seems that Amy will get her rightful credit here as well,, she’s v cute and I think Bollywood should welcome her with open arms…

    “Haven’t been hit so hard by a movie for ages”–
    C’mon utkal uncle :: hear this from u after every other viewing (once a fortnight or month roughly..)
    Don’t know the details of this case but I think many are disproportionately interested due to the sexual connotations of this case ….


  12. Nothing exceptional.. just 18 crores 1st day! Besharam did 20 crore and Bang Bang did 24 crores on Oct 2 releases!

    Singh Is Bling Set For Good First Day of 18 crores
    Friday 02 October 2012 23.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Singh Is Bling has put up a good total on the first day with collections expected to be around 18 crore nett. The film has done excellent business in the North with better occupancies than Bajrangi Bhaijaan in East Punjab. Still due to less screenings, the collections in East Punjab will not reach the level of Bajrangi Bhaijaan which collected 3.15 crore nett on day one. Singh Is Bling is looking a little short of 3 crore nett. Delhi / UP is looking 4.50 crore nett and Mumbai will be around 5.25 crore nett.

    The first day number is good but if you factor in thats its a holiday then its a par number as a drop will come tomorrow. Last year Bang Bang grossed 24 crore nett on the same day and the year before Besharam grossed 20 crore nett.

    Still its the biggest opener of Akshay Kumar by a distance beating Rowdy Rathore by a healthy 30%. Now it remains to be seen where the film goes on Saturday and Sunday


  13. Master: ask srk to face the public four times an year for year after year and not release it on festivals on solo releases then we will talk !
    Ps: bang bang was 24 cr or whatever but it was NOT a solo release but one third screens were taken by Haidar ,…


  14. I’ll have to agree with Raja Sen here – about Talvar. The film is just about ok. One does get a bit enough-of-that feeling – squeaking one’s bum around in the seat.


  15. Offisde: Youagree with Raja Sen here? This is what he says and hbow he rtaes the film: “Yet a film it certainly is, and for all its dry treatment, it is a sufficiently dramatic one as it goes about hitting the right evocative beats. Things are held in place by a devastatingly good ensemble cast, each of the players bringing something to the table: ” “Khan exonerates the parents and the film takes his side, clearly casting him as the righteous hero. And yet, by the time the credits roll, even this man has given up and, really, fallen on his own talvar. The truth tires. Doubt alone triumphs.
    Rating: 4.5 stars.”


  16. The top six: How they survived their lean phases
    By Rajiv Vijayakar, Oct 2, 2015 – 08:53 IST

    As Singh Is Bliing gets ready to release, Dangal starts shooting, Dilwale gets into post-production mode, Drishyam etches a decent collection and Bajrangi Bhaijaan tops 2015 so far with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo heading towards BO fireworks in Diwali, we look at how the five biggest stars have maintained their clout at the box-office for almost 25 years.

    The same also holds true for the only young hero after them who count among the top six-Hrithik Roshan.

    The Khans and Hrithik guarantee a whopping initial, irrespective of the product, and certain minimum revenue from footfalls as well as various rights that ensures a definite income for films in which they feature.

    Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn also command a better initial than the other heroes, though it is more indicative of how audiences perceive their films. This is why a star-less Tanu Weds Manu Returns or Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon can overshadow their films in both the opening they take and in – sometimes – the lifetime earnings.

    Nevertheless, despite the fabulous performances of films like Tanu… or Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, we do not find their leading men even considered in the top league. And the reasons are clear, beginning with the six big names’ instant connect with the audience, and their ability to rise above their projects in the case of disappointments like RA.One, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Jai Ho! or Bang Bang!.

    Not that these six names have not had bleak phases – with Akshay in particular there have been three distinct lows, the last of which made Sajid Khan voice how he had ‘rescued’ the hero with his film Housefull. Ajay Devgn has had just about 35 films in the break-even to super-hit category among some 90-plus releases, Salman Khan resuscitated his career and slalomed to Numero Uno as late as after 2010 after remaining the ‘consistent’ third (in commercial standing) Khan for 20 years. Shah Rukh Khan, more an overseas favourite throughout, was never, in his own words, someone who mattered in the B and C centres and rural India. And Aamir Khan, for the first 12 years of his career, was flitting from one below-par film to another.


  17. Utkal: I agreed with Sen ‘here’. Didn’t read the whole thing.
    For me, these films as ‘Jessica’, ‘Talvar’ (and may be “Sheena Bora” – Bhatt or Bhardwaj camp might do it!) are opportunist business proposals rather than films.

    All reviews are fair – to each his own.


  18. I think 18cr is reasonable for SIB. Besharam started with a bang and Ranbir was riding very high back then post YJHD. It faded out drastically after a fantastic initial.

    Bang Bang started strong as well, There was lots of hype around the movie, it still is among the top 5 most expensive movies of all time and Hrithik-Katrina brought in the crowds initially. Unfortunately, it under-performed finally despite benefiting from various holidays.

    Akshay has already had 3 releases this year, the last one being an absolute dud only 5-6 weeks back.

    In this context, 18cr isn’t bad at all. But it needs to sustain better than the 2 aforementionned movies in order to get anywhere.


  19. Talvar has surprised on day one with business of around 2.50 crore nett. The film had competition from Singh Is Bling and the holdover Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon but still come out with good business. The film also had paid previews on Thursday and the business of the film till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 50,00,000 (paid previews)
    Friday – 2,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 3,00,00,000

    The film had limited face value and a limited release of 625 screens with just 2-3 screenings in most of these screens. The film has good chances of doing well on word of mouth. It will be hard to grow a lot on Saturday as it was a holiday on Friday but a repeat of Friday will do and if any growth it will be bonus. Monday will be the acid test for the film but opening has given it a chance.


  20. Offside: ‘ here’ meaning? What? ‘ Didnt read the whole thing.” How much did you read? Till which sentence?


  21. Singh Is Bling First Day Business
    Saturday 03 October 2015 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Singh Is Bling grossed 18.25 crore nett on day one. It is the second highest first day collection of the year though if it was not a holiday the collections would be lower than ABCD 2 and Welcome Back. In the all time list the film is 15th highest ever with similar numbers to films like Krrish 3 and Jai Ho. It is the highest ever for an Akshay Kumar starrer.

    The film has collected well though ideally a 29 crore nett plus number was needed so that the second day we could have stayed around 14-15 crore nett which would have been good. It can still happen but if its the normal drop after such a holiday then it will be hard.

    The film was very good in Delhi / UP, East Punjab and Rajasthan, good in CP Berar, CI, Bihar and Gujarat / Saurashtra but elsewhere business was just decent and on a holiday that is not good enough. The film is going to find it hard to work in dome areas due to the very Punjabi content but a strong hold in Delhi and Punjab is important because if these don’t hold then others don’t have much of a chance.


    • I think they meant 20 cr and not 29 cr here. Either ways it seems the movie has dropped today. Hope to see another turkey for akki here.


      • pappu u can keep ‘hoping for another turkey from akki’ and he will keeo getting and giving multiple hits each year…

        may catch sib—for prabhudeva and to support amys’

        liked the shot of akshay with the pet lion

        Sharafat ki duniya ka kissa hi khatam …
        ab jaisi duniya Waise hum..


        • at 40’s for multiple release you need fitness in 40’s and steriods, drugs, drink and smoke don’t help … 47 he is living example and fittest in industry and will easily will go around for further 10-15 years and this guy promote clean fitness in big way every month without big fuss

          (has been sponsoring the lodging, boarding for 5,000 kids, who come and participate in a kudo championship started by him with his own money. Kudo is a mixed combat sport, a combination of karate, judo, kick-boxing and muay thai. It was founded in Japan in 1988 and is practised in over 100 countries worldwide. While Akshay has got the School Games Federation of India to give it recognition, he is now waiting for the Government of India to gives its nod. It was lovely to see participants who came from across the country to be in Mumbai for Akshay’s VIth kudo championship. The cash prize of 20 lakhs was just an icing on the cake. What was truly special was seeing the aspirations and dreams of so many people getting fulfilled through him.)


          • and a self made guy will sustain:

            much before saugandh his first as extra to here in black….from there to here on his own

            (as side artist)


          • Reading the above posts.. I think people are getting emotional for no reason. I don’t think anyone on here is disagreeing to the fact Akki is self-made man and doing well for himself and is a big star. Only issue is the quality of films isn’t good and drops very quickly after weekend. Though Baby and Gabbar did this year, he should look forward for next year.


  22. Talwar survey

    “Talvar has surprised on day one ”
    Nope it hasn’t. I have not seen the film nor am I likely to. There have been many murder whodunits but the utkal uncles and ‘sanjanas’ are more interested here due to some gory details and allegedly lascivious nature of the case

    Now I didn’t even know about this case but read bits on the internet

    There’s a big ASSUMPTION -with no eye witness
    That the father caught the schoolgirl in a’COMPROMISING’ position with the (much older) domestic help that initiated events apparently..
    There are even gory details of the parents ‘washing’ or ‘cleaning’ telltale signs of ‘intercourse’

    What’s bad is the VOYEURISTIC delight obtained by readers?
    Are they as interested in ANY murder case?
    Why is ‘satyam’ blocking comments on this proving his talibanism and khap ism ?

    The judges and trials (& even this film!) seems to be ‘inconclusive’

    But let me ask people here what THEY feel actually happened
    Comments from miss dhoni, ‘sanjana’, ‘satyam’ etc welcome
    Ps: and what utkal uncle feels is welcome (but to be taken with a pinch of salt)…


    • “But let me ask people here what THEY feel actually happened
      Comments from miss dhoni, ‘sanjana’, ‘satyam’ etc welcome
      Ps: and what utkal uncle feels is welcome (but to be taken with a pinch of salt)…”

      Not sure Apex if you are referring to moderation to your comments or want to know my thoughts on this Talwar – Aarushi murder case. I was following this case via news channel few years back but later gave up in sheer frustration to be simply a waste of time. The real truth will always be masked in India.
      Unlike US and few developed countries where it’s worth racking your brains in order to come up with educated guesses in few of the complex crime and murder. But in India there is no point following any crime investigation sincerely as one cannot trust the basic component of any investigation and that is Police. These thullas always have a agenda behind what they do or say;whether it is due to money, power, greed or political influence , there is never any objectivity in any investigation Here it is not even Delhi Police but worse – U.P police is involved since Noida comes under their jurisdiction. These cases are turned upside down on whim and fancies of these investigating agencies and there are no check and balances and media is non serious and just a tamasha creater. The amount of power ruling parties’ hold over these independent govt agencies is unbelievable and every case takes a turn with each passing government. Sometimes even after the verdict is pronounced the case is overturned… really gave up after some time.

      Personally if u ask this was a case of honor killing considering the north Indian mindset …..


      • Hmm miss dhoni –thanx for your analysis..
        Haven’t seen this film or gone ‘deep’ into this but the basic critical question is —
        Is there any eye witness or conclusive proof of the parents ‘killing’ the ‘odd couple’ and/or ‘cleaning’ signs of intercourse??
        If not–
        It’s all on conjecture & rationalisation induced by the circumstances for eg finding her reading the “3 mistakes of my life” etc
        and though neither unlikely nor impossible, it can’t be proven *beyond reasonable doubt*
        Till then they are innocent till PROVEN guilty…


  23. Saw Talvar today, total bullshit defense build with many loopholes in the film. Performances were ordinary too. It is a very weak movie. Not dure why critics are so shamelessly biased.
    I wish i had read this before –


  24. Singh Is Bling has done fair business on its second day with collections set to be around 12.75 crore nett. The drop is 30% from the first day which is normal but the film needed to hold a bit better as the first day holiday did not push through in many circuits. the total is two days is 31 crore nett apprx

    The film won’t be becoming another Singh Is Kinng which was a similar film released in 2008 which was doing better ratios in the circuits outside North India. The collections in both Delhi / UP and East Punjab remain at a good level on the second day and a solid jump on Sunday will probably mean tat the film will sustain in these areas at least.

    Sunday is also when families come out so the film has to show good jump in the other circuits as well. A 25-30% jump will give it a chance of a good hold on weekdays but if jump is limited it could mean struggle outside North India.



  25. ( 10% rise as agaunst 30% drop of Singh is Bling.)

    Talvar did well on day two managing to show growth despite coming of a major holiday. In real terms its growth of 60-65% as day one would have been 1.75 crore nett apprx without the holiday. The business of the film till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 50,00,000 (paid previews)
    Friday – 2,50,00,000
    Saturday – 2,75,00,000

    TOTAL – 5,75,00,000

    The Monday business and weekday hold will tell where film is going. If the weekdays hold at a good level the film can have a good run for a few week.


  26. eghna Gulzar owns the directorial credit in Talvar, but this is really Vishal Bhardwaj’s baby. He’s the writer – the film is based on the Aarushi Talwar murder case that transfixed the nation even as it left some of us wondering whether a similar tragedy in areas of the country not named Mumbai or Delhi would have commanded so much airtime and attention. Bhardwaj writes the hell out the film, which begins with a perfunctory rendition of the national anthem. It’s lip service. And that’s what the investigation that follows is about – lip service to the idea of truth, justice, fairness, all that jazz that’s supposed to separate us from our four-legged friends. In a way, Talvar is like Court, which showed us how far-removed the practice of law is from the courtroom dramatics we thrill to on screen. Talvar isn’t a movie-style procedural – no nails are going to be bitten. It’s how these things happen in life. Cops aren’t ever-vigilant truth defenders but men who are easily distracted by incessant phone calls, men who can’t even remember the name of the deceased – and it’s a press conference. We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry.


  27. Talwar was made with intention to build defense for talwars, it was so exhausting to watch this movie when i understood this intention in 15 miuntes into film. That’s why this film seems so boring.


  28. BOI is again lower by 2.5 cr on first day itself for Akshay movie. Sofar within 2 days on movie, it is lower by almost 5 cr.
    BOI biasedness is so obvious these days, they have been doing this for all Akshay, Ajay and Bachchans movie. While even for Saif movie, welcome back and recent Talwar thei numbers match to Taran’s, and atmost go down by few lakhs and sometimes even higher than taran.
    All in all, BOI should be neglected for Akshay, Ajay and Bachchans box office data, difference goes to 15% easily. Other than that, BOI and taran differ by 1% only.


  29. ‘The Martian’ Opens With Strong $55 Million Weekend

    by Brad Brevet

    October 4, 2015

    The talk of The Martian breaking Gravity’s October, opening weekend record began early and really spiked after the Ridley Scott film posted a better opening day than the 2013 Alfonso Cuaron sci-fi flick. However, estimates show The Martian coming up a shade shy of the $55.7 million October record. Provisioned with an “A” CinemaScore, though, this one should survive well week-to-week.

    20th Century Fox is reporting an estimated $55 million weekend for The Martian, which puts it $785,112 short of the October opening record, but enough for second place on the chart. By comparison, Gravity scored an “A-” CinemaScore back in 2013 as it went on to enjoy weekends with drops no larger than 36.3% over its first seven weekends. In fact, over the course of its entire 31 week run, Gravity only dropped more than 50% three times. Being a major Oscar contender and 3D event film will do that. I expect big things in The Martian’s future, but not sure I expect that big of things.


    • “Adding an additional 2,561 theaters this weekend, Sicario is also an unprecedented release as I struggled to find apt comparisons for my weekend predictions, yet my numbers lined up pretty close. Playing in 2,620 theaters, Sicario brought in $12 million this weekend. Similar movies might be films such as A History of Violence or Ex Machina earlier this year as both are R-rated, adult-targeted features that slowly expanded over the course of three weekends, but neither expanded as large as Sicario in their third weekends and it looks as if the audience supporting Sicario’s impressive run also liked the film, earning it an “A-” CinemaScore. This could mean long legs and, perhaps, some well-deserved Oscar nominations for that score, cinematography and a couple of those solid performances.”


    • Saw ‘The Martian’ over the week. It was very good but at a superficial level and more of popular entertainment movie and is a mix of Apollo 13 + Gravity. Not as deep as Interstellar but overall worth seeing for its entertainment factor. The movie was sold out at many places.


      • I’ve always had a weakness for the Robinson Crusoe trope so I’ll probably check it out. But not surprised by what you’ve said. Didn’t expect more than this.


        • The sad part about ‘The Martian’ is that Irrfan couldn’t take up the project as the dates clashed with 2nd schedule of Piku. In th e book, for the character of Venkat Kapoor, Irrfan was signed for the role but once he backed out and they couldn’t wait to sign another Indian this role.. Ridley Scott took actor Chiwetel Ejiofor and changed the name to ‘Vincent Kapoor’ and made him half Indian…. lost chance.


      • master,
        watched interstellar and oh boy was very disappointed,if the martian is superficial then thats another waste.I love watching sci-fi but lately they are over superficial or artificial….films like the series began with Alien (1979), directed by Ridley Scott. It was followed by three sequels, released in 1986, 1993 ,1997 and Prometheus (2012 film).The best one were 1979 and 1986,those two were simply superb… two-part Alien vs. Predator series, which combines the continuities of Aliens with the Predators from the Predator film series.
        Sigourney Weaver was just awesome but third series od alien just ruined it..


        • Interstellar superficial? 🙂 To each to his own! I’ve watched twice on IMAX and also own limited edition Blu-ray copy.


          • Interstellar superficial? watch on tv is certainly is but in cinema with special sound effect yes it will be reality,ofcourse limited edition Blu-ray copy ,I watched it just on tele without HD .. 🙂


  30. Singh Is Bling grossed 14 crore nett apprx on Sunday and the big jump that was important for the film did not really come. The growth is looking to be 12% on Sunday it may stretch to 15% with final collections but thats not really good enough. The weekend will be around 44.75 crore nett. Brothers had grossed 47 crore nett over its weekend and that too had a major holiday.

    The difference between this and Brothers will probably be that film was rejected all over while this may have a good or at least decent run in the North. This would have given it a decent result if it was not a big budget film.

    A 16-17 crore nett on Sunday could have made a huge difference to the film but with 14 crore nett it is pretty certain that Monday will go below 7 crore nett as its hard to just 50% down from Sunday on this sort of trend.




    Box Office: Worldwide Collections of Singh Is BliingBy Bollywood Hungama News Network
    Prabhu Dheva’s latest offering at the box-office Singh Is Bliing released yesterday to a tremendous response from the audience. The film revolves around the antics of Akshay Kumar alongwith the cast that comprises of Amy Jackson and Lara Dutta in prominent roles.

    In this Box Office analysis, we take a look at the success of Singh Is Bliing, breaking the film’s collections into a Day-wise break-up of domestic collections and also tracking the film’s Overseas numbers.

    Day-wise breakup for India

    Day Collections (INR Cr.)
    Day 1 (Fri) 20.67
    Day 2 (Sat) 14.50
    Day 3 (Sun) 19.27
    TOTAL 54.44


    • As per Hungama, Sunday was as big as Friday and hence the entire low collections of BOI stands exposed.


      • The movie has pretty much crashed on Monday. Will struggle to make 5 crores. Movies in which Friday – a national holiday and sundry are in same range do not crash on Monday. The collections by producers are through their hat. The Monday numbers will expose them. Another turkey for Akki…


        • Singh Is Bling Heavy Fall On Monday Talvar Strong Hold
          Singh Is Bling has had a heavy fall on Monday. The weekend trend was not good with very limited growth on Sunday but there there was a chance that maybe North India may save it as that was holding collections at good levels but it was not to be. East Punjab has crashed from 2.65 crore nett on day one 75 lakhs nett apprx. This is the best performing circuit.

          The drop is even bigger in Mumbai with collections struggling to hit even 1.50 crore nett. The all India collections will come in the 5 crore nett range which is pretty much what Brothers did on its first Monday.

          Talvar is a surprise success with collections set to come in at around 1.75 crore nett which is very strong and just 30% down from its first day which was a national holiday, if we take out the holiday factor out on day one it has collections which are similar and cound even be more than its actual first day value. Now its just about holding up in a similar range for next couple of days and the film will have a very good run for the next few weeks.


  32. Joginder Tuteja ‏@Tutejajoginder 3h3 hours ago
    #SinghIsBliing – At 54.44 crore, @AkshayKumar has a new weekend record, after beating #Brothers (52 cr)

    Mohsin Mulla ‏@TheMmoseen_87 6m6 minutes ago Pune, Maharashtra
    #SinghIsBliing [Distributors] Fri: 21.10 Cr Sat: 14.65 Cr Sun:18.65 Grand Total : 54.20 Cr nett
    @akshaykumar @PDdancing TERRIFIC!!!!!

    Adda Today: 19 cr

    This is 4th consecutive instance when BOI has reported substantially less. With Gabbar the difference as 10 Cr.

    Now the difference of 10Cr has happened just over 3 days. Gad Save the industry.


  33. PRAKASH JAJU ‏@Prakashjaaju 12h12 hours ago Mumbai, Maharashtra
    I have spoken to about 7 cinema owners & everywhere Sunday is more than Friday … #SinghIsBliing

    MRG @gazimonirul1
    @Prakashjaaju Sir Sunday Figure BOI – 14cr Your Figure ?
    PRAKASH JAJU ‏@Prakashjaaju 4m4 minutes ago Mumbai, Maharashtra
    PRAKASH JAJU Retweeted MRG
    between 19-22 PRAKASH JAJU added,


  34. Talvar had a decent weekend with a good trend. The film grew very well on Saturday after a national holiday and followed up with 20-25% growth on Sunday. The business of the film till date is as follows.

    Thursday – 50,00,000 (paid previews)
    Friday – 2,50,00,000
    Saturday – 2,75,00,000
    Sunday – 3,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 9,25,00,000

    The film now has to hold well on Monday and then stay in a similar range on the weekdays which will set it up for a decent run in the theatres.


  35. I think for Gabbar, BOI reported practically what most other BO sources reported (around 87cr).

    But for Baby, they are 14cr below (82cr) compared to 96cr according to those trade figures. For Brothers, they are around 11cr lower. For SIB, they are already 10cr lower after the first week-end.

    These disparities wouldn’t make much of a difference for movies like PK or BB. But for movies in the 80-100cr range, it probably represents the margin between a flop and a decent earner.

    I wan’t looking at the differences too carefully but their early comments on Drishyam, the subsequent decent trending contrasted by the continuing under-reporting and negative rhetoric by BOI made me take notice. Here also there was a difference of around 10cr which is extremely significant for a movie collecting around 77-78cr.


  36. Bob Cristo Says:

    Nowadays Vishal Bhardwaj is portraying only one side of story and showing that side quite Powerfully. Case in point First ‘Haider’ and Now ‘Talwar’


  37. “All in all, BOI should be neglected for Akshay, Ajay and Bachchans box office data, difference goes to 15% easily. Other than that, BOI and taran differ by 1% only.”

    Good points by naveen & raghav

    Have been saying this for a while –for some movies (read khan movies), BOI numbers are even HIGHER than taran & producer numbers and when caught in their act they then keep them at par

    This sounds foolish but this DOES exist
    ‘Communal’ reporting by BOI and some other elements here also is the sad reality

    The DIFFERENCE for such movies increases as the earnings increase…

    And things come to a head when it crosses 100 and then reach panic stage if 150 or 200 cr get crossed

    Be it akshays multiple subzero grossers to the PEAK of this activity
    For eg Bang Bang with simultaneous release of Haidar

    To the MOTHER of all BOI Hatchet jobs
    Called Krrish3

    That still stands on Bollywood hungama and joimoi at 246 crores
    Rubbing salt into some wounds 🙂


  38. Haven’t seen singh is bling
    But from the promos it’s clear that neither akshay nor prabhudeva are really going for it
    Seems the budget was reduced midway for this

    Rowdy rathore will remain akshays best ever and biggest grosser ever

    Singh is bling will do well at around 80-100 cr net depending on which source u take …

    Ps: heard from some sources that there’s a sequence in singh is bling wherein Amy has to drive a car whilst seated on akshay
    It’s a a BUMPY road
    And the expressions on akshays face are worth the price of the ticket (for those wanting some harmless fun)


  39. The Martian 3D

    Have been waiting for this for a while (though didn’t shout from rooftops). Saw it on 3D and my reactions were mixed.
    Have a certain interest in these quasi/ faux science projects. This is a continuum of sorts from Cuarons Gravity & Nolans Interstellar. This is more REALISTIC than the other two in the way it depicts ‘science’ and the way the characters emote and interact and react.
    The filming uses vfx but not in an in-your-face way and the biggest compliment is that one feels the film is ACTUALLY filmed on ‘real location’.
    The Mars terrain and the ‘mountain peaks’ is a plot device and an ‘actor’ of its own.

    Jessica Chastain and Kirsten Wigg have very little to do but given they are superior perfomers to Matt Damon, they still squeeze in nuances into their brief roles. The Chiwetel Ejiofor as Vincent Kapoor does reasonably in a role that’s trying hard to break ‘stereotypes’. Then there’s sprinkling of Chinese or oriental faces keeping an eye on the (bigger) chinese markets.In a way, this is Robinson Crusoe, the difference being it’s (supposed to be) on Mars!
    Somehow it fell just short of the ultimate in this genre imo–castaway but then the latter was inhabited by one of the best actors of all time…

    Coming to Matt Damon–well, he has some good quips and is a ‘rockstar astronaut’ but as I mentioned earlier, he is really punching above his weight here. He’s ok in brief roles like in interstellar but this is a mammoth task for him. I won’t say he failed but he didn’t nail it either. Maybe I am ‘demanding’ when it comes to this sort of stuff and scale.

    The good thing about Ridley scott is inspite of this film, the general refrain is ‘he is back to form’ and not that “this is his best”. For a guy coming off recent outings like Prometheus and Counsellor, this is a testimony to his range.

    When i scratched the film, a scene stayed with me well after–

    Matt Damon getting ready for this FINAL journey towards the rescue ship
    He’s lost a lot of weight and grown a beard. He gingerly shaves his beard, crops his hair, gets into his space suit and jumps into the ‘makeshift Vehicle’.
    There’s an eriee feeling and one gets the sense of dread

    After crafting this wonderful scene, Ridley Scott falters and in a highly improbable scene, saves him. That will make it a bigger hit and an oscar forerunner but something in me cringed….

    Damon survived but
    Ridley Scott fell
    Precariously short of celluloid gold …


    • ya the akshay movie to look forward to is airlift based on gulf war….its amazing how many genre he is touching

      3 in a row for demon after elysium,interstellar and now martian but heard its not as good as interstellar or a gravity


  40. Some suspense building up. Any guess work folks ? I think ” dare to wait ” is a give away as Vani Kapoor has really been patient with YRF and has been on hold forever…. but then it says introducing so….

    Pinned Tweet
    Yash Raj Films ‏@yrf 3h3 hours ago
    Dare mighty things! #Befikre


    • AamirsFan Says:

      so aditya is going without SRK?? its a goner.


    • would like to see Ranbir cuz he is a fantastic actor but doubt if it will happend. YRF and him seem to have had a falling out of some sort, he has not started in a YRF movie for the longest time


  41. Ranbir, Varun, Ranveer, Anushka, Parineeti or Vaani: Who’s starring in Aditya Chopra’s ‘Befikre’?

    “…..Adi is all set to direct a young film called Befikre, after almost eight years.

    Calling it his toughest film till date, Adi has also mentioned in the imaginary conversation that he knows Befikre will not make as much money as his other films. “I started writing it for fun while I was writing my most ambitious script. I thought I’ll give it to one of my directors and I’ll just produce it. But I enjoyed writing it so much that I knew half way that I’m going to direct it myself,” Adi had told Yashji in the chat….

    It’s just very different to any of the films I have directed so far. Till now, all the films I have directed or written have been intense, dramatic and emotional. This one is just a light-hearted romance, nothing more. “It’s my happiest film. My youngest film. My riskiest film,” he added.

    So who all are going to star in his next? Names like Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhawan, Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Parineeti Chopra and others have been doing the rounds but the team has decided to make the official announcement on Tuesday at 12 noon. Like they announced their film on Twitter, YRF has plans to announce the cast too in a similar fashion.


  42. Talvar Monday (4th Day) Box Office Collection is 1.75 cr. The 4 Days Total Collections is 11 cr and the film looks to be surprise HIT at the box office after the four days business.
    The film is looking at a first week of 15+ cr and the fact that Singh Is Bling has outrightly crashed on Monday will also help its purpose.
    The film has super strong word of mouth and people who didn’t watch the film in the weekend will start giving it a chance since Singh is Bling has been completely rejected.
    The film has scored mainly from Mumbai and other Metros where these types of films score well. The film is in similar budget range as Dum Laga Ke Haisha and loooking at the word of mouth it should trend very strongly for the next couple of weeks.


  43. Yash Raj Films ‏@yrf 5h5 hours ago
    Introducing the LEAD ACTOR! #Befikre


    • I think Parineeti Chopra will be perfect for this movie. Ranveer and Parineeti can be good pair for this kind of movie!


  44. Agree but there are rumors of Vaani Kapoor who has been a sitting duck for longest time as she was promised lead opposite srk sometime back. She looked good and acted well in Shudh Desi and was aptly placed to take Kat’s place in terms of genre/looks.

    Just hoping Adi Chopra does not tag Parineeti on to Sultan as she does not have much to show and waiting for the big break from yrf. I would prefer if a zany Kriti Sanon were to be cast to give Sultan a fresh look.


    • SRK’s 3 director inner circle directors directing new talent and young generation superstars. Karan Johar – Ranbir, Adi Chopra – Ranveer and Farah Khan – Varun Dhawan!


  45. Navjot Singh Sidhu @sherryontopp
    Down but Not Out! Life threatening disease (DVT) With God ‘s Grace will recover. Life is Fragile, handle with Prayer


  46. Hrithik Roshan wants a new girl every movie!

    While his current film ‘Mohenjo Daro’ stars newcomer Pooja Hegde, his next film for Yash Raj Films directed by ‘Dhoom 3’-director Vijay Krishna Acharya will star a new girl.

    Earlier, YRF wanted to make a period film. Now they are sure that they want to load the film with a lot of content and make it a subject rich movie.Going by Vijay Krishna Acharya, alias Victor’s past record of ‘Tashan’ and ‘Dhoom 3’ it is a tough ask.

    Coming back to Hrithik, one wonders why the actor does not want to work with established heroines after his divorce.

    The actor can always argue that casting is not his department, but then he does have a say in the choice of the actors in his movies.
    So we will now have another set of newcomers lining up outside the Yash Raj Studios office.


    • Re: “Earlier, YRF wanted to make a period film. Now they are sure that they want to load the film with a lot of content and make it a subject rich movie.”

      …because of course, a “period film” wouldn’t have “a lot of content” or be “subject-rich”. But then again, most writing on the entertainment industry is, well, rich.


  47. The way the film is going it will challenge Singh Is Bling in week two which is a shocker. Talwar released on around 625 theatres but many of these theatres had 2-3 showings, next week it will get a whole screen to itself meaning fours shows at most of the theatres. Singh Is Bling is trending badly so week two is going to be very close between the two films with Talwar having a chance to outscore the bigger film.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. problem is when the case was open both husband and wife where right throughout in media generation sympathy but as soon as sc verdit and jail come up here comes the movie to generate sympathy and create debate

    very very irresponsible film making with forcefully added right wing tone….this is the situation in bollywood fior any page 3 and that is paisa phenko tamasha dekho


    • jimmycliff Says:

      Right wing tone?!


      • spoilers:

        third investigator speaking pure hindi and making mockery of it, naukars on one scene talking about sena and finally batchmate angle and it was indeed hillarious but its just liberal fixation

        when the court cases was own there was congress government with cbi in control of government and on contrary it was this

        (kuch bhi)


        • jimmycliff Says:

          Think you’re on to something. They even tried to shift the blame to a dude named Kanhaiya…(!)


        • IMO these two evidence was clinching enough to prosecute Talwars. Of course police and CBI messed up the case when they started.
          1. Whiskey consumption when the bar was hidden.
          2. Router shutting down/restart times.

          All other things are smokescreen and since evidence was not collected properly you can argue both ways.


          • ya and explanation according to guljar jr and vishal bhardwaj:

            1. they are indian routers which can themselves go up and down (6 time in night and they are trying to sell in this country of i.t people both in india and outside)

            2. nothing of sort of hidden bar mentioned in case throughout but not in movie

            movie doesn’t argue both way but shamelessly promote the cause of talvar

            indeed cbi messed up the case which is evident from the loophole and argument which can be extracted by both parties

            and in one of the scenes naukar taking about ekta samaj….don’t know in which corner he is diverting attention


          • I heard someone said the call from Aarushi’s friend on landline between 12:30-1:00 AM was also not shown in the movie. The landline was in Talwars bedroom and their alibi was that ringer was off.


          • The bar is hidden behind wooden door; The murderer (because there was blood from Aarushi and Hemraj) on whiskey bottle it could have been done only by Talwars or servant who knew the house. The router and use of internet IMO makes Talwars guilty.


          • because routers have password attached as it is secured most of the times and very badly no mention of grandmother in movie ….i

            in india when it was news on interviews her grandmother was atleast there who is alive and have raised her and spend most of the time and in movie there is no such character as such



          • Find it v v difficult to believe that the innocent schoolgirl and the elderly servant were (allegedly) caught red handed in a physical relationship…


  49. Reviews for Jazbaa begin on a good note and though KRK has a known Bachchan bias still a trustworthy source –

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 19h19 hours ago
    Just watched #Jazbaa n it’s a brilliant film. Sure shot hit. Sanjay Gupta has proved again tat he is a master director of action films.

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 18h18 hours ago
    And finally Sanjay Gupta has converted Irfan Khan into a commercial hero by #Jazbaa

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 18h18 hours ago
    For those who r asking-Yes Aishwarya is luking as hot n sexy as 10yrs ago. But now I can’t praise her in my style Coz she is Bhabhi #Jazbaa

    Kamaal R Khan-KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 18h18 hours ago
    I must say that lots of credit goes to cinematographer of #Jazbaa who has made this film looks so beautiful n larger than life.


  50. Utkal:

    Three more months to go. And already this year has been a bumper year in term sof good movies. I have liked , to various extent, all the movies I have seen, execept Shamitabh. and Bombay Velvet

    My listing of Top 10 :
    1. Piku 2.Talvar 3. Bahubali 4. Badlapur . 5 Tanu Weds Manu 6. Drishyam.7.Masaan 8. Manjhi, The Mountain Man 9. NH 10 10. Dum Laga Ke Haisa

    ( And I found Detective Byomkesh Baksy, Dil Dhadakne Do and Bajrangi Bhaijaan okay too.)

    ( I can just blind-shuffle the Top 5, and I would still be okay with the list…the difference between them is so thin ) ( I havent seen Margarita With A Straw, Baby, Gaabar Is Back, Brothers, Singh Is Bling, ABCD 2, Hunterr, Phantom)


    Aside: I found Manjhi quite disappointing; it started off strong, and then, instead of taking off, the film just meandered and ended. Especially disappointing was the treatment of Manjhi’s march to Delhi — it is presented simply as an incident, whereas that was the thematic center the film was crying out for.

    Radhika Apte was bewitching.

    MS Dhoni:

    This discussion seems on the wrong thread but I would just add this has been the case with all these so called engaging and hyped movies ( after release ). After making an effort to watch them , one runs out of patience very quickly. Here are last few movies which I watched on TV/ DVD after hearing nice things and so called twitterati wom :

    3) Drishyam ( climax made up for it )
    4)Dum Laga ke haish (horrible. Just filming in galli and nala is not art)
    7)Margrita with a straw
    8)Piku ( entertaining but not even 50% worth the hype )

    Did not watch Masaan and some few other…..may be later in the year.


    Oh, I loved Maanjhi and its story telling in the fable mode, amking it lively and joyous. Ketran does it well, He did it marvellously in Mangal Pandey and he does it here. Niw I want to catch Rang Rasiya.


    I prefer Rang Rasiya over Manjhi, also RR is better made biopic than Manjhi which wavers around a bit and is not engaging narrative(maybe he didn’t have enough content to work with the subject).


    Master: Exactly. The stry of Manjhi is threadbare. But he made it engaging enough with his touch of surreal and fable.


    • Q – I thought the movie was made little too bollywoodish for my taste. I wanted it to be more serious. There were some subtext (Maoist) which were not properly integrated or not needed.


  51. I like it because it was made Bollywoddish ( I would call it the fable or lok gtha mode). I prfer that to dry, serious bios. That is why I like Manjhi, or Bhag Milkha Bhag or Mangal Pandey to Legend of Bhatgat Singh.


  52. Kabir Khan
    The biggest audience ever.. #BajrangiBhaijaanInBusan 5000 people… Standing ovation… Amazing energy here


  53. Among all the fluff floating around internet on bollywood sites this one packs a solid punch –

    “We live in interesting times. Directors are getting paid as much as some leading actors, at least the younger lot like Ranveer Singh, Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor. Rohit Shetty has been paid the princely sum of Rs25 crore, for Sangeeta Ahir’s next, a remake of the Tamil movie Soodhu Kavvum.

    Branded with money
    Says a source, “Sangeeta wanted to get a top director for her production house and that doesn’t come cheap. Rohit Shetty is being wooed by the biggest studios. And this isn’t a new development. He was signed by UTV for a similar amount, three years ago. Rohit delivers hits and every actor in the country wants to work with him today, so whatever he charges is justified. Perhaps the only other director who get paid more than him is Rajkumar Hirani, but he isn’t available as he is tied to Vinod Chopra productions and takes a percentage of the profit, rather than charge a fee. This is also a model followed by Rohit but with Sangeeta, he chose to charge a director’s fee rather than come on board as a co-producer.”


  54. Salman blasts Aamir! poor Aamir left crying…

    Salman and Aamir’s friendship started having the first cracks when Salman signed on for YRF’s Sultan. Why? Aamir was already prepping up to play a wrestler in Dangal and Sultan too will have Salman playing the role of a wrestler. Seeing the similarities in theme and context, what left Aamir paranoid was that YRF, despite planning the film much later, announced that Sultan will hit theatres next year Eid while Aamir’s Dangal will only release around Christmas, which is six months after Sultan releases worldwide. Now, given that the entire backdrop and the core theme will become repetitive, Aamir feared losing out on his audiences. An insecure Aamir even tried calling good friend Aditya Chopra and requested him to shift his shooting locations, which turned out to be exactly the same areas in which he’s camping for the Nitesh Tiwary directorial. Nothing helped and Salman is all set to begin shooting in the same locales this November. But Aamir being Aamir, decided to reveal the first look poster just a day after he started shooting.

    Between the Lines:
    While the Sultan-Dangal issue caused a small crack in their relationship, what happened in between made matters worse. Salman kept a special screening of Bajrangi Bhaijaan for Aamir and his family this Eid. The film, which was high on emotional content had Aamir in tears and the actor was caught wiping his tears after catching the show. But soon matters worsened when at the BB success party, Aamir went around telling all the invitees how he was the first choice for Bajrangi Bhaijaan and how it was because of him rejecting the film, Salman landed up with the offer. Noticing that Aamir was trying to hog all the limelight, they had a war of words at the event. Onlookers were shocked to see the verbal debate as the two Khans went against each other. Kabir Khan on being questioned confirmed that he never approached Aamir for the film ever. Once Aamir’s lies were out in the open, we understood what was really going on.

    The Final Nail in the Coffin:
    This time it was a party at Aamir’s residence which the actor organised just before he zoomed off to Punjab to shoot for Dangal. The two were sharing a friendly banter when suddenly Aamir decided to sit and dissect Salman’s career. Although he showered heaps of praises for Salman for doing BB, he started talking about the several bad choices Sallu made in his career. He also allegedly told in front of invitees that had Salman shown this maturity at the beginning of his career, he would have succeeded all through. That did not go down well with Salman who still decided to let it go as another off-remark that Aamir usually makes. But Aamir pushed it way too far when he remarked that Salman has had it easy because he does not need to work hard like other actors since his films are lapped by the audiences even where;s no story or screenplay. Salman shot back immediately and a news portal reported that the Dabangg actor used the choicest of expletives in rage, also accusing Aamir to be fake and the reason why his directors and writers don’t get any credit. Not just that, Salman immediately walked out of the party which left Aamir in tears. Guess Aamir will repent for his words now. But for their friendship, it’s too late to be saved.


  55. AamirsFan Says:

    Stephen Colbert throws softballs: Suddenly he’s got a bad case of Jimmy Fallon niceness

    Colbert is being wasted with CBS’s restraint…or maybe they will let him loose after the election cycle is over so whatever he says will be harmless. He could’ve taken apart Trump and Cruz easily but those two interviews were ‘missed opportunities’. His best interviews have been with the tech company CEOs.


  56. In a serious clamping-down on sex comedies, the Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) has decided to come down heavily on all films with suggestive double-meaning dialogues, and irrelevant nudity.

    On Thursday, the CBFC placed a ban on the horny franchise Kya Kool Hain Hum. The third part of the film directed by Umesh Ghagde and featuring Tusshar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani was submitted for certification.

    Apparently, the censor panel rejected the film outright.

    Says a source in the know, “The censor board found the film to be extremely vulgar and distasteful. There are scenes of unmentionable vulgar sex acts in the film. The CBFC has placed a complete ban on the film.”

    Given the circumstances, the makers of Great Grand Masti, the third film in the Masti series have a lot to fear. Apparently, there is a move in the I & B Ministry to undertake a probe as to how Grand Masti, the second part of the series, was passed by the earlier panel members of the CBFC.


  57. The name of the iconic writer ‘Paulo Coelho’ needs no introduction. His books like The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, The Valkyries and many others are a rage world over inspiring millions. So, what happens when a writer of his magnitude gets ‘gifted’ by Bollywood’s iconic superstar Shah Rukh Khan, a bunch of DVDs of his films? The answer is simple. Like many fans world over, even Paulo Coelho was spoilt for choices.

    Paulo Coelho then took to twitter and expressed his ‘helplessness’ in deciding which movie to start off with at first. He tweeted stating “What a Monday morning gift, @iamsrk !!! Now I need to know where to start”. In the meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan tweeted, “Just sent sum movies to @paulocoelho. Please tweet him ur suggestions which one to watch first.”

    After that, Paulo Coelho, who thought that Shah Rukh Khan deserved an Oscar for his performance in My Name Is Khan posted the following on his Facebook page “His first (and only) movie that I watched (this year, even if it was released in 2008) was “My Name is Khan”. And not only the movie was excellent, but SRK deserved an Oscar if Hollywood was not manipulated. He kindly offered to send the other titles – as you probably guess, it is not easy to find them in Switzerland.”


  58. Bob Cristo Says:

    Watched Talwar and Singh is Bling.
    First Talwar..Avarage For me…Despite showing IRfan khan as Supermen and UP Police as Joker still it will not convince people to belive that Talwars are innocent. There are many things which are unanswered. Few Childish scenes.
    1- Super Detective Irfan beats UP Police SI. Come on. It is joke
    2- Missionary Position Joke. It is supposed to be Funny but it is vulgur.

    Now SIB

    Akshay Should Feel ashemed for these kind of movie. Even nowadays Newcomers don’t do this kind of Movies. When you can do Special 26, Baby or Gabbar, What is the need to do a juvenile thing called Singh is Bling.


    • On police – I started watching “The Wire”; It started slow but it is getting better. It is inner working of police force is so much better.


      • Munna: oh yeah, and after the “set up” of season 1 it just gets better and better. I haven’t re-visited it since I first saw it a decade ago, but it is wonderful.


  59. October 2nd Proving Unlucky Holiday
    Thursday 08 October 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    4The October 2nd holiday is one of the major release dates but it is proving to be unlucky as all major releases on this date are not performing as they should be. Talvar may turn out be one of the rare winners which have tried to take benefit of this holiday but this is not a big film.Bang Bang released last year which was a under performer is also one of better releases on this day.

    The last major winner which was released on this holiday, we have to go years back to 1998 when the Salman Khan starrer Bandhan scored all over India. Since then its been mediocre success at best with Talvar looking to change if it keeps on going for the next few weeks but expected winners have not done much. Below is a list of films released on this date in the past few years.

    Singh Is Bling – Poor Trend
    Talvar – Going Well

    2014 (Not just one holiday but five in a row)
    Bang Bang – Decent but under performer
    Haider – Mediocre (Lucky that actor and director were on profit sharing so big losses were avoided)

    Besharam – Poor

    No Release (OMG – Oh My God released a week earlier)

    No Release

    Anjaana Anjaani – Mediocre

    Do Knot Disturb – Poor
    Wake Up Sid – Mediocre (Saved due to low costs)


  60. Team Has Worked Miracles At The Box Office Before?
    Thursday 08 October 2015 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Q. Can Prem Ratan Dhan Payo beat the opening day record of Happy New Year and beat the all time record of PK or even go to 400 crore as the Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya team has worked miracles at the box office before?

    Ans. It should get the highest opening day as its the biggest day of the year for box office collections. Happy New Year released on the same day last year so Prem Ratan Dhan Payo should add a little to the Happy New Year numbers of last year. It is a Thursday release rather than Friday but that should not make a difference. As for lifetime records or 400 crore its pointless predicting before release as every big film has a chance but doing is another thing. Even if a 40 crore nett first day came, 400 or 350 crore nett is far away, even 300 crore nett is far away.
    A. Rehmani

    Q. What is more difficult to achieve? 2 crore plus footfalls in the 90s or now?
    Ans. It is actually easier to achieve now as business is more initial orientated so a big hype and film with universal appeal can hit 2 crore footfalls in 7-10 days even if appreciation is limited. In the 90’s you needed content and it took months to reach the mark and unless people were loving the film you had no chance. But still more films managed it than today as very few films today hold all India appeal.
    Aban Farooqui

    Q. Has Ajay Devgan ever broken the opening day record like you said Akshay Kumar did with Singh Is King?

    Ans. Hindustan Ki Kasam in 1999.
    Ravi Gupta

    Q. Do the top heroines like Katrina, Deepika and Kangana get paid 10-12 crore today?
    Ans. There are no set figures but on a best case scenario the biggest heroine will get around 6-7 crore.
    J. Panjwani


    • LOL, BOI will never stop! Whatever initial Hindustan ki kasam got was because of Bachchan’s special appearance and song (the only hit song in the film). Most of the advertising revolved around it. The film of course was terrible and collapsed soon but the initial was very strong.


  61. Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 banned by censor board

    In a serious clamping-down on sex comedies, the Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) has decided to come down heavily on all films with suggestive double-meaning dialogues, and irrelevant nudity.

    On Thursday, the CBFC placed a ban on the horny franchise Kya Kool Hain Hum. The third part of the film directed by Umesh Ghagde and featuring Tusshar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani was submitted for certification.

    Apparently, the censor panel rejected the film outright.

    Says a source in the know, “The censor board found the film to be extremely vulgar and distasteful. There are scenes of unmentionable vulgar sex acts in the film. The CBFC has placed a complete ban on the film.”

    Given the circumstances, the makers of Great Grand Masti, the third film in the Masti series have a lot to fear. Apparently, there is a move in the I & B Ministry to undertake a probe as to how Grand Masti, the second part of the series, was passed by the earlier panel members of the CBFC.


  62. When asked if he’s mastered various sides and genres of screenplay writing, he said, “Writing is very elusive and dangerous. The day you feel you know writing, you will fail. TALVAR was a very dangerous film. I never want to feel that I have learnt writing. In fact I never dared to write TALVAR alone. I got a chance to experiment because Meghna (Gulzar) is like a sister. If you see, all my films, except MAQBOOL (because I didn’t have money to pay anyone else), have had collaborative writers. This is the only film after 14 years which I have written alone. That’s because I got a guinea pig in the form of Meghna.”

    He further added, “I am feeling confident (after TALVAR) which I don’t want to. Writing is very dangerous. Even while you are writing, you don’t know whether you are going right or wrong.”

    Point taken, Vishal saab.


  63. omrocky786 Says:

    During the mid-1980s, I felt my work was getting monotonous. I was shooting continuously, sometimes for 25, 30 films at a time.

    I was so busy that I couldn’t attend my brother’s wedding.

    I was doing 80 films when I decided to call it a day.

    I wasn’t enjoying the kind of films that were being made. Kader Khan was writing most of the films and almost all had double meaning dialogues.
    After I quit acting, I wrote a script and decided to direct a film with Dharmendra, Rekha and Jaya Prada.

    Rekha and I were good friends since I gave the first shot of my life with her in Sawan Bhadon.

    The entire first schedule of Kaaranama was an evening shift. One day, Rekha called and requested if I could move the schedule to a morning shift as she wanted to spend the evenings with Amitabh Bachchan.

    I cordially refused, so she left the film and returned the signing amount.

    I had to delay the film and Dharmendra got busy with other commitments. He suggested Anita Raaj instead of Rekha.

    Ultimately, I made the film with Farah, Kimi Katkar and Vinod Khanna. It did average business (when it released in 1990).


    • “One day, Rekha called and requested if I could move the schedule to a morning shift as she wanted to spend the evenings with Amitabh Bachchan.”

      Silly..and totally fake. Why would Rekha needed to give him the reason? Isn’t enough to say she can’t do the evening schedule and move to morning schedule? Why will she need to give the reason for it be it Amitabh or anything else?

      Also, I think this movie was being made in ’87-’88(which released in ’90) and still talking about the affair during this time is totally stupid..maybe if it was 70’s end, there would be at least some buyers to this story.


  64. Btw, Jazbaa seems to be a really good movie, all positive reviews sofar inspite of so much negativity propaganda by Salmanians.


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