Killing Veerappan trailer

thanks to Raghav…


4 Responses to “Killing Veerappan trailer”

  1. might constitute some sort of return to form for him..


    • Awesome promo .. But 1st Jan release date ?? Are we seeing this late or it is just releasing without any publicity and awareness ?


      • charan raj Says:

        What’s the matter of surprise here? 1st Jan is ok here and may be the makers want to keep expectations down and allow wom to take the driver’s seat here.
        I think the point here that seems to be worrying you, is none other than Bachchan’s movie is releasing week’s time after it. So, let’s pray that this one really turns out to be a bad one and provide less competition to Wazir.


      • You’re seeing this late and this is kannada/telugu project, not hindi one.


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