Great Grand Masti, Sultan (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. It is Great Grand Masti 🙂


    • She can say RIP to her career now…


      • jayshah Says:

        Not if she volunteers to be Salman’s driver


      • it wasn’t like that….anupama chopra said “don’t you think it was insensitive” and she said “yhea..” So now they are making quotes that she said his comment was insensitive. However I would rather see her as director/producer/dressdesigner/choreographer/DoP/hair and makeup person than an actor. She is awful


        • Being asked about Salman’s rape comment, Anushka said that it was rather insensitive on Salman’s part to use rape analogy wrt him going through excruciatingly painful phase while filming Sultan’s wrestling portions. When asked about giving any advice, she made it clear that Salman as a person is quite intimidating and she being an introvert and shy, didn’t have much interaction with him as he makes little effort to make other actors feel easy. And further she added that it was responsibility of each and everyone to ensure such serious matters are not talked about in a light manner, especially celebrities having the bigger role and responsibilities!
          This above paragraph is my interpretation of what Anushka felt and said wrt Salman’s rape comment.


      • I hope you are joking.


    • MSDhoni Says:

      Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon 6h6 hours ago
      News:@BeingSalmanKhan @AnushkaSharma and @aliabbaszafar will be interacting with a few Print media journalists in Panvel today…

      Look at this piece of garbage and why is Salman giving her space again……. she belongs with that mother fucking idiot who abuses and gives maa bahen ki gaalis at the drop of a hat to his team mates, journalists and on field….!

      I remember she said something similar about Aamir after PK released that he is so much programmed / planned etc….in comparison to Ranbir etc….this duck face should work in BV and Ranbir Kapoors of the world and dunno why SRK gave her an opening again in that Imtiaz movie…..these pehen di lau….i type of actresses are fit for 15/20 cr lifetime type of movies only….


      • MSDhoni Says:

        On another note people blame Salman as if he controls people’s career. Except taking the decision to not work with them , he has no control whatsoever.

        Recently Vivek Oberoi finally had the courage to admit that public didn’t buy tickets for his movies. He got 9 movies after dating Ash and they all tanked. When Vivek came out he was touted to be the next big thing, he had Aish who I firmly believe was treated like a trophy girlfriend. Salman at the time was on a downward spiral in his career. Salman’s time looked like it was genuinely over, but he rose like a phoenix. Vivek the loud mouth himself in that press conference said Salman’s career was over at the time. So let’s stop blaming Salman …

        People blaming Salman should think did they ever buy tickets for Vivek or others movie? Did they ever even watch his movie on TV for free? Don’t blame sallu 4 every freaking thing cuz he does not explain himself. Sallu, religion, nationality, cast and bribe or anyone else can’t do a thing in entertainment business – there is no other factors …….jo chalta hai who bikta hai….the most honest business in the world !

        People blame Salman for anything and everything happening in the industry even if he is hardly involved in any petty matters and is hardly an attention seeker…..


      • tonymontana Says:

        U r a piece of work, MS Dhoni!


  2. From the director of Whiplash:


  3. Finally saw Sultan, good effort. It actually may be a good prequel for Dangal, as Aamir will become the older Sultan with 4 daughters. The first daughter was already shown in the end credits of Sultan!

    At least thats what Aamir should wish the audience to perceive…

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  4. Great Grand Masti had a low start of around 15-20% on average. The collections in multiplexes were especially poor while single screens were a little better. The previous two Masti films were hit films especially the last one Grand Masti which had opened very well with 12.19 crore nett and wemt on to do business of over 91 crore nett.

    That was nearly three years back and a lot has changed since then especially for this genre. The censor board has come down hard on the sex- comedy film and they are showing poor results. Mastizaade earlier this year was a disaster with 17.50 crore nett business and Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 was just a little better with 23 crore nett. The genre is just not finding an audience.

    The other problem for Great Grand Masti is a leaked print of the film which was the reason why the film has preponed. This genre is also more likely to be watched on phones and laptops then most other genres and this will tell on collections at the box office. Tt is possibly why multiplex collections are very low while mass is a little better as city audience has more access to leaked copies.

    NOTE – All the links on the website have been uploaded again. The data since 1994 has been uploaded and more will be uploaded over the next few months. The website is on testing so may be slower or offline for periods


  5. Sultan went below 10 crore nett for the first time in its run on day nine but has still accumalted 229 crore nett in its run so far which is just incredible. The film crossed the business of films like Krrish 3, Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani and Happy New Year in just five days and was in the range of films like Chennai Express and Kick in seven days.

    The film is now chasing the top three Dhoom 3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK. The former will be caught very soon but the other two are dependent on where Sultan lands up today (Day 10). The collections of Sultan till date are as follows.

    Friday – 36,59,00,000

    Thursday 37,25,00,000

    Friday – 31,50,00,000

    Saturday – 36,50,00,000

    Sunday 38,25,00,000

    Monday – 15,50,00,000

    Tuesday – 13,00,00,000

    Wednesday – 11,00,00,000

    Thursday – 9,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 229.09 crore apprx

    The difference between Dhoom 3, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and PK is that they had open runs for 2-3 weeks while here its just a nine day run before a major release like Great Grand Masti comes. This could hit the collections of Sultan by around 10-12 crore nett over the week even if Great Grand Masti does not work.


  6. MSDhoni Says:

    I don’t know what the fuck is KJO trying to say here. I mean if his whole life is a lie, then it’s his issue / problem as he has not learnt until now what is life all about….if you are a faker all your life isn’t something wrong with you than others….!!!

    Karan Johar ‏@karanjohar Jul 14
    #karanaffairs @ndtv…. Liar Liar……#repost

    “……Lovely meeting you.” No, it’s not. I’d rather meet Donald Trump on an even worse hair day.

    “Keep in touch, no? Absolutely!” Hell no. Please go into another universe, die if you have to and also if you will, do die on a day I’m not in town so I don’t have to attend your funeral.

    “I love what you’re wearing!” No, I definitely don’t – you have instead been declared the 8th Blunder of the World.

    “Look at you bringing the bandage dress back!” Please take it away again.

    “Oh how fresh you look, had a good vacation?” Does that much collagen hurt? Don’t you know that there’s little we love more than frozen botoxed eyebrow?…..”

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    • Yeah…somethings obviously wrong with him, he might be going through depression or something because in another one of these pieces he says he goest to his therapist every day. Or he just may have lost it. I heard the main characters of ADMH are all Pakistani…and it’s releasing against Ajay D’s Shivaay on Diwali…


  7. In September 2002, beauty pageant winner, Aishwarya Rai did something unheard of in Bombay – she wrote an open letter to the press about Salman Khan. The letter was the final chapter of a love story turned toxic. In it, Rai swore she would never work with Khan in a film again:

    ‘After we broke up, he would call me and talk rubbish. He also suspected me of having affairs with my co-stars. I was linked up with everyone, from Abhishek Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan. There were times when Salman got physical with me, luckily without leaving any marks. And, I would go to work as if nothing had happened. Salman hounded me and caused physical injuries to himself when I refused to take his calls,” she wrote. Khan’s temper had not just caused Rai emotional, physical and mental trauma — it also cost her lucrative projects and damaged her professional reputation.

    But Khan’s mania didn’t begin or end with Aishwarya Rai. His first girlfriend from the film industry, Sangeeta Bijlani once described being with Salman as the ‘most emotionally traumatic phase’ she had ever endured. In the following years, when he began to date Pakistani model Somy Ali, film circles were rife with stories of Salman dragging her by the hair, publicly berating her, and on one occasion pouring a drink on her head because despite his own fondness for tipple, he didn’t like the sight of his girlfriend drinking. After they broke up, Ali moved to the US and began a charity for victims of domestic abuse, a move she says was born from the deep depression her last relationship left her with.

    Unlike Aishwarya, Sangeeta Bijlani and Somy Ali never spoke to the press about Salman in any detail. At present, both claim a deep fondness for the actor, and a willingness to let bygones be bygones. Only on one occasion, when Khan made a significant donation to Ali’s charity, No More Tears, she clarified the story about the rum and coke to the New York Times: Salman had objected to her drinking, but he had not poured the drink on her head. He merely emptied it on the table where Ali was seated.

    At every point, men like Salman are able to position themselves as the wronged party – he is too passionate, too hot headed, too much of a man’s man, too kind-hearted, women take advantage of him. He beats up his girlfriends because he was hopelessly in love and wanted to settle down, while they were too career minded. He allegedly ran over pedestrians sleeping on the pavement because he was broken-hearted, drinking to forget Rai and her bitter words in the press. It is never really his fault.


  8. MSDhoni Says:

    The least Aishwarya should have done after all this is stood by her man Vivek and not leave him to rot when she realized his career tanking and he was of no use to her and jumped on the Bachchan bandwagon.

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    • I agree. Vivek put his career at stake for Aish only to look a fool as Aish did not come to his side then. This was Aish’s biggest face fall. This helped Salman as well as Aish came across as “clever & chaloo” rather than career oriented.


  9. MSDhoni Says:

    Salman Khan Breaks his Silence on Recent Controversy!

    “You reply, you don’t reply. People will still write what they want to. I may say something, it will be taken as something else. Phir ek statement ko ghuma firake kya hota hai you also know. It’s sad,” expressed Salman.

    So does Salman think that people are taking advantage of his silence?


    Today, at a press meet, Anushka was asked what was the best compliment she received after Sultan. She stated, “Like Salman said, people are watching the film over and over again. That’s amazing.” And, when Salman was asked the same question, he said, “Anushka and Ali (Abbas Zafar; director) made me look good in the film.”

    Immediately Anushka said, “That is the best compliment!”


  10. Shocking: Aamir at #9; he should have been above Hrithik atleast.

    Top 10 Actors in India as per Google


    1. Salman Khan
    2. Shah Rukh Khan
    3. Akshay Kumar
    4. Amitabh Bachchan
    5. Rajinikanth
    6. Hrithik Roshan
    7. Shahid Kapoor
    8. Ranbir Kapoor
    9. Aamir Khan
    10. Emraan Hashmi


    • And Sunny Leone is top of actresses? What is this list trying to prove? That Salman is an ex porn star????

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      • Naveen on 11th July you said this.

        I wonder if Satyam will shut this site if Sallu breaks Aamir’s record. The whole taam zhaam is to build the air castle.

        aside – Record will be broken. Sultan is better than PK. It will be the real ATBB and the the fake ones.

        Salman is No 1. Kaan khol ke sun lo bhaiyon. Accept kar lo. Chain milega.

        Both of you are becoming repetitive now. Try something new dear.
        Atleast i am honest. Jayshah is plain hypocrite and has disappeared now. You are here and facing the heat so that’s a change.

        I think we know you’ve lost this battle once again. And the true hypocrite hides & comes back to post something on Rustom, bypassing all the Sultan talk! Surprise surprise!

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        • Yes he has been bahaving very foolishly of late by trying to make one Khan bigger than the other and in doing so taking vicarious pleasure in believing as if “Akshay” has toppled the Khans 😉 But if Naveen were to bet, he would have gone kaput by now as almost all his bets have proved to be “chimera”

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        • Jayshah, I have been around very much and enjoying the success of Sultan. I posted the new song of Rustom because it release quite a few days back but was not considered to be on this site as you were busy with your agenda while Sultan rolled you around 360 degrees.


    • For Akshay Fans! 🙂

      During an interaction with a popular daily, Akshay was asked whether he feels a sense of competition with the three Khans – Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. To which he stated, “To compete with your peers is to play a fool’s game. The Khans are a force to reckon with. They are the ‘Khans’ for a reason. I have never competed with them. It would be wrong of me to want to do that. I know who I am, and I know where my name and effort can take me. I’m more than happy with my space in this world. That’s why I have so much peace of mind. I’m not running a marathon that has no finish line. On a lighter note, I can run around the block and come back home in time for dinner. I admire the Khans’ star power and salute their success. They do the same with me. But we are not in the same race. We have never been, and never will be.”

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      • Much more saner, fully aware of his place.


      • It’s an accepted fact. Akshay is not in the league of khans and the difference has widened in the last 3-4 years. Akshay best phase was in 2006-08 . Despite multiple releases his films made the same amount of money as khans( probably in the range of 60-70 crores) but the gap has widened now and frankly speaking no one expect an Akshay Kumar movie to make a 200 crores. Even if his films reach 120-130 crores it’s an achievement and I don’t buy this argument that since he has multiple releases he can’t give big grossers it’s just that he has lost a big chunk of audience.

        People praising him for doing diverse stuff in past few years should realise that he is doing all this after being marred by a number of unsuccessful commercial ventures. The failures in commercial cinema propelled him to change his path.If he would have done all this in 2006-08 it would have been a different thing altogether


      • **They are the ‘Khans’ for a reason. I have never competed with them. It would be wrong of me to want to do that. I know who I am, and I know where my name and effort can take me. I’m more than happy with my space in this world.**

        No surprise if Akshay gets killed or worse, trolled by Naveen for this…How dare Akshay say this about himself?


        • Well the likes of Aamir’s fans frustration is in full orgasm above.
          Dotson, Akshay’s comment on the Khans comes on the heels of Salman Khan pitting him above Aamir and SRK in his previous interviews. Now that was downplayed by the hypocrite Jayshah.
          He quotes me wrongly. I believe Salman is No 1, and by far a distance and I stand by it. The likes of Aamirsfans and Raj’s opinion hardly matters. They side with the lonely world that Jayshah portrays supported by Satyam.
          I like Akshay and it has nothing tondo with my fondness for Salman or SRK. I even like Aamir though for me he is not a star at the same level but a fine affable actor who makes fantastic movies. But hey Jayshah makes it look otherwise as his agenda is different.


          • jayshah Says:

            No need to drag Raj and Aamirsfans into your warped world. Like I said you quoted many things that NEVER actually happened. So keep dreaming. One day you’ll get to blow your mind with excitement. I’ll be there saluting you that you were right all along.


  11. Game, set and match! Tennis ace Sania Mirza shuts down TV journalist Rajdeep Sardesai for asking ‘sexist’ question on air, making him apologise. Twitterati then takes to social media to troll the senior journalist.

    Sania Mirza is India’s tennis superstar and the World No. 1 in women’s doubles ranking. She has been making the country proud in the tennis arena with her feats and is without doubt one of the most successful Indian athletes of all time. And she’s only 29 years old.
    We all should be saluting her for being such a great role model for both men and women. But that seems to be not enough for some people whose gender insensitivity can leave most of us astounded.

    Rajdeep: Amidst all the celebrityhood, when is Sania going to settle down? Is it going to be in Dubai? Is it going to be in any other country? What about motherhood… building a family… I don’t see all that in the book, it seems like you don’t want to retire just yet to settle down.
    Sania: You don’t think I’m settled?

    Rajdeep: You don’t talk about retirement, about raising a family, about motherhood, what’s life beyond tennis is going to be…
    Sania: You sound disappointed that I’m not choosing motherhood over being number one in the world at this point of time. But I’ll answer your question anyway, that’s the question I face all the time as a woman, that all women have to face — the first is marriage and then it’s motherhood. Unfortunately, that’s when we’re settled, and no matter how many Wimbledons we win or number ones in the world we become, we don’t become settled. But eventually it will happen, not right now. And when it does happen I’ll be the first one to tell everybody when I plan to do that.

    Rajdeep: I must apologise, I framed that question very badly. I promise you, you’re right, I would never ask this question to a male athlete…
    Sania: I’m so glad, you’re the first journalist to apologise to me on national television.
    Sania went on to later say, “(hope my achievements set a precedent that) no girl is asked at the age of 29 as to when she is going to have a child when she’s number one in the world… that’s no settling in.”

    This interaction led to Sardesai being trolled on Twitter.

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    • SRK launching Sania Mirza biography – Ace against Odds in Hyderabad.


    • Similar things have been spoken by Jennifer Aniston recently.


      • Now he may get notice from NCW! I did not expect this type of question from him of all the people.


        • Hear everything. See everything.
          But don’t talk. Don’t open your mouth unless you are alone in your room with none eavesdropping!


          • MSDhoni Says:

            Piers Morgan is perfect example of short+ sweet to the point Brit uptight humor and his twitter handle is the most interesting one and he livens up every conversation. Of course today rightfully he is in a very bad mood due to these #FranceTruckAttack

            But yesterday he had a perfect reply to “Jennifer” types for not having it both ways.

            Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan Jul 13
            ******NEW COLUMN*****
            Jennifer Aniston’s body-shaming blog – my verdict:
            My dear Jennifer, if you’re so fed up with having your body judged, stop trying to make it look so Photoshop-perfect on magazine covers

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          • So Rajdeep thinks she is unsettled and that must have rattled her! As long as a girl is not married, she is asked to settle down by marrying a guy. Afterwards she is expected to raise a family. Typical expectations from a patriarchal society. Well, he will be careful next time when he interviews a career woman. He could have simply asked her about her future plans or long term goals.


  12. MSDhoni Says:

    and media is same all over…..

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan Jul 13
    As always, my column is now being woefully misreported.
    Here is what I actually wrote about Jennifer Aniston.


  13. GGM getting very bad reviews. So Sultan wont be affected because of GGM. It should get 100 percent occupation or atleast 90 percent because the screens are reduced while the demand is still favourable. Let us wait and watch.


  14. Rip to all those who lost their lives in that mayhem. Very sad.


  15. Nice exchange- Jai Sultaaaan !!!


  16. Sultan had very strong collections again on its second Friday but the drop is there compared to what the film has been doing before. The collections were in the 7-7.50 crore nett range on the secomd Friday. There was a noticeable drop on Tuesday and it is there again on second Friday but this was sort of expected as there was a new release. Even though Great Grand Masti has not done well it has hit the collections of Sultan by around 15% on the second Friday.

    The second Friday is still a big number and only six or seven films have a better second Friday with most of these coming on a open week and for the other films the second Friday was day eight whereas here it is day ten.

    Week One (extended) – 229.09 crore apprx

    Friday (2nd) – 7.25 cr apprx

    Grand TOTAL 236.34 crore

    The business on the second Friday does make it hard to reach the nett figures of Bajrangi Bhaijaan but when Great Grand Masti was preponed it had made it a stiffer task already as to chase lifetime records, two open weeks are must and preferably three should be there. This will cost Sultan around 10-12 crore nett over the week. The share could still reach there as it racked up around 125 crore distributor share in week one and is chasing 162 crore of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


    • Matlab ke Tain Tain Phisssss ho raha hai…


    • doubt it does 300 from this point on..


    • I should also say that the ‘weakness’ (in a relative sense) was perhaps visible on day 1 (made this point at the time) when everyone in the trade said it could do unto 43 but would certainly do 40 or something and the final number was far lower. Obviously the evening shows didn’t quite show the strength that the earlier ones did. But in this ‘din’ of calling everything houseful, everything record-breaking and what not, this entire industry that is created with every big opening, and for which ‘hype’ is too small a word, all of this that goes on as long as the numbers remain very high, which is simply about an initial (obviously the film isn’t going to collapse on day 2 or 3.. not unless it’s a total flop.. specially given where Salman is right now) and not much more… eventually the numbers get weaker and everyone pretends it’s some sort of mystery. In Hollywood you don’t just celebrate a big film for a big opening, you look at how well or not it’s doing relative to some other big release, you look at relative strength at different times of the day, so on and so forth. No one celebrates a big film for simply opening well unless it really beats expectations. they don’t make more excuses for the bigger film than the smaller one!

      But what’s the point of even saying this? Some of us have said this dozens and dozens of times for many many years. It’s a game of partisans (online or offline), sometimes worse. Either some of us here are just smarter than everyone who makes these crazy predictions with many of these films or (the more likely thing since I don’t believe everyone in the trade is that incompetent!) it’s just this other stuff. whatever the motivation it’s being in the tank for one film or star or whatever. And the fans are equally responsible for becoming the ‘market’ for these narratives. You can love a star as much as possible, wish for all of his films to become record-breakers, predict things too (hey all of us have been burnt with predictions.. the Abhishek fan knows this better than most others!), all of this is ok but one shouldn’t be in a war with the facts and there should be some sense of reality about these things.

      For the record, and once more, I wouldn’t have had a problem with Sultan becoming the biggest grosser. But the stuff I’m saying above is more or less what the debate has always been for me.

      And now I will say something that I can’t resist and it’s not gloating but precisely directed at those who play the above games. Didn’t realize that PK would be Don — pakadna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai! Of course with enough of an initial this won’t be the case but that hardly disproves my point (this was true for the 3I number as well).

      Currently I’m chuckling to see how many folks who weren’t that hot on Dangal suddenly think this is as commercial a film as Sultan, as much of an easy thing as D3 or something, and hence it should now cross PK or do some such thing! C’mon guys! Now of course it would be the ultimate irony if despite losing the novelty value this film nonetheless crossed Sultan! The ‘opposition’ would have deserved this. Then again one would have thought that an entire post-Lagaan and certainly a post-Ghajini history would have convinced many. Some are just slow learners I guess.

      Never mind.. with Sultan not getting to the PK number one thing is clear. At least Akshay (and his ‘model’) is safe at the top..

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    • ***The business on the second Friday does make it hard to reach the nett figures of Bajrangi Bhaijaan but when Great Grand Masti was preponed it had made it a stiffer task already as to chase lifetime records, two open weeks are must and preferably three should be there. ***



  17. After the success of Udta Punjab, Shahid Kapoor has been busy with Vishal Bharadwaj’s Ragoon. News from the sets of this much awaited movie hasn’t been quite happy. Apparently the lead actors; Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut haven’t looked eye to eye other than while shooting a scene together. A member of the core crew said to a leading daily, “They give their shots like strangers and move away in their vans.”

    This cold war crept in between them because of creative differences, is what a close source told the daily. Adding light to the strained situation, between Shahid and Kangana the source said, “It started with mild arguments on the sets on as to how to interpret a shot, etc.”

    “As the shooting progressed, the matter blew out of proportion and the actors got into a war of words. By the time the shoot wrapped up the two were not even looking at each other until the camera was on,” added the source. When asked what was the exact problem that led to the entire facade, the source said, “Both Kangana and Shahid showered Vishal with suggestions, while Saif the third lead in the movie stayed silent. The matter got so bad that one would want to do a scene in a different way just because the other one said it should be a certain way.” (sic.)

    Going by the way these two are behaving, seems like they would never be doing a film together ever again.


  18. Being a Superstar can sometimes put you in unnecessary troubles and this came evident from the recent social media incident.

    In a shocking incident, a twitter user with handle @SRKMyCondom targeted singer Sona Mohapatra and ex Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Bhavnani and trolled them with a vulgar photoshopped image of Shah Rukh Khan.

    Speaking to the daily Sapna shared, “I wanted this account to be suspended. Twitter initially told me it was not violating any guidelines. Since I tagged Menaka Gandhi and the Mumbai Police, this user started tagging them too, but it backfired for him. Ever since I spoke out against Salman Khan for his rape comment, I face trolls everyday. But, they don’t bother me and I don’t block those profiles; I just report them.” (sic)

    “However, that picture and the tweet was so vile and distasteful, I tagged Meneka Gandhi in the retweet, but there has been no response from her yet.” (sic)

    Sona Mohapatra, on the other hand retweeted Sapna’s tweet and says, “There is a clear line between freedom of expression and targeted obscene harassment and it is critical that community guidelines be followed in the virtual world, just like the real world. I feel bad that Sapna got dragged into this since I had posted a pic of us in the gym and the Salman Khan controversy was still ranging.” (sic)

    Meanwhile, we tried contacting Shah Rukh Khan, his spokesperson clearly stated that the matter does not concern them and then won’t release any statement about it. “The matter does not concern us. Why should we comment on it?”


  19. So i am guessing due to the slow down Sultan might not touch the 300 crore Mark. Still Salman’s consistent Eid and Diwali blockbusters make him at the top.

    I am hoping Dangal is a better movie. Not sure what other biggies are here this year.


    • No I am suspecting week-end will throw up strong numbers – at the very least because viewers don’t have any other movie to watch!!

      But if GGM, as the Nostradamus of desi box-office BOI says, has indeed managed to dent Sultan’s collections, Oberoi might have gotten his revenge then?

      It was BAHUBALI then, it is GGM now; Salman has never been given a fair chance…


      • “Salman has never been given a fair chance…”

        True, he needs Christmas release with new year holiday next week and open 3 weeks run…

        But GGM will not make any dent to Sultan collection unless it does bahubali type of business.


        • **True, he needs Christmas release with new year holiday next week and open 3 weeks run…**

          Aamir perhaps will continue to be the only actor in the world who apparently is NOT responsible for his success inspite of starting and leading in all the cr(wh)ore clubs.

          1. Christmas holidays

          2. New year holidays

          3. Strong script

          4. Great songs

          5. Established directors [???!@]

          6. Heroines [Apex here was using Kareena [and her USP was supposed to be the fact that she was playing a prostitute — man, wouldn’t I jump at the prospect of watching Kareena play a prostitute? 1st day noon show and the last row corner seat for me–and Rani Mukherjee to HIGHLIGHT the ‘failure’ of TALAASH {inspite of 2 ‘glamorous’ heroines} to enter the 100 crore club.]

          7. Deliberate, planned, conspired releases only every 2-3 years to satiate a famished audience.

          8. A practiced, rehearsed, and deliberate sustained attempt to be called a socially-conscious actor by partaking in or producing socially relevant shows or supporting certain off-beat films.

          God how I would pay to be in Aamir’s shoes!! I have to virtually do nothing except gain weight and lose weight! and still enjoy the fruits of success!

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          • jayshah Says:



          • Of course aamir is responsible but there are other factors involved (Hirani). unless I missed talaash collecting over 200 crore but no worries, with all the factors you’ve listed there should be no reason why dangal doesn’t zoom past Sultan and eventually will go past PK total. Or are we going to start making excuses.


          • jayshah Says:

            Don’t worry there is backlog of excuses from all the recent SRK, SALMAN, HRITHIK, AKSHAY ‘blockbusters’ to choose from. Can’t see why Aamir can’t use them unless you agree he’s in another plane to these???


  20. Sultan may do well below 45 crore for 2nd week (Thursday to Wednesday).


  21. MSDhoni Says:

    There are of course many ‘Many Rivers to Cross’ but in the meantime let me give a few heartaches……

    Bollywood HungamaVerified account ‏@Bollyhungama 9h9 hours
    #BO: @BeingSalmanKhan starrer #Sultan collects Rs. 7.43 cr on Day 10 Total – Rs. 236.59 cr. ‏@addatoday 9m9 minutes ago
    #Sultan 2nd Saturday (11th Day) Collection Early Trends. Huge Day Again! … @BeingSalmanKhan @AnushkaSharma

    rohit jaiswal ‏@rohitjswl01 5h5 hours ago
    #Sultan storms Eve shows throught India.. Single Scrns Occupncy almst 75%+.. And Many SS HOUSEFULL… mltiplx 65%+ @BeingSalmanKhan

    Mmoseen ‏@TheMmoseen_87 1h1 hour ago
    #Sultan : 2nd Saturday night shows are EXTRAORDINARY Everywhere !!! @BeingSalmanKhan @yrf


    • jayshah Says:

      Nothing incredible here, this was expected & needed to get a shot at 300cr. A 30cr weekend & likely 45 cr 2ND week takes it to 275 cr but getting to 300cr still not a guarantee…in any case who said that’s the goal. Surely PK is still in sight?


    • MSDhoni must have gone through many a heartache after the tepid weekdays collections of Sultan, but today’s estimates have pumped him to the extent to predicting heartaches to others, that’s called “FAN”aticism at its zenith 😉


  22. MSDhoni Says:

    @Didn’t realize that PK would be Don — pakadna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai!

    hmmm !!!

    On that note here is a RD Burman classic for you with all the fringes of RK shaking his head –

    duniya me logo ko dhokha kabhi ho jata hai
    aankho hi aankho me yaro ka dil kho jata hai

    bira, tara tara tara, para para para
    bira, tara tara tara, para para para
    bira, bira, taratarataratara tararu


  23. MSDhoni Says:

    Let thy one step at a time….. slow and steady, that thou stumble not.

    At the moment what is at stake is week 2 numbers….which is July 20, 2016

    BB: 272.28 cr
    PK: 278.53 cr


  24. Well way it is faring a good weekend and then drops on weekdays. Goes to show its a well liked film but not something on the level of say 3Idiots.


  25. *** Oh man, Salman has one problem after the other***

    Sex comedies this year have not worked at all. Be it Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 or Mastizaade, all adult comedies failed to put up a great show at the ticket counters. Great Grand Masti too released and failed to put up a big total on its day one. But the situation with the Masti instalment is something else.

    Great Grand Masti was supposed to release on July 22 but following a subsequent online leak of its Censor Copy, 17 days prior to its releases, the makers decided to advance the film’s release. The film hit screens this Friday and suffered a huge blow at the ticket windows.

    While the film had a brand value as an advantage, the online leak has affected the film’s box office performance to a huge extent. The film collected only Rs 2.50 crore on Friday which is disastrous. At this rate, the film is on its way to become one of the biggest losses this year. But then, who will you blame for that?


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  27. Saw Sultan today. Good movie but somehow somewhere something was was missing. Salman should have done this movie 10 years ago. What that’s fine…his time is now and he can get away with anything. I guess the movie proves that Ali Abbas has done well Gunday but not at the level of Kabir Khan.


  28. Personally, I always jot down my thoughts very informally after my 1st watch. Right or wrong but at least I’m honest to myself. Below is my 1st comment after watching prior to reading any reviews.

    “Just back from the movie. To put it simply, this is gonna be huge winner for Salman Khan. It has potential to go near or over 300 crores but that little bit special feeling is missing like BB so I don’t think it will pass it…….. ”


    • AamirsFan Says:

      and then this happened…lol

      Master Says:
      July 9, 2016 at 2:55 AM

      Came back after watching 2nd time. Totally loved it. Went with huge group and everyone loved it. This will break PK’s record without much struggle IMO.

      in this case you were right and wrong i guess.


      • Nothing to lol IMO. For 2nd time I went with group of 12 folks and all of them loved it and then I too liked it very much. I felt it could do another 40 crore easily if WOM is really that good. But that could be wrong as all 12 liking could be incidental and not good sampling. 300 to 340 is not like 200 crore difference to feel offended.


  29. Sultan gained huge momentum again as the weekend started with business of around 11.50 crore nett on its second Saturday. This takes the business of the second weekend to around 19 crore nett and the grand total stands at 248 crore nett. The gain on Saturday from Friday is around 55%. The film should see good gains again on Sunday.

    That film is course to be the highest grossing film ever in the North and it was the Delhi NCR and East Punjab region which saw huge gains. The two days in the second weekend have already recorded better collections than what any film has recorded for the whole second weekend in 2016. It will be one of the few films to go over 30 crore nett for the second weekend and possibly even go over 50 crore nett for the second week though that depend on the Sunday growth..

    Great Grand Masti grossed 2.50 crore nett apprx again on Saturday which was similar to day one. The first day trend had pretty well made sure the film was not going to to get any worthwhile growth. The two day figures of the film are 5 crore nett apprx. The weekend of the film wlll be lower than films like TE3N and Mastizaade and this is for a film which would have been targetting 100 crore nett when it went into production as the last installment closed at 90 crore nett plus.


    • Sultan will earn around 300-305 crores,well short of PK despite such a huge head start . No justification can be given for this underpormance. It had everything going for it. The weekdays weren’t that strong which made the task tougher. I dont think that Great Grand Masti made even an iota of dent in collections. The film would have made the same even in absence of any release. Somehow the WOM seems to be not that great..


      • jayshah Says:

        I agree & I doubt YRF gave away favourable screens and show timings. Sultan is pretty much doing optimally, GGM is a tiny miniscule dent.

        Hardly worth mentioning.


      • Underperformance, a movie earning 300 crs has underperformed! I don’t think all big movies need to out gross the highest grosser to become successful, earning 300 crs is a monumental achievement, though, may not be on this blog where many are obsessed with pk or aamir films being biggest grosser.


        • Mr. Rajesh; 400 crores was a foregone conclusion by the USUAL suspects..what happened?

          Semantically speaking, even 100 crores can be called a big achievement.

          Quite happy with shifting goal-posts mid-game eh?

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        • Underperformance is a relative term. No one expects a Rustom/ Mohanjodaro to hit 300 crores. A solo release having a 5 day extended weekend earning a mammoth 180 crore in first five days raises expectation . IF the film do not hit 300 crores it means WOM is not at th sam level of BB/PK which some believed during the weekend.


        • rajesh, great point which I had made many times before but the wolfpack wont’ understand it.

          I had said samething that by their logic of using PK for comparison or 3I before it would be like saying all of bachhan films after sholay are flops because none of them made more than sholay, right???


  30. The team of film “Great Grand Masti“, which was leaked before its release, says that the copy they submitted to the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) was tampered with, while presenter Ekta Kapoor said that ‘conspiracy theories were at work’.

    In a press conference, director Indra Kumar said: “When the Cyber Cell officials went there (FCAT), they found that someone had opened the seal and put it in an album like a folder and they sealed that.”

    Actor Vivek Oberoi said: “You have to submit a sealed copy. They don’t have the right to receive a copy without a seal, so no one has the right to open that seal. From the condition in which the copies were found, it seemed someone had opened it and put it along with the other films and sealed it with them. That’s what we have been told as revealed from the investigation.”

    Actor Riteish Deshmukh said: “From the information we have, we are sure that (leaked copiesof ) ‘Udta Punjab‘ and ‘Great Grand Masti‘ were FCAT copies.”

    The film had leaked on digital platforms 17 days before its original release date of July 22. Vivek and Riteish also spoke about how the film was illegally showcased at a cinema house, on cable television, as well as through actual pirated copies.

    Ekta, from Alt Entertainment, the presenters of the film, had faced a similar situation when her production “Udta Punjab” had also similarly leaked. Asked about being targeted, Ekta said, “If the leak was planned as a ‘Target Balaji’ situation, then it’s most unfortunate but I don’t look at it that way.

    “There are conspiracy theories that have come into play, that we have been informed of, but I don’t want to say it to the press now.”

    Indra Kumar also said: “We are really distressed, all of us are broken, shattered. Two years of hard work and crores of rupees have just gone down the drain and that is because of piracy.

    “Our last franchise did 100 crores, with this we were expecting to do 150. It was not supposed to open so low. Piracy has hit us right on the head and the heart. We have suffered heavy mental and financial loss; government definitely needs to do something about piracy.”


  31. Watched Sultan. Loved it, found it better then PK. Salman was amazing. But the film is not about wrestling, it’s more of a love story.Film should do well in the coming weeks


    • MSDhoni Says:

      Absolutely Raj this was better than BB and PK ‘for me’ in terms of wholesome entertainment and satisfaction prior leaving theater.

      Box office wise +/- chalta hai……and as I said earlier there are many factors to get to absolute figures. If you look at the box office figures of movies this year, the audience is on a big decline and quick /drastic turn around is not possible with one shot !

      Unfortunately Salman has been unable to increase that fan base and he is himself to be blamed for his obnoxious behavior lately. He never did anything for the BB kind of soft audience to come out here… be frank in terms of fans and likability among audiences even now aamir & srk may be ahead among their peers and results of their perfect storm may be much stronger.


  32. MSDhoni Says:

    o mama o mama o mama o mama
    main aaya tere liye mein aaya tere liye…….Govinda style !!

    Not done yet….not so fast !!

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h5 hours ago
    #Sultan [Week 2] Fri 7.43 cr, Sat 11.46 cr. Total: ₹ 248.05 cr. India biz. ATBB.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 6h6 hours ago
    #Sultan had a STRONG Sat… Nears ₹ 250 cr mark, which should be surpassed today [Sun]… Sun, again, should be SUPERB

    RAJ BANSAL ‏@rajbansal9 2h2 hours ago
    The Sunday trends are just fantastic. Huge jump in collections. Most cinemas are House full during 3 pm show. #Sultan @BeingSalmanKhan

    rohit jaiswal ‏@rohitjswl01 3h3 hours ago
    To be honest was expctng 12… but it was 11.50cr ystrday.. Still huge… today as per trend btwn 15-17…. @BeingSalmanKhan #Sultan

    sabina lamba ‏@SabinaLamba 9h9 hours ago
    After a Big saturday hoping for another Huge Sunday for #Sultan. From Morning shows only Delhi/NCR fully occupied !Houseful ! #SULTANDOBARA ‏@addatoday 5h5 hours ago
    #Sultan 2nd Sunday (12th Day) Collection Update for Morning-Noon Shows. Its ROCKING! HOUSEFULL & only HOUSEFULL!

    Midwest Movies ‏@midwestmoviesus 30m30 minutes ago Hilliard, OH #Sultan still going strong in 2nd week total till $4,945,575 and jumps to @BeingSalmanKhan 2nd highest in NA earlier it was #PRDP


    • still doubt it touches 300. Might get close though. Think it will be a 280-290 range here but it might be slight stronger at the low end and touch 300. Either way it will fall well short of Bajrangi let alone PK.

      Maybe one day a film (with Salman or otherwise) can open to 250 in the first 5 days or whatever and then cross PK. Hey that’s what it took to get over 3I!


      • jayshah Says:

        Before starting a war of sorts. SRK only needed one EID release CE with competition to beat records. Salman’s had many many opportunities!


        • You really believe in the CE beating 3 Idiots story? Sure after 4 years someone was always going to beat that. The sad thing about the CE top grosser record was that it was so short-lived. It was broken in barely 3 months and some real average movies like Kick have since zoomed past that.


  33. SRK had two good opportunities in HNY and Dilwale and he came with substandard product. He is struggling big time with content and it will take for him to reinvent before he goes for a biggie.

    Sultan is definitely looking at 300 cr at the minimum. Its headed for 260+ by close of Sunday. Rest 4 days 19-23 should take it to 285 + and from there 2nd viewing will start and take the movie past 300cr.

    340 or thereabouts would have been still possible but next week seems again loaded with Kabali, Madaari, StarTrekBeyond.

    Anyways since aamir is not coming on 18th/19th of Dec and release date is a week later on 23rd thereby losing on few big days before Jan 5th, he may himself struggle to outdo Salman this year.



      BB will beat PK collection eventually, rejoice for Salman fans, but it has no chance on Sholay footfalls. So another pointless dumb Sunday afternoon article.


      • This footfall concept is a pure bullshit. There is no way one can ascertain these figures. As per Boxofficeindia PK, BB had more footfalls then 3 idiots that’s not possible. 3 idiots must have the highest footfall among all the releases in last 15 years.


        • These theories are quite perverse either created to propel someone to top or topple someone else & this is only produced now…after clearly sultan can’t do what most wanted.


        • I would argue for Gadar, I have never seen anything like what Gadar had done.

          This at the time when there weren’t many multiplexs.


          • Gadar was a rage no doubt about that but 3 idiots is the biggest hit since 2001 , it doubled the collection of Ghajini which was the highest grossing film till then . And this avg price ticket etc are purely a figment of their imagination . An OSO released in 2007 earns around 80 crores( which itself was a blockbuster) . A film releasing 2 years after that and minting 2.5 times isn’t watched by more people then films like PK, BB or Sultan that’s not possible ,and we are talking about 2007-2009 when it was not only about opening, they had to perform for 2-3 weeks. 3 idiots is the sole ATBB in the last 15 years.


          • I think over the last 2 decades, Gadar and 3 Idiots are the biggest ones.

            The trending in both cases was out of the norm. Gadar’s impact was absolutely exceptional. It grossed around 9 times its first week total. Compare to K3G a blockbuster released in the same year and the latter grossed around 3.5 times its first week total.

            Week after week, the collections of Gadar were not falling. I was seeing some figures some time back and in its week 9, it’s Delhi-UP collections were comparable Lagaan’s week 1.

            3 Idiots’ trending is remarkable. I don’t think any future movie is going to beat that. The way it trended and remained stable for nearly 3 weeks.. it defied the BO norm of today’s times.

            Whether it is PK or BB or Sultan, they don’t come close to those 2 movies. Gadar and 3 Idiots belong to the league of Sholay. They (along with HAHK) are the true yardsticks of movies that have been really lapped up by the audience.


      • In response to BOI changing HHAK footfalls from 4crore+ to 7 crore+, I asked and commented elsewhere

        ” when did BOI come into existence? How does it have data before existence. So all the footfall is crap. Even now, I am not sure you can calculate it. Ticket prices are different within same cinema hall within week. Ticket prices are different for different cinema halls. The tax portion is different…and so on… Here is interesting question, Do they calculate average ticket price first or footfall first?


        • For mathematically challenged:

          Total Gross = Average ticket price x Footfalls.

          You know only gross.


        • All those numbers are made up. There is no way they are getting figures from 20-30 years back from B and C centres. Getting figures from a few selected theatres there may be possible. But total collections??

          I think there was a phase where BOI were very pro-Deols. So, Gadar’s footfalls were always deemed to be unprecedented and unbeatable by them. They are still claiming this.

          You just had to read their reports on Sunny Deol movies back then.

          There was a period when they turned slightly pro-SRK. So, they started adding to lifetime collections of Devdas, Veer Zaara etc..

          Nowadays they are a bit pro-Salman and suddenly they come up with huge, increased footfalls for HAHK.

          I remember they once were quoted as saying that inflation of ticket rates throughout the 90s up to 2001 was marginal. So, lifetime collections of movies like HAHK, DDLJ, KKHH, RH, Border, Lagaan, Gadar up to K3G can be taken at face value. The inflation was minimal during that period, they claimed, and it kicked in really with the significant increase of multi-plexes after 2001.

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  34. Salman should have been here in this interview……


  35. Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn is all for women empowerment. He is even ready to promote Aamir Khan’s upcoming wrestling drama Dangal although he is not a part of the film.

    “I’m all for girl power and if Dangal has that theme then I’m promoting Dangal as well,” he tweeted after he was mocked by someone for retweeting photos of all parents who shared moments with their daughters with the hashtag #mygirlmystrength.


  36. Welcome to!


  37. Whenever on this blog PK and BB compared, these are shown as movies in different categories success wise. Can a difference of 15-20 odd crs on a base of 300 crs (6% difference taken PK as base) made BB less successful! Apart from technical aspects which puts PK as first and BB is second, there is no difference in level of success of both these movies if we remove colored spectacles from our eyes.
    And this obsession of down playing success of all big movies based on the fact that it was not able to out gross the biggest grosser is beyond understanding. In the 90s, DDLJ and Raja Hindistani were as celebrated hits as HAHK, though the difference there was much more in comparison to PK and BB. The recent case is Sultan, even though it will make 300 crs and will be only 3rd movie to achieve this, but, still, as it will fail to beat PK, it is underperformer. The intelligent Aamir fans on this blog accuse others of being fanatics but behave themselves same in a subtle way, They tend to discard any theory or report which does not suit to their narrative. They made fun of BOI and other trade people when pre eid and Diwali effects are mentioned but have no problem when boxofficemojo mentioned memorial day weekend record, thanks given weekend record, march weekend record and what not. Regarding relation between huge weekend and trending, the line mentioned in mojo today which these guys love to refer –

    “Performing a similar evaluation of McCarthy’s last six wide release comedies in which she plays the starring role we find, on average, a 4.136 multiplier. Should Ghostbusters perform similarly we’re looking at a $190 million domestic performance once all is said and done. Of course, with the larger opening weekend, Ghostbusters isn’t likely to deliver such high multiples, so, for the sake of comparison, here’s a look at the multipliers for McCarthy’s last six wide release comedies in which she played a starring role and what kind of domestic run Ghostbusters would be looking at if it performed similarly to any of them: ”

    One can see sigh of relief among them when it became clear that Sultan will not be able to beat PK. This relief was followed by taunting comments for Salman fans which may not more than one or two on this blog. Accusing others of excuses, one can already see excuses for Dangal. The movies made on similar subject, releasing on 4000 plus screens but one is commercial, other is not.

    So, until some other film star is able to beat PK, sit back, relax and enjoy Aamir worshipping here.


    • Tomorrow if Sultan beats PK, the same history will be repeated by anti aamir brigade. We were almost certain that Sultan will beat PK and we were able to take it with a sense of humour than depression or whatever. If it has to happen will happen. But then there is this comfort in the fact that a set of quality movies by aamir, srk, forget amitabh who is beyond which cant be overtaken by Salman in this birth however he might try without resorting to salman tricks, moves and dances in all the blockbusters he stars in. It is the anti aamir brigade who waits to see PK’s record broken by every salman or srk movie and who make that plain by their comments while we react to those comments and sentiments.
      Why Talaash did not get this benefit when it fell short by only 7 crores to get that 100? Why D3 will not get this benefit when Sultan scrapes through by a few crores?

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      • jayshah Says:

        I agree completely Sanjana, Rajesh comment had some substance till he revealed himself with last couple of paragraphs.

        Both films are commercial but even within the group of commercial there are variations.

        Did the subtle “commentators” compare Jai Ho with any other Salman film?

        Anyone can see Dangal sounds like a pretty different film in terms of treatment to Sultan even if same topic.

        Is The Dark Knight same as Batman? Is Jack Nicolson’s Joker the same as Heath Ledger’s? The character and villain is same but the treatments/nature of portrayal vastly different. One’s a fun throwback to the 60’s TV show Joker, the other is a darker more serious take much akin to terror/sadistic.

        On Dangal – I’ll predict when I see a promo, re-predict if I see the film, the sensible way of doing things. At least wait to see the critical numbers like the first Mon or 2nd Fri which tell more than the opening nowadays.

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    • The problem with folks like you is that their hellbent-ish attitude would keep concocting narratives despite their non-existence as “You all wear glasses made of anti-Aamir elements” 😉 No Aamir fan is denying the superstardom of Salman, but just trying to put senses whenever some “myths and propagandas” are floated first to elevate Salman to “God” level, then later on despite the realisation of him “being human” keep making excuses to deify him as they can’t digest the bitter truth! Stating the truth irks Bhai fans, Aamir is no God nor his fans make him one and they realise the frailties human beings have including Aamir. So let’s try to be as rational as much we can by showing sincerity and maturity of grown-ups not stooping to teen tendencies!!

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      • I already accepted Aamir fans are intelligent! And, probably you don’t me enough to brand me anti Aamir. Who has grown up or mature is clear from the thing that you are attacking me where as I have not mentioned any name.
        Any ways, I knew that writing anything which remotely appears anti Aamir is bound to get me such replies where as I did not write anything against Aamir, did I?


        • I don’t understand the slightly extreme reaction to Rajesh’s post above. I don’t think it was offensive in any way. Perhaps laced with sarcasm, but to take offense is a bit OTT.

          More to the point, what’s the real discussion about? Bragging rights? WhOn a discussion forum based on box office numbers that don’t really mean anything to us personally speaking?

          One thing is for sure — no one’s willing to change his/her mind. If XYZ’s fan thinks he’s #1, then that’s the truth for him/her. No amount of counter-arguments can change that outlook. And for what it’s worth, winning arguments by force or by ganging up only results in a pyrrhic victory in the end. There’s only bitterness that remains long after the dust settles.

          Back to Sultan I did get to watch it and while I’m not that impressed with the film (it’s a by-the-numbers story from the sports genre), it’s not the kind of film that one should criticize Salman Khan for. To be fair, Salman Khan deserves a ton of criticism — from his casual remarks to his other off-screen activities — but one shouldn’t criticize him for Sultan. This is a mainstream film that has more heart to it than I could have imagined. Coming from Salman Khan, whose backlog includes such crappy films like Kick and Jai Ho it is impressive. He doesn’t play himself in the film and the rustic setting and earthy-feel of the movie are at least worth appreciating, if not applaud-worthy.

          There are far worse mainstream films that get made in Bollywood. Sultan at least doesn’t insult one’s intelligence.


          • jayshah Says:

            Saket we’ve debated whether it’s sehwag or Tendulkar a very dry subject itself, throwing numbers from everywhere. But when someone I respect is suggestive things are OTT, I believe it & I’m happy to reduce my chat on box office going forward on that basis. You are right positions are already decided & better to focus on the film.

            I’ll down my tools (for now) but if anyone shall make it personal, I’m quite happy to retaliate in a candid fashion.


          • Develop thick skin like Rajen 🙂

            BTW no on tried to answer my googly on footfalls and average ticket price 🙂


          • Jay, I can categorically say that I wasn’t talking about you. It’s just that I saw Rajesh comment something that was contrary to the popular opinion and I wasn’t sure he deserved that response. From what little I’ve seen of him, don’t think he’s the kind of person who’d get muddy in a fight. That’s all that there is, really!

            I don’t have any issues with your box office reporting. I think it’s wonderful and you’ve been doing a great job with it since ages. I think Satyam mentioned it once (in jest, I think) that this is your true calling and I couldn’t agree more! You’re really good with this stuff and you shouldn’t ever stop. Even if I (I’d have to be seriously drunk) or anyone else suggests otherwise. In fact, I don’t ever visit BOI…I get the ‘real’ box office information right here!


          • Munna: Yes, you make a very valid point with regards to footfalls. There’s no way of knowing what the true footfalls are, unless there’s a proper tracking system put in place.

            The best one can do is guesstimate — if a movie does better in single screens, comparatively speaking, then one can assume that it has seen more footfalls (for a similar-ish final gross).


          • If we take away boi and its commentaries, half the fun will be gone. We all enjoy this banter. If somebody cant take it, its their prerogative. No one forces anyone to accept something. If it is unfair ganging up, you missed the ganging up during the initial eurphoria. Who cares about the movie itself? The fans are worried about its beating some other movie. They are not bothered whether it is a well made movie or trash.


          • Thanks Saket, though I comment here occasionally, those who know me from NG know that I am not a fan of any particular star. I just choose to react hare as this site has some pretty good commentators who are quite sensible and rational until something related to Aamir’s (and Amithab’s) box office numbers comes up.

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          • It is unfair to say the Aamir ‘fans’ are ganging up against Rajesh.

            I agree that Rajesh is making a fundamentally valid point which is lost in pointless debates of box-office dick-measuring. [And I don’t mean it as an insult to Krish or Jayshah’s expertise on box-office; I only talk of voice-drowning in the din here.] How is 300 cr, on a scale, drastically less than 325 cr? Agreed. Totally. But what he is missing and what Aamir and Amitabh fans — who according to him, lose their sanity when it comes to them — are NOT doing is altering the goal-posts.

            Have you seen Aamir fans’ clap their hands in glee at the prospect of Aamir working with say, Mani and producing 400 crores? Or do they actually clap their hands in glee at the possibility of one of arguably India’s greatest commercial director working with Aamir and getting a fantastic cinematic experience? You have the answer there.

            Who started these debates? Who said Salman is the new Amitabh Bachchan? And who willfully signed up? Who is/was trying to desperately prove that SRK actually has inherited Amitabh’s mantle?

            Track the threads back and you have the answer. It was stated vehemently that if ANY movie had the chance to break PK’s record, it was BB. But then, BAHUBALI threw a monkey’s wrench and Salman was, poor Salim’s boy, unfortunately derailed on the path to box-office immortality. And then, SULTAN was/is supposed to be that lantern that would shade all box-office records. That doesn’t seem to be happening now — at least as of now. Imagine, GGM, a movie that would get a wretched review even from perennially horny with Leone and Rautela’s wet-dreams and exams’ petrified 12th standard kids was considered to be an impediment to a movie that rattled up almost 30+ crores every day for 5 days!!!

            Now that folks bring these points up, and these are countered, suddenly all supporting Aamir and Amitabh are ‘undemocratic’ and belittle other’s achievements?

            Z very conveniently brings up the point whether, for example, SATTE PE SATTA would be any lesser achievement than SHOLAY just because it lasted 2 years in theaters and not 5? Of course it is not a lesser achievement cinematically. But numerically, hell yes!! It is! So it depends on what your yardstick is? ‘Popularity’ of a movie? ‘Repeat-watchability’ of a movie? Or that Eisenstein invention of ‘foot-falls’?

            So it was all about ‘winning’ the match come-what-may. Now that the score of 350 runs looks daunting in the last 5 overs when you are stuck at 270, hey, 300 is also quite a stunning run-chase? []. Well it is for me, for sure. But that is now how you set up the debate did you?

            I am hardly interested in BO stuff but yes, one cannot be blind and start chanting ‘democracy’ when democracy doesn’t work out in your interest..

            There will be a movie grossing more than PK one day; who knows whose it is — but certain ‘factors’ that go into the making of an ATBB [a term ‘whored’ around in today’s times] — that are ridiculed when it comes to a particular actor, are now missed. The sooner one understands, the better.

            I care two hoots about who breaks Aamir’s record; I only pray it’s one helluva cinematic experience..

            Amitabh’s, well, what-ever floats your boat..

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          • **I am hardly interested in BO stuff but yes, one cannot be blind and start chanting ‘democracy’ when democracy doesn’t work out in your interest..**

            Typo: ‘Undemocratic’


          • Who started these debates? Who said Salman is the new Amitabh Bachchan? And who willfully signed up? Who is/was trying to desperately prove that SRK actually has inherited Amitabh’s mantle?

            If people respond to KRK – a certified moron – and take him seriously then it’s not his problem. It’s the people who decide to waste their time arguing with idiots who are at fault. Don’t mean to say one shouldn’t offer a counterargument; by all means one should, but offer facts for consumption and then leave it there. Or so I happen to think!

            If people decide to shift goalposts or alter the terms of the debate then one knows who’s at fault. Doesn’t mean one should then form a tribe and act in a similar vein.


          • I re-read the comments, I think the discussion scored par for the course. You need to take into account previous Sultan thread.

            Based on first 5 days, every one thought Sultan will do 350-400. But first Monday, the goal post changed to, “may beat PK”. Based on weekdays, the goalpost changed to “may touch 300”. The comments started with use of underperformance; Based on first five day it is an underperformance IMO where you add mere 40% (180+120). Also the ticket pricing in India increases with every release. If you get same or lower number, the number of people also don’t match.If Udta Punjab does 200, that will be a super performance. Based on genre-treatment, ticket pricing and initial five day, people are going to say it is an underperformance in terms of white box. Overall movie did good if you see as black box!


          • Munna: I’m actually not arguing for (or against) the box office performance of the film at all. I thought it was strange that Rajesh made a post about 300 crores not being such a bad figure overall, and people thought he was a Salman Khan apologist. I’m actually arguing against such a tribal (bipartisan) bent given to such discussions where one has to belong to one group or another. That’s not always the case. Even neutral folks can have a say in these matters and that should not be a reason to paint that person with broad strokes. That was the point I was trying to convey…

            The other point has to do with whataboutery – where were you when these guys said this, what were you doing when such moronic statements were passed along as facts – I don’t know about others but if I chose not to respond earlier, maybe I was doing something more interesting in life! Like watching a movie, reading a book or even sleeping…instead of refuting every single silly argument made on the internet.


          • But you woke up when Rajesh got some replies. Naturally we ask you why now? Why this sudden interest? You are saying that you are neutral. Even we are also neutral unless provoked. Just like you, We wake up when provoked and reply or react.


          • I chose to respond because the gist of Rajesh’s argument – that Aamir fans were more or less behaving in the same vein as Salman or SRK fans – is something that resonated with me as well. I too felt that at some level and hence I chose to respond. The corollary to this line of thinking is that I judge (or would like to judge) Aamir fans by higher standards – I naturally assume that they’d be more tolerant, less cynical and more fair in making their case. After all if Aamir imbibes certain qualities, people who stand by him (myself included) would exhibit those too, no?. Guess I was wrong!


          • If you are really neutral, you should check the history instead of asking us to bear it and not to react. If you have excuses that you were busy, then give us the benefit of doubt.


          • Aamir fans are also humans not holy saints. By now you must have realised. We have our own individuality and many times we disagree with aamir also. We dont blindly follow him. Come on, he is not perfect or near perfect.


          • Saket again you are getting the wrong impression and purporting that a ‘sensible’ point made by Rajesh is being gagged. I have written that fundamentally I agree with Rajesh. But that’s NOT at all the point of discussion here.

            As Munna has made it clear, the counter-points or arguments are ONLY against the points made earlier, not invented! I re-read MyselfAamir’s statement and though the last sentence might appear a bit harsh, he actually is just saying that Rajesh is missing the point that the terms of debate are being changed as per convenience.

            Second, and I think this directly concerns me. I am not asking your whereabouts when Salman fans were orgasmic and making gigantic statements of a comparatively easy 400, and, to turn the shoe on the other foot, saying Aamir’s fans once again resort to age old theories of trending, etc.. put Salman or SRK or anyone down. NONE of the Aamir fans, I believe are doubting the current star-power of Salman. They would be living on Mars if they were doing so. I am just pointing out what is the context of responses..not saying you HAD to be present and you don’t have a right to jump in now; all it says is that due consideration should be given to the context of the responses.

            I myself have been at the receiving end when I vehemently — and still do — disagreed with Aamir who, I firmly believe, decided to jump onto the ‘Intolerance’ bandwagon. But some folks did make reasonable arguments there and I appreciated that. There were, however, some that VEHEMENTLY stood by Aamir as though he could do or say NO wrong.

            However, over here, they are surely only responding to the ‘negating’ of factors like ‘well-liked’, trending, repeatability..etc.

            And as I said before, on a broader level, I completely agree with Rajesh..however, the discussion was NOT at all about that..

            I believe there is no ganging up on Rajesh and I have not tried to drown out his voice. If Rajesh feels I have tried to gag him, then I apologize.

            Having said that, I guess it’s time for me to stop venturing into BO threads..or at least try to be extremely minimal. As it is, these are neither my strengths nor do they interest me..


          • Bina knok-jhok ke, bahut saada rahegaa forum!

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          • On that note.. we are missing -knickers in a twist – guy for sometime 🙂
            May be he is waiting for SRK cubs ..sorry fans to return to the forum!


  38. Real star is Parikshit Sahni…now part of all biggies from 3I PK and Sultan. 😜

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  39. Week One (extended) – 229.09 crore apprx

    Friday 7,50,00,000

    Saturday – 11,50,00,000

    Sunday – 15,00,00,000 apprx

    Second Weekend – 34,00,00,000 apprx

    Grand TOTAL 263.09 crore

    The film is now chasing the business of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK which are the top two grossers. The film will cross the 300 crore nett mark but PK nett collections are probably out of range and the main question that remains is that where it finishes in terms of the 316 crore nett figure of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


    • They are delusional to even suggest Bajrangi. It will barely touch 300 in best case scenario.or am I missing something in these numbers?


      • reaching 300 will be hard if 2nd Monday collection is around 3 crore which would be typical, since that would put the fall at around 60% from 2nd Fridays collection. It may wrap up around 275.

        If todays collection surprises than that may change things. But I doubt it will collect anything over 4 crore.


  40. jayshah Says:

    Jolly LLB first look before foul play is called on thyself. It stars non other than the exceptionally talented superstar – Akshay Kumar in the lead role. It releases next year amongst many other Akshay Kumare starrers.


  41. Great Grand Masti Struggles Over Weekend

    Great Grand Masti struggled on the account of a pirated version of the film being leaked a couple of weeks back. The film grossed around 8.25 crore nett in its first weekend. The collections are so bad that the lifetime business of the film is not going to be much higher than the first day of Grand Masti released three years back.


    • “The collections are so bad that the lifetime business of the film is not going to be much higher than the first day of Grand Masti released three years back.”

      This is actually very sad when a sequel of ‘superhit’ film can’t even match the 1st day in lifetime collections. Piracy killed this movie completely!


      • MSDhoni Says:

        Piracy affected them in terms of panic / release strategy and they over estimated the impact……I am not sure people will be so desperate to catch this type of movie online when there is so much content / material available on cable and net to charm the cobra.

        Like the previous version they should have come in Sept when college /school going is at its peak as one can have fun with this type of genre when among group of college mates / friends etc…

        Further the reviews were terrible and most complained of forced humor. Masand and Anupama Chopra really went after the movie and trashed it in a funny way. Here is one example –

        Anupama Chopra ‏@anupamachopra Jul 15
        #GreatGrandMasti is about a ghost who needs to get laid. I’m not kidding. My review –


        • This why the box-office in India still remains very quirky and there are a lot of external issues affecting the final outcome on a movie. Suddenly this year all the 3 sex comedies were tossed out with no takers at all.

          Similarly big ticket movies too have their own eccentric graph and one shouldn’t get stuck with the nitty gritty which clouds decision making. We have all heard the famous quote – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts….


  42. MSDhoni Says:

    Bollywood HungamaVerified account ‏@Bollyhungama 4h4 hours ago
    #BoxOffice @BeingSalmanKhan ‘s #Sultan collects Rs. 263.23 cr
    Weekend ₹ 34.07 Cr

    rohit jaiswal ‏@rohitjswl01 4h4 hours ago
    #Sultan will collect 6cr today as per trend till mat shows…… occupncy low but stable throught India… @BeingSalmanKhan @yrf

    CB ‏@cinema_babu 4h4 hours ago
    #Sultan is all set to cross PKR 30Cr gross in Pakistan this week which is a new benchmark for any Bollywood Film !!!

    RAJ BANSAL ‏@rajbansal9 2h2 hours ago
    #SULTAN Crosses ₹ 500 Crore/$ 75 Million Worldwide Gross Box Office In 12 Days.

    @addatoday do u think it’ll work after this Friday with Kabali on the cards and speculation that it’ll be release in ovr 3.5k screens in ind ‏@addatoday 20h20 hours ago Retweeted Aakash Taleda
    #Kabali will not affect #Sultan much in Hindi belt. Which is major grossing zone. In South definitely!!

    KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan 8h8 hours ago
    11 films releasing on 22nd July-Madaari, Love Ke Funday, Ishq Click, M Cream, M. A. Pass, Dirty Story, Red Rose, Female Express, Kabali etc.


  43. Why on earth is there SO much talk about the box office returns of these films? Who the effing cares really– other than net fans? In the real world people watch a film or not, understand that it made a ton of money, or a bit less– and move on. Are we the public going to get a fraction of this money? So if Salman had tied up a Rs 1000 crore deal with tvchannels — don’t know how much to believe — he gets it all and good for him and his family. If SRK and Akshay make it to the Forbes big bucks list — good for them. It does not make them greater actors. Irfan Khan with a smaller income still tops my respect list, along with Nawazuddin Siddiqui. And Aamir is somewhere there too, for me. Aamir’s Talaash and even Mangal Pandey are creditable films in my opinion, and I am glad he did them. Dhoom 3 made a lot of money, but while Aamir did his double role fairly well, the film was just ok.

    I liked Bajrangi Bhaijaan and do not care about the money it made. Am yet to watch Sultan; will probably watch it on tv whenever the tv premiere happens.Surprisingly a movie buff in Bangalore, my relative, has refused to watch Sultan on big screen. Says that he is not going to pay high ticket rates, that he is willing to wait for its tv premiere. He did watch the Kannada film Tithi, highly praised by many beyond Kannada film circles.

    I will be happy to get Rs 15 lakhs in my account. PMji, are you reading?

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    • “Irfan Khan with a smaller income” he may have lot of things small but income ain’t it!! He prolly makes more than anyone in BW with all his hollywood projects paying him in dollars.


  44. @ls820I liked Bajrangi Bhaijaan and do not care about the money it made. Am yet to watch Sultan – I will strongly recommend this in a movie theater for maximum impact esp the background score !

    ” will probably watch it on tv whenever the tv premiere happens”

    now this another ‘new’ aspect in movie going audience one cannot disregard. Most of the movies are now premiering within a month or so of their release it will require strong motivation for repeat audience unless you find the right crowd and want to hang around with them for another dekko.

    On the box office returns / earning – Its not much of significance and doubt anyone cares beyond a point, but with the advent of net reporting / twitter / Facebook / Blogs, this has been the general trend not only here but is a worldwide phenomenon in gauging acceptance.
    It also forms the part of the amusement of being on movie blogs / twitter / Facebook.

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    • I think everyone agrees that situation in Kashmir is bad. But why are youth on road? To support a terrorist (Indian View)/freedom fighter (Pakistani view)? Shouldn’t they be school or earning bread and butter? Is independence or merging with Pakistan going to give more opportunities to people? I think independence will help few people politically; Instead of Chief Minister, you will be called Prime minister.

      People don’t understand that Kashmir can not sustain itself economically without help. There are two sources of income ;Tourism and Agriculture. It is not enough . You need political stability for tourism to grow. And connection via land for export of agriculture goods. People don’t understand it will become like Afghanistan with multiple power points.


      • AamirsFan Says:

        all fair points…i tend to agree on the Afghanistan point. But I believe it is time for Kashmir to be independent from the two countries…though I doubt either country will ever let that happen. Innocent lives are being affected and lost on all sides…which usually happens in these kinds of cases.


        • From India’s point, it can not allow to set a precedence in a diverse country. If you give independence, there will be other clamoring for it.


    • what a hatchet job by the reporter..he seems to imply that the security forces are deliberately blinding these protesters. The ‘protestors’ are systematically attacking police stations and army camps, looting weapons etc.

      An Independent Kashmir (muslim state) is just not a viable option in this neighborhood. IMO unfortunately converting the LOC into a permanent border may be the best solution (with no making-borders-irrelevant type nonsense).

      I think India has done a rather poor job of providing moral support to Baloch freedom fighters, maybe its time to host some of them in camps.


  45. Lol this is better than I expected to be (no expectations). Looks like Krrish except more entertaining.




    “Kabhi tanhaiyon mein hamari yaad ayegi” from the 1961 movie “Hamari Yaad Aayegi”,


  47. They may be fierce rivals at the box office. But their personal equation exceeds all other considerations. It therefore comes as no surprise to know that Rajinikanth has put all preview screenings of Kabali on hold until his friend and colleague Kamal Haasan is back on his feet.

    For those who came in late, Kamal Haasan fractured his leg last week, rendering him immobile for at least two weeks.

    Says a source close to Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth, “Rajniji had resolved to show Kabali to his friend and colleague as soon as it was ready. He values Kamalji’s opinion and in fact Kamalji has given Rajniji tips on how to improve on several projects in the past. Kabali is very crucial for Rajniji’s future. It comes after two thundering flops Kochadaiyaan and Lingaa. Kabali has to work bigtime.”

    Apparently, Rajinikanth was all set to hold a very private screening of Kabali for Kamal Haasan when the accident happened.

    “Rajniji will wait. First Kamal Sir, then others,” says a source close to the film.


  48. Sultan had a noticeable drop for the third time in its run on its second Monday. This has happened before on first Tuesday, second Friday and now the second Monday Each time the film has stabalised later so same is likely to happen as its and established film. The film grossed around 4.25 crore nett on its second Monday which is 40-45% from Friday.

    The total business of the film so far is a huge 267 crore nett and the second week seems to be heading for around 49 crore nett which will take the total after two weeks to around 278 crore nett. The third week will not see any major competition as the main Hindi release is Madaari which is unlikely to open well.

    There will be huge drops down South though as the Rajnikant starrer Kabali will release and that film is expected to take those markets by storm be it Tamal Nadu, Kerala, Nizam / Andhra or Mysore.


    • Addatoday reported 45 percent drop and nett collection 4.1 crore.


    • koimoi says the drop is 30 percent and the nett is 4 crores.


        • don’t rush to judgment Munna.. let’s wait till the Mon of the 5th week to see where it’s going. Did anyone every rush to judgment when they said at the interval of the first show on the first day of release that it would do 400? The even more sober ones said that if it did a penny less than 350 they would make up the balance from their pockets.

          But one must also not rush to judgment without considering all the many disadvantages Salman uniquely faces each time his films release. First off he never gets an entire year without competition. Worse still they try and release Tamil movies in Tamil Nadu and cut into his screen space. People are busier than they were some months ago, traffic is worse than it was a few weeks ago. More TV channels in the meantime adding to the distractions not to mention new smartphone apps. Piracy also became an issue last week. All this is bad enough. I don’t even want to repeat the point on Aamir here except to say that he continues to play dirty. Doing good scripts or whatever ensures good trending. Anyone can do well in a good film (this is why I wish I’d been offered one of the Sholay roles or perhaps the lead in Deewar). The key is to do well in junk. On that note I have it on very good authority that good directors are always afraid to offer Salman roles in meaningful films. Because he might run them over. Kabir Khan has to make up for Bajrangi.. by doing something more like ETT next time. Otherwise Salman might treat him like a black buck. He’s such a misunderstood guy…

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    • Very average figures. Though I loved the film but it seems a section of audiences haven’t liked the film. The trending is poorer then D3.


  49. Great Grand Masti dropped 40% on Monday from its Friday number which is a better than normal drop but its fate was sealed on day one with such low collections. Despite the reasonable drop, the collections and occupancy remain low which will mean it will be out of most theatres in a week. The four day daily collections of Great Grand Masti are as follows

    Friday – 2,50,00,000

    Saturday – 2,50,00,000

    Sunday – 3,25,00,000

    Monday – 1,50,00,000

    TOTAL – 9,75,00,000 apprx

    The first week business of the film will go to around 13 crore nett plus and lifetime will probably be a stretch reaching 15 crore nett. A film which probably would have got to 50 crore nett if it had released as planned will have to settle for 70% less business due to a its copy being leaked two weeks before release.


  50. Kabali power…

    Sathyam cinemas in Chennai has more than 8-9 theatres. All screens are showing only Kabali and all screens are full..No other movie has even a single show. Same story for Saturday and Sunday and Monday.


  51. Kabali Power.

    BMS has no tickets available in Chennai and Bangalore in all theatres!! 🙂


    • But those are very less screenings, no idea how movie will collect such big amount from limited regional screenings.


  52. A police source said the government of Punjab, the country’s largest province, has made it impossible for the family to forgive the son who murdered her – a common legal loophole that sees many honour killings go unpunished in Pakistan.

    “It was done on the instructions of the government. But it happens rarely,” said the Punjab police official.

    A senior government official in Islamabad confirmed the order came from the Punjab government.

    More than 500 people, almost all of them women, die in honour killings in Pakistan every year, usually at the hands of relatives acting over a perception shame has been brought on the family.

    It was not immediately clear if the Punjab government’s decision would lead to any meaningful reforms. An anti-honour killings bill that aims to close the family forgiveness loophole has been bogged down in parliament.

    Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in February promised to speed up the passage of the proposed law but right groups say there has been no progress.

    “There is no honour in killing in the name of honour,” Sharif said about Baloch’s murder, according to his daughter, Maryam.

    Baloch’s father, Muhammad Azeem, has filed a police complaint against Waseem and another one of his sons for their role in Baloch’s murder.


  53. Dear Zindagi First look.

    Looks good.


  54. MSDhoni Says:

    This is going to be huge ! Gutsy woman ! The scumbag Aisles finally gets nailed !!

    Fox News’ Megyn Kelly accuses Roger Ailes of sexual harassment

    Breaking911 ‏@Breaking911 19m19 minutes ago
    BREAKING: Fox’s Megyn Kelly alleges Ailes sexually harassed her

    Gabriel ShermanVerified account ‏@gabrielsherman 3h3 hours ago
    Megyn Kelly has told lawyers Ailes harassed her. Murdochs have told Ailes to resign by Aug. 1 or be fired for cause


  55. MSDhoni Says:

    taran adarshVerified account ‏@taran_adarsh Jul 18
    #Sultan new poster… Crosses ₹ 500 cr [gross] WORLDWIDE… $ 75 million… #YRF ‏@addatoday 11h11 hours ago
    #Sultan 2nd Tuesday (14th Day) Collection Update for Morning-Noon Shows. Steady! @BeingSalmanKhan @AnushkaSharma

    Sultan Official ‏@SultanTheMovie 4h4 hours ago
    SULTAN SLAM takes over box office with a bang!


    • does all of this mean Sultan will cross PK in India? Bajrangi? Please alert me when either development takes place. Thanks in advance.


  56. Veteran cricket administrators like Sharad Pawar (Mumbai Cricket Association), N Srinivasan (Tamil Nadu Cricket Association), and Niranjan Shah (Saurashtra Cricket Association) will not be able to continue serving cricket due to the age cap of 70 recommended by the Lodha Committee and approved yesterday by the Supreme Court.

    Pawar (75) will end a 15-year association with the MCA. “As this is a Supreme Court decision, we have to accept it. But it is unfortunate that Pawar saheb who contributed so much to the association for the last 15 years is now unable to work because of this restriction. It is a great loss to the MCA,” MCA Hon Jt Secretary Dr PV Shetty told mid-day yesterday.

    The Board of Control for Cricket in India has been given six months time to implement the Lodha recommendations. Srinivasan is 71 while Shah, the senior-most official in the BCCI is 72. State associations like MCA are also hit by the one state, one vote recommendation.

    “The decision about one state, one vote representation is also unfortunate because our (MCA) association is the oldest in our state. Also, it is not clear how they (BCCI) will allocate the funds, whether it is for one State or separate for each association in the state,” Shetty added.

    The barring of ministers and civil servants will hit MCA too because the association has a couple of civil servants in their managing committee.


  57. Sultan, after seeing a massive push in collections over the weekend (that saw Sunday almost double up Friday numbers), is maintaining decent numbers on weekdays. Frankly though, one would have expected collections to be in 4.5-5 crore range on each of the these days, considering zero competition from Bollywood or Hollywood. That said, the silver lining is that it is still collecting at the least, as a result of which around 3.75 crore* more came in on Tuesday.

    The film has crossed the 270 crore mark and currently stands around 271 crore*. The film is an All Time Blockbuster already, though given the pace that it had picked up in its first five days, one sensed the Salman Khan starrer to breeze past the 300 crore mark in quick time. Currently, it is in a wait and watch mode.

    Great Grand Masti is on its way out. The film didn’t stand a chance after its opening day and has been merely dragging along to meet its eventually fate.

    At around 11 crore* currently, the adult horror comedy would finish below lowest notable grossers of the year, Fitoor and Te3N, both of which netted around 18-19 crore each.

    *Final numbers awaited


  58. Sultan dropped around 10% on its second Tuesday and the total now stands at 271 crore nett apprx. The second week will fall a little short of 50 crore nett which will make it the sixth highest second week collecion of all time. The film had a long first week and there are no holidays in week two for Sultan which meant it would always have been impossible for Sultan to challenge the big second week grossers.

    Friday 7,50,00,000

    Saturday – 11,50,00,000

    Sunday – 15,00,00,000

    Monday – 4,25,00,000

    Tuesday – 3,75,00,000

    Second Week – 42,00,00,000 apprx (5 Days)

    Grand TOTAL 271.09 crore

    The lifetime business of the film seems to be heading for around 300 crore nett. An early estimate would be around 300-305 crore nett but a lot depends on the number this Friday and then the growth which comes on Saturday. The film has seen a trend of huge weekends and collections coming off on the weekdays.

    There will be huge drops down South though as the Rajnikant starrer Kabali will release and that film is expected to take those markets by storm be it Tamal Nadu, Kerala, Nizam / Andhra or Mysore.


  59. Dhanush sings for Telugu film ‘Thikka’

    “Dhanush has crooned the title track of the film. This is the first time he has sung in composer Thaman’s music,” a source from the film’s unit told.

    On Tuesday, after the record, Thaman posted a picture with Dhanush on his Twitter page.

    Having majorly sung in Tamil, Dhanush has now started crooning in other languages. Last year, he sang a song in Kannada film “Vajrakaya”.

    Dhanush is currently shooting for Tamil gangster drama “Vada Chennai”.


  60. NEW DELHI: Mohammed Shahid ,one of the greatest names+ in Indian hockey and part of the team that won gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, has died at a Gurgaon hospital owing to a severe liver condition and kidney failure. He was 56.


  61. Having said that, I guess it’s time for me to stop venturing into BO threads..or at least try to be extremely minimal. As it is, these are neither my strengths nor do they interest me

    You should write more, not less! I do get the point about dodgy arguments pulled out of thin air to bring down Aamir’s achievements, and yes, there’s a lot of dishonesty on display when it comes to box office discussions (BOI for instance, is the most morally bankrupt box office reporting site on view) but – this does not absolve similar arguments made from the other side. I’ve mentioned this before – PK and 3 Idiots which are continuously brought up to bolster Aamir’s case can’t be classified as pure Aamir films alone. There’s a small guy called Raju Hirani involved as well. It’s also true that Hirani chose Aamir, not Salman or anyone else, so there’s definitely a correlation that shouldn’t be overlooked but fundamentally speaking, a film like Bajrangi Bhaijaan making 20 crores less than PK isn’t something to crow about – at all.

    Some arguments have pointed out that Salman Khan hasn’t been able to give the highest grossing film so far. By the same yardstick Sachin Tendulkar did not ever score 300 in Test cricket, let alone coming close to Lara’s 400! My point is, there are dodgy arguments being made from both sides and I for one am surprised to see Aamir fans not coming off better in terms of reasoning or malice – or both! This is not directed towards any single individual and I certainly don’t have any grudge against anyone here, especially you, Jayshah or Satyam but the truth is, there’s a minimum ethical standard I expect from Aamir fans. Perhaps I’m wrong in expecting it on this particular thread; it’s silly (box office) for more reasons than one.

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    • Saket, to be quite honest you’re missing where I am coming from (or Jay is) on these debates. But your Sachin/Lara analogy is a good one so let me explain it in those terms. If I as a Sachin fan keep saying that the truest measure of greatness is getting the highest individual score in cricket and that Sachin would do 400 in his next test you would be right to ask me why he didn’t do so. At that point I would say ‘oh he a had a stomach upset that day’ or ‘the crowd was too hostile’ or ‘the Delhi weather doesn’t suit him’ etc but wait for the next test in Bangalore. Again the same pattern then repeats itself. As a Sachin fan I am myself setting him up (and myself) if I reduce his accomplishments to the highest score or whatever. But if I’ve done that I shouldn’t be making excuses later. Or trying to then delegitimize Lara’s highest scores by making a similar set of excuses. So again if I say nothing else matters, that the best century on the fastest track against a fearsome pace attack is nonetheless worth less than a nothing double century on a flat track against weak opposition, if a 60 in a situation where no one else is able to get past 20 might be more remarkable than a 120 in more favorable conditions, if playing comfortably against a bowler who was giving everyone else trouble… etc etc etc… if all of this didn’t matter at all and the only thing that did was that highest set of scores I would be showing a) a very crude understanding of the game and b) setting up one absolute standard. There’s no walking back from these positions. This is the only debate for me here and historically. In fact way back in 2006 I was talking about Aamir having had a better year than Hrithik because I felt Fanaa/RDB meant more than Krrish/D2. But at least Hrithik had the bigger absolute numbers. Here we have a case where Aamir has the biggest numbers for every conceivable genre. What’s the debate even about? I am not saying it should only be about Hirani’s films. I am willing to play on that other turf too and I’ve pointed out those examples for years. But the problem is that no one is interested in how well a film does relative to genre till of course their own favorites do something even slightly different from their usual commercial strengths at which point these films are presented as art works. I am arguing against the dishonesty of others and not really pumping up Aamir for doing D3! But of course if those on the other side refused to see some sense in all those other claims (for example to expect RDB to become a super grosser is absurd..) and if after every success they kept saying it was the gross then they should explain why their favorites don’t get the biggest grosses despite getting far bigger absolute starts over time. This has nothing to do with liking one star or the other, these are not my terms but those that others have set up.

      It’s like for years the SRK fans played games with the bachchan record. Not knowing anything about it I suppose helped but that’s another matter. They of course had their anxieties but they would say stuff like ‘oh it was easier then to be that big’ or ‘he did multistarrers’ etc etc. Each claim more absurd than the previous one. Again even when it comes to Bachchan I don’t really care whether anyone likes him or not (though I always sympathize with the person who doesn’t!), the argument was about ‘facts’ then and it’s about the same now. I like Talaash more than all of these big Aamir grossers, more than most films he’s down since Lagaan. So I hardly care about how much it grossed relative to those others. Similarly if someone says that Salman is the top star at the moment I don’t have too many problems with this though I do consider this a debatable matter at some levels (won’t get into all that here). This is precisely the point. The ‘facts’ are what they are, the rest can be a matter of opinion. And again if you say it’s only about the biggest gross and act as if nothing else matters well then you have a problem at the end of the day! I’m not saying that Bajrangi being behind by 20 is the end of the world. These are the terms set up by the others! Don’t say a film will do 400 or at least 350 and then ‘beg’ for 300. The same held when it was about 250 or 200 or 100 or whatever.

      As for the akshay Kumar fan here who’s complaining his is a whole different level of fantasy when it comes to his favorite star that I won’t address here.

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  62. That’s what my whole point was. Salman Khan or for that matter any big star need not out gross the highest grosser. Some day, a deserving movie will come and do that and may remain on top for some time. Till then, there is no need to see successful movies as underperformer based on the fact that it was not able to beat the highest grosser.

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  63. Well i totally agree with Saket and Rajesh but will not be polite.
    To be brutally honest Satyam and Jayshah has been setting the agenda for this forum and previous one by undermining the quality of movies and achievements of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar to suit the success/case of Aamir Khan/Abhishek Bachchan (Bachchans as is usually called to give legitimacy).

    They predictibly reply to me by calling me the Akshay Kumar fan and then attack Akshay Kumar movies and his startdom…blah blah. They do the same with fans of other stars. I like Aamir Khan a lot but they have branded me as Aamir hater.

    There are other fans as well but they play it openly. Here there is a mindset issue and a high element of dual facedness / hypocrisy.

    They want to come across as intellectuals more and less of fans. However then loom up as opposite.


    • I don’t think satyam or jayshah and likes are hiding the fact that they have an agenda. They’ve been doing that for years.

      I mean every word in their post screams agenda so it’s not a matter or them having agenda.

      Them jumping on aamir bandwagon has more to do with failure of bachhans at boxoffice in last couple decades more than anything else.

      And this crap about how every movie has to make more than previous, just remind them all of bachhan films are flop after sholay…

      Take pride in that as soon as they start calling you names, degrading you, or degrading other stars, you’ve won the game.

      Trust me, it doesn’t take much to have them start calling you names.

      I may not like some stars but that doesn’t mean I’m going to come here and spend my life away degrading them.

      Life is too short to be petty and Life is too long to be miserable. (I guess if I was a fanatic of abhisek, I would probably be in same boat as satyam, jayshah, an jo, etc…)


      • I must say it’s quite hilarious to see the likes of you complaining about the ‘bias’ and ‘agenda’ of others. This is not the pot calling the kettle black. This is about a huge BP spill somewhere calling the ink stain on my shirt black!


        • LOL…after seeing all these personal attacks now I wish I could take some of my words back! It’s a really murky world out there and I’d rather be out than in!


      • ***of abhisek, I would probably be in same boat as satyam, jayshah, an jo, etc…)***

        I am an Abhishek fan; keep learning new, hidden things about myself. Free therapy inferences.Now waiting to be called Modi’s grand-son or son…


    • No personal attacks please! There’s a difference between arguing one’s point and attributing malice for someone else’s choice(s). I personally can’t stand most of the actors/stars you’ve listed above, and to be honest, I don’t have to like everyone either. I make my choice like this: I have finite time that I can spend on watching movies, hence I only watch movies that are really worth my time. And there’s only one mainstream star – Aamir – whose films I watch without even bothering to read reviews. I guess that says it all…

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      • I am not maligning anybody’s choice for a star. Anyone liking Aamir is absolutely fine and even i like him to a lighter but significant extent. and yes i don’t read review of any stars. I go by promos only.
        I am also not forcing one to like any particular star.

        The attack is also not personal. By taking names it just becomes specific. Intention is not to malign but to highlight. As it’s behavioral, suggestions cannot be given for improvement.


        • Good points Naveen.

          Once again, life is more than boxoffice numbers.

          And the fact is Satyam, Jay shah and likes really go out of their way to degrade other stars. Just read 80% of their posts.


      • Let me also add that my comment is just about 5% of the times. Rest 95% of the time, when it’s not agendaic, i like reading the views and perceptions of Satyam and Jayshah. I wait for their opinion on cinemas.
        OK if i have to advise – be away from star wars. Just like superstars should not come into politics, the two should be neutral.

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  64. This is a circle or circus. Never ending. Boi is distressed because some records have not been broken. Highest day(HNY) and so on. And to make up, they are showing Sultan has beaten PK in east punjab conceding that ticket prices were high for some days for the former.

    And another argument is that aamir does one film in two years nowadays.

    As for Hirani being Aamir’s director, how does it take away from Aamir’s contribution? If Aamir is solely blamed for failures, why he does not get full credit for the successes too? PK is not Hirani’s best script or best direction as many feel. Then how did PK become such a rage even in China? Who made it happen? Hirani is not infallible as PK was not that much liked and did not trend greatly. Why Munnabhai series could not do the same inspite of being superior to PK?

    BB had a good script, good actors like Nawazuddin and the child to help. And also good direction. Many think it was like a Hirani product. It is not a lone achievement. Why to overlook this fact?

    If Sultan crosses PK, even by a crore, wont everyone crow about it and gloat? Will they give any weight to the fact that it is only a crore or only 10 lakhs?


    • Aamir got flak from hindu groups, not Hirani. As if Aamir conceived the idea and directed and produced the movie.


      • Absolutely agree. Aamir was targeted and still is, for a script written by Abhijat Joshi and directed by Raju Hirani. It’s quite disgraceful actually.


    • In India, it’s a star system so first couple days indicates the value of the start, after that it’s all about the film.

      Good thinking actor like aamir will go after good script and provide valuable input to make the final product better.

      Some other stars like srk, salman does not have that. Doesn’t mean they don’t try, but they just don’t have that in them or they don’t want to be bothered with it.

      Working with good directors like Hirani helps versus working with somebody like dhoom director as you can see the difference between 2 product starring same actor.

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      • Yeah quite convenient isn’t it? If stars are only judged on day 1 they don’t have to explain the rest and perhaps SRK can sneak in too?! Of course this is more fantasy. In no country of the world India included is the box office only about the first day and when stars disappoint repeatedly their initial starts fading. As SRK fans should know by now. But more importantly this sort of narrative is peddled precisely by fans like yourself following biased and/or corrupt trade sources and sites. As if the laws of mathematics don’t hold for the Indian box office. As if it’s not about stars in Hollywood. As if it’s not about Hollywoodized projects in India at this point. The logic that one deserves credit just for opening the film and not the rest or that one deserves less credit for working with the brightest talents is a proposition so ‘stupid’ (I use this word with care) that only the worst kind of fanaticism could lead one to it. But judging by this I wonder why SRK deserves any credit for most of his career when he was precisely working with big banners like Yashraj or Dharma or whatever! Again more importantly all the great roles by all the great stars in all the great films of the world should be discarded based on this logic. Or one should give Titanic or Avatar less credit than many other films that in fact opened bigger than these. Again I use this word with care but this entire argument is so colossally stupid that I pity those who make it. But then if I’m the SRK fan life has probably been quite tough for 15 years now. Salman is just the final nail in the coffin. For those who thought he was going to become Bachchan, for those who saw Salman doing a bit part in KKHH, life must indeed be difficult. One final time.. shouldn’t one think just a little bit before making or endorsing such claims? I don’t usually engage in this language but anyone who supports this kind of reasoning is simply being imbecilic. There’s simply no other word for it. Not trying to insult anyone. I am merely being descriptive.

        We talk about political and religious fanatics. But this is how people get just on films and movie stars. Being passionate about a star, being a total fan is one thing. Becoming this sort of zealot where one completely switches off one’s brain is quite another.

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        • Once again, you’re going in circle.

          As a SRK fan, life has been pretty good for past 15 year, no complaints. It could be a whole lot worse, just ask bachhan fans where there’s a boxoffice disasters year after year…

          When a joker like Ritesh Deshmukh can sideline you, I understand the misery you live in and the make believe world you’ve created 🙂


          • So you’re saying life’s pretty good because SRK is doing better than Abhishek? Just checking…

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          • but I thought SRK was playing with the big boys.. what happened? Isn’t this an old game of yours? To avoid stating the obvious you pretend it’s about the Bachchans and about me. These games are pretty transparent.. grow up a bit.. though I can’t say I’m holding my breath for that to happen.


  65. Shyam Benegal revisits three of his seminal works of the ‘90s, and shares some interesting anecdotes with us


  66. Popular singer and music composer A. R. Rahman has always kept away from the media spotlight and is rarely seen on TV shows. The singer was recently seen on Sony TV’s comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

    But the 49 years old singer doesn’t seem to be really happy being a part of the show. Rahman, being of an introvert and of disciplined nature was disappointed by the jokes being cracked on his personal life consistently, by Ali Asgar who appeared on the show as ‘Lucknowi Begum’ as reported from the online portal of a leading entertainment channel.

    Rahman was so much miffed by the comments made there that he regrets visiting the show and would now think twice before visiting any such show.

    A.R. Rahman was recently in Mumbai for the launch of filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker’s upcoming film ‘Mohenjo Daro’. Rahman has sung and composed music for the film which stars actor Hrithik Roshan and female debutant Pooja Hegde.


  67. Saw this over the weekend for the first time. It’s one of those awkward moments where you realize that foreigners are better off at capturing the beauty inherent in India. Can’t stop (still!) marveling at the gorgeous cinematography, the bright colors, slo-mo and of course the strategic use of nostalgic elements that complete the picture of India for me – the trip to a single screen theater, the colors of Holi, sunset by the sea and intoxicating music playing in the background. Wow, just wow!

    Whoever shot (and conceptualized) this video should seriously make movies – I’ll be first in line to watch it…

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  68. MSDhoni Says:

    Uff this is hotness personified !!! Perfect example where this can actually be referred to as ‘katelee kamar’

    Karan Johar ‏@karanjohar 56m56 minutes ago
    First look of our first song #kaalachashma from our film #BaarBaarDekho @S1dharthM #katrina…releasing 9th Sep

    Are we going to get a post out of this? Technically this is a poster of a new movie. Actors too are mainstream and represent Grade A.


  69. MSDhoni Says:

    Another fun / light flick to look forward to !

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 3h3 hours ago
    Good One ! #HappyBhagJayegi trailer!/movie/watch/1055206/happy-bhag-jayegi/6738397/exclusive—official-trailer?ap=1


  70. MSDhoni Says:

    …and last but not the least for die hard Deepika fans here in blink and you miss it trailer…..the reason she took one year break from Bollywood!

    [post created]


  71. MSDhoni Says:

    Looking at popularity of this series in the domestic Indian market with the last one doing more than 100 cr and with Deepika in this one, its better both SRK and Hritik vacate the January 2017 berth for this one.


  72. The problem all the films outside Sultan and The Jungle Book faced is not just appreciation but even universal acceptance and the numbers are just not going to come if forget being liked you are not even accepted by majority of the audience. A film for the big multiplexes may get around 1 crore people to the theatres if it gets a clean run so that these multiplexes keep it on for 4-5 weeks but that is not really going to translate into big numbers and to even get there you need the luck of the draw. Then on top you have films like Airlift, Kapoor & Sons and Neerja proving duds on television meaning forgotten films as they just wont get the repeat runs on television to stay alive or remembered within the watching audience (critic types may be different as these types think that if they liked a film it will pass the test of time so that is portrayed in the media though results say otherwise). Airlift is one of the worst Akshay Kumar performers on television in recent history and irrespective of box office, Akshay Kumar starrers generally do very well on television, not just initially but in the long run also.

    There is a long list of films starting soon with Dishoom, Mohenja Daro, Rustom, A Flying Jatt, Akira, Baar Baar Dekho, Raaz Reboot, M.S. Dhoni, Mirziya, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Shivaay, Rock On!! 2, Force 2, Dear Zindagi, Kahaani 2, Befikre and Dangal. Now barring the last named you could probably not say with certainty that any of the others will do 100 crore nett and this is a figure that is hardly a benchmark today.

    You even have sequels of films like Rock On!! 2 and Force 2 where the first films not only failed at the box office but found no appreciation. The former was a disaster on television as well to make matters worse and sequel success has a lot to do with repeated television veiwings be it a Dhoom, Golmaal, Housefull or Hera Pheri so the brand stays alive.

    If looked closely Sultan does not change much. It shows business is there but only for films where stories are told in the way the public understands and the content is Indian.. The real turnaround would be if the films releasing in the next 4-6 weeks can bring people to the theatres and have content which can be appreciated by the wider audience. This will automatically bring the numbers and then it would relly be something to cheer about.


  73. Bollywood star Aamir Khan is going to attempt something no other Khan has done before. He will be ‘rapping’ for his upcoming film ‘Dangal’. The actor, who has lent his vocals in the past, to the track ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ in the film ‘Ghulam’, will reportedly take over the microphone once again for his wrestling-themed film. Online reports state that Aamir will soon be recording a rap number that will be used for the film’s promotions. The actor will first record the song before beginning shooting for the video. The track has been composed by Pritam, written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and will feature only Aamir at vocals. Living up to his ‘Mr Perfectionist’ title, Aamir has already begun practice sessions and is working hard to perfect the song.


  74. Salman Khan’s Sultan has managed to remain steady on its 3rd Wednesday at the box office. The film collected approximately 3.25* crores yesterday and now stands with the total collection of 274.28* crores.


  75. KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan · 1h1 hour ago

    What a great film #Kabali! Full of emotions n patriotism. It’s going to be sure shot blockbuster all over south India. Salute to Rajnikant.


    • Seriously, we should all boycott this idiot called KRK. He’s an abomination — a sociopath who somehow has the means to call himself a film critic. I’d say the same thing if he (heaven forbid!) agreed with my views on a film. Compared to him, Salman Khan is an angel!

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