Images from Mohenjo Daro (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..
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thanks to Xhobdo..

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  1. Mohenjodaro vs talaash –
    Game on πŸ™‚


    • but without Rakesh Roshan’s math! Also note how Bhansali has raised the bar with Bajirao. Bajirao did 175 or whatever with the Dilwale competition.


      • jayshah Says:

        His bar is stuck in 2012…


        • This “challenge” /bar was chosen by satyam not me lol.
          He thought (not without reason) this is the first time he can “win” with me.
          Hence talaash v mohenjodaro

          It’s closer than it appears
          Gowariker hasn’t made a bad film yet imo
          But he also hasn’t given a “clean hit” yet either (barring JA to an extent)

          This is more of a NICHE product with music by Rahman (not Preetam or Vishal shekhar etc)

          There are none of the girls with the big boobs Katrina or Deepika but a new unknown girl
          So no “soft cushion”

          This is not a traditional holiday release period like Diwali or xmas or Eid

          On top of that
          There’s Akshays Rustom
          In his best phase yet
          Straight after airlift and then houseful 3

          Want Rustom to do well for Akshay who deserves it
          Besides having a “soft” corner for Ileana da cruz

          Rustom releasing same day may even get a bigger opening since that’s the more MASSY product with Akshay on a crest

          And Hritik in a kanganesqye trough

          But should be interesting to see
          The talaash challenge

          Talaash that released SOLO
          holiday weeks
          Two top heroines
          (One in lascivious Role)

          So this is the mother of the
          SMALL SCORING game battles


          • Man that’s a long list of excuses.. I thought Hrithik was a big star?

            On the bar.. yeah you have the next half century to somehow cross it with hrithik..


          • jayshah Says:

            And Talaash did not release on any holiday…most the world will look forward to Aug 12th, but think this guy is going to ruin it in the name of Hrithik love.


          • Apex is also as usual ripping things out of context. My argument went to the whole question of Talaash being considered the biggest failure in the world at 90+. Sure it didn’t match Aamir’s usual trending patterns (of course people who never accepting trending before this or never praised Aamir for this suddenly decided they wouldn’t look at the final gross at they did and still do for every other film!) but given the dark subject (won’t repeat stuff I’ve said on this before) the fact that it got to 90 was itself remarkable. Meanwhile you have a guy who thinks Gowariker hasn’t made a clean hit barring JA (I guess I made Lagaan.. unless he wants to give the credit entirely to Aamir!), a film which got to 60 or a bit more after a low initial (guess Hrithik-Aishwarya-Rahman wasn’t good enough for a stronger initial! Talaash at least got a strong one) and more or less did what films like CDI or TZP do with one twentieth the budget. We saw how a film like Jai Ho folded up at 110 or whatever when it didn’t work. The idea that Talaash is some big failure is absurd. Or other stars would even today kill to have failures like that in ‘different’ genres. Not saying Talaash is a big success or something but just like with MP the terms of the debate must be ‘honest’ all round. But yeah otherwise anything can be called a huge success these days. From the fans to the stars everyone makes ridiculous claims. It’s par for the course. Of course even by these low standards one is often scraping the bottom of the barrel where Apex is concerned.

            As an aside I’d actually be interested in Mohenjo Daro if Gowariker has made a decent enough film. In fact it’s one of the few upcoming Bollywood projects that interests me.


          • jayshah Says:

            Talaash had no holiday and had Khiladi the week after. So its number wasn’t great in the end – it as much as ZNMD – a full fledged multiplex film with Katrina and co.

            And how can anyone forget Lagaan?

            Understand missing a fact like film didn’t release on holiday or Akshay had big films on holidays – but an informed viewer of films and success of films does not miss Lagaan!

            JA had Aishwariya at her career peak and Hrithik after 18months of absence following Krrish & D2! Both on career peaks. Yet it mustered as much as TZP and CDI!!!

            Scraping the barrel, think he hibernates underneath it. Along with a couple of others.

            The vent against Aamir is profoundly mind numbing and confusing. Forget that his films gross the most or open big. Film lovers should simply be happy with kind of films he is doing!!! Instead he gets heckled! Since Lagaan no one is competing with him on quality and ppl already underrating Dangal like its flopped already and overrating Mohenjo Daro like its a BB.

            There will come a day when Aamir flops – YOU CAN ALL party on that day. Till then facts are facts. First to 100-300cr in India, first to 200-700crore worldwide. Records all in his name. And none of his home productions have flopped or lost money. 1 Oscar nomination. 1 super success as director. Gave his nephew the only 2 true successes of his career in JTYJN and Delhi Belly.

            Numbers are just numbers – but look at his films since Lagaan.
            DCH (multilex classic that stands the test of time even in a era of so many multiplex films),
            MP (historic opener in a period film – not achieved for many years),
            RDB (record opener and extra-ordinary trending, the first multiplex wave film),
            Fanaa (record opener),
            TZP (opened well against a mass entertainer – trended superbly)
            Ghajini/3 Idiots/D3/PK – 4/4 records for first week, 3/4 opening day records (D3 on a non holiday), 4/4 record total India and WW record grossers.

            Talaash – a dark, humourless film netted as much a grim subject could. Dhobi Ghat just a small film that probably made money just on his name.

            He’s not had a horrific or horror show at the box office since Mela…his competitors probably need 2 hands to count the horrors each!

            What a ridiculous vendetta from claimers who claim to “like” films.

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          • People saw the damage bajirao inflicted onto dildowaale last year

            My (free) advice

            To the makers of

            Change the release dates and ATLEAST one maybe even two should release

            WITH DANGAL!!

            Sultan broke one leg
            The other releas will break the other πŸ™‚


  2. Ok guys, please enlighten me whats the bet about? Is it that Mohenjo Daro needs to outgross Talaash? But at 90 crs the movie at its budget will be a disaster…So who wins if MD makes 95 crs and ends up as a disaster?? πŸ™‚


  3. Apex is already the Winner in this contest as his position is “heads i win tails you lose” πŸ˜†. Aamir and Satyam the sour losers πŸ˜‰


    • not sure if he can tell ‘heads’ from ‘tails’..


    • “Apex is already the Winner in this contest as his position is β€œheads i win tails you lose”
      U got it right m8.
      The first “truth” uve uttered 4 a while ..

      Play the game such that the result asks u what it should be πŸ˜‰


      • Some people love living a delusional life under the garb of Truth As with the passage of time delusion becomes their addiction and best companion. May they keep getting solace through such reveries πŸ˜‰

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  4. The motion poster has raised expectations for me with several details like the story of India at a time much earlier than what we have read in history books. I am keen to know the story of Mohenjodaro. Hats off to Gowarikar for picking this theme and to Hrithik for starting in it.
    Movies like these are needed to take Bollywood forward.


    • I think the movie is a love story set in Indus civilization….But the look of Hritik with kurta and largely clean shaven seems more like pre independence….He even looks like wearing a FabIndia open chested kurta here…So lets just expect a good movie minus the detailing…


    • er… what history books did you read? The ones in my school pretty much started with Indus Valley civilization (after talking about “prehistoric periods” i.e.)


  5. [added to post]
    Thanks πŸ™‚


  6. This is ridiculous! Hritik’s costume too was not convincing. But this makes me lose all hope.


    • this look (the new poster) would have worked in a Shankar song!


      • Egyptian princess??


        • By way of Disney perhaps!

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        • The problem isn’t that Gowariker is doing all of this. You can as long as you’re in Desai’s world or to use a more current reference in the universe of Bahubali. With that sort of masala world everything can be mixed in. Because the epic or mythological universe is that which transcends such historical accuracy and so forth. In dharam veer you have Dharam dressed like a Roman gladiator while Veer is attired in European renaissance finery! It all works. The masala world is always capacious enough (at least in the right hands.. which excludes by the way 99% of contemporary Bombay masala) to include all kinds of identities but equally to be able to fold markers of different periods into the same time-space and to put it all at the service of a certain mythological unity. there is a universalism to this approach, a democracy if you will. And it makes sense because the mythological always depends on a set of values that transcend ordinary historical considerations.

          Gowariker has Amar Chitra Katha on the mind (at least he did with JA) but his mix is an uneasy one because he doesn’t really have those masala instincts. He is neither here nor there. So you should either attempt Bahubali or strive towards some kind of historical realism. The in between stuff gets tricky. JA in this was at 2-3 different genres rolled into one. This is NOT what the strongest masala films are. And this is something missed by most people. A masala film has many different ‘moods’ but it is not about a mixing of disparate genres.


      • There is one too…Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro…remember?


    • This criticism is ridiculous!
      ” costume too was not convincing”
      The reality is that ANY costume itself is a problem with utkal uncle. Some were expecting NO clothing in this era..

      problem is that he can’t go too far away from lagaans ‘respectability’…

      Btw happy bday to those born in the third week of June..


  7. Chaani faces criticism from the masses for her look in the film. The first look which was released by Pooja through her twitter account received appreciation from the industry but the common man didn’t accepted the way of depiction of the Harrappan woman in the poster.

    According to a report in a leading daily, Ruchika Sharma, an M.Phil student at JNU who did specialization in Medieval Indian History reacted by saying that the poster portrays the Harrappan woman inaccurately.

    She took to her social networking account and expressed her views about the same. Here’s what she posted: “Boss, what sick orientalism is this? Who told them that Harappans had these feathers in their hair? I’m really done with Bollywood depicting tribal, clannish societies in such stereotypical terms, feathers in their hair, paint on their faces. I mean, there are literally hundreds of terracotta figurines depicting Harappan women. Take a cue? Also, in all probability the Harappans were dark complexioned. Yeh kya fair and lovely bias hai?Everyone knows the (migrating) Aryans had a fair complexion. Not the Harappans. But fair is all that works for BTown. Thoroughly disgusted.” (sic)

    The film is slated to release on August 12 this year.

    Well, do you think while making a film, the facts and history should be distorted/altered under the name of ‘entertainment’, because audience might not remember history but they will definitely remember a film (which shows not-so-real history)!


    • “β€œBoss, what sick orientalism is this?”

      Boss, this is Bollywood!

      “Also, in all probability the Harappans were dark complexioned. Yeh kya fair and lovely bias hai?Everyone knows the (migrating) Aryans had a fair complexion. Not the Harappans. But fair is all that works for BTown. Thoroughly disgusted.”

      FYI, Pooja Hedge is not fair at all but don’t expect leading ladies to be shown without makeup in a Bollywood movie! That is sick expectation! πŸ™‚


    • Great news! I really hope Gowarikar is ripped apart with proper analysis for continuing with his ‘Bollywoodization’ of history and trying to attach legitimacy to it by claiming ‘research.’ He did that in JA. He is doing it again here.

      ** Also, in all probability the Harappans were dark complexioned. Yeh kya fair and lovely bias hai?Everyone knows the (migrating) Aryans had a fair complexion. Not the Harappans. **

      Great comment. I had pointed out this issue as soon as this movie was announced with Hrithik ‘Fairest’ Roshan in the lead. He couldn’t even find somebody who could at least look half of the part. Of course, why would he take the trouble? His version of any ancient king or warrior is a tall, fair, handsome, with all vada-pavs in place; just as a king would be described in CHANDAMAMA stories. So he had to have a scene in JA showing ‘Akbar’ sword-practicing with Jodhaa lusting at the other end. Go figure. DHOOM 2 during Akbar Raj.

      All such romanticizing, as mentioned by Satyam, can work in BAHUBALI, not here…What next? The Chinese Ming dynasty with SRK playing a Yongle emperor?


  8. Will play the devil’s advocate here and point to Aamir’s chiseled physique in Lagaan.

    Had the film not been so engaging, people would have noted other odd narrative choices as well.

    I haven’t seen Jodha Akbar mainly because it always looked so ponderous a movie but people had no problem in accepting Hrithik Roshan as Akbar and Aishwarya Rai as Jodha Bai.

    That being said, I have very little faith in Ashutosh Gowarikar. He’s obsessed by thoughts of being recognized as a “serious” filmmaker. In the process he ends up making films that are so serious, you end up punishing yourself by watching them.

    Lagaan is an exception though.


  9. [post created]
    The trailor


  10. excellent trailor…


  11. Bang Bang sequel?


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