Baar Baar Dekho, Iru Mugan, the rest of the box office

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  1. Very disappointed with Akira! I expected this movie to be on the lines of Mardaani but this is just another story and they messed up big time by not making Akira’s character as heroic. She’s just as any other girl until she does action and there is a flaw in that. Sonakshi is alright but didn’t give the movie the right spunk needed. Surprise in the movie is performance by Anurag Kashyap. Overall, missed oppurtunity and half-hearted attempt by AR Murugadoss.


    • Looks another flop for Vikram.


      • For someone as talented and hyped as Vikram, I had no idea his track record is atrocious- just 2 blockbusters in 10 years, but both by Shankar who is a blockbuster machine. His last seem years seem like Hrithik Roshan’s last 10 years- very stagnant and not up to potential…


        • Vikram from the moment Sethu released in 1999 and then through Anniyan in 2005 was the most dominant star in Tamil cinema by far, no one else was even close (not including Rajni of course). Just ran a string of hits, very few failures. One blockbuster after another. There’s a reason why Shankar did such a big film with him. But yes after Anniyan he developed a strange sort of mental paralysis. Almost as if he’d reached the end of the road. Now in one sense he was right because he had literally done it all within the masala format. But stars keep repeating themselves. After Anniyan though he started taking breaks and has been very uncertain about his career ever since. So either some masala that underperformed or test more slick films that didn’t really feed his image. Of course Shankar on his major films has still been alternating between Vikram and Rajni (Anniyan, Enthiran, I, Enthiran 2) and clearly gives Vikram these larger than life ‘multiple’ parts. Not just this even the current film in a way suggests that Vikram in a way cannot return to bread and butter stuff like Saamy or Dhool or Gemini or what have you. With Vijay or Ajith it’s always business as usual. With Vikram it has to be a certain kind of project otherwise it doesn’t quite work. The current film might well be a hit judging by some of the reviews but the point is he’s found it hard to become typecast after Anniyan. So he’s clearly lost more than a step since that incredible peak period. But the point is that for all this Shankar still doesn’t do something like I with other stars. And in the same sense Vikram cannot do totally regular things. Yes Shankar is a blockbuster machine but precisely such a director knows who to cast in his biggest films. Certainly at this stage of his career. Similarly Ratnam had him for the Raavanan part (the Abhishek part in the Tamil version), he also wanted him for the Yuva Tamil version but things didn’t work out. The point is that when you come to the truly important films that require truly important stars he still has more than an edge over the others and despite all his missteps. But yes at a psychological level it is certainly interesting to see how he entered a stage of self-doubt precisely following his greatest triumph in some ways. He’d really done everything at that point from two very iconic Bala films to a string of masala blockbusters to even lesser films that worked (Kasi for example) and Anniyan just sealed the deal.

          It’s not like Hrithik by the way. Here I would say the much better analogy is with Mahesh Babu who too has been Hrithik-like at some points of his career and has returned with less than stellar box office results.


          • I think he should get back to doing a Saamy kind of role. His sense of script has been letting him down in last few movies. Some of the last few movies like 10 endrathukule or Rajapettai – very difficult to believe he has signed after reading the script…


          • It will also help if he does more movies. Since Anniyan in 2005 he has had only 9 Tamil movies…that’s worse than Aamirs track record I would think. Infact I think there was a 3 year gap between Majaa and Bheema both didn’t do well- not sure a movie like Bheema even requires 3 years…Atleast it had a good initial though. And then those Rajapettai,10 endrathukula kind of movies which doesn’t quite fit in at all. Surely one knows that he is doing a bad movie when they sign up for such shit. Thandavam was still quite watchable but again none of these movies are like I which requires preparation and hence cant justify the 9 movies in 11 years thing..
            Now Anand Shankar is a very good director and I liked his first movie Arima Nambi and I am quite hopeful about Iru Mugam despite mixed reports.


          • fair points all but what interests me is the degree to which Vikram precisely wasn’t able to think himself as the guy who could just keep doing Saamy or whatever when he precisely could. No matter how great the star the typical bread and butter film is a Saamy and not a high profile film made by one of the country’s biggest directors. Nonetheless there was this ‘paralysis’ that Vikram went through where he clearly aspired to do something more/better than he had already done. This of course created a certain uncertainty and in the meantime he did these ‘indifferent’ films to keep the show running. But of course you can’t be a star in that passive way. But I wonder if it might now be too late to do a Saamy. Not because a good masala film wouldn’t run but that it’s hard to return to exactly the same thing that one might have left off many years ago. On this note I’d also add that Vikram through that peak period was also able to split the difference between being a mass star and someone who did more meaningful stuff with Bala. The latter gained him more multiplex prestige than mass stars usually have. But in the last several years I’ve noted a certain disdain within these circles for many of his choices and for these people Shankar is part of the problem. In other words Saamy or Dhool were still ok as good old-fashioned entertain,met but Shankar’s outlandishness is too much for the same folks and specially when there isn’t a Bala or someone to moderate things. But in this sense Raavanan (which was ok in Tamil because of a strong initial, and also played into the same Bala genealogy) gave him the Bala-like moment but he never quite followed it up. The other thing he’s gravitated towards is precisely the Thandavam kind of set up that either seems more urban-slick or downsizes the masala star epic register. This too cannot be an ultimate choice, not least because many of these directors are talented but not surprisingly make their films either without stars or with lesser stars. You suddenly cannot put a higher scale star in those films. At least without a very strong script which accounts for that ‘transition’. It’s clear that Vikram nonetheless sees more ‘meaning’ in these efforts and keeps returning to them. When his back is against the wall he does masala which is for the most part also ‘indifferent’ and/or seems derivative (kandasaamy after anniyan for example). In any case as a Vikram fan I of course would like to see him do a lot more and a lot more that is worthwhile at that basic entertainment level if not at the Bala end of the equation (incidentally he would have been great for Naan Kadavul..of course they had a falling out at some point) but at the same time I also have some admiration for that impulse whereby a star doesn’t just want to do Saamy 1,2,3 or whatever. And here note the Surya counter-example. A star who wasn’t quite as naturally the mass kind but who for better or worse decided that this is what he would do and kept doing it and became a very successful star doing so. He still doesn’t have authentic mass-credentials but he gets the numbers. However given that he’s also a far more talented star than Vijay it’s a pity that he’s reduced himself to this. Of course these days the sci-fi conceit allows a lot of these stars to make their masala seem more respectable!


          • I quite agree with BR’s description here in his review – Vikram, with his penchant for making every acting job look like a stint in a Siberian prison, plays RAW agent Akilan .

            This has been his real issue these days with him. Sometimes you just need to do a Saamy or Singham to get you back on track…


          • Suriya IMO has lot of parallels with Vikrams career and at the same time is also a counter example in the sense you stated. He did Nandha with Bala but his real big break was Kakka Kakka which was huge commercially + critical – in 2003. He immediately had Bala’s Pitha Magan next – a movie where his turn was really appreciated as the sideshow to Vikram. And then in most of his movies he has always tried to do some sort of pushing the envelope. So we have him playing a hunch back in Perazhagan , then ofcourse Ayudha Ezhuthu and then the massive Ghajini when he got the numbers + acclaim to rival any mass star. Then he had the critically acclaimed Varanam Ayiram followed immediately by Ayan which was huge in all aspects…And most of his next movies were all commercial but did push the envelope in a sense like 7am Arivu, Maatran etc but nothing worked till Singham happened. And then for some reason he said he didn’t want to work with Gautam menon, instead opted for Anjaan with Lingusamy, then Mass with Venkat Prabhu and in a sense apart from the Singham movies nothing has worked for him. In that sense 24 was a good movie to do as it offered him a good role to do though the movie couldn’t follow up and become a success. So Suriya till Singham happened had a good mix of Bala, Gautam Menon, and the commercial AR Murugadoss stuff but it just stopped working to him after SIngham. Now his next is Singham 3 and that can be a success as it is a brand now. And that’s why I think a Saamy can work for Vikram to get him back among the hits…
            For both Surya and Vikram their script sense has just deserted them whether mass or class in last 4 years, for Vikram maybe since last 5-6 years…



    A Pakistani minister on Wednesday demanded an apology from Ashutosh Gowariker for misleading people through his movie Mohenjo Daro, which released on August 12.

    Sindh Minister for Culture and Antiquities, Sardar Ali Shah, was miffed with the film because the facts portrayed in the film were allegedly distorted. He claimed it is a mockery of a culture that is highly respected and 5,000 years old.

    Shah said that the film is merely a “figment of the director’s imagination” and has absolutely no connection with the ancient civilisation, adding that he was really upset with the makers, more so because Mohenjo-daro is a UNESCO heritage site.


  3. Oppam is carrying terrific reports. Mohanlal plays a blind liftman who has a heightened sense of sound and touch and is accused of murder. How he catches the real culprit inspite of his disability is the crux. But it seems the twists are amazing. And Laletta is in form…


    • Hrithik is doing the same in Kaabil. Playing blind man accused of murdering his wife and then finding the real killer(as per reports).


  4. What our famous critic KRK says about BBD?


  5. Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam are both prepping for their upcoming film Kaabil. The film, which is currently being shot in Mumbai itself, has both the lead actors playing visually impaired characters.

    Interestingly, the film will have a Tango sequence between Hrithik and Yami. Both the actors worked really hard on getting their steps right. The song has been choreographed by Ahmed Khan.


    • This is 2nd time you are posting a link already posted by Sanjana(scroll little up). Did you put Sanjana on ignore and can’t see her posts? 😀


    • Any idea why the movie released on a normal working Thursday rather than Friday?


      • The film was initially supposed to release on September 2nd to cash in on Vinayaka Chaviti holiday on extended weekend. But with Telugu film Janatha Garage ariving on the same date, it was moved to next week as they wanted a simultaneous release across all Southern states. In Kerala there is a festival this weekend and multiple films were scheduled. Iru Mugan was released on Thursday to get bigger screen count on opening day.


  6. Manisha Koirala is gearing up for her upcoming film, ‘Maulali’ directed by Promita Sengupta. During an interview for the film she expressed about how lonely she feels when she is away from home.

    In report by a popular daily the 46-year-old actress was quoted saying, “I am extremely close to my family but they live in Nepal. I feel lonely when I come back to an empty house. There’s a need for human bonding, I’ve wanted to adopt since I was a child.” (sic)

    She feels having a partner in life is a good thing and so marriage! She was married to a businessman from Nepal but they divorced just two years after their marriage.

    However, Manisha didn’t loose faith in marriage, she feels, “Who wouldn’t want to get married? Initially it’s great, but later, you never know. If somebody nice comes along, I may think about it. What’s important at present is a sense of family which will come with the adoption.”


  7. Just as we were bemoaning how unfavourably Deepika Padukone’s Forbes ranking compares to her male counterparts, actor Amitabh Bachchan has revealed that he was paid less than she was in their 2015 film Piku.

    Mr Bachchan, who won the Best Actor National Award for Piku, told BollywoodLife: “In Piku, Deepika Padukone was paid more than me. That says two things – one that she is obviously more important than me and two I have lost my price scale because I have been working for so long and maybe I am not that important now to get that kind of money.”

    Piku director Shoojit Sircar corroborated this with a nod and added: “But what’s the harm? If the woman’s character is that then it’s okay. For example, everybody asked me if Piku is a woman-centric film. I said, ‘Why? Because a woman has a stronger character, that’s why it’s a woman centric film?’ There are many films with only heroes but that is not a man-centric film. So don’t see a film like that. Because there is a woman’s picture on the poster, it’s a woman-centric film? It’s a cinema, it’s a film, it’s a story. Maybe, she is the hero of the film and that’s how you should see it.”

    Mr Bachchan and Deepika played father and daughter in Piku, which also co-starred Irrfan Khan.

    Deepika Padukone, 30, was recently named the tenth highest paid actress in the world by Forbes. Her earnings of $10 million in the last year was half that of Mr Bachchan’s, who occupied a far lower comparative spot on the actors list. He was ranked #18 while three other actors – Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar – were placed above him on the top 20 actors list.


  8. Last year, Coldplay band made a surprise visit to India and shocked everyone. The band was here to shoot a music video titled ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ which also featured Sonam Kapoor for brief moment. Since then, speculations have been rife about them doing a concert in India.

    According to a daily, it is confirmed that Coldplay is all set to perform in Mumbai on November 19, at MMRDA. The show is being put together by the Global Citizen Festival run by band’s lead singer, Chris Martin. The official tickets will go live on Book My Show on September 12 next week and prices start from Rs 25,000 to Rs 5 lakh a ticket.

    The Coldplay concert is being organized to support a great cause of eradicating poverty from the world by the year of 2030. The report suggests that the event will feature big names like Jay Z, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, A.R. Rahman Deepika Padukone etc. Prime Minister, Chief Minister, international dignitaries and other celebrities are also scheduled to appear.


  9. The annual conference that invites scholars, students, professionals and anyone interested in research on the region to Madison, Wisconsin, is a four-day event starting on October 20. The film will be screened on October 23.

    The conference is the leading annual meeting in the US for scholars of South Asian studies, attracting over 700 participants from around the world, to participate in various panels on archaeology.
    “When the conference chair Mitra Sharafi connected with me requesting permission to screen ‘Mohenjo Daro‘ at their Annual Conference, I felt honoured and humbled,” Gowarikar said in a statement.

    He added: “I thank Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, a leading archaeologist who has spent over 30 years studying the Mohenjo Daro and Harappa sites for supporting the film and sharing his knowledge.”

    Released in India on August 12, the film marks the debut of Pooja Hegde. It brings an epic adventure-romance story on the silver screen, and is set in the city of Mohenjo Daro in the era of the Indus Valley civilisation which dates back to 2,600 BC.

    Kenoyer and his team had visited Mumbai to provide Gowariker with all the archaeological findings in the early stages of pre-production of the film. They even visited the set in Bhuj to see its construction and look at all the props that would be used in the film.


  10. Happy Bhaag Jayegi is had another steady week dropping around 50% from the previous week. The film has had a run steady run on low collections which has taken it to the AVERAGE mark. The plus has been that there has been no big obstacle in the way which has let it have a decent run. The films which came after like A Flying Jatt and Akira have not fared well especially in the markets where Happy Bhaag Jayegi was doing its best business. Baar Baar Dekho will hit the target audience of Happy Bhaag Jayegi but another crore can be added to its total. The business of Happy Bhaag Jayegi till date is as follows.

    Week One – 17,48,00,000

    Week Two – 6,71,00,000

    Week Three – 3,50,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 27,69,00,000

    The distributor share of the film will be around 12.50 crore in its final run and with other revenue sources adding around 6-7 crore apprx it will take the film to recovery.


  11. Baar Baar Dekho had a decent opening at some multiplexes of the big cities especially in the North at around 30-35% but other multiplexes were lower at around 20%. Overall the opening is fair and remains to be seen how the film goes over the rest of they day. Looking at the initial numbers its probably going to be a five city film as its best chances for numbers outside the big metros was some sort of start in the Agra and Indore’s of the country on the popularity of its hit song Kala Chasma but that has not really happened. The film will be depending on the business in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata and these cities do best on Saturday so big growth in these places tomorrow will mean at least the film has appreciation in these places. The North India multiplexes of Delhi NCR and big cities of Punjab will lead on day one.

    The other major release Freaky Ali has taken a 15% opening probably has one third of the screenings of Baar Baar Dekho. The film also managed to find its way to a single screen release but to no response as does not the face value or content for single screens. This film is totally dependent on word of mouth and if the reports of the film are decent then it could challenge Baar Baar Dekho over the weekend and weekdays at multiplexes outside the big metroes.

    Ek Kahani Julie Ki is a non starter and with one show at limited multiplexes it hardly has a chance at the box office.



    Farah Khan, who has choreographed several songs for multiple film directors, says the most creative of them all is Mani Ratnam.

    “The most creative director I have worked with is Mani Ratnam. My best work was in Dil Se.. and Alaipayuthey. He really finds something different to do in the songs. Sometimes it doesn’t gel with the movie, but when you see it as a song, you will fall in love with it,” Farah said.

    Farah, who has also directed films like Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om after becoming a successful choreographer, said she became a choreographer by default.


  13. I am very pleased Kapil has done this and more power to him if more awareness is raised due to this.

    KAPIL ‏@KapilSharmaK9 14h14 hours ago
    I am paying 15 cr income tax from last 5 year n still i have to pay 5 lacs bribe to BMC office for making my office @narendramodi

    KAPIL ‏@KapilSharmaK9 13h13 hours ago
    Yeh hain aapke achhe din ? @narendramodi

    KAPIL ‏@KapilSharmaK9 14m14 minutes ago
    I just voiced my concern on the corruption I faced with certain individuals..Its No blame on any political party be it BJP, MNS or ShivSena


    • Do you know that Kapil Sharma is charged for illegal construction, shouldn’t he follow the rules first. We, the people of India first do something illegal first, and then try to regularize it. And, the new trend is, blame the PM for this.


      • To tag Modi and referring to ‘Achchhe Din’ to take a dig at BJP was idiotic and utter stupidity on part of Kapil Sharma as he should have approached concerned authorities like the concerned state ministry of Maharashtra. Here he just suggested as if ‘Modi’ was behind all this and on top of that mentioning ’15 crore tax payer’ was another foolish attempt to garner sympathy. He seems to have taken his popularity too seriously as if ‘Modi’ came on his show to promote his ‘Achchhe Din’ promise 😉

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  14. Corruption is so rooted within our society and even when they talk about shutting studios etc it is not due to technical flaws but deep rooted corruption within the so called educated lot of our society and backhand deals which krk has talks about siddharth roy kapur/utv and vijay singh / fox etc when purposely tell the producers to bloat the budget and ask for more money and give them kickbacks.

    I am pretty sure ashutosh / hrithik made a killing by announcing a huge project and then taking Disney to the cleaners….since all that big budget does not show in the movie.


  15. Raja Sen has ripped BBD…..brutal !!
    It is all rather excruciating, despite the glossy settings and the casually futuristic detailing, largely because Mehra labours her point endlessly and her tubelight hero never seems to learn a thing.

    And yet, even at the end of this unbearable film when things are finally, belatedly being set right, the fool husband complains about her impossible temper. As if it’s her fault. Poor show, Ms Mehra. If you could go back in time to set this film right, make something else instead.


  16. Lol this has to be the funniest and wildest public review I have ever seen…


    • LMAO……My guess is Aditya Chopra will do a major course correction for Befikre after watching this. !!
      Aside- This will also negatively affect the ADHM !!


  17. Lol ! I just tweeted the review link to KJO with a comment on prospect for ADHM. He has was been boasting about 70 million views on Kala Chashma and is so gung ho on that mediocre title track of ADHM.

    Karan Johar ‏@karanjohar Sep 5
    The fastest 70 million!! #BaarBaarDekho #KalaChashma …this Friday! At a theatre near you!

    All these free views on internet has no meaning at all and its better they are brought closer to the truth !


    • What about ‘free viewing’ on television with regard to the so called ‘highest TRP ever’ of BB and PRDP?? Their record ought to be written in ‘gold’, but if Karan Johar brags and atleast within his right of Kala Chashma being the record breaker on internet, he is to be dissed and needs to face the truth as per one’s whims and fancies!! Each and every hit on youtube and other online music sites gets certain amount to the producer, which has become one of the biggest sources of revenues for them. Yet ‘free viewing’ has very convenient connotation to suit one’s only favourite and ‘reality evader’ for others!

      How could one be so ‘blind’ and ‘jaundiced’ is beyond me by acting as if ‘truth is one’s sole property’ and only he/she has the rights over it for ‘distorting’ it to suit his/her own narrative/s. Words fall short to describe the nature of such ‘maniacal tendencies’ just to elevate one’s own ‘god’ to unimpeachable heights! Let there be atleast ray of light, this much i can pray for………

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      • @Words fall short to describe the nature of such ‘maniacal tendencies’

        Really? I state my opinion & you state yours so what’s the point in getting personal. ‘Why so serious’ as our late Heath Ledger would say in TDK.

        Unless of course you are upset I have scarred your Aamir viewing forever and henceforth you will notice the wise-ass thing in all his performances. Well you should not worry in the immediate future as Aamir has prematurely but purposely taken a age leap to bring some gravitas to negate this perception in Dangal. Even then the true stand out moments of Dangal will be the smarty pants one liners…my two cents !

        BB and PRDP got lucrative advertisements to TV channel so a it’s a win win for all. If producer is going to count the ‘chillar’ of Youtube earnings and 70 million views, then god bless him.

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        • I don’t expect ‘wisdom’ from a Salman fanatic, yet a little rationality is not asking too much even ‘considering’ the above-mentioned fact!
          Before Wanted happened, Salman’s producers were busy counting ‘chillar’ as those were also very hard to come by! And your views on anything that is not related to Salman are ‘too judgemental’ is too mild a term!
          Your infatuation with ‘smarty pants’ with regard to Aamir’s acting prowess elicits just a hearty laugh as Salman has neither ‘the smarts’ nor ‘pants’ in this very department! Let’s not ‘insult’ our thinking faculties by putting ‘actor’ alongside Salman as he himself would take offense in trying to associate the term with him!

          Let’s come to the second part, where you took the bragging rights to bring youtube record viewings on past Salman movie teasers and trailers as some sort of achievement, yet when it comes to Karan Johar and others, you dismiss it right at the outset and exhorting people to teach a lesson to him for this?? These are just random examples to your erratic comments which border on ‘my way or the highway’ attitude!


          • There is no wisdom but just our personal opinion and beliefs on blogs. More than acting I want the hero to connect and justify his presence in a movie and Salman does that very often and off late has gotten to bring diversity to roles he performs. To say in filmy language which maai ka laal is capable of doing a movie like Sultan in the time frame he did and completely owning the proceedings. It still baffles me how he was transforming to various stages of the movie in such short period of time and each look and performance was done very convincingly .

            I like some sort of dare devilry in attitude to appreciate an actor….. a bit of spontaneity, improvisations, unplanned or as we say in India ‘dil se’. Aamir is simply too planned and programmed and even his risk taking comes across as a well thought calculative move. Too touchy to greenlight a movie , hardly willing to do two hero / multistarrer unless he is paired with minnows like sharman joshi, kunal kapoor etc. He famously got scared of Darr ….a role srk made his own. Even AAA he made sure he was playing the meatier Archie and became bum chum with Santoshi prior filming to have an upper hand. Now it’s another matter Salman made that role his own and many more later and never shies away from doing 2 hero projects and among the top star must have done the most multistarrers.

            If you may Aamir is a distant No 5 in my ranking, though I don’t take these rankings seriously since it’s like andho mein kaana raja talk and except Salman and Akshay none deserve these rankings in the first place.

            Top 1&2 is a toss up between Salman and Akshay. What Akki has done since Hera Pheri is phenomenal / exemplary and as salman recently said the single most important film entity to make substantial difference to film industry. Salman just by the massiveness of his outings may edge past him for numero uno.

            3rd is undoubtedly Ranvir Singh though he needs to cut down on doing favors to filmmaker trying different. He should have kept away from Padmavati as SLB announced that project to milk his producers. Same with his upcoming outing with Zoya.

            4th is Deepika for talent and class act and business stability. Hope she keeps away from Ranbir and does not indulge in Tamaasha anymore.

            5th and 6th is a toss up again between SRK and HR – both these self absorbed maniacs need to quit twitter and stop giving gyan and get off that ecstasy pill if they wish to survive further or will just remain media propped celebrities.

            7th is a solid Devgn.

            8th Varun though he is surely going to move further up pretty soon and esp after Judwa 2 will be challenging Ranvir etc.

            9th/10th/11th I leave it to you to decide between a Ranbir / Shahid or Siddharth Malhotra. Not for anything substantial but by sheer co-incidence of having few upcoming movies.

            Don’t know where to put Kangana though she should definitely be part of this list somewhere down the line.


          • People make up all sorts of rankings/lists online but I must say I’ve never come across one crazier than this one! by the way there’s a producer interested in casting Ranbir but he wants to make sure that the star is no lower than 9. Otherwise he’ll put his money elsewhere. More importantly you know what that ‘distant # 5’ is singing to Salman right? Catch me if you can..

            In Hollywood news Scorsese is looking to stay away from Leo in his next venture. Wants Vin Diesel. A star who connects. But Leo himself doesn’t want Scorsese anymore. He wants to star in his own Fast and Furious franchise and connect in a big way. perhaps Scorsese could direct Leo in this franchise and everyone would be happy. These losers don’t break records and then pretend they have critical acclaim and Oscars. Now that fraud # 5 has both critical acclaim and the biggest box office grossers but he does it by acting in good films. Quite sickening. Anyone can do that.


          • “To say in filmy language which maai ka laal is capable of doing a movie like Sultan in the time frame he did and completely owning the proceedings. ”

            Don’t sell him short. It’s even more impressive to run over people, even kill them, all without ever being scared of the ghost driver at the wheel..


          • I’m glad Aamir made the list eventually even by error. Thank you.


          • @”It’s even more impressive to run over people, even kill them, all without ever being scared of the ghost driver at the wheel..”

            Favorite line of defense for anything Salman !

            Why don’t you believe in a famous saying “Justice is open to everyone in the same way as the Ritz Hotel. ”

            ….and sorry for that glitch! I forgot to place Aamir in the ranking (can I be blamed for him being missing in action most of the time).

            So he takes 5th after Deepika and then come 6th/7th srk & hr and onwards…

            If Catch me if you were so important media narrative would have been saying so…. not talking about chronicles of ‘like-minded members’ club named Satyamshot.


          • “Favorite line of defense for anything Salman !”

            I thought that was Salman’s defense? No?

            “If Catch me if you were so important media narrative would have been saying so…”

            Damn.. had you said this to Hirani and Yashraj Aamir wouldn’t have got back to back films with the former and now another huge one with the latter following D3. More importantly had you explained this to the audience Salman might have caught up with PK by now.. Mistakes happen.. there might still be time for Yashraj to cast Ranveer for Thug and drop Aamir. filming hasn’t even begun. There might even be time to take the versatile Salman..


          • thecooldude Says:

            MSDhoni is now competing with Naveen to see who can make the most outlandish comment of the day. I wouldn’t even go into the stupid ranking here which is laughable.

            Once again, you don’t know jack$shit about history of some of the stuff you blabber here. Aamir opted out of Darr because Yash Chopra wouldn’t do a joint script narration with Sunny Deol (and it was obvious how Deol was shortchanged). Now if you consider SRK’s hamming the now famous kkkkk kiran as some type of acting gold star, do so by all means.

            Second, Aamir wasn’t buddy buddy with Santoshi to get a meatier role for AAA. They had been friends well before that movie. There were even rumors that Aamir put some of his own money to finance AAA since they were having some financial issues (one of many reason the movie took 3 years to complete).

            Third…I don’t expect you to understand any of the above because you are a fanatical Salman fan.


          • You keep making a joke of yourself with ‘such smarty pant’ rants without even bothering to read what you are writing under ‘Salman intoxication effect’! Aamir made Santoshi his friend to make his role meatier is another fantastical, wishful ploy to garner sympathy for Salman’s supporting act to Aamir in AAA as Salman himself said in an interview that it was Aamir who asked Santoshi to cut his best scene from the movie as he thought it was slakening the pace of the film without adding any real value to the movie as movie was bigger for Aamir than personal achievements and laurels! Aamir was the one who was nominated for best actor in the filmfare awards for AAA, not Salman. Go and read all the reviews of the movie and the audience reactions posted on IMDB so as to face the bitter truth rather than ‘inventing an alternate world to accommodate your reveries and to give them a sense of reality by keep writing gibberish’! Till 2009 Salman, even in most ardent fan’s mind, was clearly out of top 10 both subjectively and objectively! Dangal in all probabilty will outgross Sultan to exacerbate your ‘scarred psychological wounds’ ! Until then keep your fanciful world intact!


          • @”People make up all sorts of rankings/lists online but I must say I’ve never come across one crazier than this one!”

            It’s not just me but tracking media too places Aamir at No 5..and mind you this just came out and not on Sept 12.


          • thecooldude Says:

            Well if Ormax said it than it has to be true. We all know they are the undisputed champs when it comes to ranking stars!

            BTW… find out how REALLY credible their ranking is…check it out around January 2015 when PK was becoming the biggest box office grosser in Hindi Cinema. That will give you an idea.


        • Hatsoff MSD. You rock like your namesake. A courageous ranking indeed. I may not agree (Incl Akshay ay no 2) but like the thoughts u have put in.

          In this forum, if you make Aamit No 2, you will be attacked insanely by hawks – MyselfAamir, cooldude and Jayshah are for real or fake? They seem to have the most attcking attitude on anything related to Aamir.

          It’s another thing to disagree to an opinion. But making personal attack smacks of vendatta.

          MSDhoni, you are one of the saner ones here. Your english is also better than MyselfAamir, cooldude and Jayshah. So why not the three monkeys just pull up their pants and talk some sense here.

          Disagree but don’t go personal like me. Leave that to me as i like making fools look funnier. The crows just told me to stop revealing you. 😛


          • Replace ‘courageous’ with ‘ preposterous + dumb’ 😆😆


          • Everytime you respond to me like this I’ll remind you how classy Akshay Kumar is & how much you are not with this link. Remember his words.

            Second time – I’m keeping count


          • ‘Monkey Gyan’ is your domain expertise monopoly, Naveen without any competition to be afraid of 😉😉Keep delivering!


          • Okay point in extending this…


          • Jayshah- you try to be neutral by posting this video. Dude that video is for self righteous Aamir Khan who when not given an award boycotted it; never gave it. But this is fine. Look at the kind of fan following – the cool dude, Amirsfan and Jayshah- the recluse superstar has created. The Jamaat of jealous, scheming and agenda îc indulges in every gimmicky and denigration of others at the drop of hat. They are deprived of courtesy and logic but act the most brainiest and aware group. I doubt if they are different person as how the monkey business can be done at the same level by different persons.


          • Everytime you respond to me like this I’ll remind you how classy Akshay Kumar is & how much you are not with this link. Remember his words.

            Third time


        • Ormaxmedia rankings have nothing to do with boxoffice . The only reason Aamir is on number 5 cause he has hadn’t a release since 2014 Dec and even on their list Aamir has been at 2 & 3 many times .


  18. Don’t get some of he hate being spewed on Baar Baar Dekho. It’s not a very good movie, but definitely better than Katti Batti or Happy Ending. At least it was trying something different.


    • Agree with you. But then the central theme of the movie can hardly resonate with masses. And IMHO, the theme perhaps does not even resonate with youngsters, rather it would click only with the 35+ crowd that has been through similar tribulations of work and marriage. Sort of a rear view mirror for many.


      • Yep. And that’s reflected in the box office figures. Most of all it’s the pace that’s hurting the movie. Just too slow, and thus feels too long.


  19. Baar Baar Dekho Has Low First Day
    Saturday 10 September 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baar Baar Dekho had a low first day of around 6.75 crore nett. The opening was decent at select multiplexes of the large metros but the other areas did not really pick up to give it a decent first day total. The film was best in Delhi NCR followed by Mumbai city but that is expected. There was a bandh in Bangalore which would have been one of the better cities for the film so that would have hit the film for around 5%. The better collections in Delhi and Punjab have come due to the hit song Kala Chasma while in other areas its not really pushed the film as you have a hit song on one side but the theatrical did not offer the content which would appeal in Central, Western and Eastern India.

    It will be about that big growth on Saturday and it will have to come outside the metros also as the film has a high acquisition price for this sort of content sojust the metros won’t be enough. The first day business of the film is in the same region of Kapoor & Sons which also had Sidharth Malhotra but the cost of that film was much lower.

    Freaky Ali fared poorly on day with business of 1.75 crore nett apprx. The film had no face value and no music and even the promotion was hardly there but that you can get away with if the content is there for a film of this type. Now it will be about the content and if growth of 50% can come on the second day it will have a fighting chance as to recover the cost of its domestic theatrical rights.

    Ek Kahani Julie Ki was a washout as its collections on day one could not even hit 10 lakhs nett.



    Aamir Khan’s look from his next film ‘Secret Superstar’

    Everyone knows that after Dangal, Aamir Khan will be seen in his ex-manager’s next film Secret Superstar. An inspirational film about a struggling singer and her journey, Secret Superstar has Aamir playing a cameo.

    Aamir plays the role of a music director who mentors the girl and helps her attain super stardom. Now, we have got our hands on Aamir’s look from the film.


    • Aamir who’s known to try out different looks for all his films will be seen sporting a handlebar moustache and a balbo style beard. He looked really cool with that crazy headgear but we still aren’t sure why he’s been given such an unconventional look for the film.


  21. //


  22. Abhishek is taking time for producing whereas Sonu Sood has produced this movie without much noise and its trilingual – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Incidentally just realized that Prabhu Deva is not old and just 42 and looks good in this movie. For some reason he appears over 50 in my mind but remembered his Shankar’s Kadhalan and he was barely 20 and that released in 1994.


  23. Shivaay title track video-

    [added to post]


    • Either this shall be a big hit or a big miss!

      Looking from Ajay’s track record, seems difficult for him to get a big one, as subject to correction he has t got a big one in a longtime!

      Still one can get a feeling that if done correctly it might be his magnum opus.


    • Title track has gone all wrong … same song could have been much better with minor changes, and WTF is this old style filming ?? even 15 years old movies promotional songs picturization was better.


    • Compare it to Bunty and Bubbly promotional video , #Shivaay choeographya and camerawork is lame. Looks like Ajay did it in hurried way after ADHM song trailer release.


      • “Compare it to Bunty and Bubbly promotional video , #Shivaay choeographya and camerawork is lame. ”

        But why are we comparing with Bunty aur Bubbly?? What has Shivaay got in common with B&B? Out of all films, you remembered B&B to compare Shivaay with? 🙂


  24. Last night, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) smiled at me from a billboard while I was driving uphill on a flyover in Delhi. Far from being amused, I was shocked. He was beckoning people to buy Reliance Jio telecom services.

    To a starry-eyed person, this would have been another instance of celebrity advertising that is such a rage in India and not a cause enough to elicit outrage. But, SRK has already had a dalliance with a rival brand, Airtel.

    A celebrity endorsing multiple brands is common in many countries, more so in India where there is a woeful celebrity deficit. But a celebrity endorsing hot and cold though not in the same breath invites revulsion.



    • Decks have been cleared for making celebrity brand ambassadors accountable for endorsing products that make unrealistic claims. The Ministries of Consumer Affairs and Law have approved changes in the Consumer Protection Act to provide for a jail term of up to 5 years, apart from a penalty of Rs 50 lakh for false and misleading ads.

      The government’s move has been prompted by a report of the Parliamentary Committee on Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, which favoured “stringent provisions to tackle misleading advertisements, as well as to fix liability on endorsers/celebrities.”

      The question of making brand ambassadors accountable has been in the spotlight since the alleged presence of monosodium glutamate and excess lead in Maggi noodles, which was endorsed by movie actors such as Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta.


  25. #PINK has got some raving feadback from its first screening, but from all tweets i am getting sense that movie has some problems. Every one is raving about performances, but hardly anyone saying in same enthusast about direction and screenplay. And most important .. taran has not tweeted anything giving wrong signals. Most of time taran chose to keep quite if he don’t like movie. Ofcourse real feedback we will get only on Friday, but as of now i suspect something has gone wrong ….

    Personally i was expecting more from trailer and got disaapinted from songs. I am crossing fingers to be proven wrong on Friday


  26. Satyam, you will be happy to know Iru Mugam has grossed 19 cr in 4 days in TN. This is quite a good number and mostly Vikrams second biggest opening after I. But it needs 2 good weeks to become a success.


  27. Freaky Ali Has Low First Weekend
    Monday 12 September 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Freaky Ali grossed 7.25 crore nett in its first weekend which is a low total. The film managed some decent growth on Saturday but Sunday could not do too much. The collections are better than other Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrers like Manjhi – Tha Man Mountan (6.17 crore) and Raman Raghav (3.84 crore). Its even probably better than TE3N comparatively as that featured Amitabh Bachchan also but only managed 11.13 nett. The problem is when the audience sees a character artiste as the main lead it is hard to get them to the theatres even if the content is strong. Not that its the case here but the film is probably a little better than the figures suggest. The first weekend collections of Freaky Ali are as follows.

    Friday – 1,75,00,000
    Saturday – 2,50,00,000
    Sunday – 3,00,00,000
    TOTAL – 7,25,00,000

    There is a holiday on Monday for Bakri Eid which will help on Monday but its not a full national holiday so its likley the collections will jump in parts of some circuits.


  28. Baar Baar Dekho Crashes Out On Sunday
    Monday 12 September 2016 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baar Baar Dekho seems to have crashed out on Sunday even before the weekdays have started. The collections on Sunday look very similar to collections on Friday, they could come in a little higher but it is clear that the film has dropped from its Saturday business and that is the telling point. The film has a title suggesting repeat viewings but the majority of the paying public seems to have let go after two days. Jokes aside, its another big blow to the industry to have a film rejected so early. There could be something to with festivities of Bakri Eid as generally the Sunday growth is lacklustre for all films being screened but none have dropped as bad as Baar Baar Dekho. The first weekend business of Baar Baar Dekho is as follows.

    Friday – 6,75,00,000
    Saturday – 7,50,00,000
    Sunday – 6,75,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 21,00,00,000 apprx

    There is a holiday on Monday for Bakri Eid so that can hold up collections a little better than normal as we saw with last week’s Akira which had a holiday on Monday for Ganesh Chaturthi and collections held despite no appreciation but it will be just for one day and normal pattern will be resumed after.

    A Sunday drop is more than just box office, it normally remains outright rejection and is very rare unless films have extended weekends or big holidays fall on Friday and Saturday or another external reason like a big cricket match or something. The weekend is in the range of a film like Wazir which was a flop but was less costly than Baar Baar Dekho.


    • Probably points towards imminent end of Katrina’s stint as one of the main stars of Bollywood. Looks like she joins the stale actress list. After Fitoor and BBD, it is quite clear that her best days as actress are behind.

      It was similar when Preity was doing JBJ. She looked past it and stale. Lara ate her up in a smaller role. It was looking the same for Priyanka lately, especially with Krish 2 when she was overshadowed by Kangana. Hollywood bailed her out.

      Katrina was probably aware of this. Went all the way to a new fitness regime, new looks and accepted a bikini (something she was refusing in her prime). Nothing has worked.


  29. Well HRC stumbles right at the stretch! Docs in my family saying that this is NOT Pneumonia, rather more characteristic of a seizure. Also, apparently those glasses she wore are used for anti-glare epileptic fits!!
    What a weird election we have. One medically unfit candidate vs One mentally unfit candidate!


  30. Ranbir Wanted to Experiment But We Failed Him, Says Anurag Kashyap

    Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap said he feels responsible for the failure of Ranbir Kapoor’s films considering Ranbir was once at the top of the game in Bollywood.

    Anurag’s brother Abhinav Kashyap’s Besharam in 2013 put a break on Ranbir’s winning streak, who until then was riding high on success with hits like Wake Up Sid, Barfi and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. His career took a bigger beating when Anurag’s magnum opus Bombay Velvet (2015) bombed at the box office.

    “Both Bombay Velvet and Besharam affected me personally. All these things (downfall of Ranbir’s career) affected me as you take responsibility for the work you do. I feel responsible for that thing,” Anurag told PTI when asked about Ranbir’s failure in films.

    “I think Ranbir is one of the finest actors and he was willing to experiment. We failed him collectively, a lot of us failed him,” he said.

    Post Besharam and Bombay Velvet, reports suggested that how the Kashyap brothers affected the career of Ranbir.

    Though the two films bombed at the box office, it hasn’t changed personal equation between the director and the actor.

    “Yes, we talk normally now also,” Anurag said.

    When asked if there is any project lined up with Ranbir, the Gangs of Wasseypur director said currently there are no such plans.

    “He is committed to a lot of things like Raju Hirani’s film, Jagga Jassos (with Anurag Basu), Ayan Mukherji’s film. He is busy for next two years,” he added.


  31. Aamir Khan shooting for Secret Superstar!

    In Advait Chandan’s directorial debut Secret Superstar, Aamir will be playing a cameo in the film, but it is a very significant role. He will be shooting for about 15 days for the movie.


    • Can live with this look as other one was painful to look at.


    • Aamir Khan: Yes, that’s his first look from Advait Chandan’s untitled film
      Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi| Updated: Sep 12, 2016 15:50 IST

      One of the leaked images that were rumoured to be from the sets of Advait’s film but are actually for a promotional bid in Bollywood park in Dubai.

      Days after Aamir Khan fans went crazy with his leaked pictures online claiming to be his first look from Advait Chandan’s next, the makers of the movie decided to release the official first look.

      According to a statement issued by the filmmakers, Aamir will play a cameo in the directorial debut of his former manager Advait. However, Aamir’s part will be significant for the film. Despite being a cameo, Khan will be shooting for 15 days to get his character perfect.

      Advait Chandan has shared a great relationship with Aamir and has handled his work for five years. He had narrated the script to Aamir while working for him. The actor immediately fell in love with the subject and decided to produce it under his banner Aamir Khan Productions.

      The yet to be titled film will soon go on the floors.

      Interestingly, the pictures that went viral rumoured to be from the sets of Advait’s film, are actually for a special Lagaan ride, which is coming up at a Bollywood theme park in Dubai – it does not belong to any movie.

      For the Lagaan ride in the theme park Aamir will be playing Bhuvan’s grandson from his 2001 movie Lagaan, as part of a special sequence for the ride.


      • “Days after Aamir Khan fans went crazy with his….”
        I pray this group does not include the insane hateful trio – myselfaamir, thecooldude and Jayshah.

        They are not fans of Aamir but jealous of fans of other stars like Salman, Akshay and SRK.
        They hawk around this site to do a vulture like attack on anyone who suffered with their


        • “Days after Aamir Khan fans went crazy with his….”
          I pray this group does not include the insane hateful trio – myselfaamir, thecooldude and Jayshah.

          They are not fans of Aamir but jealous of fans of other stars like Salman, Akshay and SRK.
          They hawk around this site to do a vulture like attack on anyone who differ with their views.
          The three gentleman are a disgrace to Aamir. If he is reading this, he should disown them. The GauRakshak gang of Aamir Khan-
          Jayshah- hardly a winner 😂😂
          Thecooldude – as cool as a desert🌞
          MyselfAamir- go and look yourself before calling one 😜


          • Kuchh ‘NAVEENATA’ to lao, same pakau aur stale statements! Hope that someday Akshay would deliver ”200 Crore” grosser to quench your desire of your favourite reaching to at least a respectable highest grosser milestone, but by then Salman and Aamir would be busy chasing 500 Crore club! Kal ke chhokre such as Ranbir, Ranveer and actresses like Anushka, Deepika, Sonam, Kangana have given higher grossers than Khiladi Kumar as he is content with 135 Crore being his upper limit! He by the way leads by a big margin in having most disasters and flops as he has 13 disasters and 37 flops in his career with no rival in sight! Hope ”THESE FACTS” are not attributed to’anti-Akshay army’!


          • Everytime you respond to me like this I’ll remind you how classy Akshay Kumar is & how much you are not with this link. Remember his words.

            5 times


        • Everytime you respond to me like this I’ll remind you how classy Akshay Kumar is & how much you are not with this link. Remember his words.

          4 times


  32. Rangoon is a cinematic orgasm for cinema lovers: Kangana

    Kangana Ranaut is excited about her upcoming movie Rangoon. The movie, which also features Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor, is a brilliant one, as per the power house actress.

    In an interview with a leading daily, Kangana spoke about the movie saying, “The film is completely ready and it will be out in February. I don’t know how to actually descrive Rangoon. It is going to be the most beautiful film ever. Probably a cinematic orgasm for people who love cinema.”


    • Haider was one the most beautiful shot movies and unlike other Bharadwaj movies. Looks like Rangoon with its period setup will take that couple of notches higher. Can’t wait!!


  33. This is hilarious –
    There is a secret template engraved in invisible ink hanging in the conference rooms of all the channels where creative meetings happen. “In the war between Bechari Ladki and Badchalan Ladki, jeet will always be of Bechari Ladki, who will always eventually fix her evil in-laws and become Kifaayati Bahu.” That is the prototype of all shows. Give or take some changes in formula – good daughter + bad stepmother or hateful husband + goody MIL. Ultimately jeet is of Kifaayati Bahu.

    “Who is torturing her?” This is the question that writers of Indian television get constantly asked right after, “In one line, what is her pain?” The truth is, no one cares about girls who want to work and find equal partners in the top three GECs. Nobody gives a fuck about their aspirations, even though they keep throwing the word “aspirational” at us. We are taught, very early in our careers that if we up the nasty quotient of the saas, add molesting bosses, nosy neighbours, and judgmental family members, and hold them all together within an illogical flimsy plot which is a copy of ’90s hits like Benaam Badsha or Sau Din Saas Ke, there will be a shower of that beautiful thing called TRPs.


  34. OT: Yesterday’s US open final between Djokovic and Wawrinka was epic!

    Never thought I’d see the day when a tennis player’s single-handed backhand would completely obliterate the ubiquitous double-handed backhand. Stan, you the man!

    That backhand was just sublime…not just in terms of sheer strength but also in terms of the angles that he created. Only Federer can recreate the same kind of magic on court.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Finally got update from very reliable source. #PINK is very good movie with very hard hitting second half and terrific performances, specially from Amitabh Bachchan. Though movie is very gripping, But treatment is very realistic kind of, which may limit its prospects at boxoffice. It will work at metro multiplexes , all depends on how far word of mouth spreads, it can do respectable to outright Hit kind of business.


  36. Aamir Khan, Big B, Kareena Kapoor to Join Coldplay, Jay Z for Global Citizen Movement

    First published: September 13, 2016, 7:30 AM IST

    Bollywood celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Farhan Akhtar said they would be part of social action platform and The Global Education and Leadership Foundation which was launched on Monday evening.
    Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was also present on the occasion.

    The inaugural Global Citizen Festival India, to be held here on November 19, will be its first initiative, and will be headlined by Coldplay, Jay Z, Aamir, Ranveer Singh, Katrina Kaif, A.R. Rahman, Farhan, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Arijit Singh, Dia Mirza, Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Monali Thakur.
    Several major artists and international guests will be announced at different stages of the campaign.

    Amitabh said “It is a great honour to see the words of Prime Minister Modi at Global Citizen Festival in New York coming to light with the first edition of Global Citizen taking place in India. It is both a pleasure and honour for me to support this campaign that creates a momentum, connecting individuals globally to work together and bring about change and eradicate poverty.”

    Aamir urged people to follow his lead in taking their first Action Journey on
    Maharashtra is the host partner for the inaugural Global Citizen Festival India, and Fadnavis extended his complete support to the initiative.

    “Global Citizen is an important initiative given its ability to engage citizens and engage them in crucial issues. The Global Education and Leadership Foundation’s focus on ethical altruistic leadership is important work that involves investing in our demographic dividend. The synergy of these promises exciting outcomes,” he said.
    “The commitments raised over the last five editions of the festival are remarkable and the work done to get citizens to take action is unique. I believe this is an interesting night an innovative approach to achieve important goals. Maharashtra looks forward to lead this movement across India. We are proud to bring this initiative to the country and be the voice of India to the world,” he added.

    I’m posting Mr. Bachchan’s speech at the event, which was not only powerful and effective but showcases why he is ‘THE BEST EVER’ to have graced the Hindi film industry! His childlike curiosity at 73 is motivational and inspiring not only for the actors but to everyone who wants to excel. Mr. Bachchan’s speech begins at 2.40 minutes.


  37. SAAT UCHAKKEY || Official Teaser || In Cinemas 14th Oct, 2016

    Starring Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher, Kay Kay Menon, Anu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz & Aditi Sharma in Leading Roles.


  38. If convicted, Kapil Sharma, Irrfan Khan may spend upto 3 years in jail for flat alteration

    Ahmed Ali & Richa Pinto | TNN | Sep 13, 2016, 04.11 AM IST

    MUMBAI: The FIR against Kapil Sharma pertaining to his 9th floor flat in the Goregaon high-rise DLH Enclave seems to be the immediate serious fallout of his Friday tweet alleging bribery+ against an unnamed BMC official. Besides the comedian, the FIR names actor Irrfan Khan and three more individual owners of flats in the building (Gurdeep Narang, Sara Maine and Shri Verma).

    The FIR, registered by P-South ward sub engineer Abhay Jagtap, books the named flat owners and the builder under section 53 (7) of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act (MRTP), 1966. This section deals with prosecuting flat owners for not complying with notices against unauthorized constructions+ . Conviction under the section invites a jail term varying from one month to three years, and a fine of Rs 2,000-5,000.

    The BMC has found major violations in 15 flats in the Goregaon high-rise. It has found that unauthorized work was carried out on the 9th floor of the building, where Sharma has a flat. It has listed unauthorized merger of elevation features, ducts, voids, common passage and part podium for parking. Actor Irrfan Khan, of Piku fame, owns a flat on the fifth floor of the building. The alterations were carried out contrary to the full occupation certificate issued by the P-South ward office in November 2013.
    On July 12, the Oshiwara police sought documents from the BMC to file an FIR. These were furnished on August 24. According to a report by the ward office to municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta on September 9, the FIR was to be filed after the Ganesh festival.


  39. Parched | Official Trailer | Ajay Devgn | Leena Yadav | Tannishtha, Radhika, Surveen & Adil Hussain

    The film releases in India on 23rd September. Parched has been a festival favorite in 2015- 16. It has already received a thunderous response at 24 International Film Festivals across continents and won 18 Awards. Parched has released internationally in 7 countries and is currently running in it’s 22nd week in France. Ajay Devgn is the producer of the movie-


  40. Freaky Ali Day Four Business
    Tuesday 13 September 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Freaky Ali grossed 1.25 crore nett on its first Monday. The film has dropped around 30% from its very low start on Friday but should have really been doing the same business as it did on day one if it was to survive especially as it was a part holiday. The collections showed better holds at mass centres due to Bakri Eid. The likely scenario for the film is it can hold steady over the weekdays but with low collections, Eid holiday will be on Tuesday at places. The film is unlikely to cover and week one will probably go to around 11.50 crore nett. The first four day collections of Freaky Ali are as follows.

    Friday – 1,75,00,000
    Saturday – 2,50,00,000
    Sunday – 3,00,00,000
    Monday – 1,25,00,000 apprx
    TOTAL – 8,50,00,000

    The final result of the film will not be good but it still has a target and that is to catch Baar Baar Dekho. The first day gap was 5 crore nett which has come down to 1 crore nett on day four. Baar Baar Dekho is a much bigger film so just to be matching the daly collections of that film would be a victory for Freaky Ali however minor it may be.


  41. Baar Baar Dekho Drops Further On Monday
    Tuesday 13 September 2016 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Baar Baar Dekho fell further on Monday as it grossed in the 2.25 crore nett range and the partial holiday for Eid could not really do much for the film. The holiday affect of Bakri Eid is mainly felt outside the big metros and Baar Baar Dekho had a very low contribution from these centres which meant a very limited boost. Despite the very low Monday some cities were better than they should be due to the holiday while others may get holiday affect on Tuesday. Overall though its target audience in Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Bangalore has rejected the film and these areas fell 65-70% from day one. The first four day business of Baar Baar Dekho is as follows.

    Friday – 6,75,00,000
    Saturday – 7,50,00,000
    Sunday – 6,75,00,000
    Monday – 2,25,00,000

    TOTAL – 22,25,00,000 apprx

    The film will probably keep on dropping further on the weekdays and end up with a first week in the 27-28 crore nett.


  42. Ajay Devgn’s ROFL reply to a question why he doesn’t attend Bollywood award shows inspite of his own production ‘Parched’ receiving several international awards-


  43. Lights, Camera… Akshay: Why he will never be the bitter half
    Atisha Jain, Hindustan Times | Updated: Sep 11, 2016 11:51 IST

    He doesn’t lose sleep over bad reviews, is super-secure about his wife’s recent successes and is fit as hell. How does this guy manage to play by his own rules? (Dabboo Ratnani)

    Mumbai’s Filmalaya studio in Andheri West is buzzing. The cameraman is in heated discussion with the director, jabbing his index finger at the two cameras, comparing and contrasting the two frames. Crew members in black T-shirts are muttering into mikes and scribbling on their spreadsheets. It’s noisy and over-airconditioned, making the constant supply of coffee and tea a necessity. I feel useless, perched on my chair amidst the hullabaloo.
    After waiting for three hours, four cups of tea and countless yawns, I get to meet Akshay Kumar. My first impression is, “He’s so fit and tall for his age!” (Kumar is 48 and five feet eleven.) He says, “Oh! You are the one who has flown in from Delhi?” and introduces himself, “Hi. I am Akshay. Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
    I get to discover that Kumar is a man of few words. Sample this:
    “Are you treated like a celebrity at home?”
    “No, I am not.”
    “Do you regret that you didn’t complete your education?”
    “Yes. But my college principals don’t.”
    Maybe he’ll talk about his son, Aarav, who got a first degree black belt in Japanese martial art Kudo after nine years of training.
    “How’s your relationship with your son?”
    I wait for a few seconds and hope for more words to tumble out. But I’m disappointed, yet again.
    “This can’t work,” I think. ‘How’ll I ever get a story out of one-word answers?’ Perhaps I’m thinking out loud because Kumar says, “Oh! You want detailed answers? To aisa bolna chahiye na.”
    In familial terrain
    Suddenly, Kumar opens up and becomes more loquacious – about family, the industry and a lot more.
    “I have a very good rapport with my son – more like a friend than a father… I don’t know (if he wants to be an actor). He is just a 13-year-old boy. That question is not even in my head right now. I want him to become a good human being,” says Akshay. “He has his own footsteps, he has his own mark, he has his own vision, his own perspective of life. I wouldn’t want him to follow in my footsteps. I want him to have his own ways, I will be very happy with that.”

    Akshay Kumar and his wife, Twinkle Khanna, married for 15 years, are opposites. “For instance, she is blunt, I am diplomatic. I like vegetarian food, she likes non-vegetarian. I don’t have much anger in me; she gets angry easily. So we are poles apart, and that’s the best part.”
    After Kumar’s wife decided to quit movies (her last was E Nivas’s Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega in 2001), Kumar became the celebrity of the house. But today she is not just a star wife, but a talked about columnist, author (her first book Mrs Funnybones was an instant hit) and opinion maker with a strong point of view. Does her success make him insecure?
    “Why should I feel insecure about anything? I am more glad than anybody. It makes me happy that she can find a new career, from being an actress, from being an ace interior designer, to something else. And she can change whenever she wants to, whatever she wants to, because her mind is brilliant.”

    The chosen one
    The downside of interviewing Akshay Kumar is that he (like so many in Bollywood) tends to talk in clichés. His years in the industry have been “amazing and unbelievable”. He is thankful to his fans who have given him “so much love and affection”. He wouldn’t be where he is today “if it weren’t for my fans who buy tickets for my films”. He dedicates his journey to “the people who come and watch my films”. But there is some wisdom in these clichéd responses.
    Because acting was never part of Kumar’s plan. “I didn’t realise (that acting is my calling) till I got my first film. It has a small emotional story attached to it, but it just happened!” I prod him. “This is one question that I’ve answered ten thousand times,” he says wearily. “People who are going to read your interview, know it by now. They may shoot you if I say it again.”
    But I’ll take the risk and repeat the story. In 1989, Akshay got a modelling assignment for which he had to fly to Bangalore in the evening. “I had woken up at 5 am to exercise and at 5.15, I received a call saying: ‘Where are you?’ to which I replied that I was at home,” Kumar said on The Anupam Kher Show. “I was told that I was extremely unprofessional and would never be able to work. That was when I realised the flight was that morning itself! I literally cried and when I did manage to reach the airport, the plane had already left.”
    That evening, he wandered into Mumbai’s Natraj Studios where he met director and producer Pramod Chakraborty’s make-up artist Narendra Dada. “He asked me: ‘Beta, hero banna hai?’ At that point, if he had asked me if I wanted to become a character artiste, I would have agreed to that as well. Then, Pramod da saw me and said: ‘Photo achhi hai tumhari, hero banoge?’” And he signed a cheque for Rs 5,001 as token payment for the first of three movies starring Kumar. “If I had made it for the flight in the morning, I would still have been a model in Bangalore. After that day, I have never looked back.”
    Kumar’s family was elated. “Who wouldn’t be? To get to see their son on screen – that is the biggest thing for any family.” Especially when your family is composed of movie buffs. Going to the movies was the only form of entertainment Kumar’s family knew then. “We would buy Rs 15 tickets, even Rs 8 tickets for that matter… From Kanti Shah’s films, to Yash Chopra’s to Karan Johar’s – till today we watch every film.”
    Kumar reminisces about the first day on the sets of his first release in 1991 – Raj Sippy’s Saugandh opposite Raakhee and Shantipriya. “The first shot that I gave was a handstand. My legs were coming towards the camera. Log sabse pehle apna chehra dikhaate hain, maine apne taange dikhaayi thi camera ko,” he laughs. “And the second scene was Rakheejee slapping me.” He laughs even harder.

    For the rest follow the link-


  44. I admit my intuition gone wrong on this one !

    Maybe it’s Katrina support due to flak she is getting for BBD.
    Also as expected Bhai is ready to take bund panga with the hirani’s biopic and padmavati and clearing the decks for christmas 2017.
    Arbaaz already confirmed Dabangg 3 for Eid 2018 on Kapil’s show.


  45. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h1 hour ago
    Mark the PRECISE date: #TigerZindaHai releases on 22 Dec 2017. #Christmas 2017. Salman as Tiger and Katrina as Zoya. Sequel to #EkThaTiger.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h2 hours ago
    BREAKING NEWS: YRF teams Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in #TigerZindaHai.Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. Releases Christmas 2017.


  46. taran adarsh Retweeted
    Trendinalia India ‏@trendinaliaIN 1h1 hour ago Chhattisgarh, India
    Trendinalia India Retweeted taran adarsh
    The tweet with the most impact of the #TigerZindaHai Trend, was published by @taran_adarsh: … (341 RTs) #trndnl


  47. SOS call to Satyamshot !!!

    Need a thread ! I have too many comments to post on this one.#TigerZindaHai is trending like crazy !!


  48. So as of now three movies for Christmas 2017?
    Hirani – Ranbir – Sanjay Dutt biopic
    Bhansali’s Padmavati – Deepika, Ranveer, Shahid
    Tiger Zinda Hai – Salman, Kat

    Wah wah! Fun times ahead.

    Guessing one will definitely move out.



    Ali gets a moment where, post a major injury, he removes the bandage around his hand and tosses it into the air before playing a crucial shot. Hrithik Roshan would have clenched his face till the veins on his neck popped out and made us feel the momentousness of this moment. Siddiqui doesn’t emote at all. 🙂


  50. Where are you my friend Apex ! The new installment is here and SS is ready to audition for your ‘revered’ casting !


    • [edited]


      • [edited]


        • Thats below the belt. I agree that Aamirfan comment was not appropriate but your comment was preposterous. Remarks on nationality should be a strict no. That was really in a bad taste


        • Salman fans talking in their ‘idol’s’ language and tone as they consider calling names and giving threats with a sense of pride! You remind me of singer Abhijeet who is notorious for abusing at the drop of the hat, you despite being Indian have just let India down by your filthy remarks. I wish ‘get well soon’ message for you from LRM.


          • Myselfaamir even though your responses to my comment have been harsher, there is bit of history behind your commenting and I can understand what may have peeved you or there is some sort of justification the way you acted. There is nothing India- Pak about this. You cannot simply arrive to the blog with sole purpose of insulting someone and leave. There are so many comments I don’t like which I ignore and move on. One can abuse salman his family or any damn celebrities on this earth and it does not bother me. If I have something to say to defend them I will engage myself in that conversation to a point but nothing beyond that. Your namesake aamirfan’s one liner was not only trashy but came across hateful / personal insult & needed to be neutralized right away.

            Have you seen First Blood ? Let’s talk films

            Rambo: there wouldn’t be any trouble except for that king-shit cop! All I wanted was something to eat, but the man kept pushing sir.
            Col Trautman: Well, you did some pushing on your own John.
            Rambo: They drew first blood, not me.
            Col Trautman: Look Johnny, let me come in and get you the hell out of there!
            Rambo: They drew first blood…
            Rambo: It wasn’t my war! You asked me I didn’t ask you, and I did what I had to do

            Talking about LRM what did Munna say –

            Jab dono gaal pe padh jaye toh kya karneka … yeh Bapu ne nahin kaha apun ko


        • that’s totally beyond the pale MSDhoni and completely unacceptable.


      • That’s rough Aamirsfan. It’s best for you and MSDhoni to ignore each other..


        • Just saw the comments before they were edited.


        • I may have rough language for movies stars and other ‘public figures’ but never go personal on any member commenting on this blog inspite of instigations.

          But this was totally uncalled and not the first time. Inspite of my ignorance to everything he says on this blog, he has made few very personal & nasty comments to me in recent past. Moderators never bothered to correct it and he may be well aware of this. That is why he felt emboldened to get even nastier and I needed to shield myself from further insults. Unfortunately we now live in a world where offense has become the best defense mechanism.

          Inspite of what everyone says I have enjoyed reading Apex on this blog and his unique take on each movie is very refreshing and that is why wished him back. As far as Apex crossing boundaries while commenting, I think moderators have placed adequate checks and balances.

          Anyway let’s end this here and I am sorry !

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          • So nice of you MSD. and a good gesture to say sorry. Aamirsfan can go personal and have been voval in my protest for long. However dont want to intervene much.

            A bigger sorry from Aamirsfan would settle it.


          • yes his comment was rough but yours was beyond the pale..

            by the way you’re not helping your case by saying you enjoyed reading Apex!


          • MS Dhoni””I have enjoyed reading Apex on this blog and his unique take on each movie is very refreshing and that is why wished him back. ”

            Hmmm.. someone said earlier that MS is alter ego (another variation) of Apex. With the above comment.. the mystery deepens.

            Apex ki tareef koi kar sakta hai to woh khud Apex, aur koi nahin! 😀

            Is it the same person???

            (No offense, J/K)


        • Satyam – I suggest you shut the blog down around Diwali 2018 as a bachchan-aamir combo will create far too much mud slugging! It’s a nightmare combination.


          • that’s good advice!


          • The thing is that there are some resident commentators, there are some regulars, there are some irregulars and of course some visitors. You never know who will be commenting in 2018 time frame.
            Rajen who was resident has become visitor. We haven’t seen GF for long time. abzee is irregular. But then we see Master/Sanjana/Raj/MSDhoni/Others as regulars.


          • munna: you forgot to add another main category. ‘Seasonal’.. who comes during their’s stars releases! Lol.

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          • Satyam this is what Naveen wrote in one of his ‘racist comments’ (Autralian theory in the infamous monkeygate controversy) and here he is asking for an apology from Aamirsfan! Let him first realise his own blunders one after the other yet remain so unapologetic!
            “Naveen on September 12, 2016 at 3:16 PM
            Hatsoff MSD. You rock like your namesake. A courageous ranking indeed. I may not agree (Incl Akshay ay no 2) but like the thoughts u have put in.

            In this forum, if you make Aamit No 2, you will be attacked insanely by hawks – MyselfAamir, cooldude and Jayshah are for real or fake? They seem to have the most attcking attitude on anything related to Aamir.

            It’s another thing to disagree to an opinion. But making personal attack smacks of vendatta.

            MSDhoni, you are one of the saner ones here. Your english is also better than MyselfAamir, cooldude and Jayshah. So why not the three monkeys just pull up their pants and talk some sense here.

            Disagree but don’t go personal like me. Leave that to me as i like making fools look funnier. The crows just told me to stop revealing you.😛
            Another sample-

            Naveen on September 12, 2016 at 10:03 PM
            Jayshah- you try to be neutral by posting this video. Dude that video is for self righteous Aamir Khan who when not given an award boycotted it; never gave it. But this is fine. Look at the kind of fan following – the cool dude, Amirsfan and Jayshah- the recluse superstar has created. The Jamaat of jealous, scheming and agenda îc indulges in every gimmicky and denigration of others at the drop of hat. They are deprived of courtesy and logic but act the most brainiest and aware group. I doubt if they are different person as how the monkey business can be done at the same level by different persons.

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      • oops…i thought it was pretty good satire…and i didn’t have a chance to read the response but apparently it had something to do with my nationality?? oh well. anyway satyam, didn’t mean to disrupt the flow here.


    • I missed seeing the comment.


  51. Padmavati @ 190 crores??????

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati is already garnering a lot of interest among his fans. The movie, which will feature the much wanted Deepika Padukone, has been in the news for some time now. While the buzz is that Ranveer Singh will feature as the main lead, along with another lead – Shahid Kapoor, official confirmations on this are yet awaited.

    News is that the movie is planned to have a gigantic budget after including the costs of the ‘highest paid’ lead stars. A leading daily reports a source as saying, “Sanjay’s Padmavati will have a budget almost unheard of in Bollywood. It’s a terribly risky affair because although Bajirao Mastani worked at the box office, Padmavati’s budget is way higher than BM.The sets are huge and the production cost for the film will be in the range of Rs 130-140 crore itself. Add another Rs 20 crore for print and publicity campaigns. Along with this, the leading cast will charge around Rs 30 crore in total. Out of that Rs 30 crore, Deepika will get Rs 12 crore, Ranveer and Shahid are charging around Rs 8 crore each. That makes the budget of Padmavati a staggering Rs 180-190 crore which is mammoth.”


  52. Time to rejoice. The most reliable rating agency’s review for Pink

    Pink Movie Review
    Meena Iyer, TNN, Sep 14, 2016, 12.17PM IST
    CRITIC’S RATING: 4.5/5

    Pink questions the society’s mindset where we think girls with short hemlines and those who enjoy a drink with men are low on morals. It also tells you that whether a woman is a sex-worker, wife or slave, if she says ‘no’ to being touched, then no man has the right to force himself on her. Or outrage her modesty.

    The performances are pitch-perfect with Bachchan leading the way. Creative producer, Shoojit Sircar, who directed (Vicky Donor, Madras Cafe, Piku) makes another valuable addition to his repetoire.

    Colour Me Pink India!


    • Have to agree that this review is quite bland despite giving a huge ThumsUp to Pink starring the Mega star Amitabh bachchan – Bas Naam hi kaafi hai.

      Give him a good/bad script and he still stands out, shades better than anyone. And if the script is mondblowing…he conquers everything – heart, mind and box office.

      Expecting a 100 Cr + here.


  53. Another one –

    Pink By Bollywood Hungama News Network, 13 Sep 2016, 23:36 hrs IST
    Rating: 4/5 |

    PINK is embellished with bravura performances and it is undoubtedly and undisputedly the towering Amitabh Bachchan who steals the show. Even though this is not the first time that Amitabh Bachchan has played the role of an advocate, he manages to bring something different to the table in PINK. It won’t be wrong to say that, with PINK, Amitabh Bachchan has not just delivered an immensely memorable performance, but also one of his career best performances. Trailing an extreme close second is Taapsee Pannu, who manages to ‘earn her place under the sun’ with her sincere portrayal of Meenal. Taapsee Pannu will surely be a serious contender for all the awards this year. Kirti Kulhari, whose last film was the forgettable JAL, delivers a rock solid performance in PINK. She utilises to the maximum the screen time that is offered to her. On the other hand, Andrea Tariang does a very job too. While Angad Bedi is scarily convincing, Piyush Mishra and his ‘courtroom antics’ are exceptional. Dhritiman Chatterjee is extremely convincing in the role of the judge. The rest of the film’s characters help tremendously in the progress of the film.

    While the film has absolutely no scope for music (Shantanu Moitra), its background score (Shantanu Moitra) is extremely haunting and creates the ambience for the film. The film’s cinematography (Avik Mukhopadhyay) is decent. The film’s editing (Bodhaditya Banerjee) is average.

    On the whole, PINK is a compelling film which exposes hypocrisies and double standards against women in our society. With powerful performances from the starcast, the film leaves you shocked, stunned and speechless. At the Box Office, it will be patronised by the multiplex audiences and the positive word of mouth will translate into healthy footfalls for the movie. Don’t miss this one as it hammers home a very powerful message.


    • “Taapsee Pannu will surely be a serious contender for all the awards this year. ”

      Good to know and glad that i could sense it from the promo itself.


    • “Amitabh Bachchan has not just delivered an immensely memorable performance, but also one of his career best performances”

      Now this…Man … Icon…Respect … Love….FDFS…and 2 more views. Love you Sir.


  54. No, Shoojit, it’s not right that Deepika Padukone should be paid more than Mr BachchanBy Subhash K. Jha,

    Amitabh Bachchan dropped a bomb by saying he had been paid less than Deepika Padukone in Piku. He also went on to say it proved his market has fallen and he was no longer that saleable. This could be Mr. B’s habitual sardonicism at work. But for those eager to pay him less than he deserves, his words can easily be taken at their face value.

    I remember when Black was being planned Mr. Bachchan volunteered to do the film for free, as Black was planned as a small arthouse film. It eventually went on to make loads of money. No one thought of offering him even a token amount in retrospect.

    Such is the response to humility when it comes to financial matters in the entertainment industry. Shockingly, director Shoojit Sircar known for his unique approach to actors acting and storytelling also agreed that it was perfectly legitimate to pay the heroine in Piku more money if it was a heroine-oriented film.

    First, is Piku really a heroine-oriented film? Who was the central character in Piku? Deepika or Amitabh Bachchan who played her father?

    Presuming that Deepika had a more substantial role than Mr. Bachchan in Piku, by that logic why was it not okay to pay heroines much less than the heroes all these years, as the women have traditionally taken the backseat in our films and have almost invariable been assigned much less significant footage than the men in our films?

    We’ve been screaming about pay parity in Bollywood. So why is it such a matter of gender pride now if the heroine gets paid more than the hero?

    Are you saying, Shoojit, that women are more equal than men? That’s not pay parity. It’s inequality in reverse.

    And here’s why Mr Bachchan should definitely be paid more than Deepika Padukone.

    Because he has been the reigning superstar for 40 years whereas she has just begun. To even suggest she should get more money than Mr B is inconceivable…Unless we are not really looking at pay parity. Men and women are equal. But some women are more equal than men?


    • Lol this piece so pretty regressive stuff. It’s like the author doesn’t understand what equal pay means. No one in their right mind would doubt Big B’s talent/legacy/one-man industry/endless number of deserved superlatives.

      But you don’t pay someone because he is a legend- then let’s pay Rishi Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt more than Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath because they have been famous longer than he has.

      Deepika definitely was the biggest crowd puller in Piku even thoufh I thought both Big B and Irrfan out did her acting wise. Madhuri reportedly got paid more than Salman in HAHK…because at that moment she was the bigger crowd puller.

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  55. Apparantly HR has dropped a big hint at Krrish 4 – everyone’s going back to school when it’s out with new calculators for all cinegoers.


  56. In an interview with Mid-day, she said, “My religion is my business alone. Whether I choose to do namaz or go to a church, how does it affect anyone? People shouldn’t bother about what’s not their business. I am all for freedom of expression, but being told how going to a temple makes me a non-Muslim is plain callous. No one has the right to say that. I am not a commodity and so, a particular community cannot own me. Our social fabric is so rich because we are diverse. Respect each other’s choices.”


    • Lol, someone needs publicity! No one cares what she does.. looks like creating fake troll excersie and give out statement to get noticed.


  57. A teary-eyed Anil Kapoor spoke at length about son Harshvardhan Kapoor at the music launch of latter’s debut film, Mirzya. he also had a word of advice: Do not expect anything like me from Harshvardhan.

    Harshvardhan Kapoor, proved his actor dad right when he said he counts Aamir Khan as an inspiration. “I make it a point to watch all films… there are so many amazing actors and I like certain films of certain actors. Aamir Khan was a very big influence, I think, when my generation was growing up. In 2001 ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ came, then ‘Lagaan’ came, then ‘Rang De Basanti’ came… so those were defining films for us when we were growing up,” he said at the music launch of Mirzya.


  58. BREAKING NEWS: Rakesh Roshan announces #Krrish4… Filming starts next year… Christmas 2018 release. So Krish will clash with the Anand rai movie


    • Write down boxoffice now …… Actual + 150 Crore … 😛


    • There seems to be a lot of animosity between stars at the moment, this recent trend of clashing is quite stupid. I’m sure there are healthy 2-3 week periods in calendar…sure no holidays but I suspect a lot of producers fear the worst for their movie at conception so need the buffer of holidays.

      Here Akshay Kumar is standing hung in this big dick contest. He’s hardly gone for the biggest dates but even those now are concentrated with clashes.

      Major stars should be a lot more secure in their films.

      The losers so far are Ranbir, SRK, HR…they all need proper successes but are halving their chances from Day 1 rather than occupying a non holiday release with full screen count for 3 straight weeks. The math is simple. For 3 weeks you can have up-to 1000 screens, for holiday release clashes this is probably 6000 Max over 3 week stretches.

      Illogical! It seems they value the opening kudos more than total business.


      • LOL @ SRK…first he clashes with BM, then Sultan clashes with Raees, then Raees clashes with Kaabil, now Krrish4 is clashing with his film. No one is catching SRK any slack even though he is at an all time low, Bollywood is ruthless these days. I’m pretty sure The Ring will clash with something as well.

        Serves him right, SRK deserves it. First he got away with mediocre projects because of his excellent business skills (Ra.1 given how bad it was would have made 50 crores had it not been for businessman SRK, HNY was bad, and he got OUATIM to move away from Eid against CE which would have dented it to some level) but now SRK has lost his business skills as well. I’m a SRK fan, and follow him on twitter and instagram, and he seems so relaxed and care free these days…kind of like “I’m done with the rat race” attitude, so I wish he would just release all his films on normal holidays, or create your own holidays. Bakri Eid was a decent holiday, and they all wasted it on Baar Baar Dekho. Also none of his upcoming movies are really commercial or blockbuster material anyways…


        • These are all ego clashes. Too much importance given to opening on holidays.

          I agree on SRK, the dirty tactics are being returned with force. He deserves his victories but also his defeats.

          HR and Ranbir however are getting mauled too for their sleeping habits.

          God I can’t keep up it’s like SS, fans firing pot shots at each other except it’s the stars now – classic Cold War tactic style


          • I think this is just a piece of news coming out to overcome the bad memories of Mohenjo Daro. Not that Krish 4 wont be made but announcing it now immediately after failure of MD is to just to take attention away from debacle…
            I think SRK should stick to his Christmas date. The chances are that Anand Rai will make the better movie. I don’t think Papa Roshan has any script ready. His interview is like – ” When i saw Ganesha dressed like Krish I decided I need to make a movie”.
            Pretty sure there is only 1 movie coming out in Christmas 2018


          • Agree Krish 4 is a time consuming project and expensive affair and market conditions don’t permit HR to raise all this amount esp so if financiers are told he is going to clash with another big star movie which here is SRK.

            But SRK is clearly at fault for moving Raees to Jan 26th a date which was already announced and taken by Kaabil. It is pretty perplexing to note a movie which is ready since last 1 year is still not finding a release date. May be clashing is some sort of excuse / exit route for movie failure. This has Dholakia guy as director who in unknown in mainstream.

            There are so many dates in Nov / July / April big stars can make their own. Infact next year Oct 2 is another 5 day weekend but they all want to maximise revenue on the known holidays when public comes out to spend.


          • “But SRK is clearly at fault for moving Raees to Jan 26th a date which was already announced and taken by Kaabil. ”

            That is incorrect representation. There was discussion between Farhan/Riteish and SRK and he realized that Kaabil didn’t even start shooting and Roshans are friends and that he can request them to move ahead. They tried calling and once back in Mumbai went personally to his house for long discussion. That is another matter that Papa Roshan didn’t want to move. Then they finalized the date. It was not without a meeting or discussion.

            Moreover.. Roshans could have easily moved as Hrithik has no movie till end of 2018 and there’s no point in hurrying up Kaabil release when you have nothing for next 2.5 years. It just started shooting.. they can release taking time by 2nd half of 2017 and no need to release so soon after MD debacle.


          • SRK’s Redchillies did Krrish 3 VFX and now Papa Roshan will no way give it to SRK’s company. Moreover such movies will take lot of time in VFX and I doubt he has even started talking to VFX companies and the release dates depends on their delivery time. You can’t make such super hero movies keeping fixed dates in time, better make a great and push it further and release on big holiday in 2019


          • Master: “You can’t make such super hero movies keeping fixed dates in time, better make a great and push it further and release on big holiday in 2019”.

            There is still over 2 years time before Christmas 2018. It’s still a long time to make a film. Besides HR will probably devote his whole time to this single project. I guess 2019 would have been a tad too far for them.


          • “There is still over 2 years time before Christmas 2018”

            Not really. The time starts when shooting starts for VFX movies. You add VFX after you complete the shooting and the shooting starts in Feb 2017. Even Krrish 3 took over 2 years of ‘actual shooting’


          • Krrish:”Not that Krish 4 wont be made but announcing it now immediately after failure of MD is to just to take attention away from debacle…”

            Krrish, I figured out the reason for this annoucement. Just to make Kaabil get more screens against Raees, Roshan has multiple movie contract. Those who will needs Krrish4 needs to give them screens for Kaabil. Right?


          • Master, raees is sold along with bahubali2. Whoever screens raees gets bahubali2. Nobody in right frame of mind will touch Kaabil even if krish4 is bundled with it. As by the time krish4 released SRK will have 2 more released and then they get bahubali2 also


    • I will pick Rakesh Roshan any day over Anand Rai.
      SRK as dwarf…i mean you are gonna kidding me if you say to chose this over the amazingly attractive Krish franchise.


    • Mat ro mere Hrithik, Bang Bang ka, Haidar ka, Kaabil ka, sab clash ka badla Krrish 4 se lega re tera papa Roshan! 🙂


      • haha good one !

        Add Rustom/Mohenjodaro to the list & ‘chun chun kar loonga’


      • I think it was a forgone conclusion that Krrish was going to HR’s next project after Kaabil. It has been in the pipeline since a while.

        However, it does seem that the Roshans have been pressed to act quickly. Thug has been announced for Diwali 2018, TZH fo0r Christmas 2017, Dabang/Wanted sequel for Eid 2018. And Anand L Rai has announced for Chistmas 2018. All the big holiday slots have been booked for the next 2 years.

        Surely, the Roshan’s could not afford to wait for 2019. Amongst all those films announced, Anand L Rai’s movie is probably the more challengeable one. Can’t see the Roshans defying Thug! So, they understandably opted for Chistmas 2018.

        I think from the current release strategies adopted, the gap is only going to widen between Salman/Aamir and the rest. While it is going to be even closer between the 2nd tier- HR, SRK, Akshay Kumar and Ranbir.


        • But Roshans are not realizing the fact that the more they depend on Krrish franchise for getting superhit under Hrithik’s belt, the more he moves away from regular movies and can’t get back to the game. He will basically become like Chris Reeve who’s remembered for his Superman movies!


  59. Yet another clash for Srk starrer ! As things stand right now All srk upcoming films are facing a clash .


  60. Three Biggest DISASTERS In Last 18 months
    Thursday 15 September 2016 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The order for the disasters would be
    1. Broken Horses (This will be tough to beat))
    2. Bombay Velvet
    3. Mohenjo Daro


    • Why are we including Broken Horses? Its an English movie for internation audience, not a Hindi movie.


      • I hope it was ‘sarcasm’ Master as It made 31k $ abroad and 75 Lacs in India, so ‘international’ version did make around 20 Lacs in Indian currency! VVC got carried away by 3 Idiots and PK overseas success believing as if he was the ‘director’ of those projects and partly by the massive returns these movies gave him as a producer so he just thought of fulfilling his fantacy of directing an international movie in english irrespective of its fate at the box office which was very clear even before finishing it!


        • I read that the budget was $15 mil…
          Now Chopra will wait for Hirani to make couple more and then he will remake one of his old movies!


  61. Release Date Of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Five’ Announced

    The release date of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming psychological thriller Five directed by Omung Kumar has been announced. The movie will hit the screens on 26th January 2018.

    Akshay will be portraying 5 distinct characters in the movie. Five is currently in its scripting stage and is expected to begin its shooting by March next year.

    The film is produced by T-Series and official announcement on the whole star cast is expected to be made soon.

    Five will be Khiladi’s third consecutive ‘Republic Day’ release after Baby and Airlift. Akshay is currently lined up with projects like
    Jolly LLB 2 (Feb 2017), Crack (Aug 2017), Toilet: Ek Prem Katha (Jun 2017), and Robot 2 (Diwali 2017).


    • Thriller genre seems to be Akshay Kumar’s next love with at least 1 out of 4 releases from this genre.

      Surprisingly there will be no comedy release in 2017 from him.

      Other expected announcements for 2018 will be Ikka (remake of Kaththi), Namaste England and Roshit Shetty/Priyadarshan’s next comedy.

      Looking forward to all.


  62. Here are few more from tradewallahs –

    Rohit jaiswal ‏@rohitjswl01 2h2 hours ago
    Its gonna be #Wanted2 for Eid 2018… Can be #Dabbang3 also.. but #Wanted2 ka chances zada hai.. @BeingSalmanKhan @iamAmyJackson
    EID 2018

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h1 hour ago
    Mark your calendar… #Judwaa2 to release on 29 Sept 2017… Directed by David Dhawan. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Starring @Varun_dvn

    This is a good move by Varun. I just wrote Oct 2 is a good weekend date.


  63. It is a good week end release, for sure. Unfortunately few movies have been able to capitalise on the date, Bang Bang for e.g. had multiple holidays during that release slot but the movie was crap and under-performed.

    I think that baring Salman and Aamir, no one is going to get solo holidays releases from now on. Agree with Jayshah here that the likes of SRK, Hrithik and Ranbir have more to lose. For someone like Akshay Kumar, it may not hurt him as much with his multiple releases.

    Krish 2 was a solo Diwali release last time around. Now it is clashing with a SRK starrer. There is an earlier SRK v Hrithik clash in January. It’s not going to help any of the 4 movies.

    Raees should have released this year. It looks a suicidal move to wait for so long for a holiday to release against another biggie. The holiday advantage gets neutralised. Moreover, Raees’ teaser released 2 years back and it may end up looking stale.

    Ranbir had been eying the Chistmas 2017 slot for a while, There were alks of Ayan’s film releasing on that date and lately Hirani’s, His career is probably riding on these 2 movies and it does seem that he will have to make way for TZH.


    • How long can the Khans remain a force at the BO, I suspect not more than 2-3 years? we are going to see more and more of these clashes hence forth. There is already a crack in the wall with SRK losing to Ranveer last year. In the long run, out of the current lot, Ranbir and Ranveer will emerge as the winners


  64. Honestly IMO, SRK-Rai’s project is not a Christmas release types. Its small, hinterland movie but its becoming big coz of VFX budget(same as FAN). Christmas 2018 deserves Thugs of Hindostan!


  65. Unfortunately these 2-3 years predictions have been going for close to a decade now. Depending on how these 2018 releases perform yes after 3-4 years they will have to face clash but they would also be nearing 60s. With future clashes the damage will be done not to these older stars but younger ones as until they start to get the blockbuster numbers, they cannot attract bigger projects or raise their market share.


    • As Munna said above.. 2018 is too far ahead for us to even discuss and waste energy on this clashes. We need to take few months at one time even for discussions.


  66. Iru Mugan box office: Vikram’s film is biggest hit since Rajinikanth’s Kabali
    The film was released on about 450 screens and it has managed to garner nearly Rs 30 crore in Tamil Nadu alone.

    Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: September 15, 2016 6:03 pm

    Actor Vikram’s ‘Iru Mugan’ in its second week remains unopposed as it continues to dominate the box office in Tamil Nadu. So much so that the film has been declared this year’s third biggest hit after ‘Kabali’ and ‘Their’.

    Meanwhile, the film is also Vikram’s second biggest opening after director Shankar’s ‘I’, which was released in 2015. It also gave him the much-needed break as his last outing ‘10 Endrathukulla’, which was directed by Vijay Milton, was a box office disaster.

    The film was released on about 450 screens and it has managed to garner nearly Rs 30 crore in Tamil Nadu alone. The worldwide collection of the film crossed Rs 50-mark in its first weekend itself. The film was released last Thursday and it recorded a spike in collections over the weekend. And the holidays for Eid and Onam ensured more footfalls for the film.

    The performance of its Telugu dubbed version, Inkokkadu, opened to a decent response in Andhra Pradesh. Unlike Tamil Nadu, where it had no rival, the film had a stiff competition from Mohanlal and Jr NTR starrer ‘Janatha Garage’ in Telugu regions.
    In Kerala, the collection of ‘Iru Mugan’ was affected by Mohanlal’s ‘Oppam’ and Prithiviraj’s ‘Oozham’. In Karnataka, however, its collection suffered due to ongoing Cauvery water dispute.

    The ‘Iru Mugan’ team held the success meet in Chennai recently, where distributor Mahesh of Auraa Cinemas said, “Theatre owners were willing to continue screening of the film till third week.” The film may continue its winning streak as it has no major competition until next week at the Tamil Nadu box office.

    While actor Dhanush’s much-awaited film ‘Thodari’ will release on September 22, Vijay Sethupathi’s ‘Aandavan Katalai’ is slated for September 23 release.

    According to reports, all the distributers of ‘Iru Mugan’ were happy as the film was sold at a very reasonable price that assured them of a good profit margin.

    Speaking at the event, Vikram appreciated producer Shibu Thameens for making this film. “Without Shibu, Iru Mugan wouldn’t have happened. There was a situation that the film would never begin but Shibu sorted out all the issues within two days and on top of it, he also brought the best actors and technicians for the film,” said the 50-year-old actor, according to a Sify report.



      By Avinash Pandian | Sep 14, 2016

      The distributor of Vikram starrer Iru Mugan, Mahesh of Aura Cinemas says that the film is doing a great business in all centers.

      “As of now the film is running in around 450 screens; specifically in Chennai city, Iru Mugan runs in 145 screens per day. Iru Mugan has got the biggest opening of the year after Kabali and Theri. We are predicting the film to do 7.5 to 8 crores business in Chennai city alone.

      When it comes to total Tamil Nadu collections, Iru Mugan has done around 29.5 gross till yesterday from its first 6 days. I genuinely predicted the film to do a business of 25 crores but it has outperformed my expectations. And overall till October 6th the film will collect 50 crores from Tamil Nadu alone. It is a massive hit.

      Moreover, Iru Mugan will retain almost all its screens even in its second week with around 435 screens. We are very happy with the performance of Iru Mugan.”


    • again note how Anniyan has brought about a permanent change in his career irrespective of whether Vikram has wanted to repeat himself or not or had missteps or not. He had a big one in I and now he’s had a proper hit doing something similar. Not saying that he can’t do Saamy anymore but I’m not sure if he could get as much success doing that as he seems to with this kind of outing where there’s always more than one part (double, triple, actual or not) and where there’s always something outlandish to it. Actually I think this is the right time for him to get something started with Bala again if this can possibly happen.


  67. Finally, more than SRK/Rai’s project.. the movie which will ruin Krrish 4 plans will be Avatar 2. Once you see Avatar 2 during same weekend, Krrish 4 will look like Bhojpuri movie with cheap VFX!

    But as I said, its too far ahead to discuss more.


  68. @”Once you see Avatar 2 during same weekend, Krrish 4 will look like Bhojpuri movie with cheap VFX!”

    I suggest get on the twitter and tag few known names along and watch the above news spread like fire and reach all media sites !
    SRK can then breathe a sigh of relief !

    Meanwhile had read this earlier and another example of Aamir’s meticulous planning –

    Sumit kadel ‏@Sumitrajkadel Sep 8
    I must say @aamir_khan is very siyaana . He dint wanted to clash with #Avatar2 . Thats why he dint announced #ThugsOfHindostan on Xmas 2018

    BTW when is the new series XXX: Return of Xander Cage with Deepika releasing in India. Last heard was Jan 20,2017


  69. Actually let me test this and if it reaches media quarters !

    With your permission I am putting this on twitter and tagging all these trade wallahs who are active on twitter along with usual suspect like krk, jaju, girish johar, sumit kadel, nahata…..


  70. Remember Zakhm? Now Mahesh Bhatt is producing a teleserial called Naamkaran for Starplus being telecast at 9 p.m.
    Those who are interested can watch it.


  71. Like

  72. This is for courageous MSDhoni-

    Top Bollywood Actors in India: 2016
    9 months agoby Indicine Team269 Comments11 min read

    Updated list of Top 15 Actors in Bollywood as of January 2016, after the release of Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale. There are some big changes in the ranking this time around and the younger stars have slowly but steadily begun to challenge stars outside the Top 4. There could be a serious shift in the next couple of years, because the younger actors have youth appeal which is increasing footfalls at multiplexes.

    The ranking system will also be divided into three; Top Actor in India, Overseas and Worldwide. The list below is for the Top 15 Actors in India i.e the domestic market only.

    The list would be based on the net box office collections of an actor’s last five movies. For younger actors, the minimum number of films is 3.

    Only lead roles would be considered. Cameos, special appearances and guest appearances won’t be taken under consideration.
    Dated movies that released before 2007 have not been considered.
    Only domestic box office collections is being taken into account. Collections from all regional versions have been taken into considering as this list is for the top actors in India and regional language releases affect Hindi business in their respective states. For example, Tamil version will affect business of Hindi version in Tamilnadu / Kerala circuit.
    Top Actors In Bollywood 2015

    Rank 1 Aamir Khan: The combined collections of Aamir Khan’s last 5 films has crossed the 1000 crore mark, the first actor ever to do so. He has maintained a staggering 200 crore plus average for the last 5 films, even though Talaash under-performed at the box office. There is very little to choose between the Top 2 actors in the industry today, with both equally deserving to top the ranking.

    PK – 341 cr
    Dhoom 3 – 285 cr
    Talaash – 93 cr
    3 Idiots – 202 cr
    Ghajini – 116 cr
    Next film – Dangal (also read: Aamir Khan’s Upcoming Movies List)
    Total – 1037 crore (Average per film: 207.4 cr)
    Salman Khan and Harshali

    Rank 2 Salman Khan: The megastar has become the second actor whose last films have collected Rs 1000 crore or more at the domestic box office. Like Aamir, Salman also averages 200 crore or more per film. Sultan would have to collect Rs 159 crore or more, for him to top the ranking once again. With a solo release, Salman topping the ranking would have been a certainty, but with Raees also scheduled to release on the same day, it remains to be seen how well the two films perform.

    Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – 213 cr
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 321 cr
    Kick – 233 cr
    Jai Ho – 112 cr
    Dabangg 2 – 154 cr
    Next film – Sultan (also read: Salman Khan’s Upcoming Movies List)
    Total – 1033 crore (Average per film: 206.6 cr)
    Shahrukh Khan Actor

    Rank 3. Shah Rukh Khan was ranked at No 2 before the release of Happy New Year, he has now come down to the 3rd spot in the domestic (India) ranking. For Shahrukh to beat Aamir, Fan would have to collect Rs 336 crore in India. If both Fan and Raees, which are touted to his return to ‘content-driven’ films, perform well, Shah Rukh could challenge Aamir Khan. The combined collections of Fan and Raees has to be Rs 457 crore or more i.e both films have to cross the 200 crore mark, or one has to do 300 crore plus business. Shah Rukh has probably been a little unlucky too, Dilwale and Jab Tak Hai Jaan both clashed with big films. Chennai Express was also affected to a certain extent by the release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara on its 7th day. Only Don 2 and Happy New Year had a free and open run. For Shah Rukh, it would be about releasing one good film at the right time.

    Dilwale – 150 cr
    Happy New Year – 204 cr
    Chennai Express – 227 crore
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 121 cr
    Don 2 – 112 cr
    Next film – Fan (also read: Shahrukh Khan’s Upcoming Movies List)
    Total – 814 crore (Average per film: 162.8 cr)
    Bang Bang – Hrithik Roshan stunt

    Rank 4 Hrithik Roshan. The release of Bang Bang temporarily took Hrithik ahead of SRK at the domestic box office, but before Bang Bang finished its run, Happy New Year had already released in theatres. Hrithik’s average of 134 cr is fantastic, comparable to the Khans even though he doesn’t always get to release his films during Eid, Diwali or Christmas. To elaborate a little more on this, out of the last 5 films, all SRK films have released during one of the three festivals, except Jai Ho all Salman films have released during the three most lucrative periods in the industry and Aamir Khan too has preferred to release his films during Christmas (all except Talaash). Hrithik got just one Diwali release for Krrish 3 and made the most of it. His next release is Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo Daro (August 2016) and Sanjay Gupta’s Kaabil could also release later this year. Till then, Hrithik will hold on the 4th spot. Mohenjo Daro releases after Sultan, Fan and Raees, so calculations as to how much it needs to collect, cannot be made at this point in time. He can beat Aamir though and for that, Mohenjo Daro has to collect Rs 398 crore or more!!

    Bang Bang – 181 cr
    Krrish 3 – 244 cr
    Agneepath – 122 cr
    Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara – 93 cr
    Guzaarish – 32 cr
    Next film – Mohenjo Daro (also read: Hrithik Roshan’s Upcoming Movies List)
    Total – 672 cr (Average per film: 134.4 cr)
    Bajirao Mastani Photo

    Rank 5 Ranveer Singh: How big is this? One film called Bajirao Mastani has changed Ranveer Singh’s life. From a career that appeared to be faltering after the release of Kill Dil, Ranveer has risen from Rank 10 to the Top 5, not only beating stalwarts like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, but also overtaking Varun Dhawan. His next film is a biggie too, Aditya Chopra’s Befikre. Ranveer is also the youngest star to make it to the Top 5, probably the first after Hrithik Roshan.

    Bajirao Mastani – 175 cr (expected)
    Dil Dhadakne Do – 77 cr
    Kill Dil – 32 cr
    Gunday – 78 cr
    Ram Leela – 115 cr
    Next film – Befikre (also read: Ranveer Singh’s Upcoming Movies List)
    Total Collections – 477 cr (Average per film: 95.4 cr)
    Rank 6 Varun Dhawan: Another young actor who is not only appearing in 2-3 movies every year, but has made a name for himself in just 3 years. The trade loves him too – all his films have opened well at the box office, none have failed and his solo-lead film ABCD 2 was his first 100 crore grosser. What we like about Varun is his choice of films and the effort that he puts into it, right from the pre-production stage to marketing, he puts in a lot of effort. And hard work so far, has not gone unrewarded.

    Dilwale – 150 crore (expected)
    ABCD 2 – 105 cr
    Badlapur – 52 cr
    Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania – 77 cr
    Main Tera Hero – 54 cr
    Next film – Dishoom (also read: Varun Dhawan’s Upcoming Movies List)
    Total Collections – 438 cr (Average per film: 87.6 cr)
    Rank 7 Ranbir Kapoor: His career was at an all-time high after the success of films like ‘Rockstar’, ‘Barfi’ and ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, but the last couple of years have been disastrous for Ranbir Kapoor as ‘Besharam’ tanked after a good opening day and ‘Bombay Velvet’ couldn’t even manage a face-saving opening at the box office. Tamasha looked like a winner because it was an Imtiaz Ali film starring Deepika Padukone as the female lead, even that has failed. Nothing seems to be working for Ranbir. His next release is Jagga Jasoos, a much-delayed film that he has co-produced. The big question is, will it release before ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’? Will the Karan Johar film, which is scheduled to release with ‘Shivaay’ during Diwali, give him his much-needed hit?

    Tamasha – 62 crore
    Bombay Velvet – 24 crore
    Besharam – 57 crore
    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 188 crore
    Barfi! – 106 cr
    Next film – Jagga Jasoos (also read: Ranbir Kapoor’s Upcoming Movies List)
    Total – 437 cr (Average per film: 87.4 cr)
    Rank 8 Akshay Kumar: It’s been a disappointing 2015 for Akshay Kumar and the ranking reflects that; a drop from No 5 to No 8. Almost all his films looked promising, but not a single film has performed beyond expectations. All his films were expected to be 100 crore grossers, especially Brothers, but the Dharma Productions’ film was his lowest grosser of 2015. One film was profitable, two just about recovered costs and one was a massive failure. Not good enough when the younger actors are now delivering 100 crore grossers. The multiplexes, which generate 80-85% of business for most films, is where his films have been under-performing. He has a big line-up for 2016 too and most of his films look promising; Airlift, Housefull 3, Rustom and Namaste England. Will those films get him a Top 5 spot? Atleast two of them have to be 100 crore grossers plus. Housefull 3 is his best chance, it has to gross big (150 crore plus).

    Singh Is Bling – 88 crore
    Brothers – 83 crore
    Gabbar Is Back – 86 crore
    Baby – 96 crore
    Entertainment – 72 cr
    Next film – Airlift (also read: Akshay Kumar’s Upcoming Movies List)
    Total Collections: 425 cr (Average per film: 85 cr)

    The above list was published in January. Now they have updated their list of top 15 actors in August, which is given below-

    Actor Last 5 Total Average
    1. Salman Khan 1181 crore 236.2 crore
    2. Aamir Khan 1037 crore 207.4 crore
    3. Shah Rukh Khan 784 crore 156.8 crore
    4. Hrithik Roshan 700 crore 140.0 crore
    5. Akshay Kumar 534 crore 106.8 crore
    6. Ranveer Singh 489 crore 97.8 crore
    7. Varun Dhawan 452 crore 90.4 crore
    8. Ranbir Kapoor 441 crore 88.2 crore
    9. Ajay Devgn 374 crore 74.8 crore
    10. Sidharth Malhotra 364 crore 72.8 crore
    11. Arjun Kapoor 310 crore 62.0 crore
    12. Farhan Akhtar 302 crore 60.4 crore
    13. Saif Ali Khan 276 crore 55.2 crore
    14. Shahid Kapoor 265 crore 53.0 crore
    15. Emraan Hashmi 144 crore 28.8 crore

    And adding overseas to domestic net would make top 2 almost unbeatable! Here Aamir would surpass Salman due to PK’S astounding No. in China.


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