Jolly LLB 2 trailers (updated)

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thanks to Naveen..

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  1. EXCLUSIVE Jolly LLB 2 trailer: Akshay Kumar’s spontaneous wit and powerful rhetoric makes it an exciting watch
    Jolly LLB 2 trailer releases tomorrow. But we got an exclusive look at it already. The world of Akshay Kumar and his witty courtroom drama has much more to watch out for.


    • Saw the trailer now – the movie will be superhit.
      How much it will make is difficult but looks like it will get to 200 if it has good songs. Needed a star heroine as well. But Huma is looking good which means starcast has been chosen with care.


  2. Decent trailer but not that much different from first one.Akshay looking in Heera Pheri mode.Hope movie turns a good one.


    • “Decent trailer but not that much different from first one.Akshay looking in Heera Pheri mode.”

      It cannot get bigger than this.


  3. Someone should really do a piece on what changed for Akshay Kumar. How did his content game get SO strong!
    Fascinating choices.


  4. What true case is it inspired by? Salman cases?

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  5. tonymontana Says:

    I loved the last line!

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  6. Didnt like it, the one liners are boring.


  7. I will not be surprised if other stars will also play a lawyer in their next movie. Akshay is now more or less setting a path.


  8. Trailer Looks good but lot of reveal in the same trailer, i like that they have Annu Kapoor in the opposition, strong chances if well made. Last time Akshay did the common man was that Priyadarshan movie i am forgetting its name.

    @Naveen: are you the same Naveen that used to post on IndiaFM Forums back in the day, i guess you got into the IITs?

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  9. Oh My Dear Freakin’ Lord !

    Akshay now officially becomes the most versatile actor of this generation by a distance ! Don’t know about his box office reach but finally we have a real multifaceted / multi talented actor.

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  10. Akshay Kumar to play man who made low-cost sanitary pads for women
    Based on a concept by Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar will play Arunachalam Muruganantham, the man who made low-cost sanitary napkins for rural women. The film will be directed by R Balki.

    After signing Talaash director Reema Kagti’s film where he will be playing Balbir Singh, the Indian hockey player, Akshay Kumar is now going to star in his second biopic!
    In a film produced by wife Twinkle Khanna’s new production house, Akshay will be seen playing Arunachalam Muruganantham, a man who was vital in empowering rural women in modern-day India.
    Arunachalam inspired Twinkle’s hero in her short story The Sanitary Man from the Sacred Land from her recently released book The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad. Notably, Arunachalam suffered the wrath and judgement of his village when he tried finding a way to make cheap, affordable sanitary napkins for women in her village

    Earlier, women would use rags or random cloth in place of sanitary napkins to deal with menstruation. But Muruganantham’s low-cost pad changed the lives of rural women and it is only fitting that such a man should be talked and heard about on a large scale.
    The film will be directed by R Balki and will star Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor.
    A source close to the film’s production spoke to DNA, “It’s the kind of film that will appeal to Twinkle’s sensibilities. It will be directed by R Balki and will star Akshay. The concept is hers, and will be developed by R Balki.” However, Twinkle is reportedly not taking the writing credits.
    Akshay Kumar has seldom acted in a full-fledged biopic. While he may have done films based on real incidents such as Special 26, Rustom and Airlift, Akshay’s characters have by and large been fictitious with shades of real-life personalities.

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  11. Akshay Kumar: Aamir Khan should do more films

    On a recent televison chat show Aamir Khan confessed he wants to ask you for tips on how to make money. What do you say?

    Ha, trust the highest grossing actor to want to ask me such a question! Unfortunately I’m on an outdoor shoot, with limited access to television, so am unaware of his statement and wouldn’t want to comment on anything unbeknown to me. My only tip for anyone is if you want to earn more, then make more.

    Here I must confess that I like all the three Khans- Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir who have a die-hard fan following and the secret ingredients needed to make movies a billion-rupee industry annually.
    But for some reason they seem to be taking it slow. Even I find it hard to wait so long for their films to release. I’m glad that Salman and Shah Rukh have started doing at least two films annually because I genuinely look forward to their movies. It is brilliantly intense that someone like Aamir (earlier even SRK) released only one film a year sometimes, but I miss them on the big screen. I can only imagine how their fans feel.

    Full Interview:


  12. Another award, Another year when Akshay’s feat is getting ignored



    • Who has given you the hope that Airlift will win any awards? It is good movie but it is not exceptional or classic. Also, Akshay did well in the 1st half but very average in 2nd half. I went back to my FDFS review on here. I expected it to do 150 crores but it didn’t do that too.


      • Master – I missed replying to you.

        The case for Airlift and Akshay’s award winning performance –

        imdb rating – 8.3 (36,572 votes)

        ‘Kaun kahta hai aasmaan mein chhed ho nahin sakta Ek paththar to tabiyat se uchhalo yaaron’

        Reviewers commentry on Akshay –

        Akshay Kumar has delivered his career’s best performance in AIRLIFT. He is outstanding! He is clearly the soul of the film. It is clear, this is not merely a film. He’s willing to give it his all. The transformation from a man who lived for himself to a man possessed with the well being of his fellow countrymen in a foreign land is nothing short of genius. The scene where he communicates helpless guilt through vacuous eyes to the wife of an employee who has been murdered in the mayhem is simply brilliant. There are many scenes where Akshay towers as an actor. It is a National award winning worthy act. – See more at:


  13. Good trailer but sort of predictable as well. Sticks to the template of 1st movie but Akshay kumar looks apt for this role. His 1st dialogue with the ‘paan’ in his mouth is exceptional (Jo vakil paise wapas karde woh vakil nahi). Movie will be easily Hit/Superhit.


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  16. Khans, step aside: 2017 is Akshay Kumar 2.0’s year
    With films like Jolly LLB 2, Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, 2.0 and Padman, can Akshay Kumar become the numero uno Bollywood star in 2017?

    It was Aamir Khan who showed the potential of cinema where one could marry star status with good, earnest storytelling to make progressive but commercial cinema for one and all. Now, Akshay Kumar is taking that road to produce some quality films. In fact, there is also Akshay’s Crack with Neeraj Pandey and the sports drama Gold with Talaash director Reema Kagti in the pipeline.

    If Akshay’s experimentation with films work out this year – and it is most likely that they would – we will have a new megastar in our midst, in addition to the Khans – someone more than his Khiladi image, an Akshay Kumar 2.0.


  17. Everyone is following the Aamir route when it comes to more realistic, meaningful cinema. As a film goer, I am delighted with these choices that Akshay and Salman are making. Their films were beyond dreadful otherwise.


  18. I am very sorry that Akshay got shot in his arm in BAWARA MANN song; but Huma’s assets very conveniently diverted me from the pain..

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  19. Nice song… not the usual noise !!

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  20. The 5/5 new trailer of Jolly LLB2 Shows Akshay Kumar’s versatility as an actor.
    This guy is now unstoppable.
    Don’t believe me? Just watch this new trailer

    [added to post]


  21. The 2nd trailer is better. There were way too many things that didn’t look serious enough in the first trailer. Too many comedy scenes with Akshay Kumar portraying this clumsy lawyer and it took too long in the trailer to see him coming into his own and too long for the serious matters to kick in.

    The 2nd trailer focuses on the serious stuff and it looks much better. I hope, they don’t make most of the movie dwell on the funny stuff, with the hero being engaged in buffoonery for most of it. If so, it will look like Chandni Chawk to China where it took too long for the hero to become heroic and the serious stuff gets completely diluted in the process. You even stop rooting for the hero, because at some point you become fed-up with the buffoonery. Khatta Meetha provided much better balance in that respect.

    I hope, for the sake of the movie, that the comedy scenes are part of the narrative rather than merely for the sake of being there. And that the serious things kick in early, or at least there is good build-up towards it.


  22. LOL. Fantastic last line. ONLY Akshay in today’s days can make such lines whistle-worthy.

    Unless it’s extremely bad, will be watching in theater for sure.


    • Good Observation. I missed noting it because a scene before the last line had me in split and is quire extraordinary. 🙂
      That scene has the court room in commotion and judge ducking under his table while holding the wooden hammer shouting Order Order. This is quite a hilarious scene.

      I viewed the promo again to relish the last line which is Wow. 😀


  23. Arshad Warsi showed me the way to do Jolly LLB 2: Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar says he is grateful to friend Arshad Warsi for showing him the way to do a film like Jolly LLB 2.

    Akshay Kumar says he is grateful to friend Arshad Warsi for showing him the way to do a film like Jolly LLB 2. Arshad played the lead role in the original film but Akshay replaced him in the sequel. He earlier said that he was supposed to do the sequel but Fox Star Studios decided to go with Akshay as he is a bigger star.
    Akshay said he spoke to Arshad after coming on board for the courtroom drama. “I did speak to Arshad. He is not small (actor). He is my good friend. People just blow up things out of proportion,” the actor said in an interview. “I am very grateful to Arshad to show me the way of doing a film like this. He made the way for me, he made things easy for me. He made this film very big and I hope that ‘Jolly LLB 2’ also turns out to be a good film.”

    Helmed by Subhash Kapoor, Jolly LLB 2 also features Huma Qureshi while Saurabh Shukla will reprise his role of a judge. The film will hit the theaters on February 10.
    Meanwhile, Akshay will soon start shooting for filmmaker R Balki’s Padman, based on Arunachalam Muruganantham, the inventor of a low-cost sanitary pad making the machine. Besides this, he has Tamil superstar Rajinikanth-starrer 2.0, Toilet Ek Prem Katha and Neeraj Pandey’s Crack. The actor said that he is enjoying the variety of the offers he gets nowadays, something which was quite difficult to achieve earlier in his career.


    • I admire the genuine magnanimity Akshay is showing here. He is really making right noises now. Akshay knows Arshad was not pleased with Akshay coming on board for the second part of the movie when he Archad should have been there. However instead of being over competitive, Akshay is showing how respect to a coactor is needed in such situations.

      Other stars can learn from him.


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  27. How is the buzz for Jolly LLB2? Any predictions?


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