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  1. Wow, the Mummy doing 21% at rotten tomatoes! Sounds more than a little harsh.


  2. Have been following the British election coverage since the exit polls came out and then later as these were confirmed. Quite thrilled. Some of the media pieces have been fun this morning too!


    • jayshah Says:

      This was going to happen. Suppression of the lowest denominator are fighting back. The Tories deserve this. First time I voted them last year, they are good in bad state economy but Labour has fought back. NHS and education are foundations in UK. Along with immigration now Labour ticks the boxes. Ideally Theresa May leading the Labour manifesto makes more sense, Corbyn seems slimy like Farage.


      • yeah not much of a Corbyn fan otherwise. This is the only bad news for Labor. Because they really needed someone other than him going forward. He certainly isn’t a Sanders.


    • Biggest question in UK –



      • jayshah Says:

        I doubt it. She is still the winner. She’s been embarrassed but not to the extent of Cameron. This was an arrogant poll conducted by an arrogant party. The country has responded with 2 fingers. I’m only into politics in last year, but it baffled me that the reason for the poll was to get more power to leverage a brexit deal. She did not consider opposite happening. Also with all the peculiar political election results you’d have at least thought advisers could consider this. Arrogance is the biggest issue in politics.

        The Manchester and London attacks did not help Tories either. The UK must be comedy for some. Snap poll – this poll has been recalibrated on WhatsApp. The Labour party have done a huge job in spreading their intentions – it’s just a case of a poor leader.

        If Blair was leading he’d have won.


      • Why is this not considered a mandate against Brexit?


        • May did make this a Brexit vote but stopped talking about it over the last week or two when her poll numbers started sinking.


    • Love Corbyn. He is incredibly popular here. Certainly amongst all my friends and colleagues. I posted this earlier on fb:

      Corbyn has achieved this success story without the support of most of his selfish MPs. Because of their ongoing attempts to undermine and dislodge him the party was viewed by the public as a disloyal mess and therefore unable to govern. If they had instead put aside their egos and supported him, he would be PM today.


      • Don’t think he could have won. He’s not a good enough politician for this. He did get better but then Theresa May was completely lackluster as well. Not to mention all the hubris surrounding her. She tried to make it all about herself. Even sidelining the party in the bargain. Put differently Corbyn isn’t Sanders though the message is the same. To be honest I find this ‘old left’ message outdated too but it clearly taps into a certain unease that many feel (and of course it’s vastly preferable to whatever the Right dishes out). We do need a completely new message and narrative for this moment. In many countries. Nonetheless Corbyn has done what only a few weeks ago seemed impossible. he deserves credit for this but I believe they could have done even better with a more magnetic politician.


  3. Bahubali 2 (Hindi) Second Highest Week Six Of All Time
    Friday 09 June 2017 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion (Hindi) recorded the second highest sixth week collections of 4.75 crore nett after Gadar (6.09 crore) and took its two week total to little under 505 crore nett. The film will finish close to 510 crore nett and with Nizam / Andhra, Mysore and Tamila Nadu / Kerala getting a partial release in Hindi. The real value is 550 crore nett which is what it would have done if it released like a Dangal or PK in Hindi. The film is among the top ten Hindi films of all time and only two have come this century (Bahubali 2 and Gadar) The figures of Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion (Hindi) till date are as follows.

    Week One – 2,46,47,00,000

    Week Two – 1,42,52,00,000

    Week Three – 69,43,00,000

    Week Four – 29,11,00,000

    Week Five – 12,41,00,000

    Week Six – 4,75,00,000 apprx

    Grand Total – 5,04,69,00,000 apprx


  4. Aamir has now become very very huge in china.Though he was huge even before dangal release going by miniscule bollywood standards in China.We can see that with opening of TOH in china,i m hoping for a simultaneous release in china.That cld set some overseas opening records.

    Pakistani formar diplomat was asked by his Chinese friend’s wife to give autograph bcoz he had the same name as Aamir Khan 😊


  5. Now this is as historic as it gets.I think Opening weekend of TOH can be as huge as 25-30M$ in china.Even chinese president has watched Dangal.He told this to Narendra Modi.


  6. sanjana Says:

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  7. sanjana Says:

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  8. Dangal will be released in Hong Kong on 31st Aug. Not sure how big that market is (maybe aamirsaurabh can give us some idea). Here is the poster:


    • thecooldude Says:

      Highest grossing movie is Avatar @ 22M US dollars.


    • thecooldude Says:

      3 Idiots made 3M USD (after opening with 74000!). Wow.


    • @cooldude -Thanks! If highest grosser Avataar is around 22 M$, then Dangal can perhaps do 10 M$ there, if it clicks in the way it has done in Taiwan and China.

      Btw, in China Dangal has now crossed 175 M$ milestone on its 36th day, surpassing 1900 cr WW gross in the process!
      Phase 1 – 744 cr (387 cr nett, 542 cr gross in India as per AKP, & Overseas 202 cr)
      Taiwan – 34 cr (5.33 M$)
      China – 1129 cr (175.54 M$)
      TOTAL – 1907 cr WW Gross


    • HK as a market can be called similar to taiwan or a big bigger than taiwan.3I did abt 3.1M in 2011 in HK.I think dangal has potential to do 8-10M$ there,though 5M$ is a given there.Even fig. of more than 10M is not ruled out there given it connects in a way similar to China and Taiwan.Also to add i m hearing Japan and korea release wld happen in next 3 months only.I am expecting min.25M$ from these 3 markets.Question now is not 2000cr but 2200cr.In hindsight 3I was record in taiwan with 0.624M while Dangal wld do almost 10 times in taiwan.3I still holds record in HK-3.1M,Korea-3M,Japan-1.1M.


      • “3I still holds record in HK-3.1M,Korea-3M,Japan-1.1M”

        Good to know. Was PK also released in these markets? How did it do?


        • PK did abt 1.2M in Hong kong,0.6M in japan,abt 0.3M in taiwan,abt korea i don’t know may be it didn’t released there.


          • Aamirsaurabh.. again there are too many comments on more or less the same topic. Put up one longer response. You can have shorter responses too but you need to slow down a little!


          • All appropriate action has been taken on this stuff. I have said whatever I needed to in this context. I’m not debating things with you. Just telling you how we will proceed going forward. Whether you’re responding or not you should limit your comments a bit. And you’ve said a great deal on this subject for several weeks. There don’t need to be 10 comments on how the film will do in Korea. It’s fine that you’re interested in this stuff but you can consolidate your comments. Replies are fine. Just not 20 on the same subject!


        • Arrogant?? Satyam, this is getting too far.


  9. Sorry a bit of correction,i forgot Korea record is held by Black with 5M.But that record wld surely be beaten by dangal.


  10. IdeaUnique Says:

    Satyam – as long as Dangal is running in a single theater in world – u better name this column as – Dangal and rest of the box office :-)))))


    • Here is update on Raabta BO:

      Is it even worth any discussion?


    • Actually Satyam, I have been asking this for sometime. Why not have two thread for BO…One for Dangal and one for the rest…With 3 or more countries left for Dangal to release, it is worthwhile…Or else we will be going on this way for next 3-4 months…I don’t mind to read Aamir saurabhs post but i can see that the thread goes for a toss honestly…


      • Agree, if there is separate thread for Dangal, there would be no more complaints from anyone. I think a simple thread with title – Dangal overseas collections – would be enough and it can continue till eternity and no one will mind it even it it had 1 word comments.


        • sanjana Says:

          That is unacceptable. It will be difficult to access unlike boxoffice thread. Block people who dont fall in line after repeated requests. For 3 months or until Dangal loses its steam and run.


          • Unacceptable?? Lol. What’s difficult to access? You have recent comments on the right side scroll bar and I’m sure Dangal thread will always be top on that recent comments for quick access. Don’t we have innumerable threads about individual movies, are people not able to access them? Like if I read tubelight topic, I’ll go to tubelight thread and post it. What’s unacceptable in that?

            Also, ur punishment reminds me of a strict mom who’s forcing kids to share a bedroom saying you are one family, learn to get along instead of giving them individual rooms. 😁


          • sanjana Says:

            In India, middleclass people dont give individual rooms to kids. Unless they can afford it! If we have 3 bedrooms, one goes to elders, one for the couple, one for the kids. Guests have to sleep in the living room. That makes them to adjust and get along with others.


    • I come here for Dangal BO updates by the way. Twitter and all are boring. Too many updates. I was following BB2 BO too, but not as seriously because it went way ahead of the rest so soon that the only thing left was where will it end. Dangal catch up and overtake was the fun part. What’s the fun in knowing Rabta or Hindi medium BO. I mean it’s great if they do well, but they are not going to set things on fire. Following BO for me is like following an everlasting race. It’s fun. Win and loss you can take it as a great or a bad game/season for your favorite team and move on.

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      • Agree that BO is like a never-ending sports tournament. Your team or star will win some and lose some. The key is to move on after a loss or victory and not to take the success or failure of your team/star personally or be sour about other’s success.

        Dangal is playing a well extended innings and why should it be ignored? Because it not playing on home turf anymore? Few years back there used to be never-ending discussions of how big SRK is in the NRI market overseas. Now that the same star has lost his sheen (for quite a few years now), we cant talk about or appreciate a good movie like Dangal successfully running in non-traditional markets and setting records there?

        Nor do I see any reason to open up a new thread for Dangal. If it is doing well, it should be discussed in the current weekly BO thread itself. If that takes the limelight away from non-performing new releases, then so be it. If one is not interested, they can ignore the comments.

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  11. Like

  12. sanjana Says:

    Baahubali 2’s 6th Week Box Office Collections – India & Overseas Update
    Baahubali 2 stands at 728.53 cr gross (505.93 cr) collection solely from Hindi version, whereas 625.76 crores gross in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam versions.
    Koimoi.com Team –
    June 9, 2017

    S.S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2 (Hindi) has set huge benchmarks at the box office. Despite new releases, the magnum opus has managed to rake in 4.75 crores in its 6th week at the domestic market.

    The film’s Hindi version currently stands with a grand total of 505.93 crores nett in India. Baahubali 2 Hindi should end its theatrical run around 510 crores at the box office.
    Baahubali 2: The Conclusion Box Office
    Baahubali 2 (Hindi): 6th Week Box Office Collections

    Apart from becoming the highest grosser of all time, Baahubali 2 (Hindi) has also become the most profitable film of the year. Acquired at the cost of 90 crores (including 10 crores on P and A), the film has made a whopping profit of 415.93 crores, which takes its profit percentage to 462.14%.

    The film has set a huge benchmark at the box office with 728.53 crores gross (505.93 crores) collection solely from Hindi version, whereas 625.76 crores gross in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam versions. The gross India total of Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion is 1354.29 crores.

    In the overseas market, the film earned approximately 312 crores gross, thus taking its worldwide total to 1666.29 crores. A 1700 crore worldwide benchmark looks little tough for the film currently.


  13. This CT is throwing surprises after surprises. First a lowly ranked Pak stun #1 ODI team Saffies, then Lankans humble defending champs India, and now Bangladesh defeat WC finalist NZ.


    • Looks like England are knocking out Aussies from CT and helping Bangladesh move ahead


      • The way england started off I thought it was over for them. But I’ll be quite pleased to see Aus knocked out (even if they were unlucky the last two times with the rain).


        • Who would have thought BD will be first Asian team to qualify


        • jayshah Says:

          Most people are happy when Australia bite the dust. There dominance in 90’s and 00’s has nothing to do with it, it’s more they seem hell bent on sledging, portraying like a superior power type attitude on play whilst winning. Arrogant and smug.

          Nothing like West Indies who just exuded fear, Australia attempted to put fear rather than be fear itself.


  14. First Day Figures – Raabta The Mummy Behen Hogi Teri
    Saturday 10 June 2017 10.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Raabta had a very poor first day of 4.75 crore nett which hardly gives it a chance. It will need a miracle on Saturday and grow 60-70% to have a chance which is a very unlikely scenario. Even then the weekend will be low as there is the India v South Africa cricket match on Sunday which will hit collections hard. The film had nothing going for it though the makers may have pinned hope on the hero because he was in M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story which opened to 20 crore nett but that had nothing to do with the hero which the opening of this film basically confirms. That film had opened due to the popularity of cricketer M.S Dhoni and a lot of bulk ticket sales by various brands of the cricketer. Still despite bad promos not being to collect even 5 crore nett is a huge downer for the film.

    If Raabta was bad then the other release Behen Hogi Teri was a total washout collecting 25-30 lakhs nett apprx on day one. The film was supposed to be a comedy but the collections are a tragedy. Both these Hindi films got a helping hand from the censors as they handed The Mummy an Adult certificate but neither held any appeal to benefit. India must be the only country in the world where The Mummy is an adult film.

    The collections of The Mummy will be around 3.50 crore nett which is poor but it would have put up a decent number if this film got a U certificate as it holds some appeal for families especially in the bigger cities.


    • Poor but kind of expected numbers for Raabta. It never looked good and reviews further killed the movie. This may calm down SSR a bit who started behaving like superstar and thought MSD was such huge hit because of him


  15. sanjana Says:

    It described the novel as “chaotic”, “messy”, “superficial.” And then the reviewer launched an attack on Roy which seemed to have been simmering for 20 long years. “About the most interesting aspect is Roy’s determined cheerfulness. That is not to suggest the book is funny or even amusing; it is not. Roy is not witty although the prose is slangy and often achieves a situation comedy-like banter. Yet it is far less ponderous than her overrated debut, The God of Small Things, which unexpectedly won her the Booker Prize in 1997…” And, more indignantly, “Roy’s new book resonates with the confidence of a writer aware she can now get away with anything, and has, so the narrative slides between the two-dimensional characters and stark factual anecdotes…”



  16. sanjana Says:

    Farhan Akhtar to play boxer in his next

    While his role in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag turned iconic in the history of Indian cinema, Farhan Akhtar is all set for yet another sports character. However, this time around, it is that of a boxer. Director Mohit Suri will be collaborating with producer Goldie Behl for the untitled venture that is primarily said to revolve around a father-son relationship starring Farhan Akhtar in the lead.

    Talking about the same, Mohit Suri maintained that although the character to be essayed by Farhan Akhtar which is that of a boxer is fictional, the story of the film is inspired by his own life. Speaking about his own life connect with the film, Suri revealed that the emotional angle in the film that traces the bond between the father and the son is inspired by his relation with his father.

    Elaborating further, Mohit added that the film will touch upon the struggles of a single dad, something similar to what his father faced whilst raising up Mohit alone. Reminiscing about those days, the director with a heavy heart stated that he had lost his mother when he was eight and how his father had turned a single dad at the mere age of 36.

    Coming to getting Farhan Akhtar on board, Mohit had approached the multi-talented star along with producer Goldie Behl for the film. He further asserted that he has already discussed the script with Farhan who was not only impressed by the same but has also greenlit the project. The casting for the actor’s son and other roles is still underway.

    Mohit Suri also mentioned that he will be starting with his next project as soon as he returns from his 2 week US trip. Reportedly, the film is set in two time zones, one where Farhan Akhtar will be seen in the role of a doting son and later as a father to a kid. From what we hear, the actor has already started prepping for the same and will be undergoing physical training to get his body into the shape of a boxer.
    – See more at: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/


  17. sanjana Says:

    Box Office

    Sachin – A Billion Dreams Scores Half Century; Hindi Medium Is A Super Hit
    Joginder Tuteja –
    June 10, 2017

    Hindi Medium has emerged as a Superhit at the Box Office. Right through its three week run so far, the daily collections stayed over the 1 crore mark, which is remarkable. Now even in the fourth week it is showing good occupancy at the screens where it is running. This is what happens with all movies that are set well amongst the audiences. Moreover, when the competition doesn’t carry much steam, audiences are inclined to catch something that is anyways carrying superb word of mouth.

    This is what’s happening with Hindi Medium which has now touched the 59 crore mark and would go past 60 crore during its fourth weekend. It is, in fact, doing much better than the newer release of the week, Behen Hogi Teri, which is running on double the number of screens. Very good hold!

    Sachin Tendulkar has hit countless 50s and 100s on the cricket field. Now he has hit half a century in theaters as well, what with his docudrama Sachin – A Billion Dreams scoring 50 crores across all languages. Of course the maximum share is coming from the Hindi version (over 40 crore) but what matters eventually is the reach that the film has managed. In that aspect, the film has scored, and how. Theatrically, an Above Average affair.


  18. Siddharth Roy Kapur, Ronnie Screwvala, Aamir Khan to co-produce ‘Salute’

    Roy Kapur Films, RSVP and Aamir Khan Productions have joined hands for Aamir Khan- starrer Rakesh Sharma?s biopic ?Salute?.

    The flick will be Aamir?s second biopic post ?Dangal?, where the superstar will be seen playing the astronaut Rakesh Sharma, who was the first Indian to go to space on celluloid.

    Salute will have the PK star collaborating with Siddharth Roy Kapur and Ronnie Screvwala as co-producers.

    The perfectionist of Bollywood is known to be critical of his associations, with the actor majorly teaming up with Aditya Chopra and Siddharth Roy Kapur.

    He has collaborated with both several times. In fact, Siddharth has worked with Aamir in back to back five films.

    The biopic will be helmed by Mahesh Mathai, who is a well known name in ad circles with several successful campaigns to his credit



  19. Something posted by a chinese friend.Dangal on chinese magazine.A friend also told that Aamir’s next TOH can open to as huge as 30M$ weekend.Even SS is being promoted as an Aamir film in china.He has become a genuine star in China.Even SS can rake up huge amount in China, huge going by miniscule general bollywood standards in overseas.


    • sanjana Says:

      I feel posting these tweets about Dangal makes others see red, blue and green! Aamir will become the most hated actor on this blog if we start glorification the way Boi does for its favourites.

      And there are other films and other stars besides aamir who make our films what they are. Even Aamir would not want that only his films should thrive.

      To be frank, chinese saved Dangal from the blushes in the wake of BB2’s huge success. Let us be grateful to them.

      From Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar to Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan, from Nargis to Rekha, we have a great legacy from bollywood while other regional films contribution is equal to bollywood’s if not much greater in terms of pure quality. Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Manmohan Desai, Adoor, Vishwanath, Mani Ratnam, Puttanna Kanagal, Girish Karnad, Amol Palekar and many others have made great films. Music directors from Naushad and SJ to RD and ARR who made our naachgaana memorable.

      I am sorry if I hurt your sentiments but I have to do it seeing the mood of the bloggers which include some diehard aamir fans.

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  20. Baahubali is releasing in Taiwan on 30th jun.A taiwanese friend has confirmed.


  21. sanjana Says:


  22. Aamir Khan featured on Esquire(Chinese) magazine cover page.An article on their site is their as well.


  23. I believe this was staged. But some on net claim otherwise. But interesting.. SRK claimed to be prank and angry…


  24. HISTORY.

    Dangal has crossed 4cr footfalls in china after adding tommorow’s advance.After today,Dangal Worlwide gross is now. 80M$(Ind)+177.5M$(China)+37M$(ROW)=294.5M$.

    300M$ is coming in few days.


  25. P.K Talli Says:

    So its almost confirmed Aamir is doing this . To be honest this doesn’t sound too exciting . At boxoffice it can do decent but don’t think it can challenge any records iFaridoon @ REPLY ALL DM FAV RT ? 1 hour ago
    News:@aamir_khan is confirmed to do astronaut Rakesh Sharma biopic. Title is #Salute and will be directed by Mahesh Mathai.


    • how many would have expected Dangal to beat all records?


    • Not exciting? Rakesh Sharma is the sort of legend and mentioned in every text book in school in India. Besides all 3 huge brains – Ronnie, Siddharth and Aamir khan excited enough to produce it equally shows the strong content. I have no doubts about this movie.

      Incidentally there is another movie with Sushant, Nawaz, Madhavan – Chanda mama door ke- about astronauts to be released early next year but its fiction and good setup for this real life biopic.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      Forget records….to me this is has potential to be another great film by him…so I am excited.

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      • jayshah Says:

        Exactly, it’s untapped territory and potential. There will be a lot projects jumping into Bahubali bandwagon, this is certainly not one. Its obvious some sort of scale would have changed for TOH of the back of Bahubali, that was a huge advantage, likewise I’d assume for SRK’s Xmas film. A space Odyssey film on paper might not look like a record breaking movie but seriously no one would have bet on Ghajini (Aamir as an action hero etc.), I remember 3 Idiots people thought 80-90 CR before release, only D3 (because of brand and Aamir’s proven ability by then), PK (Hirani-Aamir combo would have expected to do well) were expected blockbuster business. Dangal was not either. Many after Sultan did not think he had the pull. If content is strong it’s all possible.

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        • Its not going to be untapped territory by the time it releases (late 2019 I would assume). There is a sci-fi from SSR which will release next year and also a biopic planned on Kalpana Chawla with Priyanka Chopra in the lead (not sure when that is scheduled to release).

          It is also a good strategy to sandwich a BO friendly film like TOH with 2 more critics-friendly films (Secret Superstar & Salute). A biopic is expected to be a more realistic film than an epic action adventure. And with Victor helming TOH, it may not turn out to be a film with positive word-of-mouth (despite BO glory) like in the case of Dhoom 3. Aamir is more reputed for quality content in his films than BO record, and he covered back a lot of his ground with PK releasing a year after Dhoom 3. In the worst case scenario (if TOH turns out like D3), there will still be this film to quickly fall back upon.

          They should lock the release date for Diwali or Chistmas 2019. Even an Independence Day 2019 release will be good considering the theme.


          • https://www.forbes.com/sites/robcain/2017/06/11/how-to-become-a-foreign-movie-star-in-china-aamir-khans-5-point-formula-for-success/#5e812daf166d

            Rob Cain , CONTRIBUTOR
            I write about the Chinese, Indian and American movie industries.

            Thanks to the stunningly lucrative reception of his current film Dangal, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan now has China’s moviegoers—and distributors—in the palm of his hand.

            Since his family sports drama Dangal rocketed into the record books as one of the highest-grossing films in China’s box office history, Khan can now easily write his own ticket there, raising funding for whatever films he likes, lining up lucrative celebrity endorsements, or becoming a major spokesman for his favorite cross-border Sino-Indian causes.

            Khan’s progression from China unknown to China superstar in just 8 years may not have been exactly by design, but other ambitious Indian movie stars can take note and follow a similar trajectory to their own celebrity in the Middle Kingdom.

            Be a charismatic star with talent. Not everyone in India meets this first criterion, but there are certainly many who do. In addition to Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, other male leads like Akshay Kumar, Ajith, Hrithik Roshan, and Kamal Hassan have China potential, as do female stars like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, and others (feel free to berate me in the comments if you feel I’ve left out your favorite Indian film luminary).
            Start out by starring in a broad comedy with crossover potential. Aamir Khan found his way into the Chinese zeitgeist with the much-beloved comedy 3 Idiots. Mention that film to most any young Chinese filmgoer and you’ll bring a smile to their face. No matter that 3 Idiots never found its way into theaters; its widespread exposure in pirated home video viewings and its massive word-of-mouth made it one of China’s favorite films.
            Keep making consistently good, entertaining films. Khan’s fame in China could easily have fizzled if his follow-up films to 3 Idiots had been duds. But his next film to release there, Dhoom 3, was a winner in India and it made a decent splash in China too because of its high-octane action and jaw-dropping stunts. PK was an even bigger hit in the PRC, and cemented Khan’s reputation there as a star whose films were reliably entertaining.
            Make movies that are socially relevant. Chinese audiences enjoy movies that make them laugh and cry, but they particularly love movies that make them think and feel the hero’s challenges as if they were their own. Social media commentaries gush over Dangal’s themes of parental sacrifice, gender equality, and pursuing one’s dreams against overwhelming odds.
            Choose films that share Chinese cultural values. What this means is simply that Indian movies that focus on themes that resonate with Chinese audience values–education, the primacy of family, filial piety, climbing from poverty to wealth, managing the transition from rural to urban living–are most likely to succeed there. This cultural resonance is hugely important for two reasons. The first is that movies with obvious appeal to Chinese moviegoers are more likely to be imported and approved for distribution than those that lack that appeal. The second is that the more Chinese audience can see themselves in an Indian film’s characters and situations due to their shared cultural DNA, the more likely they will make it a hit. Only a few Indian films have ever made it big in the Chinese market, and none have without meeting this rule.

            So there you have it, five simple rules to follow in your journey to superstardom in China. When you get to the top, be sure to remember who gave you the secrets, and feel free to forward to me any reasonable percentage of your earnings you feel duly obligated to share.


          • @aamirsaurabh – Dude, you just hijacked a discussion on Salute with your Dangal in China. This is some bombardment!


    • Aamir’s association with UTV guys have always resulted in good films – Rang De Basanti, Dhobi Ghat, PK & Dangal. They all have an eye for serious, sensible cinema and one can expect a good film here. As for BO records, a good film with content will always have the chance of working big with the audience.

      I expect a much better film here than TOH.


      • RDB,TZP are soon going to release in China.Now both wld be highest OS and WW grossers of 2006 and 07.TZP ka to bahut potential hai,it is already popular there.20-25M$ is possible for TZP there.


        • jayshah Says:

          Sigh. Boxofficechinaaamironly needs creating LOL!


          • Haha … Even I am getting a bit tired with Dangal in China now. Like Baahubali is ending its run (Hindi version standing at 506 cr and will end at 510 cr), Dangal also has now lost steam in China and nearing the end of its run. The 6th weekend is only 5 M$ and I doubt if it can add another 10 M$ from here on (7-8 M$ is more likely). It will still be a photo finish with 300+ M$ at the end of China run (incredible for a film with 10-12 M$ budget).

            As for 2000 cr WW gross milestone or more, it will have to wait for its release in HK, Japan, S Korea and hope it works well there.

            As for re-releasing old films like RDB, TZP in China – I dont think it will work. Baahubali 1 was re-released before BB2 and the move was a flop one. Similarly in the age of piracy, I doubt if the Aamir followers in China have not already checked out these films. Also, I dont believe that 185 M$ from China came due to Aamir’s stardom, but mainly because the film connected with Chinese audience. Gives Aamir some limelight in that market, but that is all to it (rest is just media hype IMO).

            I think it will be a wiser move if AKP can ensure simultaneous release of Secret Superstar in China this October. With the similarity in themes (women empowerment) and exposure of Aamir in that market with Dangal, SS might just work and fetch some 25-30 $M (if we are lucky). That will be some significant addition to the overseas collection for a small scale film.


          • @marcus,i think it can still add 10M$ more.3M$ in coming weekdays, then 3.5M$ in next weekend.From then, 3.5M$ can be done in remaining 16 days.License is till 4th july and in those remaining 16 days.there are 2 more weekends.But ya 200M$ is ruled out now but 2000cr is still on in china.


  26. Adam West!


  27. sanjana Says:

    Paresh Rawal’s Atithii Iin London renamed as Guest in London

    Earlier this month, the makers of the Kartik Aaryan, Paresh Rawal and Kirti Kharbanda starrer Guest Iin London found themselves in the eye of a storm with the Indian wing of the international production house Warner Brothers filing a copyright infringement case against them.

    Now we hear that the release of the film, Guest Iin London has been postponed due to the objection raised by Warner Bros. In fact, if what we hear is true, then apparently the Abhishek Pathak produced venture has been delayed and will now hit screens only on July 7.

    If reports are to be believed, this delay in the release of the film has been caused since Warner Bros (WB) moved the judicial system seeking a stay on the release of the film as the concept of Guest Iin London was similar to the plot line of their earlier release film Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge whose rights resided with WB.

    Though an official confirmation of the release date of the film is awaited, the makers of Guest Iin London have remained firm stating that it is not a copy of the previously released Ajay Devgn, Paresh Rawal and Konkona Sen starrer.

    – See more at: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com


  28. Raabta Joins The Mega Disaster List
    Sunday 11 June 2017 09.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Raabta is a huge disaster as collections fell on Saturday from that very poor start. The film is going to join that mega disaster list as collections will drop further on Sunday due to the cricket match. The film collected in the 4.25-4.50 crore nett range on Saturday. The two day total is around 9 crore nett. The film is mainly for multiplexes so a Saturday drop is rare for these type of films but this drop means it has been rejected like very few before it.

    Its a total disaster for the hero and first time director. The hero was coming of M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story and must have thought that its 20 crore opening had something to do with him which is a norm in the industry but another norm in the industry is that reality check will strike sooner or later and here it was sooner. The second day collections are bad for the director as it means failure on his part as audience has totally rejected the film. The two day collections of the film are as follows.

    Friday – 4,61,00,000

    Saturday – 4,35,00,000 apprx

    Grand Total – 8,96,00,000

    The other release Behen Hogi Teri managed growth on Saturday of around 50% but with such an awful start it is irrelevant. The worst thing about this film is that it was promoted more that most films of its ilk but still no collections. The two day figures of Behen Hogi Teri are as follows.

    Friday – 25,00,000

    Saturday – 40,00,000

    TOTAL – 65,00,000


    • So both the protagonists of Kai Po Che end up with eggs on their face. SSR had indeed put on some starry airs after MSD, this will be a good comedown for him. Apparently he had cold shouldered Ranvir, Ranbir etc at social events recently. Ab bachu line pe aa jayega.


  29. ‘Dangal’ star Zaira Wasim rescued from Dal Lake after accident

    Zaira Wasim, a Kashmiri actor who was seen in Aamir Khan’s blockbuster movie “Dangal”, was miraculously rescued by locals here after her car fell into the Dal Lake on Thursday.
    The car in which Zaira Wasim was travelling went out of the driver’s control on the Boulevard Road here and fell into the Dal Lake.

    Thank God people came out to help rather than watch and take videos on their cameras. Shows the good samaritans in Kashmir exists and a few instigated by Pak and Hurriyat come out with stones.

    “Locals immediately rescued her and her companion. She escaped unhurt, but her companion sustained injuries in the accident,” a local said.



  30. Toilet – Ek Prem Katha Is A Solid HINDI Film
    Saturday 10 June 2017 14.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Toilet – Ek Prem Katha will see its theatrical to come out soon and it is one of the best of the year so far. There have been around 100 films released so far and only two of them looked like Hindi films from the trailers and they were Badrinath Ki Dulhania and Bahubali.

    The latter may have been dubbed but from Telugu but it did not give the vibe of a typical Telugu film. Badrinath Ki Dulhania (SUPER HIT) and Bahubali (ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER) have also emerged the two biggest hits of the year till date.

    Since then we have had Tubelight which had a good theatrical and now its Toilet – Ek Prem Katha. Tubelight may have accusations that it is a lift from a Hollywood film but from the trailer it looks a genuine Hindi film with Indian emotions in a war situation which should work in a big way. Its sad that with around 100 films, only four can be called genuine Hindi films of which one is Toilet – Ek Prem Katha

    Toilet – Ek Prem Katha is a surprise as the theatrical gives a good vibe with the humour interlaced very well with the plot. The entertainment will come from the comedy but as the plot is strong it does not look like an outright comedy to the audience and this is important as when a film looks outright comedy it has limitations as far as box office is concerned. The film has a very strong and authentic small town feel which is a huge plus today when done correctly. Many films do this but only when the feel is real does it work, like in this film. The film has a socially relevant message that every house in a village should have a proper toilet but these things are mainly for the media to talk about. Eventually a film will only find an audience if it is entertaining with a good story told in a way that the audience understands or should we say in the traditional Hindi film format. This is the case with Toliet – Ek Prem Katha.

    The director of the film Shree Narayan Singh has edited many films but also directed a film earlier named Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai (2012). This film was actually produced by a legendary banner of the 60’s and 70’s Shakti Films but the film went unnoticed.

    The film has the potential to be the biggest Akshay Kumar grosser ever though its a bit early to talk about these things as GST is expected to come in play in July and no one has an idea yet as to how this is going to work out. The film is also going for tax exemptions but even that is an unknown as it is not known whether it will be just GST or GST plus the state entertainment tax which is there now in August. The best way to put it is that it should be the highest Akshay Kumar collection in GROSS and how NETT will work out only time will tell.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ‘Meltdown’ is a bit harsh given how long he’s been at it. Stars do have a shelf life! However I do agree that he could have managed his box office capital way better than he did over the last 10-15 years. Leaving aside the MI sequels there’s really nothing much. It’s surprising that he didn’t follow the Jerry Maguire track of the 90s a bit more in this period. He could have gotten big grossers this way too. Among all his action films in this period I think Edge of Tomorrow was excellent. He’s now doing a sequel.


  31. sanjana Says:

    JHMS made a very clever move and pulled the carpet from TEPK.
    Akshay wanted to prove that he can humble Srk with a direct fight.

    If the former clicks in a big way, it will cast a shadow on TEPK.

    Desi versus videshi according to Boi!


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      SRK would have been beaten hollow and flat if he released that movie with Akki’s…..bachi kuchi jo bhi ijjat thi wo bhi….:-)


  32. [post created]


  33. BOI are predicting something big here. A bit unusual from them to come up with predictions so much early. But, it does seem that JHMS made a wise decision to avoid the clash. TEPK seems to have better prospects than it appeared initially.


    • That’s true…few months ago the movie didnt have the trade excited…but things changed in last 15 days once the trailor was shown…there is quite a bit of anticipation now…that could be a factor too why SRK moved as he would have for feelers from the trade


    • After watching TEPK trailer I think its was v wise to prepone JHMS by a week. It gives JHMS an open week to collect at BO. TEPK will get a wide acreen count going by the initial reaction of the trailer from both the trade and audience. JHMS may not be able to retain that many screens in its second week. It will have to rely on its content after the first weekend as it wont be a default option during Independence Day weekend.

      Both movies look like 150 cr grossers at the moment. JHMS will need a stunning trailer in order to increase the expectation. TEPK has lower costs, so it will be a clear winner if both films end up with similar grosses.


  34. Remember when the clash was first announced, BOI came up with a column saying ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha is no Gadar Ek Prem Katha’ and that the SRK starrer will win the clash easily. Now they are saying that this may be huge. Things have changed quite remarkably here.


    • Coming from BOI their change in stance is a big deal. Just shows what a good trailer can do! One trailer I loved was BB2, now TEPK trailer is a close second.


  35. Nadal crosses Sampras with 15 titles and of course a stunning 10th French Open win. Came across this interesting stat — he’s only the third man in history to have won in his teens, 20s and 30s after Ken Rosewall and Sampras. Wimbledon should now be interesting. Federer was wise to have stayed out of the French. Nadal seems to be in great form at the moment. Federer should still have the edge on grass, specially given that he’s beaten Nadal 2-3 times just this year (and therefore won’t necessarily have those old ghosts to contend with). Nonetheless there is something to be said for Nadal’s determination (he’s certainly beaten Federer on this surface). In any case should be interesting if they do meet in the final. Meanwhile Djokovic, unless he turns things around very fast is doing a bit of a fade.


    • jayshah Says:

      La Decima as the Spanish say. Men’s tennis stuck in a time warp till Djokovic wakes up, if at all. The Federer and Nadal wins are unexpected but welcome.


      • jayshah Says:

        India likely to face Bangladesh hopefully after thrashing SA. Hope it’s India and England in final.


  36. BOI has eaten their words quite a few times without any shame and without accepting their mistake.


  37. https://www.bollyarena.net/dangal-6th-weekend-box-office-collection-in-china/
    Dangal 6th Weekend Box Office Collection in China: Dangal has collected $5.13 million (33.04 cr INR) in the sixth weekend in China taking the total to $179 million so far.

    Dangal is facing competition from three Hollywood biggies, The Mummy, Wonder Woman and Pirates of The Caribbean 5. It is kind of unbelievable that an Indian film set in a village is competing with big budget flicks. As of now, Dangal total gross is higher than all these films.

    It would be very hard to match the success of Dangal in near future. Even India’s biggest film in terms of scale and budget, Baahubali 2 will short of Dangal by a margin of 400 crores.

    Day Collection (m) INR (cr)
    Total $179.59 million 1155.90 cr
    Day 1 $2.27 14.67
    Day 2 $4.69 30.30
    Day 3 $5.55 35.86
    1st Weekend $12.51 80.83
    Day 4 $5.78 37.23
    Day 5 $3.52 22.58
    Day 6 $3.88 24.89
    Day 7 $3.90 25.02
    1st Week $29.59 190.55
    Day 8 $6.12 39.27
    Day 9 $13.66 87.66
    Day 10 $12.53 80.24
    2nd Weekend $32.31 207.17
    Day 11 $4.95 31.73
    Day 12 $4.92 31.54
    Day 13 $4.20 26.92
    Day 14 $3.73 24.08
    Day 15 $6.02 38.80
    Day 16 $16.35 106.03
    Day 17 $11.71 75.94
    3rd Weekend $34.82 224.44
    Day 18 $3.42 22.06
    Day 19 $3.12 20.12
    Day 20 $2.76 17.80
    Day 21 $2.51 16.19
    Day 22 $1.88 12.13
    Day 23 $2.84 18.32
    Day 24 $6.51 42.27
    Day 25 $8.05 52.05
    Day 26 $6.34 40.92
    Day 27 $1.76 11.33
    Day 28 $4.60 29.61
    Day 29 $1.72 11.06
    Day 30 $3.96 25.50
    Day 31 $3.53 22.71
    Day 32 $1.40 8.98
    Day 33 $1.25 8.03
    Day 34 $1.17 7.53
    Day 35 $1.10 7.07
    Day 36 $1.08 6.94
    Day 37 $2.12 13.65
    Day 38 $1.93 12.45


    1st Phase: $30.70 m
    Taiwan: $5.33 m*
    China: $179.59 m*
    Total: $215.62 m

    1st Phase: 736.16
    Taiwan: 34.29*
    China: 1155.90
    Total: 1926.35 Cr


  38. While Universal’s release of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise is the #1 movie worldwide, it fell short of its anticipated mark domestically. The Cruise-led feature had to settle for second place, finishing nearly $25 million shy of Wonder Woman’s second weekend, as the DC Comics adaptation enjoyed a #1 finish at the weekend box office for a second week in a row.

    With an estimated $57 million, Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ release of Wonder Woman finished atop the weekend box office for a second week in a row as its domestic cume now totals more than $205 million after just ten days in release. The performance signals a 45% drop compared to the film’s massive $103 million debut last weekend. Just to put that drop in perspective, recent DC Films saw significantly larger second weekend dips as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fell 69% in its second weekend, Suicide Squad dropped 67% and Man of Steel dipped 65%.

    Internationally, Wonder Woman added $58.1 million from 57 markets, brining its international cume to $230.2 million for a global tally that now tops $435 million. The film debuts in Germany next week followed by Spain (June 23) and Japan in August.

    In second is Universal’s The Mummy, a $125 million budgeted reboot of the studio’s classic monster tale, which was previously resurrected back in the late ’90s when Brendan Fraser and director Stephen Sommers opened The Mummy to the tune of $43.3 million on its way to a $155.3 million domestic run and the start of a trilogy. Unfortunately for Universal, their newest attempt to bring The Mummy back to life could only muster an estimated $32.2 million, an opening that not only falls short of the original Mummy as well as its sequel, which opened with $68.1 million in 2001, but it’s even short of the lackluster third film in the franchise, which brought in $40.4 million in 2008 before barely topping $100 million domestically, a figure this latest incarnation won’t likely hit as the film was mostly panned by critics while audiences gave it a “B-” CinemaScore.

    Of course, it isn’t all about the domestic box office any longer and The Mummy has delivered overseas with an estimated $141.8 million as it became Cruise’s largest worldwide opening ever, topping the $102.5 million international opening for War of the Worlds. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it debuted in 63 international markets, including China where it brought in an estimated $52.2 million. Other openings include record openings for a Cruise-led feature in South Korea ($17.8m), Russia ($7.6m), Mexico ($5.1m) and Brazil ($3.6m). Overall, the film saw a $174 million global launch, of which a hefty 81.5% is attributed to the international market. The Mummy hits theaters in France next weekend, followed by a release in Japan on July 28.



  39. Except Tubelight, nothing will click in a big way. Until TZH arrives.


  40. sanjana Says:


    • sanjana Says:

      By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published:June 11, 2017 9:52 pm
      Baahubali 2, SS rajamouli, baahubali 2 song oka pranam, oka pranam song stills,
      The title song of Baahubali 2, Oka Pranam’s video was released on YouTube.

      Baahubali 2 has been ruling the countrywide box office for about 50 days now. Even thought the film has seen a dip in collections due to new releases, it is still the second most watched film in many cities. The title song of this film in Telugu, “Oka Pranam”, which is more like a recap of Baahubali 1 was one of the creative decisions that was appreciated by fans. It features Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Sathyaraj, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah and Ramya Krishnan in miniature forms as the tale of Baahubali 1 is retold in minutes.

      Now, the makers have released the official video of the title song and it looks like fans love it already. Within minutes of the release, fans have already comments and likes for the video poured in. Each frame reminds us of the first time we ever came to know about Baahubali and were introduced to the kingdom of Mahishmati. It reminds us of the question that haunted the country for almost two years – ‘Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?’ It is almost like a hit of nostalgia. Baahubali 2 created many records, including crossing the Rs 1,000 crore mark when it came to worldwide collections. However, after the release and tremendous success of Aamir Khan’s Dangal in China, the film might lose out on being the first film to cross the Rs 2,000 cr mark.

      The film released on May 28 as a bilingual, and was dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam, English and a few other languages. The release in China has been confirmed, however, there has been no word about the date of release so far.


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      ha ha BR rips it apart – and i don’t understand what is with producers to keep such names of films where I bet half the population does not know the meaning….I still don’t know what Raabta means….years agao Hema Malini made “Dil Aashna Hei” – wth Aashna means I still don’t know – then there were many such examples where names were either from Rich Urdu (where common people have the least idea about its meaning) and the films could not generate any curiosity whatsover….


      • I got the spelling wrong.

        They splash across a shallow stream. The editors cut to a frog in the water. I don’t blame them. I began to wonder if the frog had a love story, and if I could watch that instead.


      • Connection


    • In the afterglow of Dangal and BB2, it will be incredibly difficult for avg run of the mill bwood offerings to solicit any audiences to the turnstiles.


  41. In fact, Dangal that has already set new benchmark records for an Indian film in the Chinese market has now collected another USD 2.08 million [Rs. 13.39 cr] on Day 37. Interestingly, the business of the film which had been witnessing a dip in collections during the week has once again seen a spike in collections as the weekend begins.

    While currently the total collections of Dangal within the Chinese market stands at USD 17.47 million [Rs. 1142 cr], the film is expected to continue doing business for at least another week making a total target of Rs. 1200 cr achievable.


    ‘Dangal’ Scores $5 Million In 6th China Weekend To Reach $296 MM Worldwide

    Rob Cain ,

    The Indian mega-hit Dangal continued its history-making run in China this past weekend, adding $5.05 million (Rs. 32.8 crore) in box office receipts to push its domestic Chinese cume to a phenomenal $180 million, and its worldwide total to $296 million.

    Prior to this year, the biggest box office total an Indian film had ever collected was the $120 million worldwide earned by the 2014 spiritual comedy PK. Dangal will exceed that prior record by at least two-and-one-half times.

    Dangal’s amazing China release has seen it out-last and out-earn such tough competitors as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($100.6 million in China), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ($162.3 million) and Wonder Woman ($70.2 million). After opening in 5th place on the Chinese box office charts with a $12 million 3-day weekend debut in early May, it caught fire and in 6 weeks has never since dipped below the number four spot.

    Last week Dangal surged past the Chinese action blockbusters Operation Mekong and The Monkey King 2 to slide into the number 19 slot among China’s highest-grossing movies in history. It needs to earn just $3.8 million more to squeeze past Captain America: Civil War and Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons and land the 16th spot. That would also place it within a hair’s breadth of another major milestone, a $300 million lifetime worldwide total gross.


    • Dangal has roughly 1 more week to collect in China before Transformers releases, which is expected to rake up 400 $M there. Dangal will probably end its run at 187-188 M$, which would take it past 300M$ WW gross.



      • 300M$ WW wld be done at 183M$ in China which should be done by this friday.But i think it should end at 192M$ which wld just cross 2000cr.
        80M$(Ind)+37M$(ROW)+183M$(China)=300M$ WW.


        • I also think 183 M$ in China would be done by this week end, which as you pointed out would be 300 M$ WW.

          My concern is whether Dangal will be able to retain shows after Transformer releases, it may run just out of steam by 21st June. It will need to hold up against Tranformer, if its to get to 192 M$ in China (for a 2000 cr WW finish). That is the only point of interest on Dangal in China at the moment.

          The China numbers have been easy to track due to their real time collections system in place. Quite a few publications (national and international ones) have been reporting the daily figures. Doubt if this will happen in its third phase of release in HK, Japan & S Korea.


          • Marcus,i agree 2000cr ATM is 50-50 in China but i m hearing summer vacations are starting in china from next 2-3 days and that wld boost next week’s collns.Let’s hope it covers most of the remaining 9M$ in next week only.After end of next week,12 more days are remaining.Let’s say it does 6M$ in next week,then only 3M$ would be the requirement in remaining 12 days which wld include 2 weekends as well.But it is still easier said than done.Let’s hope for the best.


  42. Two sixes into the over, the camera focused on Yuvraj’s face and every desi watching realized that the loon was going to go for it. Supporting a team in a big match is a kind of madness, a junoon, and what we saw in his eyes was an answering insanity. The third six went over extra cover, the fourth over backward point, and the fifth and sixth over square leg and midwicket, but where they went didn’t matter; it was enough that he had been crazed enough to try. That’s the excitement that Yuvraj will be remembered for, well after more organised batsmen with better records are forgotten. He isn’t as sprightly as he used to be, but he has survived bouncers and cancer, and when he walks out to bat his eyes still glint with arena madness, that promise that he might set the place on fire again.



  43. sanjana Says:

    BySubhash K. Jha
    Jun 12, 2017 – 10:34 am IST

    #Bank Chor
    CBFC slams down on title Bank Chor that sounds like “Behen Ch..”, asks producers to clean out

    It looks like after their scion Yash Chopra’s death, Yash Raj Films has decided to go all-out to be cheesy and dirty. Aditya Chopra’s Befikre last year was about Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor’s on-screen sexual escapades with full-on sexual innuendos.

    Now with their latest product Bank Chor, Yash Raj has gone worse. The title of the film itself bears an uncanny phonetic resemblance to an obscene Hindi abuse pertaining to the abused man’s sister.

    The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) clamped down on the ‘clever’ (or so, the film’s makers thought) play of words and asked the makers of Bank Chor to re-dub the two words in the title every time it’s uttered, so that it doesn’t sound like ‘behen c…d’

    Says an outraged source from the CBFC, “The makers of Bank Chor thought they were being very clever by calling their film by a title that sounds like ‘behen c…d’ . They thought, every time Riteish Deshmukh and the other actors said ‘Bank Chor’ the audience would roar in delight by the similarity to the sisterly abuse.”

    The CBFC refused to certify the film until the title was re-dubbed everywhere it was used. “We asked them to re-do the title not just in the film but also in the trailers. Everywhere they used ‘Bank Chor’ like the Hindi abuse ‘behen c…d’. This was a kind of USP in their humour. We were sorry to play the spoilsport. But this was a most uncalled-for and recurring obscenity in the film. We asked them to clean it out.”

    Bank Chor’s leading man Riteish Deshmukh is no stranger to smutty comedy. It is baffling why Yash Raj Films with its distinguished track record would want to invest its reputation in an endeavour where the main source of humour is the film’s title which sounds more like a profanity than a bank heist.
    – See more at: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com


    • Nice interview. I love the emphasis he puts on the story of the film in every interview. The story, the script and its execution is what content is all about:

      “My next film is Secret Superstar. It’s about a 14-year-old girl. She is the central character. I love the story. It’s a beautiful story. Will it do the same kind of business like Dangal? I have no idea. I had no idea that Taare Zameen Par would be a huge success either. I did it because of the story or even Dangal. It’s not a conventional mainstream story. It’s about an old man who has grey hair, daughters and no romance… A story about a family and wrestling. It’s not a conventional kind of a film. Who knew it would do this kind of business?”


  44. Asked about it, Abhishek said, “That film is not directed by Anurag Kashyap. It will have a new director and will be produced by Anurag Kashyap. We are still in talks with Anurag about that and right now we can’t announce anything because I feel the producer is the right person when it comes to announcing a film.”



  45. sanjana Says:

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  46. sanjana Says:

    Raees Director Opens Up About SRK, Intolerance, And Much More
    Most of his films have created lot of controversies.
    Koimoi.com Team –
    June 12, 2017

    Raees director Rahul Dholakia graced the first episode of Talk Shop, a show which aims to introduce directors, the star-makers to the masses. The filmmaker went candid about why he has not worked with Akshay Kumar yet despite being a good friend of his wife Twinkle Khanna, why he makes controversial films, the issue of intolerance in India and more.

    His parents taught him something which he believes till date, “If you believe in something, go for it and don’t worry about the consequences.”

    Most of his films have created controversies. How does he explain it? Rahul says, “I think it’s in my DNA. My father was part of the student movement in India.”

    Talking about the risks his profession entails, the filmmaker revealed about receiving a lot of threat calls while researching for his movie Lamhaa in Kashmir. He has even interviewed a militant on parole after 16 years! Rahul said, “The militant, who had a record of killing around 200 people, was sitting for the interview with an AK 47 next to him. For 2 hours he kept on bit**ing about India and expressed how much he hated the country. When he asked me, when are you going back to India, I told him, this (Srinagar) may not be India for you but it is India for me even today.”

    He plans a vacation just 6 days in advance and rejects a film if he is not satisfied with its draft. The director revealed about rejecting a film once after making 60-70 drafts and said, “I don’t regret it as I always enjoy the process.”

    Regarding working with actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Sanjay Dutt and Shah Rukh Khan in his films Parzania, Lamhaa and Raees he feels, “I have been very fortunate. I think I have got the best actors. God has been kind and they (actors) have been kind to do these films.”

    Given a choice to remake Deewar, the director said that he would want to cast Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. He also voted for SRK as the most hardworking actor.

    Regarding the casting of Raees, he said, “Ritesh (Sidhwani) and Farhan (Akhtar) had asked me to name 5 actors for the role and I named just one!”

    Talking about the issue of intolerance in India, Rahul Dholakia said, “In today’s time, everybody reacts to everything over the top and then they forget about it also. Where is the conviction? Where is the passion? We want to voice our opinion on everything and social media is the easiest way to do it.”


  47. sanjana Says:


  48. Dangal footfalls till yesterday are 4.04cr in China and it has entered into top 15 footfalls of all time in China.Now this is some achievement.I think it wld end run with abt 4.20cr footfalls in China,more than it’s indian footfalls.This is as big a crossover as it gets.This is the highest footfalls ever for a non hollywood foreign film in any country of the world surpassing CTHD footfalls of 2.27cr in US.
    Also i am hearing summer vacations are starting within 2-3 days in China and that cld boost next week’s collns as well as coming weekend cld even be higher than last weekend.


    • Rob is forgetting Dangal is releasing in Japan,Korea,HK & few South American countries.For HK even a release date of 31.8.17 is announced.Chinese film God of War is also an epic film similar to Baahubali,Result in China for their own epic movie in mandarin-Less than 10M$ LT.When their own epic movie similar to Baahubali is doing less than 10M$,then BB2 ka haal soch lo.5M$ bhi tedhi kheer hai.GOW to unki apni movie hai with chinese actors.Jab us ka disaster fate hai to ek alien movie kaun dekhaga waha.Deep within his heart,even he knows the reality.


  49. Omkar D Sawant

    Tanushree Dutta who won our hearts with her performance in ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ did few films after that and then almost disappeared! Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress, made her mark with Fast and Furious and now her big release, Wonder Woman! With her latest superhero release, she just conquered the world!

    However, did you know, there was time when even Gal Gadot lost to Tanushree Dutta? Yes, you heard it right! During Miss Universe 2004 contest, Tanushree made it to the top 10 list while Gal was not even in the top 15 list!


  50. Livewire Says:

    For those interested in box office number crunching here is an interesting tweet from a trade insider –

    Girish Johar‏Verified account @girishjohar 8h8 hours ago
    Few weeks to go… Post #GST, now all are expected to share collections in gross BO format .. new trend i.e. total collections at tkt window

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  51. The two actors are reportedly being cast in Anurag Kashyap’s production titled “Gulab Jamun”.

    Asked about it, Abhishek told the media: “That film is not directed by Anurag Kashyap. It will have a new director and will be produced by Anurag Kashyap. We are still in talks with Anurag about that and right now we can’t announce anything because I feel the producer is the right person when it comes to announcing a film.”

    Abhishek spoke on the sidelines of the 20-year celebration of the movie “Border” on Sunday.

    “Border” was directed by J.P. Dutta, who also gave Abhishek Bachchan his Bollywood debut “Refugee”.

    Talking about his equation with Dutta, Abhishek Said: “I am here as an actor because of J. P. Dutta and I owe them (Dutta and J.P. Films) everything.”

    Reminiscing memories of “Border”, Abhishek said: “I had seen this film in Metro theatre in Mumbai on its first day itself. ‘Border’ is more than just a film. It gives a patriotic emotion about India.”

    Asked about the trend of remakes and sequels in Bollywood, he said: “Today, most filmmakers make a sequel of their earlier films because it’s a marketing ploy and it is good for the films. As far as ‘Border’ is concerned, we won’t be able to make a remake of a film like ‘Border’ because it is still fresh in everyone’s mind and memories.

    “Only J.P. Dutta can make a sequel of it but he is not willing to do that.”


  52. The Aamir Khan starrer Dangal that released weeks back in China has been doing roaring business. In fact after opening to a massive start, the film’s business witnessed exponential growth each passing day. Now we hear that the film hasn’t created records within the country but in China as well.

    In this article we take a look at a few of the records Dangal has managed to set within the Chinese market:

    • Dangal is ranked 19th in the list of All Time Top Grossers at the China Box office above The Monkey King 2 and below Captain America : Civil War. By the time, the film would exhaust its run in another three weeks; it would have climbed to possibly 15th or 16th position at the China box office.

    • Dangal has become the Highest non-English and non-Chinese film to rake in USD 179.41 million [Rs. 1154 crores] at the close of 38 days at the Chinese box.

    • With a collection of USD 179.41 million [Rs. 1154 crores], Dangal has also become the first film ever to have managed to collect almost 80x its opening day collections in China.

    • Dangal has also become the only film that has grossed over USD 1 million at the Chinese box office for 38 consecutive days

    • Dangal also becomes the highest single territory grossing Indian film outside of the Indian market.

    Well, now we hear that after the release of Dangal in China a few weeks ago, has managed to cross a staggering USD 200 million at the worldwide box office. With USD 179.41 million coming in from the Chinese market, USD 4.98 million from the Taiwan marker and USD 30.02 million from the rest of the overseas territories, the total collections of Dangal at the global box office stands at a massive USD 214.41 million [Rs. 1380 cr].

    Bollywood Hungama


  53. This is huge – 2.0 has been picked up for distribution for 80 cr! Anything below 150 cr and there will surely be losses involved.

    Btw, even after a string of hits Akshay’s biggest film cannot match the distribution price of SRK’s JHMS (125 cr).



    • Like

    • Marcus: You keep repeating JHMS rights at 125 crores and I tend to ignore but you need to realize that its the TOTAL worldwide distribution rights price at 125 crores. So, it’ll be around 75(India) – 50(overseas) or 80-45 ratio. If some distributor is dumb enough to pay 125 crores just for India, no one can blame SRK, he’ll easily grab it! 🙂

      Btw I don’t think the 125 crores is official, am reacting to the rumors in the media. They also say its just above 100 crores for Total rights.


      • Yes the studio never confirms the exact price. The numbers floating around are usually trade speculations and are often near the truth like the BO numbers from the trade (say BOI numbers).

        The reports say 125 cr or so is only for domestic rights and does not include overseas. But I personally think the exact amount will be around 100 cr and the rest is PR promotion.

        I look at these distribution right values because they IMO are the right measure of a star’s value in the business rather than looking at star rankings published here and there. The distribution price also reflects the trade expectations from the movie and gives a basis to know if the movie under performs at the BO.


        • “The reports say 125 cr or so is only for domestic rights and does not include overseas. ”

          Can you share? It can’t be anywhere near Tubelight.. if you even think for a second.

          NO need to read all gossip sites.. just BH is enough. http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/breaking-india-overseas-distribution-rights-shah-rukh-khan-anushka-sharma-starrer-sold-rs-100-crores/


          • “Narendra Hirawat of NH Studioz has apparently acquired the domestic and overseas distribution rights of the Shah Rukh Khan – Anushka Sharma starrer tentatively titled The Ring for a staggering Rs. 100+ crores. Industry insiders claim that the deal is valued at approx. 125 crores. Confirming the same while refraining to comment on the amount he shelled out for the distribution rights of the film Hirawat says, “Yes I have acquired the All India and overseas distribution rights of The Ring, but I will not comment on the cost of the same.”


          • If NH has indeed got the overseas rights included then the deal will be around 125 cr for sure and not 100 cr as I was thinking. Srk in romcoms is lucrative in NRI markets and I doubt worldwide rights would go as low as 100 cr.


          • Yes, even taking the max.. it’ll be 75 in India and 50 overseas. You kept saying 125 just for India which is impossible seeing Imtiaz Ali’s track record and his sensibilities.


          • “You kept saying 125 just for India which is impossible seeing Imtiaz Ali’s track record and his sensibilities.”

            @Master – Is it really impossible to expect 200 cr from a light breezy romcom with SRK in it? SRK is promoting it as Not an intense love story from Imtiaz like Tamasha or Rockstar, but all happy stuff here. It is supposedly a classic love story that will have a long run at BO and not will not be another weekend film, etc etc. Comparisons are being drawn with Yash Chopra (and implicitly with DDLJ) by talking about European locales, road trips and touring, Punjabi flavor and all that YRF jazz.

            I understand you would prefer this to be a safe proposition for SRK with low distribution price at his current state. But I seriously dont think 125 cr is impossibly high price for a project with such lofty ambition.


      • For JHMS and 2.0, the distribution prices reveal a lot about the star status of the two stars. Both are big budget movies designed for optimum returns at BO. Yet JHMS fetches a higher price than Akshay’s sci fi action extravanga. The genres are different, and both genres are audience friendly and can work wonders if done well. SRK’s career has been a slow meltdown in last 10 years or so except one CE in between. Yet the trade believes he can bounce back anytime and is still willing to bet sufficiently high terms on his strength genre. For Akshay, no one is yet willing to shell out 100 cr. On the other hand, Salman got a deal that is fair with his current standing. TL may underperform but I doubt it will go under 250 cr. Going by Salman’s recent interviews he also seems to be relaxed and confident about the same.


        • LOL. I just realised Master is right about 125 cr is indeed the worldwide distribution price and not just domestic rights. Then I take back my comment that trade is considering SRK to be still that relevant. Raees fetched around 110 cr distributor share in its WW run, and his strength genre is sold for 125 cr! The expectations are surely not higher than a Raees here. And 2.0 is fetching distribution price in the same range as JHMS in India. That says a lot.

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  54. The late and legendary Irish journalist Con Houlihan called it the biggest sporting sensation since North Korea beat Italy in the football World Cup of 1966. The fans cheered Ireland’s victory long into the night, the team joined their friends, family and other supporters at an Ocho Rios resort for a celebration worthy of the occasion. It was the first time Ireland had ever appeared at the tournament and, against all the odds, were about to take their place with the big boys in the last eight. Not surprisingly, the feeling in Pakistan was very, very different. A mixture of despair and anger spread across the country, fuelled by a hysterical section of the media. Effigies of Woolmer were burned on the streets of Lahore – the team’s homecoming was not going to be pleasant. That night, as he contemplated an early return to Pakistan, Woolmer had a drink in the Pegasus bar before retiring to his room early, ordering room service and polishing off a bottle of Moët Chandon. It was one of two such bottles given to him by Pakistan’s non-drinker assistant coach Mushtaq Ahmed, who had been gifted them by a fan. The defeated coach sat alone in his hotel room, eating lasagne, apple pie with ice cream, and sipping champagne, wondering what to do after his inevitable and imminent sacking/resignation. He wrote a few emails, including one to his beloved wife, Gill, in their Cape Town home: Feeling a little depressed currently as you might imagine. I am not sure which is worse being knocked out in the semi-final at Edgbaston [in 1999, when he was coach of South Africa] or now in the first round. At least we will not have to go to Guyana! Our batting performance was abysmal and my worst fears were realised. I could tell the players were for some reason not able to fire themselves up we just threw away our wickets all the time. I give credit to the Irish and we did fight hard in the field but what a horrible feeling. I don’t know when I will be back but I would quite like to come home and see Dale and Pippa etc. So I am going to speak to the chairman tomorrow and see what he has to say. I hope your day was better but I doubt it as you were probably watching! Not much more to add, I’m afraid, but I still love you lots, B.”

    As the foggy-headed Irish in Jamaica woke that Sunday morning, they did so to the sobering news that Woolmer was in hospital and that the prognosis was bleak. Woolmer was well known and respected in Irish cricket circles from his days as high-performance manager at the ICC, where he helped make weaker teams more competitive at the highest level. Therefore, it was in part Woolmer’s own hard work improving the standard of cricket in Ireland that led to his current team’s exit from the World Cup, an irony that was not lost on him. He had mentioned the fact with a wry smile during the tense post-match press conference the night before. Word of Woolmer’s death spread rapidly. Tributes poured in and shock was expressed from every corner of the cricketing world, especially in his native England and in his adopted home of South Africa. As the days went on, rumours of foul play started to make it on the pages of newspapers from Mumbai to Manchester to Melbourne, as polite enquiry gave way to wild speculation. Then, it was official.



  55. By
    Koimoi.com Team –
    June 12, 2017

    Box office clashes are not new to the industry. But it seems Bollywood has learnt to take lessons from past mistakes.

    Prakash Jha Productions’ Lipstick Under My Burkha, directed by Alankrita Shrivastava and now presented and distributed by Ekta Kapoor, had announced 28th July as its release date.

    Sneha Rajani, Head of Sony/MSM Pictures, has produced the Arjun Kapoor starrer Mubarakan which was releasing on the same day. And then Shraddha Kapoor’s Haseena: The Queen of Mumbai moved to the same day.

    Sneha Rajani and Ekta Kapoor go back a long way. And it seems they discussed how to enable the best releases for each other’s projects and avert a box office clash. Meanwhile, Ashwini Iyer Tiwari’s Bareilly Ki Barfi moved to August 18, freeing up July 21st. Ekta Kapoor presented Lipstick Under My Burkha will thus now release on July 21. And Shraddha Kapoor’s Haseena will release on July 28 along with Mubarkaan.

    Producer of Lipstick Under My Burkha Prakash Jha confirmed, “Lipstick Under My Burkha will now release on July 21. It is a film that celebrates women. It is good to see more and more films being made by and about women. It is a sign of change. More women helming film projects should definitely change the landscape of the film industry.”


  56. Like

    • [post created]


      • The posters point towards a real badass film. Probably worth a look. Luthria is a good director. Kacche Dhaage was a good road movie. I liked Deewar as well. Taxi No.9211, OUATIM, Dirty Picture were solid. He seems to do well with Devgan.

        Devgan may end up having a good year if Baadshaho and Golmaal click.


      • This a kickass poster. Devgan will surely have a good year with Golmaal to follow this.


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  58. Daily update fro Forbes:

    ‘Dangal’ Joins $300 Million Club, Now The 5th Biggest Non-English Movie Ever

    This week India’s family drama Dangal achieved a milestone that has only been reached by four other movies in history: it joined China’s The Mermaid and Monster Hunt, France’s The Intouchables, and Japan’s Your Name to become only the fifth non-English language film in cinema history to cross the lofty $300 million worldwide box office mark.

    By Sunday Dangal had rung up $301 million (Rs. 1,930 crore) in global theatrical ticket sales, broken down regionally as follows:

    Region Revenue

    China* $179.8 million

    India $84.4 million

    Ex-Asia* $31.8 million

    Taiwan* $5.62 million

    *Indicates regions where Dangal is still in release

    With at least another $10 – $15 million in ticket sales likely in China, and Japan, Korea, and numerous other territories still unexploited, Dangal might conceivably catch up with the fourth biggest non-English grossing film, Your Name.

    Here are the top 5 in order:

    Top 5 Highest-Grossing Non-English Films of All-Time

    Title WW B.O.

    The Mermaid(China) $553 mm
    The Intouchables (France) $427 mm
    Monster Hunt (China) $386 mm
    Your Name (Japan) $354 mm
    Dangal (India) $301 mm
    A few additional Dangal records to consider:

    First and only Indian film with an overseas gross exceeding $100 million
    First and only Indian film with an overseas gross exceeding Rs. 1,000 crore
    First and only Indian film to gross over $150 million in a single territory (China)
    Biggest single-film payday ever for an Indian actor (Aamir Khan)
    Leggiest film in China’s history (83x opening day gross, and counting)
    Most consecutive days in China with a ¥10 million (US$1.5 million) gross (38 days)
    Read more: Aamir Khan’s China Paycheck For ‘Dangal’ Could Exceed Rs. 100 Crore / $15 MM

    Although there are more than 400 movies in the $300 million box office club—nearly all of them American—Dangal’s accomplishments are nonetheless distinct and extraordinary.

    Dangal is a Hindi-language film that tells the true story of Mahavir Singh Phogat, a former amateur wrestler who, having been denied the chance to become an international champion, trains his daughters in wrestling to vicariously fulfill his dream. It was written and directed by Nitesh Tiwari, and stars Aamir Khan.


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    • What this article lefts out is the amazing fact that Dangal is only a 10-12 M$ budget production (70 cr) and has done a business of 300 M$ world wide and still counting. Incredible.

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  59. sanjana Says:

    In a delectable deviation from the norm Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos does away with the spoken dialogues. Everything in the film is expressed in song-form. Says director Anurag Basu, “Yes, Jagga Jasoos is a full-on musical. Yes, everything in the film is said in a musical form.”

    There were rumours initially that the musical format had been scrapped. But Anurag denies any such change of plans. “We never deviated from that format, although people including you, wrote that we had changed our mind and were making the film in a different format.”

    Why didn’t he correct the misconceptions floating around regarding his unique film? “I never bothered to correct the errors being spread about Jagga Jasoos. Why should I? I was too busy trying to make the film that I wanted to. Also, I feel there is no point in explaining what your film is about. Let it be seen. It will speak for itself.”

    So how difficult was it making a Broadway-styled musical in Hindi? Anurag surmises, “I wouldn’t say it’s a Broadway-styled musical. It is far more Indian in tone and treatment.”

    As for the difficulties in tackling the novel format of storytelling Anurag Basu shrugs, “It wasn’t difficult for me to do the musical format on screen. I’ve done the format in theatre. So it was only a matter of translocating the format.”

    Anurag Basu gives his music composer Pritam Chakraborty credit for the musical ampleness of Jagga Jasoos. “My long-term musical collaborator Pritam is the real power behind Jagga Jasoos. He has given me all the songs and music that I wanted. Without Pritamda Jagga Jasoos wouldn’t have been possible.”
    – See more at: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/scoop-jagga-jasoos-full-broadway-styled-musical/#sthash.flHUmYVY.dpuf


    • Big risk if this is a dialogue-less film: Don’t know how this will work.

      Even folks like Amol and Chitra Palekar had sparing dialogues in THODA SA ROOMANI HO JAAYE inspite of a fantastic musical score by Bhaskar Chandavarkar..

      Commercially there was HAHK but it was not technically a musical..


  60. sanjana Says:

    Every movie is stealing limelight from Tubelight!
    BB2, Dangal and now TEPK!


  61. sanjana Says:

    Trade analyst Sumit Kadel had explained the reason for Dangal’s phenomenal success in China in an earlier interview with Koimoi. He had said, “Firstly because of its content and secondly due to Aamir Khan’s previous movies’ track record in the country. Also, he marketed Dangal out there aggressively. He spent 7 days in China, visited several cities and made appeasing comments. Aamir managed to draw the Chinese audience into the theatres to watch Dangal while the film’s content did the rest of the trick.”



    • Why is it that every success of Aamir is purely labeled as a result of an initial hype/marketing effort, and not actually an indication of a multi-film laboriously developed ‘Trust’ with audiences?

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  62. sanjana Says:

    Forbes list. First 10.

    1. Diddy, $130 million (Musician, U.S.)

    2. Beyoncé, $105 million (Musician, U.S.)

    3. J.K. Rowling, $95 million (Author, U.K.)

    4. Drake, $94 million (Musician, U.S.)

    5. Cristiano Ronaldo, $93 million (Athlete, Portugal)

    6. The Weeknd, $92 million (Musician, Canada)

    7. Howard Stern, $90 million (Personality, U.S.)

    8. Coldplay, $88 million (Musicians, U.K.)

    9. James Patterson, $87 million (Author, U.S.)

    10. LeBron James, $86 million (Athlete, U.S.)

    If you notice, most are musicians, athletes, and personalities. Authors, sportspersons, filmstars come next.

    Forget aamir, missing are Leo, Rajnikant, Bachchan, ARR, Ash, Sachin, Virat, Dhoni in the list. Federer is there but not Serena Williams. No one from South India. So only bolywood pays, it seems. And no musician, no personality, no comedian, no athlete, no sportsperson from India?

    If Forbes made 1000 instead of 100, then many Indians would have found some place, I guess.


    • I wonder how much percentage of income for these Bollywood stars comes from doing films?

      In case of SRK, he probably makes a loot from brand endorsements & IPL etc as compared to the acting fee he charged for Dear Zindagi and Raees. Being low grossers, the cut from profits is also unlikely to be large. Its their demi-god status that earns them fortunes from endorsements.

      Aamir is selective in his endorsements and does not do many. He focuses on his films instead. He reportedly earned 175 cr from Dangal (including his acting fees) as actor/producer. Then there is some additional earnings from China (not sure how much the cut is, as it reportedly has not been a direct buyout and thus not the usual 25% cut for the producer). And he made Dangal over a 2-years span. Not surprising that he did not make the cut in this list.

      Bollywood should release a list of how much the stars earns from their films in a fiscal year. That will be interesting to see.


      • typo – Dangal reportedly has been a direct buyout in China and the profit sharing will depend on whatever clauses they have agreed upon instead of the regular 25% cut for producers.


    • http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/shah-rukh-khan-fans-get-super-emotional-as-he-beats-salman-khan-and-akshay-kumar-to-lead-the-bollywood-bandwagon-on-forbes-highest-paid-100-list/

      Dont understand how a fan-base get crazed up when their star makes more money than others? Its natural that they watch and rewatch the movies, talk about it, celebrate its success, BO, awards, etc etc. I mean I like tennis and love to watch Fedex play. But whats the point in getting excited to know that he earns XXX millions from his endorsements and go fist-pumping about it? I can understand the excitement about sports, BO, etc but fighting and emoting over a celebrity’s personal monetary success is something else. Is he going to share that money with his fans?


  63. sanjana Says:


  64. sanjana Says:


  65. sanjana Says:


  66. sanjana Says:


    • sanjana Says:

      Main Agar Song Teaser – Atif Aslam | Tubelight
      Bollywood Arena

      The fourth song from Tubelight is titled as Main Agar. It is sung by Atif Aslam and composed by Pritam. Main Agar is a romantic track which will feature Salman Khan and Zhu Zhu.

      Check out the song teaser.


  67. The buzz regarding pre-release business has started for 2.0. If a 450 cr budget gets offloaded for just 500 cr, the producers are not going to make much profits here.




  68. Dangal Box Office Collection in China after 40 Days

    Dangal continues its historic run in China in its sixth week. The film has dropped less than $1 million for the first time on 39th and 40th day.

    After 40 days, Dangal box office collection in China stands at $181 million (1165 cr INR). Looking at the current pace, it might not be able to do the magical $200 million. Though it will remain in Chinese theatres for three more weeks so it cannot be ruled out completely.

    Dangal worldwide box office collection is now 1935 crores. It will be almost impossible for any film of 2017 to beat its China gross, let alone the worldwide figure.



    • jayshah Says:

      Dangal could stop now and I doubt it could be caught. The records are remarkable and it will take a film that astonishes the world from India to match these feats. 5th highest ever non English film. Aamir has every record from 200 CR WW and soon at some point 2000 CR WW. I’m guessing 100 CR WW was achieved already by D2 or OSO or RNBDJ or whatever.

      The move to gross reporting is bloody well overdue. These 2 films will make everything look small for some time.


      • Dangal can still add some 7-8 M$ from China in the remaining 3 weeks. In third phase (HK, Japan, S Korea) it can further notch up another 15-20 M$ and finish at 325 M$. That will be almost 30 times its budget of 10-12 M$.


    • This is a great interview. Thanks for posting this, Sanjana! Not an easy interview with the interviewer really bombarding him with questions regarding all the relevant criticism that Dangal has faced and he comes up with acceptable answers to everything. He surely knows his craft well. This Dangal moment in his life will perhaps not get repeated, but we can expect some fine films from him in future.

      “What nobody knows about Aamir is that he has a great technical knowledge. It is surprising how much he knows. The amount of information and skill he has about lensing and post-production is impressive. It probably has to do with the fact that he spent a considerable amount of time as Mansoor Khan’s Assistant Director. And of course, he himself is an acclaimed director. So at any given point, if you have a doubt, you can approach him and he’ll fix it. It happened many times on Dangal when I’d be lost on a technical level but Aamir knew the way out.”

      This really why I like Aamir. Yes, he makes good films with high content and they do wonders at the BO. Reasons enough to follow and support this guy. But there is so much beneath the surface. People offhandedly says he ghost directs his films, but that is not even half the truth.

      It is his interest and investment in film-making that makes him stand apart from the lot. It is the knowledge about film-making technicalities (be it lensing or post-production), that he had laboriously accumulated throughout his life. Not many knows that at the age of 16, he assisted and acted in a small silent film called Paranoia with his friend Aditya Bhattacharya (the duo later teamed up again for the experimental Raakh that was released after QSQT success). He did not study after class 12, left school and went to assist his uncle Nasir Hussain in a couple of films. Of course his primary focus was acting which he harnessed through acting in theater & documentaries of FTII students before getting a break in Ketan Mehta’s experimental Holi. All this before his chocolate-hero debut in QSQT. And he was involved with the film-making with in his cousin Mansoor Khan in all the films they did together (QSQT, JJWS & AHAT).

      He has developed a fine sense for good stories and scripts. But a film really comes together during post-production where I think his expertise ensures the end product is as good as the initial script. It is no fluke that he has delivered so many good films. He is basically a film-maker disguised as a star. He picked up TZP after the initial chaos and delivered as a fine director too. There is a good director inside him. Anytime he decides to hang his acting boots (not happening soon imo), he will still be able to deliver good films as a director/producer. No other star can boast of such caliber in his industry.

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      • Is there any news about the Kishore Kumar biopic that was supposed to be directed by Anurag Basu? Aamir reportedly was interested in it. Kishore Kumar had a spicy personal life that can be entertaining on celluloid. However, I would personally like to see Aamir work on a biopic of Guru Dutt if he chooses to do a biopic on a film celebrity. It will be closer to home regarding the real life aspects of film producing, acting and directing. Considering the life that Dutt had, it can be fodder for a great tragedy amd absolute delight for movie buffs.

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      • A nice short interview that emphasizes how active Aamir is regarding the post-production and the final cut of his films (specially his home productions):


  69. sanjana Says:

    In the candid conversation, SRK revealed some interesting details about his upcoming romance drama. Speaking of the music, SRK revealed that there are, in fact, 10 songs in the film. He said that the songs are beautiful and very situational. He also revealed that one of the songs is sung by Bollywood’s current favourite Punjabi rockstar, Diljit Dosanjh. He said that it was fun shooting for the song and Diljit was awesome.

    Talking about the songs, Shah Rukh Khan said that one of the songs in the film is called ‘Rehnuma’, which was like a romantic ballad. Another song is called ‘Butterfly’ and one track has been composed by the international music producer-DJ Diplo.
    – See more at: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/revealed-shah-rukh-khans-jab-harry-met-sejal-many-songs-one-song-sung-diljit-dosanjh/#sthash.a4Jmv203.dpuf


  70. sanjana Says:


  71. While Nadal takes a break, Federer is coming back from his break at Stuttgart with a new hairstyle!


    There are no more breaks now, insists Roger Federer

    Stuttgart: Eighteen-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer has committed to a full schedule in the second half of the season, saying that he’s had enough of practice and is hoping to quickly recapture his stunning early-season form.

    Federer, fresh off a two-month break to rest his 35-year-old body, will begin his grass-court campaign and bid for an eighth Wimbledon crown at Stuttgart on Wednesday. “There are no more breaks now,” Federer told the ATP website.

    “I’ve had enough breaks. I’m a practice world champion now and that’s not who I want to be. I want to be a champ on the match courts. So I’m going to be playing a regular schedule for the second part of the season… And this is the beginning here at the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart,” he added.

    The Swiss maestro has taken the last two months off after what he described as a surprisingly successful start to the year that resulted in victory at the Australian Open and then the Indian Wells- Miami Masters double.

    “I was terribly surprised to win the Australian Open and to back it up and win the sunshine double in Indian Wells and Miami was a complete surprise to me,” Federer said.

    The 35-year-old further insisted that Rafael Nadal’s return to clay-court dominance was not unexpected.

    “I think Rafa winning the French Open is less of a surprise because he’d done it nine times before… I was hoping he was going to dominate the clay-court season like the olden days,” said Federer.

    The Swiss also admitted that Nadal is a hot favourite to finish No. 1 for the fourth time.

    “Obviously Rafa is in great position to finish World No. 1. For him it’s going to be all about staying injury free. For me it’s about getting back to winning ways, where I left off in Miami,” he said.

    He, however, insisted that the second half of 2017 season will be much more competitive.

    “I’m sure a lot of guys are going to start playing their best in the second half of the season, like Murray, Djokovic, Nishikori, Raonic, Zverev, Kyrgios, Stan. We’ll all be playing our best tennis. It’s going to be an epic finish to the end of the season. Quite exciting actually for the ATP Tour,” he added.

    Federer will begin his Stuttgart Open campaign against the winner of Frenchman Pierre-Hugues Herbert and German veteran Tommy Haas.


    • jayshah Says:

      Considering where Djokovic was last season, one would have won a lot of money to bet on the Australian or French open results or either Nadal/Federer finishing #1 for season.


  72. https://www.bollyarena.net/aamir-khan-raises-the-bar-too-damn-high-with-dangal/

    Aamir Khan raises the bar too damn high with Dangal

    Aamir Khan is known as a trendsetter in Bollywood. The actor has created many milestones in his career as far the box office is concerned. But it looks like that with Dangal, Aamir Khan has raised the bar too damn high. It will be very tough for any actor to match these historic numbers.

    A Bollywood release can definitely challenge its lifetime collection in India. But the overseas and worldwide numbers will be impossible to cross unless it does a miraculous business in China too. Dangal worldwide gross is inching closer to 2000 crore. While the overseas gross is $200 million plus thanks to the historic business in China.

    Dangal 8th Day Box Office Collection

    Just like Bahubali 2 is a rare phenomena which comes once in a while, Dangal is also among these ones of its kind films. Indian films made on a big scale will never be as successful as Dangal in China because their audience will opt for Hollywood which has better VFX. Same goes for typical masala films which have party songs and dance. So it has to be something special and emotional like Dangal which can strike a chord with Chinese.

    After it will finish its box office run, the difference between Dangal and the highest non-Aamir Khan starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan will be 1375 crores which is too damn high. Needless to remind that other stars still have to beat PK in India & worldwide and PK and Dhoom 3 in overseas.

    Highest Grossing Films in India:

    Film Collection Release
    Dangal 387 2016
    PK 340 2014
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan 321 2015
    Sultan 301 2016
    Dhoom 3 276 2013
    Kick 212 2014
    Chennai Express 207 2013
    3 Idiots 202 2009
    Ek Tha Tiger 198 2012
    Krrish 3 197 2013
    Highest Grossing Films in Overseas:

    Movie Collection (m) Release
    Dangal $217.03* 2016
    PK $47.20 2014
    Dhoom 3 $31.08 2013
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan $28.75 2015
    Dilwale $26.68 2015
    3 Idiots $26.0 2009
    Sultan $24.20 2016
    My Name Is Khan $23.78 2010
    Chennai Express $19.47 2013
    Happy New Year $17.07 2014
    Highest Grossing Films in Worldwide:

    Rank Film Release Collection (Cr)
    1 Dangal 2016 1935*
    2 PK 2014 792
    3 Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2015 626
    4 Sultan 2016 582
    5 Dhoom 3 2013 558
    6 Chennai Express 2013 395
    7 3 Idiots 2009 392
    8 Dilwale 2015 391
    9 Prem Ratan Dhan Payo 2015 371
    10 Bajirao Mastani 2015 361
    Tell us which film do you think can challenge Dangal box office records?


    • The list of top WW grossers is quite revealing. Looking at Salman’s best performers (Bajrangi Bhaijaan at 626 cr & Sultan at 582 cr), Tubelight can be expected to do around 600 cr WW gross.

      Similarly, looking at SRK’s best so far (CE at 395 cr & Dilwale at 391 cr), JHMS can be expected to do around 400 cr WW.

      Trying to adjust to gross comparison and expectations due to GST. What kind of WW gross figures does Akshay have with his current string of hits?

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      • Basically Aamir = 3*Salman = 5*SRK = 10*Akshay
        Aamir = Salman + SRK + Akshay + the rest.

        Any list with Aamir not on top is a list pre 2008.

        Anyway China alone is conceivably a bigger market for Aamir vs. WW less India for any star purely on Dangal performance.


  73. Pakistan are really thrashing England. Whoever they play they know this team is dangerous.


    • Likely to be India vs Pak in finals. Will be a classic finale.


      • Any student of the game would have predicted both finalists from England’s group than India’s. That 2 subcontinent sides will play in final without spin being a huge factor on English wickets is great to see. Just hope India don’t fluff it tomorrow.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      It’s a very confusing and frustrating team to watch but that comes with the territory when you have a young and inexperienced ODI team. These bowlers are legit and hopefully with Aamir back from injury in the finals…it will be even more formidable pace attack.

      IF we do play against India, we will need to play perfect and not get nervous and just stay in the moment in that match.


    • sanjana Says:

      Unless sanitary napkins are cheap and affordable, the message will have no value. The sanitary napkins should not be taxed at all and the benefit should go to the consumer. And they should be bio degradable. And they should not be thrown in garbage dumps with unwashed stains which will be disgusting. Because most of the toilets will clog if bad quality ones are used. Many in India’s rural areas use cotton cloth which can be washed and reused and does not cost anything at all. If the cotton cloth is washed properly, that is the most eco friendly one. Western culture gifted diapers, napkins and plastic with many other things which without proper disposal systems merely increase waste.


      • sanjana Says:

        Akshay and Twinkle can start a factory manufacturing cheap but good quality bio degradable sanitary napkins and Modiji will surely do the needful by making them taxfree and affordable. If Salman does so much social work with his money, why not other stars do so as well?


        • I think half the profits from TEPK and Pad Man should be donated to building toilets and selling low cost sanitary napkins in rural India. It will also help them in their film publicity.

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      • I think one of the consideration for no Tax is available variety in terms of pricing.


        So there is some tax on – •Branded paneer, •Frozen vegetables, •Coffee, tea even though they are food and essential items. Once you package it, you are asking for people money and giving them choice.


  74. sanjana Says:

    Forbes reports that Dangal’s worldwide ticket sales now add up to over $301 million, making it the fifth best-performing film not in English.



  75. IdeaUnique Says:

    From Big B’s blog…….it is stunning to learn that almost for 15 years – entire media banned him …..and he kept delivering BB one after the other…….”I was personae non grater for the entire media world then, particularly for the film media, because for some reason, it was understood and believed that the Press Ban brought about during the time of the Emergency in the country, and it was during those times, the person responsible for it was ME .. an utterly nonsensical and absurd accusation – much like the hundreds of others that I have had to face through out my existence so far – and therefore acknowledging that fact, the entire media banned me ..

    Nothing was ever printed or written about me .. no coverage of any of my films or my works .. and no pictures if I was to attend a function. The photographers would put down their cameras on the platform where I stood and so long as I was there, they protested and never took a single photograph .. if there were to be a credit title description of a film .. for eg., say ‘Nastik’ .. it would be Hema Malini, (,) and Pran .. I was the comma in the film and so on ..

    When the media banned me, I felt I should ban them too, which I did .. so no media was allowed on my sets, I gave no interviews and never met any journalists .. this went on for several years .. I think almost 15 years .. until the moment when I relented .. I relented when one of the leading magazines that had religiously refused to carry any information or write up or mention, wrote a most sympathetic and compassionate piece in their magazine .. I was surprised of course, but did not reject it either .. it was the time when I had had my ‘Coolie’ accident and was in the Breach Candy Hospital .. when I came out recovered, I did seek an appointment with the Editor and owner of the magazine and asked why he had done what he did, despite the ban ..”

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  76. IdeaUnique Says:

    Also….he lost FF (Deewar) to Sanjeev Kumar (Aandhi)…….”But then I have digressed .. not without reason .. the Filmfare Award was a page out of this ban .. not giving me recognition for ‘Deewar’, was fine by me .. whether it rode the theory of the ban or not does not bother me .. Hari Bhai, Sanjeev Kumar was an exceptional artist, a dear friend, and the vote of the jury was to be accepted ..

    I have often countered that moment with my own assessment and stated on many an occasion, even at a Filmfare event, that not giving recognition for ‘Deewar’ was perfectly acceptable, because, I argued, if Filmfare did not give Dilip Kumar the Best Actor for ‘Gunga Jamuna’, his best ever performance according to me, then ..’mai kis khet ki mooli hoon’ ..”

    ha ha Aamir / Big B / DK – all have been rubbed by FF

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    • IdeaUnique Says:

      but the best part of that was this………..”Anyway, in those days the surprise element unlike today, was not who won .. that was out a month before .. the surprise element would be who is going to present the Award !

      During the time of the media and press ban, my films ironically, were the biggest hits, and so in a sense giving acceptance to that, Filmfare invited me to the Award function, and announced me to give the Best Actor Award to Sanjiv Kumar .. many commentators of the time and rival media when talking to me, expressed opinion that the move was to deliberately humiliate me by performing this deed .. I have never given any credence to this opinion and never paid any attention to it ..

      But in all fairness I must mention here, that soon after the event was over, the next day I did get a letter from the Editor, Mr Karanjia who generously thanked me for attending the function despite the media ban, and acknowledged the fact, in his own words .. ‘despite all else, you did get the largest applause of the evening’ !! ”

      That is why Big B is such a towering personality

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    • Aandhi was a good performance by Sanjeev Kumar. But Anil for Beta? And Akki for Rustom are big jokes.


      • This is surely under the belt and of poor taste. Aamir made the comment about Salman getting married quite sometime back. It is crafty of Salman to opportunistically retort back at this moment when gossip columns are excited about a supposedly rumored affair with Fatima.

        Last time there was problems in his domestic front, he took a long break to sort things out. He roughly did not work for 2-3 years and his fans had to wait for 4 years for Mangal Pandey after Dil Chahta Hai. He obviously takes all this seriously, and Salman offhandedly commenting about it comes in poor taste during TL promotions. Not needed. He should stick to his simplistic take on everything (almost bordering on retardness) about sending politicians to the border and how big-hearted his own fans are about accepting other stars, etc.

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  77. Box office ruler Salman Khan has explained how a South film, Baahubali 2, shattered all the records in Bollywood and emerged such a massive global blockbuster. He primarily credited Hindi audiences for making Baahubali a force to reckon with.

    Salman said, “Hindi audiences don’t know more than three or four South heroes. They however watched, loved and made a Telugu film, Baahubali a huge hit. Their acceptance is the real reason why the film became a pan-India blockbuster.”

    Explaining why Hindi films don’t become huge blockbusters in South, the ‘Sultan’ star said, ‘South audiences know us very well, yet, our films do not do that volume of business because they have an extraordinary sense of loyalty to their favorite south heroes. They stay fans of one particular hero for life.’

    Elaborating further on the difference between South and Hindi audiences, he added, “the South stars have very devoted fan clubs and they will fight against piracy of their favorite heroes’ films even if a powerful politician or underworld kingpin is involved. We have no one to fight piracy for us in Bollywood.”

    Salman is currently busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Tubelight’, which is set for release on June 23.
    – See more at: http://www.gulte.com/movienews/58858/Salman-Explains-About-Baahubali-Records#sthash.NqXHNu26.dpuf


  78. Baahubali 2 Distributors (Hindi) to present and distribute 2.0 Hindi version.



  79. thecooldude Says:

    Looks like DANGAL in OVAL on Sunday will come true.


  80. Livewire Says:

    Before the semifinal yesterday with England in the mix viewers were given a choice between watching a Lagaan or Border……

    So Border it will be !

    But this one catches the core


    • Livewire Says:

      I have a hard time following the game these days….it was hilarious to watch Sri Lanka drop those lollipops against Pak just to let them get to the finish line…. I don’t know if it’s the bookies foreshadow on the game or just a generational thing but cannot muster enough interest in cricket these days. To top that these one dayers are so boring to watch and 50 over now seem like eternity compared to the T-20 format we have gotten used to.

      Also having difficult warming up to players …somewhat lack of performance in crunch matches like those of Sachin, have no liking for an ABD type even after those wham bam innings. Have always been fascinated by character driven inning on the lines of say a Viv Richards, Steve Waugh, David Gower, Javed Miandad etc…. Give me a Michael Hussey over these Warener types. Among the current set Ben Stokes is getting there and Kohli with a never say die attitude is a favorite…but then his onscreen immature aggression is a bit of a put off…..cricket still requires “Grace”.


  81. Today is 16th anniversary for Lagaan, the most significant film in Aamir’s career. Here is some interesting titbits:



    • thecooldude Says:

      The script was also offered to Abishekh Bachchan.


    • SRK didnt have the ‘balls’ for cricket back then. He waited for IPL to make his money.

      I was not aware that the first cut of Lagaan was 7.5 hours long! I just dont get Gowariker’s way of working. He does not seem to have a tight script for any of his films. He just keeps shooting relentlessly (& increasing the budget considerably) and then hopes to bring it all together in post-production. He was lucky to have Aamir to help him out in post-production of Laggan as it was AKP’s first film. Otherwise all his films suffer from excess length and lack of tight narratives. Gowariker is more suited for directing TV soaps imo.


  82. As i had always said bollyarena has posted this.BOI was saying all dubbed.
    ‘These numbers are historic by any measures. Dangal is released in China in both Mandarin dubbed version and Hindi version with English subtitles which makes it even more staggering.Though the exact percentage of both versions has not been made public.’



  83. IdeaUnique Says:

    Amitabh Bachchan ✔ @SrBachchan
    T 2452 – A Sunday and stepped out with my co stars Aamir and Fatima to a movie .. walking care free on the streets, to a movie theatre ! YO
    3:41 पूर्वाह्न – 12 Jun 2017
    274 274 रीट्वीट 2,974 2,974 पसंद


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