Raid trailers (updated)

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17 Responses to “Raid trailers (updated)”

  1. tonymontana Says:

    Dikha to aise rahe hai jaise poore hindustan ka corruption khatam kar dia is raid ne

    Situation is even worse now than it was in the 80s


  2. The movie is shot in Lucknow, where Yogi is bajaoing solid danda on the gangsters and Gundaas of UP
    Saaley badey chaudey hue pad rahe they, now these Gundas would rather stay in Jail than come out and get shot.
    This should be fun watch !!
    Singham !!!!!


  3. Yogi’s police is rocking !!


  4. Special 26 hangover!!


  5. any links to the real incident or is this fiction based in 81?


  6. Have always liked Ajay in this moustache look.
    Raid will be interesting. Not sure about BO.

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  7. Staying relevant in industry is difficult, says Raid actor Ajay Devgan
    Ajay Devgan was known as the man of few words and one who creates quite the impact being on the big screen.

    The actor has had a really long and good career and he recently opened up about how difficult it is to stay relevant in the changing times at the trailer release of his upcoming movie Raid. Devgan plays an Income Tax officer in the film set in the 1980’s.

    Bollywood actor-producer Ajay Devgan, who has spent more than two decades in Bollywood, believes that remaining relevant in this competitive industry is not an easy task. You just cannot take things easy. You have to work hard for it and if you achieve something, it doesn’t mean it will last with you forever. You have to keep struggling and be where you are and try to move forward till you can because there will be a point where you will start moving backwards” Ajay said at the trailer launch of Raid in Mumbai. The movie releases on March 16, 2018.

    Ajay has been setting benchmarks with his parts in films like Singham and Drishyam. On Raid, he stated, “I don’t know about the benchmark or perception that this movie might create, but the real struggle with a film was that the character is very heroic, but real at the same time. We tried to keep it real even with the punchlines. It doesn’t feel you’re watching a movie. The challenge was to follow the character as realistically as possible.” The film, which additionally includes Ileana D’Cruz, is set in the 1980s period. It recounts the account of an Income Tax officer. “Especially during 1980s’ era, when the environment wasn’t good, it was not easy. I am sure Ritesh (Shah) and Rajkumar Gupta can tell you incidents when income tax officers were brutally murdered. They use to go through a very hard time,” he said.

    Ajay said the movie producers associated with genuine Income Tax officers to build up the part. As the motion picture depends on pay impose, sharing a few hints for fans on paying their charges, Ajay stated, “I am sure people will cuss me later for saying this, but the film is right on the point, where it says that you should be fair about tax. If you earn, then pay the tax. Sometimes the fault lies on both the sides, taxpayer and government, but both should be fair about it”

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  8. Honestly, Ajay is the only one who comes close to Khan stardom, no matter how much Akshay/Hrithik fans may deny or argue

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  9. IdeaUnique Says:

    Yeah Ajay is the only sincere actor who really chooses scripts well….his pairing with Ileana is striking the cord since the rashke qamar….and AD does well with those Golmaal kind of films too…unfortunate that he hasn’t tasted any 250-300 cr success….but IMO, the best actor we have today alongsie Aamir….who goes deep into character…


  10. For me Ajay, Akshay and Salman are the best star actors we have in Hindi film industry. They are the Top 3 at the moment.


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