Happy 2019

the very best to everyone for the new year..

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  1. Happy 2019 everyone, enjoy!!

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  2. Wishing everyone at SS a very Happy New Year 2019.

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  3. Happy 2019 to everyone!

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  4. नव वर्ष 2019 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

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  5. Lots of blissful moments for everyone!

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  6. Wishing all the readers of this blog a very Happy and prosperous 2019

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  7. Happy New year 2019 everyone at SS!!

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    • I just love this man’s positivity. Many fans on twitter were actually touched by this post from Aamir.

      TOH not working in China is not the end of the world for him or his supporters. This weak film was released along with ten competing Chinese and non Chinese titles. YRF and the Chinese distributors should have waited a month before attempting to screen TOH to a comparatively receptive audience for TOH.

      Anyway, a new year, new resolves, an attempt to learn from mistakes. For all of us.


  9. Wishing all a peaceful,happy, healthy 2019.

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  10. Never really understood this BS concept of new year. Resolutions? Really? One needed a new year to be resolute? What hog-wash! The companies sell us these these things, and we buy them. Birthdays, anniversaries: What the fish? I once got into a spat in India since someone called my friend an ‘uncle’ – the prevalent norm in India for anyone above 30. Women can’t conceive after 30; men can’t get it up after 40! I blank-faced told the person: ‘Did you dictate when your parents f!@#$% so as to get your age ‘dictated’ today? Get a grip! Age, good looks, are all abnormalities of life — they are gifts; they last while they last!’

    Nothing’s going to change in 2019; as nothing’s changed in the last many, many years. Kids will treat their old-aged parents miserably, those kids will die and wither-off, s!@# will get passed off as great content in the Hindi film industry, India will go backwards by another 50 years due to so-called ‘ghat-bandhan’ of ‘secular’ forces. Nothing, absolutely nothing will change.

    Hats off to GOD! The master-architect: In spite of leaps in science and technology, he has MANAGED to make the human still in-complete. Now that’s, what one calls, a complete mastery.



  11. about the video
    As the world rings in the new year with fireworks and countdowns, a suburban temple in Thailand’s Bangkok witnesses a peculiar ritual of worshippers lying inside coffins to take part in traditional funeral rituals. What may strike eerie to many is, in fact, a Thai Buddhist ritual.

    Thailand brings in new year with traditional funeral rituals
    Jan 01, 2019 12:58 IST


  12. Meanwhile came to wishing all here a very welcoming 2019 !

    Sharing beginning of 2019 with a simple & cool but an amazing music video of this year…..fittingly illustrates minimalist approach… a way forward to 2019.

    Been listening to it nonstop since the album came out and the song is a good mix of 80s pop (something I relish) with new age rap and it’s so cool to see how the video came together! Can’t decide if I like the song or the video more….technological growth used to encourage inclusiveness just right. Cardi B addition to this remix is perfect. I especially love how they featured so many strong, beautiful, and talented women… an amazing idea for the music video. Maroon 5 never fails to amaze and they have bettered themselves after the amazing concept for song ‘Sugar’ few years back….


  13. Happy New Year, Best wishes for 2019.


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