Images from Indian 2 (updated)

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  1. I remember watching Indian as a kid. Then for me, movies from South india was painted as the over the top actioner and primarily Mani Rathnam was the sole torch bearer of good tamil cinema. I was in awe of Anjali then.

    So Indian came as a shock to me. But then too Shankar was unknown and credit went entirely to Kamal, Manisha and Urmila (in that order). Both Manisha and Urmila was big heroines then, though far behind Madhuri.


  2. Like

  3. There is a very strong rumor that Akshay Kumar is playing second lead in Indian2.

    I am wondering, from where is he getting all these time to do so many movies and also busy doing these –


  4. rahultyagi Says:

    Anirudh, not ARR…


  5. Arresting posters but they look disturbingly authoritarian!


  6. If this is just Kamal returning with a sequel all these years later, it seems very stale indeed. The whole anti-corruption deal has been done to death, so I really hope there is some other angle…


  7. If Shankar is shooting this from today, then what is release date? Where is the announcement for full cast? His preparation seems limited to just a photoshoot with Hassan, with which he is tweeting one poster a day. No wonder 2.0 went through so much production hassle. The biggest director of TN has such limited planning and prep before embarking on a new project?


  8. [added to post]


  9. EXCLUSIVE: Akshay Kumar NOT playing baddie in Shankar’s ‘Indian 2’
    The South filmmaker did approach the Bollywood superstar, sources say, but Akshay Kumar politely declined the role in the Kamal Haasan sequel.


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