Indian Elections 2019

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  1. Naveen Says:

    The Kind of caustic remarks second rung politicians are making across all major political parties in India, makes me wonder if they are paid to do so by their opposition parties. 🙂

    Rahul Gandhi: Can India’s Congress leader unseat PM Modi?


  2. Naveen Says:

    It is now a fact that Akshay’s Samwaad with Modi was an election blockbuster.

    Akshay’s personal preference for BJP/Modi is definitely his choice. He is also a Canadian citizen which adds to the masala.

    However as someone who admire the self made stars like Akshay, I am hearing reactions to Akshay’s interview, him not voting etc as a brilliant PR for him. Because IMO,

    “A man is known from what he says and does and not from what he is.”

    And here Akshay delivers Aces and win sets in loves.

    Akshay Kumar’s nationality doesn’t deter him from being –

    1. The highest tax payer in India from Bollywood since a decade now.

    2. A catalyst for the award winning “BharatKeVeer” app and raising crores for the families of Shahids. This is an act of god.

    3. Taking up causes that matters to India and recognised by the highest level in the government

    4. Doing films for india, bharat and thereby emerging as Bharat Kumar. The tag is bigger.

    So his distractors can keep gunning for him. He keeps rising.

    And yes, he is set to win National award for Padman.
    Whether next government is led by Modi or Rahul.
    It doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality.


  3. Shivaay Says:

    Masood Azhar’s designation as a global terrorist by the UN is a huge diplomatic win for India over China. God (if at all he exists) alone knows what folks branding the Modi government as a “failure at every level” are talking about.

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  4. This is going to be huge-


  5. sanjana Says:


    Never mind the fact that he has in the past been less than truthful about his citizenship, insisting that his Canadian citizenship is “honorary” like an honorary doctorate. (It isn’t).

    The point comes through in this line: “I have never needed to prove my love for India to anyone.” The fact is that Kumar, through proximity alone, if not in other ways, has allied himself with political forces in the country that are actually demanding this proof, not from Canadian actors who make patriotic movies but from millions of people who live in the country.

    Kumar finds it disappointing that his citizenship and love for the country is the source of much controversy. Maybe, in addition to discussing mangoes and daily routines, he should have asked Narendra Modi during their recent television discussion why he wants to extend this “needless controversy” to millions of citizens across the entire country?


  6. sanjana Says:

    The MES circular states that “students should not attend classes wearing dresses that are unacceptable to the civil society”. What are these unacceptable dresses?
    They should avoid wearing leggings, jeans and miniskirts, to name a few. Mainstream society does not approve of the wearing of these garments. Our internal circular aims to encourage the students to maintain decorum in dressing and adhere to our cultural ethos. It is difficult to say exactly which dress is obscene and which is not. The saree, for example, is considered a decent dress in Kerala. But it can be worn either decently or obscenely.

    You mentioned leggings, jeans and miniskirts as being “indecent dresses” for women. Your circular does not lay out a dress code for male students. Are you enforcing a dress code only for female students?
    No, it is binding on all our more than 85,000 students, men and women. Male students should wear socially acceptable clothing. Our emphasis is on decent dressing. Let me explain simply what I mean by decent dresses: clothes you and I would prefer for our mothers and sisters. You should not read too much into this.


  7. sanjana Says:

    Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) President Mayawati has indicated that if she gets a chance to become the Prime Minister, she will contest the Lok Sabha election from Ambedkar Nagar.

    “If all goes well, I may have to seek election from here because the road to national politics passes through Ambedkar Nagar,” she said.

    Mayawati has won the Lok Sabha elections from Ambedkar Nagar four times – 1989, 1998, 1999 and 2004.

    Addressing a rally in Ambedkar Nagar in the backdrop of her cut-out in which she is seen standing outside Parliament, Mayawati said that the era of ‘Namo Namo’ was over and time had come for those who chant ‘Jai Bhim’.


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  9. LMAO- She has lost it .


  10. This is an old one but for anyone else interested in macro-economics, what a stunning mind this is at 80!! If the BJP manages to lose even this guy like they lost Shourie, embrace for a set-back..


    • Shourie : Giant RW intellectuals ( Eminent Historian) but was always non trustworthy. Modi is not ABV-LKA but best judges person’s to the T.
      He also came with baggage of ‘Worshipping false Gods” and same Lutyens eco-system that now hails him would have gone berserk and minced Shourie and Modi on Dalits and build anti Dalit narrative ( they still do)
      Shourie lost and revealed his character when not been made minister he forsake, forget and dumped his own ideology.
      Someone having access to Shourie must be shown texts/videos of same person he is hobnobbing with.
      Petty self greed.

      @Swamy is unguided missile. Today he is with you, tom with your enemy.
      ABV- Jayalalitha issue was created, monitored and directed by Swami and famous JJ-Sonia tea party.
      He carries grudges and Modi has kept him in leash.

      But Swamy on its own went against Gandhi dynasty and corruption. He didn’t do what Lutyens media does, “shoot and scoot” but took them through law of land, in courts.
      Credit where is due.

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  11. Is Bollywood Fida On PM Narendra Modi? It’s Dangal Break In B-Town!Is Bollywood really apolitical? After Akshay Kumar’s recent interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral, B-Town has broken all its borders in terms of political allegiance


  12. sanjana Says:

    Imitating Rahul Gandhi?

    ‘I call you Didi, your slap a blessing for me’: PM Modi hits back at Mamata

    ‘Love and a huge hug’: Rahul replies to Modi’s attack at Rajiv Gandhi

    Imitating Rajeev Gandhi?




    • Naveen Says:

      Rafale is a myth.
      Bofors was a reality.

      No comparisons here at least on the two.
      It is unfortunate that Modi is getting away with his taunt on Rajeev ji because fact is Rajeev ji has skeletons in his cupboard. Had it not been the case, the taunt would have boomeranged on Modi.


      • sanjana Says:

        It depends on which camp you are in. To believe or to dismiss.
        The leaders have to take responsibility for the sins of omission and commission. None is exempted.


        • “It depends on which camp you are in. To believe or to dismiss.”

          I doubt if any of non-congress supporters (incl SP, BSP, Trinamool etc) and most of congress supporters believes in the Rahul Gandhi created controversy in Rafael. There are few questions for sure, but none at the level of Bofors.
          The lack of conviction in Rahul’s presentation for Rafale, failed to invoke confidence in his theory.


  13. Like

    • Naveen Says:

      The tantrik Chandrachur Singh was very close to few in Congress Party incl Rajeev Gandhi.
      His role in Rajeev’s assassination in sharing his whereabouts, plans etc is dubious and many claim that Congress party for its leader killed to return to power. El;se Congress then was set to reach 44 seat which it eventually did in 2014 (20 years later).


      • sanjana Says:

        I think his name was Chandraswami. And there was Dhirendra Brahmachari too. The conspiracy theories will be there as long as there are buyers. What are opposition for?


        • Right Chandraswami. He became more powerful than even the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He was later arrested by ED for money laundering etc.


  14. sanjana Says:

    Express News Service, Cochin

    “The Prime Minister’s party which holidayed at Lakshadweep consisted of Rajiv Gandhi, his wife Sonia and their two children, Rahul and Priyanka, Ajitabh Bachchan’s three daughters,… Amitabh Bachchan, his wife Jaya, their children, Sweta and Abhishek,… Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s mother, Mrs P Maino, her sister, Nadia Valdimero, and her child, G Valdimero, Sonia’s brother-in-law, Walter Winci…, a German friend of Sonia’s called Sabina…”

    Innumerable boats of the local administration, including 40 hp high-speed boats, and the Navy’s yachting boats were pressed into service. The Navy also provided a windsurfer for the holiday makers…

    …There was recreation aplenty as the Prime Minister and his party went swimming and boating and tuna fishing in the seas. Kabaddi with men and women lined up against each other provided the Indian touch. The New Year night was marked by a firelit party on the sands…

    …The PM’s powerful personal secretary, V George… had stayed back at INS Viraat along with Mani Shankar Iyer, Mrs Sarla Grewal, M M Jacob and others…”


    • sanjana Says:

      Mother bats for Modi. Son writes against him.
      Have the mother and son not on talking terms? Or is it a deliberate stance?


  15. Prediction for May 23:

    The long wait for May 23 may end in a surprise verdict
    May 5, 2019, 4:00 AM IST

    Chetan Bhagat

    Ok, so let me put it out there. The wait for election results is aggravating. Logically, I do understand the practical issues of managing the world’s largest election, and the need for the seven phases spread over 40 days. However, it is really hard to wait this long!

    Wherever I go, the same question is asked — what’s going to happen on May 23? India’s choice is currently stored as digital data in those EVM machines. So the honest answer is, we have no idea. However, where is the fun in that answer? So one tries to speculate, analyse opinion polls and past data, sense the public mood, look at recent state election results and do some poll arithmetic based on opposition alliances. Of course, none of it will tell you what will happen on May 23.

    This election is genuinely tough to call. In 2014, it was an easy bet that Narendra Modi and BJP would win. The only question was to what extent. Most predictions turned out right, at least in predicting the winner. This time, things are much harder to predict. No matter how confident the forecasters sound, there are so many contradictory forces at play that one really doesn’t know where the final tally will end up. Let’s look at the various data points and factors at work.

    The opinion polls predict an NDA government, though with a reduced overall tally. The average of the last few recent opinion polls suggests an NDA final count of around 275; while that may be lower than its tally of 336 in 2014, it is still a solid score and will enable another round of a stable NDA government.

    However, there are contradicting factors at play. In the recent state elections, the BJP lost significant ground in its bastions of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The same states had gone to polls before LS2014, and the BJP had posted huge wins — which was reflected in the LS results as well. If assembly election results are mirrored in LS2019, the BJP will lose a significant number of seats — hence that majority number for the NDA may not be that simple to get to. Again, will people in these states view state and LS elections differently this time? We just don’t know.

    The kind of Modi wave we had in 2014 is also absent. This doesn’t mean that the PM’s popularity has waned significantly, but it does mean a decline in his novelty value. This was expected; from his oratory to his policies, people know him well by now. In the last election, BJP won a 31% vote share riding this wave (and the anti-Congress wave), compared to its average vote share of 21% in three prior elections (1999, 2004, 2009). This 10 percentage point increase in vote share (or a swing of around 50 million votes) worked wonders for the BJP last time. Will these voters stick to their earlier choice? Or will some slide back to the opposition’s side? Even if half of that swing (25 million votes) shifts back, there could be a big difference in the number of seats. Again, predicting the behaviour of 25 million votes in a 900-million voter base is an impossible exercise.
    Looking at issues, some work against the BJP while others are in its favour. There is a lot of talk of a slower economy, rural distress and unemployment. It is not clear how many people vote on the basis of GDP growth rate. Or if those not directly affected by unemployment see it as the main issue. We have seen the effect of rural distress in state elections and it may well impact the general elections, we just don’t know to what extent until May 23. However, the one issue that has really worked for the BJP are the air strikes after the Pulwama attacks. A lot of Indians liked this aggressive response to Pakistan; if we are talking of 25 million votes swinging the odds, the issue is big enough to have that kind of impact.

    The Congress’s NYAY (Nyuntam Aay Yojana)scheme may help the party, but its leadership choice lacks freshness. If Modi doesn’t have as much novelty now, neither does Rahul. In that sense, this election is not only hard to predict, it is somewhat duller than the previous one.

    The BJP’s renewed Hindutva push may have some takers (though not as many as one might think) while opposition alliances may hurt the party in some seats, particularly in UP.

    With no wave, no clear direction and opposing factors at play on both sides, counting day may hold more surprises than people think. But for now, we simply have to wait and wait for May 23.


  16. IdeaUnique Says:

    Modi has been advocating a single election for all LS/LA (nation/state) but other parties are not supporting….it is a sheer waste of time, money and resources….almost always some by-election is going on somewhere in India….


    • I am in favor but somewhat like US; One day in year all elections done on that day or around that day.
      If there are assemblies who have lost majority for any reason you don’t want to wait that long.

      Twitter and Facebook have become propaganda tool. But you can not bottle this Jinn back in bottle.


      • I sense FB will be split in 2 parts like AT&T and Bell.
        Mark has stretched his arms too far. I Trump returns it is certainity


  17. sanjana Says:

    A family in Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad has turned out to be a candidate’s delight and a must on every contestant’s list to meet and seek votes.
    The family of Ram Naresh Bhurtia in Bahraicha village in Allahabad has 82 members of which 66 are voters. The family does farming and two members are now working in private companies in Mumbai. Financially, the family is comfortably placed.

    The head of the family is Ram Naresh, 98, and he proudly says that there is just one kitchen for the whole family. The family cooks about 20 kg of vegetables, 15 kg of rice and 10 kg of wheat every day and the cooking is taken care of by the women in the family.

    “I am happy that not even a single member of the family has ever said that they want to live separately. I want people to take us as an example and keep the nation together too,” he said.

    There are eight first-time voters in the family who will go out to vote on Sunday. “They are my great grand children who are very excited about voting for the first time,” he said.

    Ram Naresh said that the family usually goes out to vote after lunch because that is when the rush at polling stations is less.

    “We are all registered at one polling station and even the polling officials welcome us when we go to vote,” he said.

    The family, as one would think, does not hire a bus to their polling station. “The elders in the family are taken on two-wheelers while other walk down to the polling station,” he said.

    They live in a thatched house with mud walls. They have been planning to build a ‘pucca’ but the high tension wires that run overhead are a major problem.

    “Whenever it is election time, we request the candidates to get the high tension wires removed and they assure us but once elections are over, no one comes back. We have written several times to the electricity department but there has been no response. This time we are again asking the candidates to solve our problem and we have again got assurances. But from next time, we will vote only when our problem is solved,” said Shankar, a third-generation member of the family.

    Ram Naresh added: “We have girls in the family and they need separate rooms but till these wires are removed we cannot start construction work.”


  18. IdeaUnique Says:

    Modi is also backing EVM – which is putting India even ahead of US – Largest democracy using technology – but look at opposition! if they win, no problems with EVM – but if they loose, blame EVM and blame Modi!! ha!

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  19. Raga finally gave his first interview to a journalist (Mr Ravish Kumar) when elections are almost over. 😀

    Brouhahahahaha !!!

    Mr Journalist Ravish Kumar – Wonder if Akshay makes a spoof on your joke. You have created a laughable script for spoof.

    And listen, Akshay-Modi interview was a blockbuster – Baahubali2 of elections 2019.

    Yours with Raga is like the movie- LUPT. Released but had few viewers.

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    • sanjana Says:

      You are not reading papers. He has given interviews, not one interview. Of course not to Akshay Kumar.
      Why akshay does not interview Mayawati,
      Akhilesh or Rahul? Apolitical, I mean. They will not refuse.
      Twinkle is better equipped with some brains to do this but she has her limitations.


  20. sanjana Says:

    “I Never Use Foul Language For A Prime Minister,” Says Rajnath Singh
    Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Rajnath Singh appealed people to work towards strengthening the institutions of the President and the Prime Minister.


  21. sanjana Says:

    The BJP has fielded Deol, 59, from Gurdaspur, where Jakhar is seeking re-election. “I learnt about it only after reaching Gurdaspur that Sunny is contesting against Sunil, son of Balram Jakhar, with whom I had great relations,” the veteran actor said.


  22. tonymontana Says:

    voting begins in delhi.
    may the best one win.


  23. AamirsFan Says:

    As an outsider looking into Indian politics….this guy seems the most level headed and straight forward. Loved this interview!


    • Aamirfan, This is a one sided view. Noone now give important to Kejriwal now. He was immensely popular in 2013.
      I would say among opposition,
      views of Sharad Pawar or Akhilesh Yadav can be better and
      from the government,
      views of Nitish Kumar and Gadkari can be better to give a balanced view.


  24. SC has hit freedom of expression so hard with this verdict :

    People are growing to claim injury to their reputation at slightest hint. People should have right to comment on things in public domain .


    • …and yet my comment deleted ..LOL!!

      Just kidding, I know, I had asked you to delete it .
      Kejru and Kamroo and Khapshap …teeno hee Kameeney hain.
      The hypocrisy of these libtards is on full display in West Bengal and Delhi.


    • politics will be polarized in Twitter and facebook era. It is not just India, anywhere in world people are propagating their ideology instead what is right or make sense.

      Even Journalists who are suppose to be neutral have taken positions and open about it. Be it CNN or Fox or NDTV or republic; they openly support parties or ideology.You can figure from Aatish interview where he stands and his views are mostly based on that ideology. In many ways he deconstruct himself. I guess it is true for most of us; when you speak you give enough hints about yourself even though you are critiquing someone.


  25. Deplorable Bengali politics. Once again. And again.


  26. sanjana Says:

    Blockbuster elections full of masala. No doubt, films are not able to match!
    Amit Shah

    I will give all of them Best performer award.


  27. Creativity…

    And here it is: THE BEST TROLLING EVER…


  28. Like

  29. Like

  30. sanjana Says:

    Almost one in every five candidates contesting in India’s election is accused of committing a heinous crime, according to independent analysis.

    About 19 per cent of those standing in the election face charges including rape, murder and kidnapping, New-Delhi based Association of Democratic Reforms said on Monday, citing signed affidavits submitted to the Election Commission.

    “There is a continuous increase in the proportion of candidates who have criminal cases against them,” said Jagdeep Chhokar, a founding member of ADR. “Everyone, including voters and political parties, need to think why people with criminal cases are given tickets.”

    India’s law bars a person convicted of any offence and sentenced to an imprisonment of two years or more from fighting elections. Those facing charges are free to run as the judicial system can take decades to resolve a case. The proportion of such candidates was 17 per cent in 2014 election, up from 15 per cent in 2009.


  31. IdeaUnique Says:

    there are no surprises awaiting on 23 may – Modi/BJP will be back to power with 300+ seats – stock market rallied on Thu/Fri and awaiting a huge gap up on Monday. Cong. bye bye for another 5 yrs


  32. 297 for BJP.
    341 for NDA.

    BJP is set to cross majority on its own because –

    1. Opposition leader failed to bring real issues
    2. Mahagathbandhan failed to project itself to be together
    3. Congress unable to form coalition in UP, Delhi, Bengal
    4. Bihar is going to be game changer
    5. CPM conceding its space to BJP in Bengal
    6. Modi is able to convince that India needs a strong leader
    7. Massive consolidation of votes based for and against Modi


    • And this is when BJP is not going to get more than 45 seats in UP.


    • Is this your exit poll?

      In North heartland , BJP will score less than last time; South except for Karnatka they will not do well. Only Odisha, bengal and Tripura they will improve. I think all depends how SP+BSP does in UP.
      I was telling my dad today that it will be some M on Delhi’s throne. Either Modi, Mayawati, Mamta, Mulayam.


      • It my way to capture the voice of India.
        I do similar exercise for several opinions including All India star ranking, where Akshay Kumar is No 1, quite to discomfort of few.



      There’s no doubt that there are these anchors are eating shit-stuffed pie…Very glad to see their slapped faces..

      However, this is the last chance for BJP. SWAMI needs to be made finance minister and if there are thieves involved in black-money, the only person that can take them out is SWAMI. Jaitley needs to shoved back into law ministry and SWAMI needs to be Minister.

      SWAMI is the face that youth and folks who are not that inclined toward Hindutva believe. WE NEED HIM TO CLEAN UP — EVEN IF IT MEANS CLEANING UP SOME ARSEHOLES IN THE BJP- hell that would be the main reason.


  33. sanjana Says:

    So BJP will be back as ruling party and Congress will be the main opposition party.

    While all the other chota outfits will be out.

    Atlast 2 national parties will become more relevant as ruling and opposition parties.


  34. IdeaUnique Says:


  35. Mindset of All anti Modi sentiments well articulated by Karan Thapar

    “And, now, all that’s left is to grit one’s teeth and wait for the hours to slowly pass before we find out our future. I know what I’m hoping for but I fear that may not be the case.”


  36. My verdict came before the exit polls-

    297 for BJP.
    341 for NDA.

    BJP is set to cross majority on its own because –

    1. Opposition leader failed to bring real issues
    2. Mahagathbandhan failed to project itself to be together
    3. Congress unable to form coalition in UP, Delhi, Bengal
    4. Bihar is going to be game changer
    5. CPM conceding its space to BJP in Bengal
    6. Modi is able to convince that India needs a strong leader
    7. Massive consolidation of votes based for and against Modi

    This will of course give Mr Modi a lot to cheer about. But since this was truly his election, there is also a great degree of responsibility on him. Mr Modi has been in campaign mode for months now. It is time to shift gears and begin thinking about governance. If the results on May 23 look like what the exit polls suggest, Mr Modi needs to get a smarter cabinet, with specialists; he needs to heal a divided nation; he needs to focus on the slowdown in the economy; and he needs to take difficult foreign policy decisions.


  37. The biggest Ch###a award goes to Farhan Akhtar .

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  38. Jay Shah was the first visitor to that Cave, Modi is the second.


  39. Aside: Becharey LeLi gang , ab apnee frustration Reel life Modi par utaar rahey hain.
    Clarification- it is in bad taste par itna outrage is Only because he is playing Modi.
    Kehta hai Joker, saara Zamana, aadhi haqiqat, aadha fasaana.


  40. jayshah Says:

    And winner is?


  41. sanjana Says:

    Bollywood actress Sunny Leone took to Twitter to respond to Republic TV’s editor and prime time anchor Arnab Goswami’s blunder in the ongoing heat of 2019 Lok Sabha election counting day on his channel. The actress is trending all over the social media platform after Arnab Goswami referred to Bharatiya Janta Party’s Gurdaspur candidate and Bollywood actor Sunny Deol as Sunny Leone. The video of the incident has gone viral and has provided a moment of laughs in the heat of the counting day.


  42. sanjana Says:

    India picks PM Modi again, BJP alliance heads to bigger win than 2014

    Amit Shah’s hardwork in West Bengal paid off.

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  43. Shivaay Says:

    My sympathies for the pseudo seculars & urban naxal keyboard warriors. They might need to keep those fingers running for another 5 years now.

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  44. sanjana Says:

    Out of curiosity I googled this. Those who are interested in history can go through this.


  45. Btw, did sunny leone win? Forget to ask arnab …


    • Meanwhile, the number of ‘resignations’ including RaGa’s is being touted to beat UPA’s tally of LS seats.

      and Mamata’s ground is gone in Bengal but her stooges of bengali actresses have won some seats.

      Jai Shambhu!


  46. tonymontana Says:

    Congrats to Modi/BJP and their supporters.

    Hoping for them to act responsibly and cater to ground realities that matter. It’s high time now.


    • Ground realities?
      Modi supporters or Anti Modi hate brigade?

      Modi+ has won 46 % VS in India, higesht ever with high opposition index beside 84 sympathy wave elections.

      matlab kuch bi


      • tonymontana Says:

        Ground realities: MATLAB ab Jai Shree Ram, Bharat Mata ki jai aur Pulwama ke Jawano ke Naam pe jo Jeet haasil ki hai uska sahi upyog kare aur apna time junta ke hit mei lagaye.

        Kyu kuch galat kaha kya? Ya fir common sense samajh nahi aata?

        Kuch bhi.. lol!


    • Jihadis, Sepoys and Gungadeen have all gone into over-drive after the results.


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        even before that……ppl of India have delivered their verdict but these ppl recklessly question the sanity of Indian ppl!!! baffling….if u r doing what they think is right then u r sane! ha….


    • This idiot writer doesn’t even realize that he is actually targeting each and every Indian – Hindu, Musaalman, Christians, Sikhs, Jains — each and every one with this idiotic writing.

      No wonder it found its place in THE NEW YORK TIMES. Just like TIMES OF INDIA is now the TIME-PASS OF INDIA, this newspaper should be named THE NEW YORK IMAGINED TIMES.

      I am waiting for all those Barkha Baharas, Pagaliks Ghoses, Dilip No sar Desai articles in Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times and what not…

      Keep it coming, the more you vent your frustrations, the more votes this government is going to get.


  47. Look at how Zafar Sareshwala is silenced….these folks will NEVER debate…


  48. Been away for long.. all I can say is
    Faith in sagacity of Indian voters restored!!

    Back in 1997, I was working at an IT dept of a large conglomerate in Dallas. We were around 50 Desi programmers, alongwith few other nationalities. Off course, us Desis would always praise the Motherland, and express our pride. One day, this Texan business manager who had just returned back from a trip to the Mumbai office called us to show us pics from her visit. I expected perhaps her standing with backdrop of Gateway of India or the Taj hotel.
    BUT, she actually took pics of people defecating on the sides of roads in Mumbai!! And her comment was “So, is this the India that you guys are all proud of?”.
    Cut back to 2019. I see Prannoy Roy of NDTV in that long kurta (which he only wears for election coverage) interviewing some villagers in UP. He is outside this small structure which happened to be the Free Toilet constructed by them via the Modi Toilet Yojana. In his typical dour Hindi, he asked what Modi has done. They replied, that they got money for this Toilet. So he said “Paani aata hai ke nahi?”. They said “Nahi!”. And then he turns and tells the viewers, “this is the typical state of promises made by the Modi Govt, a toilet without running water!”.
    The hubris of elitist liberals such as Prannoy Roy is in trying to punch holes into every scheme that Modi devised for the last poor man standing at the most remotest corner of India. For their blinkered vision, “Pa se Paani” was more visible than the “P for Privacy” which the Toilet granted to the women in that village. They dont realize that the poor women didnt have running water even when they went to the fields. Likewise, they could not gauge the happiness of the poor in receiving free cylinders, medical insurance, money to farmers, etc and host of numerous schemes launched by Modi. They were so deluded by the assertion of anointing all his endeavors as mere “jumlas” that they even convinced the Cong to actually a devise a huge Jumla called “NYAY”, which promised voters more money than they ever received in their lifetimes. Fortunately, the Indian voter went with the bird in hand rather than the two promised in the Congi Bush. Modi had rightfully said in a speech that “for 70 years, those who couldn’t even provide bank accounts to the rural poor were now talking about distributing 72,000Rs through Direct Bank transfers!” And BTW, these direct bank transfers were started by the Modi govt!!
    And combined with their almost maniacal belief in the rigidity of caste coalitions, the libs had us all convinced that Modi may barely scrape through, if at all. Little did they realize that through his fair non-caste non-religion only-low-income-targeted welfare schemes, he has managed to rip apart 3 decades of post Mandal casteist votebanks. It is a New Day for India, and she awaits a launch into the Stratosphere.

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  49. And this interesting tidbit on the Modi story, as also portrayed in SRK’s Raees:

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  50. He gets it except our ………
    “If and when modern humanism and liberalism crashes and burns, will future historians look back and say that Islam was the rock on which it first and decisively broke?”

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  51. View this post on Instagram

    #KanganaRanaut with Freternity

    A post shared by Kangana Ranaut (@team_kanganaranaut) on


  52. Shekhar Gupta admits that journalists chose to ignore the positive effects of Modi government’s welfare schemes

    Start at the 1:22 point in above video. Very honest explanation, and an eye opener for all the blinkered liberals in india.

    Aside, the opposition simply has not been able to digest this defeat as yet. Mamta especially has gone bonkers with her outbursts at anyone chanting “Jai Shree Ram” in WB.

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  53. Like


    New Delhi (Sputnik): TIME magazine, in its latest article, has praised the Indian prime minister for “uniting the country”, which appears to be a U-turn from its recent narrative.

    Earlier this month, the magazine, in its international edition, published a cover story on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which accused him of dividing the country on religious lines and calling him “India’s Divider in Chief”. India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Modi, has slammed the piece and blamed its author, Aatish Taseer, the son of late Pakistani politician and businessman Salmaan Taseer, for the negative coverage.

    Some Twitter users have slammed TIME magazine over what they consider to be an attempt to present a changed point of view just days after his party won the Indian elections.


  55. Rahul G actually started forming cabinet and offering HMO to Stalin, Priyanka called up CMs to send potential ministers and victory procession was planned.

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  56. How is the Josh/ Hosh??


    • Meltdown, nervous breakdown 🙂

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    • Got back from India after three weeks… was fun watching the faces of left liberals . I am so so elated with Modi coming back, Amit Shah being the Home minister and Piyush and Gadkari retaining the same ministry , and above all – Jaitley GONE !!

      Aside : Saw “Bharat” at RajMandir , Jaipur … kids freaked out with the Seeti-Taalis at Sallu Bhai and Katrina’s entry scenes , they had never seen this kind of hysteria before .
      Jai Bharat , Jai Hind .


      • Like

  57. Like

  58. “..He seems to differ from his successful family members in the way Later Mughals differed from the Great Mughals. Till Aurangzeb, whenever there was a war for succession among princes, nobles threw their weight behind the contenders; the latter led. After Aurangzeb, it was the cliques of nobles who fought the battles with princes as their nominal leaders. Something similar is happening now in the Congress…”


  59. A clinical takedown by Ranga and Neha Joshi of Saba Naqvi, Ashutosh and Fake liberals.
    Maza aa gaya !!


  60. sanjana Says:

    “If I Have To Lose An MLA, So Be It”: PM Furious At Akash Vijayvargiya
    On Tuesday, the furious Prime Minister made it clear at the BJP parliamentary party meeting that Akash Vijayvargiya’s conduct was unacceptable and action had to be taken.

    Keep it up Modiji! Claps!

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  61. Modi is losing it kya ?


    • Like

  62. The vilification campaign which started with attacking Modi as ‘the merchant of death’ has been unrelenting and unceasing in depicting even the government’s understandable and remediable lapses as downright villainy and laying them all at the door of the BJP and Modi.

    The epithets used against them have been outrageous, to say the least. Even Goebbels was a little more civilised.

    Those fixated on the one-point agenda of going after the BJP and Modi are like the candidate who was undergoing a psychological test for appointment to a post. The psychologist drew the picture of a crow and asked the applicant what it reminded him of. The candidate said: Sex.

    The psychologist drew the picture of a lamp and asked the candidate’s reaction: He promptly said it too reminded him of sex.

    The psychologist then drew a circle and asked the applicant what he thought of that and got the same answer: Sex!

    The psychologist flared up, and shouted: ‘What has come over you? How is it everything I draw reminds you of sex and nothing else?’

    The candidate coolly said: ‘Why blame me, Sir? What can I do if you keep on drawing all that sexy stuff every time?’


    B S Raghavan is a former member of the Indian Administrative Service, a US Congressional Fellow and Policy Adviser to the UN (FAO).
    He has held leadership positions in India’s state and central governments handling issues pertaining to political policy planning, national security, intelligence, energy and food security.


  63. Forty-nine eminent personalities including filmmaker Aparna Sen and historian Ramchandra Guha have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, drawing his attention to “a number of tragic events” recently, including incidents of lynching, and the alleged weaponisation of the slogan “Jai Shri Ram” into a “war cry”.


  64. Disgusting!


    • Whilst everyone is entitled to express their concerns to the prime minister of the country, it would be worth noting that the signatories, who hail mostly from West Bengal, have done little to highlight the atrocities being committed in the state that range from lynchings, political violence, voter intimidation and arbitrary arrests over free speech.
      Law and order does come under the state government, in which case they would have to address these concerns to their chief minister, who may not be as tolerant of dissent as the prime minister is.
      Maybe the writers could have added a few ‘cc’s’ to the letter but that would take courage.


      • “Mani Ratnam one of the 49 signatories who is concerned with the raising intolerance, long time back bombs were thrown at his house for one of his movies (Bombay) and the dumb idiot was so afraid that he never opened his mouth about it.” – Tweet #Fact

        Liked by 2 people

      • This is all for the upcoming W. Bengal election.


        • Hahaha.. I am loving it


  65. Bravo -Rubika Liyakat !!


  66. If this scrapping of 370 stands judicial scrutiny, this is a landmark day for India.


  67. Like

  68. Harish Salve


  69. Like

  70. In August 2017, Charu Wali Khanna, lawyer and former member of the National Commission for Women, had filed a petition against Article 35A in the Supreme Court after the Jammu and Kashmir government refused to identify her as a permanent resident because she didn’t have any documentary evidence to prove her claim.

    She challenged Article 35A on the grounds of “blatant gender discrimination”.

    Article 35A of the Indian Constitution, which was incorporated in Article 370, restricts the right to property of Kashmiri women on marrying a man not holding a permanent residency certificate in J&K.



    Here are the ways in which it changes things:

    Earlier, the centre had to get the state legislature’s approval for introducing any policies or constitutional powers to the state. Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed rights to decide on its own on all matters barring defence, communications and foreign affairs. Those special powers are gone.

    Residents of Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed dual citizenship, which they would lose only if they married people from other states. There will be no dual citizenship from now.

    There will be no separate flag for Jammu and Kashmir. It will come under the national tricolor flag.

    Article 360, which allows the centre to declare financial emergency in any state, will apply to Jammu and Kashmir. Earlier, the move would require “war or an external act of aggression”.

    There can be reservation for minorities in the state now.
    Earlier, the Right to Information (RTI) Act was not applicable to Jammu and Kashmir. That has changed.


  72. Modi is a bloody brave man; no doubts about it. How I wish, just as he got rid of Jaitley, he would really, really focus on economy and prevent Nirmala Seetharaman from becoming the WORST ever finance minister this country has ever had???

    Liked by 1 person


    That experience only solidified Amit Shah’s decision to do away with Article 370.
    But how he decided to go about it was sheer genius — placing chess pieces one by one for the final assault.
    This is where Dalit rights and the rights of lower caste Hindus were used as a Trojan horse. Ostensibly, it was the denial of rights to these marginalised sections that made the BJP raise the Article 35A issue. This was directly related to 35A, as state governments revoked the residency rights of the Valmik community — manual scavengers — if they chose social mobility through a different career. This was brilliant for several reasons. It meant that no national or regional party could oppose it for fear of alienating the SC/ST vote. But equally, it gave a huge push to the dilution of Article 35A. Additionally, there was the question of women’s rights, given the BJP’s championing of the Triple Talaq Bill, which would not apply to Kashmir and women’s inheritance which had become the norm in the rest of India.

    The ground set, in February 2019, the BJP moved the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Bill, requiring Kashmir to provide 10% reservation for marginalised communities. The bill, obviously passed the Lok Sabha with ease, but again, it had a Trojan horse. This was the provision that the Governor could act as the local Assembly if the state did not have a functioning Assembly. In effect, the Lok Sabha had legislatively validated Mohd. Maqbool Damnoo vs State Of Jammu And Kashmir (1972) and overridden SBI vs Santosh Gupta (2015) that had held the opposite position.
    From this point on, the BJP could have pushed ahead roughshod, removing Article 370 right then.
    But it chose to tell us that this wasn’t about elections, but a deep ideological belief close to its heart. Come May 23, the die was cast, feelers went out, and rumours started floating by the afternoon itself when the scale of the victory had become obvious. The question here is — why should we believe that this was deliberate 4D chess on Amit Shah’s part and not a series of accidents?


  74. Aside: The usual suspects here jo har baat par Bharat ko gaali deney key liye aatey hain, Triple Talaq key baad sey kaafi chup chaap hain .

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  75. I was going to sleep then I started listening to Jamyang Tsering Namgyal…Fiery speech by young guy.

    Liked by 2 people

  76. Not sure what this article 370 is but what does it do for the common people of kashmir? will this help or hurt them? If it helps, how will it help them and if it will hurt, how will it hurt them. Also, is this geared towards silencing a community, group of people and ensuring the voting goes in certain way. Kind of like how the electroal votes were setup in USA.


    • Article 370 gave different set of rights than regular citizen of India. Now that “different” is positive or negative depends upon who you ask.

      IMO this different. set of rules have been misused by politicians who were at helm for 70 years.This has led to alienation of folks on ground and it played into Pakistan design to destabilize India with proxy war. Since religion of valley is common with Pakistan it has added fuel to discontent among people by radicals.
      If things were hunky dory then there wouldn’t have led to killing of 50k people. This is like open heart surgery. I don’t know how it will pan out but status quo was bad with daily killings. And we are spending too many resources to manage the situation.

      If Congress support Govt then it is like accepting Nehru did wrong. But I am glad some Congress leaders like Deora, Scindia have come in support of removal. How it was done could be debated but there was no easy way out; coupled with US desire to come out of Afghanistan, Pakistan would have got major non-state resources at disposal to make thing worse fo India.

      Now with this there is no Kasmir to talk with Pakistan because Kashmir is like any other state of India unlike in previous system it was special. That special status was used to bargain with India.

      In end both sides have to accept line of control as defacto border.

      Liked by 2 people

  77. on Modi… Bachchan Saab/BR Saab:

    You literally bed-wITTED
    YOurself, didn’t you, when AB snatched the knife from peter; where r you guys now? NYT/ WA PO don;t pay u well enough?????

    MODI is the new angry young man…GET USED TO IT!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t know who pays these folks to write such travesty..
      “These include wiping out Muslim marriage and inheritance laws, and building a Hindu temple in Ayodhya on the ruins of a Muslim mosque.”
      “While Mr. Modi’s decision was celebrated by Indians across a broad range of political persuasions, it was especially celebrated by those on the Hindu nationalist right wing.”


  78. another angle

    NEW DELHI: China has not granted visas to a group of Indians planning to undertake the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra on Wednesday, sources said on Tuesday, hours after the country opposed India’s move to make Ladakh a new union territory.
    Following the government’s decision to revoke Jammu and Kashmir’s special status and split the state into union territories, China on Tuesday asked both India and Pakistan to exercise restraint and voicing “serious concern” over the situation in Kashmir.

    Saying that the two countries should avoid actions that “unilaterally” change the status quo and “exacerbate tensions” between them, China also expressed its opposition to India’s move to create a separate Union Territory of Ladakh.

    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a statement: “China always opposes India’s inclusion of Chinese territory in the western section of the China-India boundary under its administrative jurisdiction.”

    “This position is firm and consistent and has never changed. The recent unilateral revision of domestic laws by the Indian side continues to undermine China’s territorial sovereignty, which is unacceptable and will not have any effect,” she added.


    • Sad day , Indeed. RIP. One of the few politicians, I admired. Her speeches in Parliament show how knowledgeable and intelligent she was, in addition to being one of the most eloquent

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  79. How it was done 🙂

    “Still cant stop laughing on how it was done. Bewildered the opposition, political class & even the intellectuals. Its there not there.. there no there…” : Tweet by Navroop ( SC Advocate)



    “Article 370 stays very much as part of the Constitution and cannot be repealed or abrogated without a constitutional amendment in accordance with Article 368. No such bill was moved by Amit Shah in Parliament today.

    The government has used the same Article 370 to announce that special status granted under this Article to Jammu and Kashmir has ended. Amit Shah said, “Not all the provisions of Article 370 will now be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir.”

    This was done through a Presidential Order, which in effect, will supercede previous Presidential Orders issued under Article 370.

    In other words, the latest move by the government gives full applicability of the Indian Consitution in Jammu and Kashmir. Earlier, only a set of limited provisions such as foreign relations, communication and defence had jurisdiction over Jammu and Kashmir.”


  81. Like

  82. Finally, Modi needs to shed the image that he shuns industry leaders. He needs to stop being a victim to Rahul Gandhi’s political slogan of ‘suit-boot ki sarkar’. The people have rejected Gandhi, Modi has nothing to fear and should follow the verdict. Nobody is arguing for elitist policies. Or crony capitalism. But if India is to become a $5 trillion economy over the next five years – the target is already off by one year – and a $10 trillion powerhouse by 2032, this governance contempt for wealth creators needs to end. With a 303-strong mandate, Modi has the opportunity. He must not let it fritter away. After the Green Revolution of the 1960s and the White Revolution of the 1970s, it’s time for India to deliver an Entrepreneurial Revolution and catalyse wealth creation.


  83. Pakistan suspends Samjhauta train service, bans Indian films
    The moves comes shortly after New Delhi urged Pakistan to review its decision to downgrade diplomatic relations with the country.


  84. Like

  85. Kashmir is an integral part of India, its integration was an idea whose time had come. We may sit and argue and debate whether the manner in which it was done was the best or not, but it has happened, minus Article 370. Can this be seen as an attempt to bring prosperity and peace in the valley? Doesn’t Kashmir deserve a development blueprint? Are there positives in the Kashmir solution reboot? Can investment deliver the healing touch ? A special development package for the state, more industries, jobs, is this the valley’s big moment for change?


  86. Forty-five years after that covenant in Lal Chowk, a bearded man used a handkerchief, perhaps his own, to keep together India’s national flag as the pole carrying it was split in the middle. Moments later, the man he was acting deputy to, the BJP’s Murli Manohar Joshi, unfurled it, albeit in a huff, as nervous security personnel guarded them. It was 1992, and the Kashmir Valley was in the tightest grip of Islamist insurgency. The man, who later spent days in Budgam in central Kashmir, living quietly with a Kashmiri Muslim family, fishing with the family’s head, running by him an entire list of questions he had on Kashmir, is now the Prime Minister of India. And just weeks after his resounding return, Narendra Modi has chosen to do something which was always thought of as unthinkable.

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  87. The Unseen Unheard Victims of Article 35(A)

    Mr. Farooq Abdullah married a British lady who became Kashmiri citizen by virtue of 35(A). His son, Omar Abdulla, by virtue of 35(A), a natural citizen of Kashmir married a Hindu girl outside J&K; she became a citizen of Kashmir. His sister married a Hindu person from Rajasthan but she lost her citizenship of J&K, or Permanent Resident (PR) status which gives certain rights. Now she has her existing property in Kashmir which she can enjoy but she cannot will it to either her husband or son or daughter. Her family loses right to inheritance. After she passes away, it would go to state exchequer. Let this sink in.

    Around 200 Valimiki (SC) families were brought from Punjab to J&K in the year 1957 to be employed as sweepers and scavengers. A cabinet decision was taken and these families were given assurance that the permanent resident clause would be relaxed for them. Though their numbers have increased manifold yet the permanent resident clause has been relaxed. It means even if they do a PhD, they can only take up the job of a sweeper. It is ironical that the caste specific profession has been imposed in secular India in the state of J&K; and this information remained secret from the entire country. The sweeper of this state can vote in Lok Sabha elections but is not allowed to vote in State Assembly or municipality elections. It means they are politically kept away from the democratic process of the state. Their colony at Valmiki Colony, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu has not been regularized till date by the state government.
    Radhika Gill belongs to this SC class of Safai Karmachari. She is a rank holder in “Shot Put” and “100 meter Race” in State Athletic Championship of JK, but she was refused civil services job and told she can only become a sweeper.


  88. M.J. Akbar

    Patel’s mind cleared on September 13th, 1947 when Jinnah accepted the accession of Junagadh, a Hindu-majority princely state adjoining Pakistan ruled by a Muslim Nawab. If Pakistan could ignore demographics, what stopped India from doing the same? Kashmir had a Hindu Maharaja ruling over a Muslim majority. If Hari Singh acceded to India, Delhi could always use the same logic and accept. Being practical and decisive, Patel immediately began to lay down what might be called the infrastructure of Kashmir’s accession.

    So far, as the minister for home affairs, Patel was in charge of Kashmir. On December 2nd, 1947, however, Nehru sent Hari Singh a letter saying Abdullah should become Prime Minister, and took over the management of Kashmir affairs, and Patel had little option except to step aside.
    On December 23rd, Patel sent his resignation.

    That night, Nehru apologised for the pain, but noted that “our approaches are different, however much we may respect each other.” But he insisted a prime minister’s liberty of direction could not be constrained, and offered his own resignation. The problem was resolved only when Gandhi agreed to arbitrate in any dispute between them.
    These facts should put at rest the obfuscation deliberately created by political parties about who was responsible for what during the seminal phase of Jammu and Kashmir’s integration. As Deputy Prime Minister, Patel could not deny his place in collective responsibility, but the decisions were made by Nehru after December 1947. They included the momentous reference to the United Nations, a move that quickly became a bleeding ulcer.
    I would prefer to quote Rajmohan Gandhi, who cannot be accused on any bias: ‘As far as Kashmir was concerned, Jawaharlal agreed, on Mountbatten’s persuasion, to refer the question to the United Nations… Patel was as strongly against the reference to the UN and preferred ‘timely action’ on the ground, but Kashmir was Jawaharlal’s baby by now and Vallabhbhai did not insist on his prescriptions when, at the end of December [1947], Nehru announced that he had decided to go to the UN.’

    Nehru was in control of Kashmir affairs when on October 17th, 1949 his nominee Ayyangar moved Article 306A in the Constituent Assembly to give constitutional status to the conditions laid down by Maharaja Hari Singh. Even at the inception, it was widely recognised that this provision, which became Article 370 in the final Constitution, was temporary. No one has ever disputed this. Then how and why did it gradually attain a kind of political inviolability that turned it into something sacrosanct?


  89. Mr Kashyap was among the film personalities who, on July 23, wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to intervene in incidents of lynching and the alleged weaponisation of the slogan “Jai Shri Ram” into a “war cry”.

    In the last two tweets before the filmmaker deleted his account, he lamented he wasn’t “allowed to speak my mind without fear”.

    “When your parents start to get calls and your daughter gets online threats you know that no one wants to talk. There isn’t going to be reason or rationale. Thugs will rule and thuggery will be the new way of life. Congratulations everyone on this new India & hope you all thrive,” Mr Kashyap tweeted.


  90. Meanwhile Indian Film actors-


    • Is she going to accept? Her life would be miserable if she does. We just don’t know how many are embedded.

      Why of all the names her name was mentioned? May be warning to others that they may be exposed. It is possible that you browbeat other journalists even with no connection to write neutrally or their name would be called for no reason.


  91. JUST IN! Industry BANS Mika Singh For Performing In Pakistan; Legal Action To Follow
    It all happened last night when the cine workers decided to protest Mika’s action.

    Well, he must have taken required permissions from both the governments. Then how can legal action be taken without taking action against the people who gave permissions? Let us see how courts will react.

    I think once he submits his apology, the ban will be lifted.


  92. Rajinikanth’s new praise for PM Modi, Amit Shah after Krishna-Arjun analogy

    Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth has come up with a new description of the two leaders – “Master strategists” – meant to explain his earlier tag of “Krishna-Arjun”.

    “PM Modi and Amit Shah are master strategists… One gives the plan, another executes,” Rajinikanth said on Wednesday. Explaining it in the context of Kashmir, he said, “Kashmir is a home for terrorists and extremists. To impose curfew in Kashmir and to pass it in upper house first is a master strategy.”


  93. Yeh Kya Ho Raha hai ??? Desh Badal Raha hai !!

    Ram Gopal Varma

    Seeing the congress party stand on Jammu Kashmir issue I think they should contest in pakistan and will surely win

    Is it because the congress party realised that their time is over in india that they are planning to shift to pakistan ? Just asking

    The way it is toeing Pakistan, it looks like CONGRESS has now become KHANGRESS

    Liked by 1 person

    • If nuclear option is exercised, only south India will remain relatively safe. And how world powers will react? They will not be too pleased. They will try to defang us, the way USA did to Saddam Hussein. They may try to defang both India and Pakistan! Thus we will be under observation.
      Am I thinking too much? What is the guarantee that radiation will not travel to neighbouring areas? In that way USA is safe and so is Russia and China in that order.
      Let us see.
      The only way peace can be brought about in the subcontinent is if Pakistan gives up its claims on Kashmir and let go of it just the way it let go of Bangladesh.


  94. Rajdeep grills her mercilessly!


  95. Ever since the highly discriminatory Article 370 was removed from Kashmir by India, there has been a flurry of opinions on the issue. I will look at the arguments of Hasan Minhaj, the BBC and Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk in today’s video, who claim that an integral part of India has lost its “autonomy”.
    For some reason, all of the people expressing support for article 370 keep neglecting to mention the incredible discrimination shown by article 370 against women, lower castes(SC/STs), and the people of Jammu and Ladakh. They neglect to mention how the article has brought economic development to a standstill and fomented terrorism and radicalization in the State.


  96. Like

  97. Isn’t there any statute of limitations to file charges on P Chidambaram for money laundering done in 2008? Is Amit Shah trying to extract revenge for treatment on him when PC was the Home Minister?


  98. Chidambara Ragasiyam (Tamil: சிதம்பர ரகசியம்) (translation, “The secret of Chidambaram”) is a Hindu belief that there is a secret message conveyed through the embossed figure near the shrine of Shiva in the Chidambaram Temple.

    Since ancient times, it is believed that this is the place where Shiva and his consort Parvati are present, but invisible to most people. In the temple, Chidambara Ragasya is hidden behind a curtain (symbolic of Maya). Worship, or darshan is possible only when priests open the curtain for special pujas. Behind the curtain are golden leaves, as from the Aegle Marmelos tree, signifying the presence of Shiva and Parvati. It is believed that saints can see the gods in their physical form.

    There is also a humorous novel in Kannada called Chidambara Rahasya by
    Poornachandra Tejaswi. This novel depicts the state of a small Indian village in humorous manner. This book has murder investigation, caste system, communal riots, blind beliefs, love story, cardamom plants, friendship, youth rebels, land lords, untouchables, politics of the village. In 2006, Girish Karnad made a teleserial based on the novel. This book won Kendriya Sahitya Academic Award for Kannada in 1987.


  99. Mind blowing fascinating piece on JK.
    I believe and concur with the piece.
    We knew it since 80’s

    View at

    Liked by 1 person

  100. Like

  101. He was on ventilator for many days. So the news is not surprising. It was only a matter of time.

    Sad news.


  102. ‘If all is well in Kashmir, why are 7 million imprisoned in their homes?’


    • It is normal in sense that there are no body bags on both sides (separatists and Police); If it was normal like other parts of India then there was no need to do anything. Kashmir “normal” is different;You may criticize Govt for current restrictions but previous “normal” situation (for last 30 years) was bad where you have killings on daily basis. There are vested interest who don’t want peace in valley because they will be out of work. Regular folks want peace, bread, butter and opportunities. It has nothing to do with aligning with Pakistan or India. Any kind of concession by India on Kashmir and Khalistani head will rise, followed by other areas. So whatever land you have live peacefully and force your Govt to make opportunities for people through ballot.


      • The tukde tukde gang is hugely surprised and shocked, they did not expect the radio silence and no body bags post abrogation of Article 370. Jai Hind!!


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