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  1. Humour is missing inspite of comedian having a prominent role.


    • Bharat seems to be more like Tubelight/Bajrangi genre. These remakes of korean/hollywood classics could be very risky.

      Salman and Ali Abbas has an eye for good films…more so the latter. So fingers crossed. Looks like another big budget festival release.


  2. Success of Bharat is as important for Forrest Gump as the Success of Sultan was for Dangal.
    Sultan had really set it up for Dangal in terms of ambience and acceptability.


  3. Livewire Says:

    I hope the film is emotionally stronger than the trailer and the trajectory / journey is authentic / conclusive. Its the director Ali Abbas who is key here rather than a Salman. Hope Abbas has stuck to his own belief which he relayed via tweet – “ The most important thing to make a film is the REASON “ why you want to tell this story ?” .

    First time a trailer of Salman is not connecting with me at few levels. Will have to wait for content to step out with my time and money. Going strictly by the promo, it’s time for Salman to stop rushing to deadlines / release zones and give the respect these epic require……lest he be relegated to an Akki like zone with not much standing out…..


  4. This is a very good trailor. Quite rousing too as the music in the background works nicely. Never been a fan of Salman as such but have to say this is a wonderfully cut trailor


  5. Livewire Says:

    May be I am over estimating a Hindi movie…… the genre here is something Hollywood has mastered so many times….but not much seen in Hindi cinema. Lagaan was the closet we got there….have not seen 1942 Love Story and Gadar never focused on the subtlety.
    Expected a much solid footing and wish the movie was shot with a different filter to set the required mood of the film. Normally tone of the movie is set at the time of post production and these effects are done at the post production than at the time of shooting……so keeping fingers crossed!


  6. Like

  7. Luckily Bharat is a time travel saga and the outlay stretches to modernity of a 2010 but this critique from Anupama Chopra on the costumes / set and design for Kalank is pertinent for a period setting and is far removed from the 1942 era kjo and gang set out for…


  8. Superb Trailer , loved it.


  9. tonymontana Says:

    Weird trailer. Salman and his dialogue delivery and Katrina are best suited for a senseless masala potboiler. It’s like merging two worlds together, but the result is decidedly bizarre

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    • Actually Salman and Katrina belong to a different age in cinema — the silent film era. Both good looking people who suck at delivering dialogues.

      Although age is fast catching up with both, they would have been great stars when there was no sound in cinema.

      At this point in time they are just dinosaurs waiting to be forgotten in a couple of decades time.

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      • And one has to feel for Ali Abbas Zafar. His talent for remodelling masala cinema deserves far better star-actors.

        At the moment he is stuck with possibly the worst star-actor pair in the history of Bollywood. In terms of acting talent, that is.

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  10. Livewire Says:

    Key is to keep it short and crisp in the intermediate sections once the #WhistlePodu preliminaries are done away with. Zafar/ Salman combo is skilled at cracking the beginning / end and the 2nd half of the trailer gives it the right patriotic feel with a crowning ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ at the end.Their last outing TZH was an average fare but Ali threw few sparks in the middle to keep the interest and prevent the tempo from sliding. The movie ended on a high note to make it an enriching experience overall but that was no classic.

    Zafar the director gives me hope because Tera Noor song / sequence is one of the finest moments in a Hindi actioner and took everyone by surprise and got me to sit thru the rest of the movie……..Kat did very well in Zero and even in TZH she was better projected as a lead heroine in an action film


  11. Very busy trailer. I haven’t seen TZH or Sultan so no idea if the director is any good, hopefully distributors don’t weep like at 2mins20secs.

    But Bharat is looking good, I like Salman’s various looks and Katrina’s hairstyle.


    • Ali Abbas Zafar is obsessed with two of the greatest masala films ever made — Kaala Pathar & Sholay

      The coal mine scenes (as well as the scenes on the ship) are a tribute to Kaala Pathar, and the train sequences pay homage to Sholay.

      There are plenty of such references in Gunday — mostly these two films plus other Bachchan classics like Muqaddar Ka Sikander and of course, Deewar.

      I’ve mentioned this before as well — he knows his masala cinema very well. It’s a pity his talent is wasted on undeserving star-actors.

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    • tonymontana Says:

      u r lucky you have stayed away from gorging on junk food. I had made a pact several years ago to not waste money on a Salman film after Bodyguard.


      • Contrary to many thoughts I’ve watched a lot of Salman films in my life. My first ever movie experience in cinema was HAHK. I’ve watched MPK more than any other film in my life.

        Bodyguard changed it for me too, since then I must know I will get my money’s worth like BB.

        Rest stuff like Tiger is for his core fanatical fanbase mainly.


      • Then you really missed enjoying yourself in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan…both the movies were better than PK.


        • I too did not like Bodyguard, TZH, Tubelight, Race 3, Dabangg2….quite a lot of movies that Salman did recently…but then we should give the credit where it is due.


        • tonymontana Says:

          wasting money as in not spending money in theater. those were TV watches for me. Bajrangi Bhaijaan was good. Sultan is utterly mediocre.


  12. @Livewire,

    Salman’s attempt to do 2 movies per year + 1 TV + Bring Human causes show is very good. Anything less is pure waste of talent.

    Do you really like the phase where Aamir and Salman has got trapped into?
    Salman and Aamir has got trapped in the game of big openers and grossers. This limits their choices to do good cinemas. Akki like zone has proved to be more beneficial. Akki can do movies like Padman without worrying about the openings or final netts.

    SRK has been the smartest of the Khans. He has quickly understood the game. His last interview where he asks Bollywood to move out of the trap is well timed.

    A movie like Baahubali or URI became blockbusters despite non festive releases/ not having stars. The director and script are now the stars. Stars now have to adapt to the change and work without worrying about the openings which is quite select genre and big canvas dependent.


    • Comments of the decade here. SRK smartest lol @ that. Giving big openers and big grosses is being trapped! How many lol worthy comments do you want to give?

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      • I do think that comments made by Saket, Latha and Shivaay are more worthy of your bouquet, what say? 🙂


        • I’m reserving 💐 for you only for you to send them to some toilet paper product to thank them for keeping Akshay’s butt clean.

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          • Hope you did not get from Aamir’s butt. Because if you did, then others will love to have them more and I have no interest.


    • Jayshah, kyon tilmila jaate ho bhai?
      Intolerant ho kya?


      • No issues with any reasonable debates. It’s clear you toggle from anti Khan to anti Aamir through most your comments. Predictable stuff, spice it up. Even newbies like Shivaay are seeing through your comments. Have you wondered why you’re a lone ranger in this pursuit of yours?


        • Now he will EXPOSE you, Jay. Like he EXPOSES everyone else. He does EXPOSE himself the most but that’s probably not the point.

          I’m sure he is the biggest fan of Himesh Reshamiya’s XPOSE, which by the way is getting a sequel. Maybe the Akki fan can give an audition there.


        • Problem is many who are fans of Aamir Khan incl Saket, Latha and Shivaay see even a reference to Aamir as undermining him.

          Look at the way you all react to my praise of Sultan with a reference to Dangal. (Go to the top of this thread)

          I was attacked because you all felt i was undermining Dangal which i was not.

          It is quite silly i think.


          • So i’m a blind fan of Aamir. Interesting u never noticed this when I claim Akshay’s done few of the best films in commercial genre in the last 5 years including Special 26, Baby, Airlift, Jolly & now Kesari. However your claims of Aamir not being the megastar he is or that his filmography is more due to his scriptwriters & directors (doesn’t hold true for Neeraj Pandey reviving Akshay from his trash masala com image right?) Are baseless & laughworthy at best.


          • I think Naveen forgets to keep track of comments and so he hastily comes to conclusions.


        • And a blatant lie from Saket is supported by you and others (all Aamir fans)

          Quite clearly when you ask me the question i get singled out…you mean singled out by Aamir fans right?

          The problem are the fans. They lie.
          I also might be a problem as i react in same language.


          • I don’t get how Saket lied? He’s presented all the numbers to you but you’d rather believe a site that chalks of a few crore within days of a release of a film! If it’s a lie prove it.


          • Here’s the truth:

            When Naveen was championing the cause of Manikarnika, he quoted numbers from Rangoli Chandel — Kangana’s sister — to prove the film was a hit! I can easily pull out that post from Naveen. Rangoli Chandel became Naveen’s box office source for Manikarnika!

            I repeatedly told him that I wasn’t against the film Kesari but only against BOI’s over-reporting. Guess what, when Kalank came out I am the only one on this forum (amongst a few trade people) who has again called out BOI for lying about the film’s first day numbers. I made a post — with numbers — to prove that Kalank could not have made more than Kesari on day 1. So much for hating the film or posting with an agenda!

            This person consistently calls Gold a HIT when even BOI, his own preferred box office site, calls it an average film at best.

            And he has the nerve to even question anyone else? I understand that we live in a post-truth world but this guy takes the biscuit, chips and sauce along with it.

            I have absolutely no intention of ever interacting with this guy again.


    • Livewire Says:


      SRK big ticket movie isn’t going to happen till he rebuilds his inning the way Akshay & Ajay have done to enjoy the latest bull run. He has to choose a movie with a 100-150cr grosser in mind and wait for a surprise for one of them to connect in a big way. Choosing an extravagant outing may assist him with the perception battle of staying in the limelight but failure in such an outing is likely to do more harm – just like what a Zero did.
      He should get on board with no frills mindset and just be himself on screen and leave the rest to the script / director. I thought Zero with small timer like Anand Rai would be that outing but turned out a bad watch. The twitter/ internet questioning in finding basic logic was very valid and this is something each actor needs to take seriously going forward.

      Ideally any Bollywood actor will envy the zone Akshay currently in and that includes an Aamir who is still scratching his head planning/ plotting and scheming his next move. Akki will hit big with HF 4 and Sooryvanshi and both are easily 200cr plus grosser and will keep moving aggressively just by sheer volume.

      Salman has to let go 3 months of TV (though it’s getting him big moolah at the moment) to get going with more volume. The masala slot is still wide open and barring Ranveer no one even attempting that zone among the newer lot. There are countless possibilities due to current unrest in the social / political atmosphere and frustrations are in the zone of late 70s and industry is ready for that new angry young man. Simbaa and now Sooryavanshi seem to be going in for that slot via cop drama but bollywood needs more southern remakes who seem to be always ahead of curve wrt to hindi cinema. Tiger Shroff showed sparks in Baaghi2 but kjo will possibly suck him out of that zone now and he will have to rebuild the way Varun has to do now.


      • Livewire Says:

        Salman is self effacing in terms of admitting his reach which is always a good thing going forward –

        Courtesy DNA interview:

        “……Once, you seemed the least celebrated of the three Khans — Aamir, Shah Rukh and you. Now, you’re the biggest. Have you ever given this a thought?

        Not really. By the grace of God, the films that I’m choosing have done well. But it is not as if Aamir or Shah Rukh are choosing bad or worse films. There are times when the movies I’ve chosen, to the best of my knowledge, haven’t worked. And then one film works and you’re back. SRK is a legend, as is Aamir. A bad movie here or there may happen, but they will always come back. Actually, tension toh mera hai. Aamir and SRK know their craft. I’ve heard people saying they’re not so sure about me (laughs)!
        Stop kidding, what are you tense about?
        My thing is that I’m surviving on mediocre talent and luck. Actually, I don’t know what I’m surviving on, but I’m surviving. Mere ups and downs toh hote rahenge. By the grace of God, hamari fan following itni tagdi hai. There’s also Akki (Akshay Kumar), Hrithik (Roshan) and Ajay (Devgn).

        Then, there are the new boys — Tiger (Shroff), Ranveer (Singh) and Varun (Dhawan). Everyone is so good that all of us will also have to, you know, be on our toes.

        All the stalwarts have stuck with you. Sooraj Barjatya wants you, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Sajid Nadiadwala and Aditya Chopra have you. Surely, you must be doing something correct because these guys couldn’t have chosen wrong.

        Like I said, luck hai, destiny hai. Maybe there is something they see that I don’t. Anyway, what they look for in a hero is a mystery. The audience wants to spend money to see my films on screen, they watch them on satellite television also and they want to see me in my shows. I don’t know yeh kab tak chalega, but jab tak chal raha hai, my idea is to give my best, no matter what problems I go through, physically or mentally.

        Agar humko yeh formula pata hota, ki kya karne se kya chalega, then what should I say? We would be taking everything for granted. We thought that Tubelight (same combination of Kabir Khan and me) will be a beautiful film, after our much-appreciated superhit, Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015). But for an Eid release, the public wanted to see something happy. In Tubelight, they all cried. They were like, ‘What the hell! Eid kharaab kar diya!” (laughs). They went into depression. Today, when the film comes on digital and satellite, people love it and wonder why it didn’t work. It did a business of over Rs 110 crores in the domestic market alone. So, even my ‘flops’ notch numbers. Bahuton ki filmein utni bhi nahin chali. So, I’m fortunate that itni badi hit film bhi flop maani jaati hai. I’m grateful for the blessings.


  13. Haven’t seen D/TZH, nor do I intend to..but Katrina gets the job done quite well I said, haven’t watched the movie hence I might be missing the context or contest there in regard to Burqha-clad women stabbing man-kind..viewed as an independent song…doesn’t do much..but in the context of the proceedings, might make a lot of sense..hence I refrain..

    However, in a similar genre, with a wooden actor like Rampal and a competent actor like Shruti, this song takes the cake: Shot aesthetically, but painful to absorb visually and emotionally – in the context of the film, it’s the mental agony and hopelessness rather than the physical pain…

    Not to mention that the film was a nail-biting one; and I still don’t believe that it is by Nikhil Advani; the guy who made a crappy remake of ANAND…


    • The context is what makes the song and the action sequence so memorable , you root for Kat to slay all of those guys.

      Aside- I liked Phantom as a film too, I thought Kabir Khan had researched the subject well and managed to make a believable movie with a sprinkling of real life incidents.
      As for Kat- I watch her lips, not the words that come out of them.


  14. Naveen, it is no skin off my nose if you think Aamir is a bad actor, his time is over and he is last in the ranking etc
    But to use Sultan to bring down Dangal or to say to SRK has smelt the coffee much berries others etc is definitely shows your single point agenda

    I have been watching Akshay’s movies in the cinemas from the 90s. Heck I even watched Chandni Chowk to China first day in the theatre and incurred the wrath of my husband!

    I have great respect for the way he keeps himself fit and am also of the view that he is the only one amongst the Khan’s, Devgan etc to play more rooted characters.

    Yes, Aamir has had a flop in TOH after perhaps Mela which is almost 20 years back- though looking at Kalank , one can still argue for Aamir’s starpower to have carried the movie past 130cr if I am not mistaken

    So please argue for Akshay by all means but not by bringing down others


    • Latha, On the contrary i have seldom brought down Aamir except when replying to someone’s hyperbole. All your assumptions about me in your para 1 and para 2 is incorrect.

      On attempt to bring down Aamir’s films…actually if you read this thread…you will know who is trying to bring down the films of Salman.

      I appreciate you for your wider choices of cinema. Pls keep it going. But once again, please read what i said about Sultan and Dangal. Lot of people take my remarks as they are very sensitive towards Aamir and it takes away the larger point i make.


  15. “Success of Bharat is as important for Forrest Gump as the Success of Sultan was for Dangal.
    Sultan had really set it up for Dangal in terms of ambience and acceptability.”

    In these lines if one felt that I am undermining Dangal..then pls call 911 (if in USA) and ask for help. In India, please call 100.


    • Bharat and Forest Gump are safe films. Sultan and Dangal had wrestling as main theme where the first one to theatre would hurt the uniqueness of other. Bharat won’t hurt Lal Singh in same way Sultan did to Dangal.


      • I consider the genres of their originals (which are all time favourites) to be same. I am sure look of Lal Singh might also be same. Again this is just my conjecture. I may be wrong. But a superhit Bharat will really give great vibes for Lal Singh and vice versa.
        Ofcourse the final product can be chalk and cheese as we saw in Dangal which was far superior film.


        • Dangal and Sultan look different. One seems a serious film and other more in star mode. And wrestling themed films are not frequently released. So if 2 come in space of half a year it’s obvious they will hurt the latter more than former release.

          I don’t see this issue with Bharat and FG remake. Right now the former looks promising tbh, every chance Bharat might be Salman’s BB equivalent success, in today’s money if it hits bullseye it’s going to go past 400Cr IMO.


  16. My comment should have been here.
    I felt Naveen’s first comment regarding Sultan and Dangal is not deliberately meant to demean one film against another. Though he is taking potshots against aamir and that maybe his reaction to some comments.
    So we can just let go after replying and put an end to all the arguments.
    And move on to the next argument!


  17. Livewire Says:

    🙂 🙂

    Though Katrina was gracious to step in at the last minute once Priyanka pulled out, the role required her or a Kareena type as adequate buffer to Salman. Kareena is her short role in BB was sublime, delightful and pleasure to watch in that no make up take.

    Meanwhile the hype is building up –


  18. IdeaUnique Says:

    one thing I admire for Sallu is that he is very crisp and fast in completing his films and releasing them within 6 months of start….akki does it even faster….but Sallu does that and gives 200-300 cr films – something aamir needs to do NOW at the last stage of his solo-hero career….

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  19. IdeaUnique Says:

    Whatever ppl say about Katrina:
    1). She has proved to be the most hard-working and smartest actress of this time by getting max. no. of biggies (and most of them have been BB, SH deals)
    2). No controversy – ever – at all. She does not give any bites to media about her personal life. Sincere and to-the-point approach to work
    She has excellent screen presence and emotes well. This covers up her poor dialog-delivery weakness.
    A rare actress who has worked with all the Khans, akki, ranbir…….and given hits!


    • A rare actress sums it up 😛


      • Rarest of the rare if the below is true. 🙂

        Katrina Kaif to play the role of P. T. Usha in her next?

        A lot of biopics are being made in Bollywood right now and it seems there is no stopping to it. Filmmakers are trying to bring more and more inspiring stories on screen.

        Now, according to the latest report, one more biopic is on the cards. A film based on the life of P. T. Usha is in the works and it is being said that Katrina Kaif has been offered to play the role.

        The film will be helmed by Revathy S Varma who has directed Tamil and Malayalam films along with a Bollywood movie.


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        ha ha – but the nos. and reality says that she is God’s blue-eyed child!


  20. Added to post


  21. let’s guess the story. Salman plays Bharat whose father was promised the hand of Katrina (Kashmira) for his son by her father. But the villian probably played by Sunil Grover wants Kashmira for himself as they are of same religion. No questions on who gets the girl in the end.


  22. Actually, had got into too much of Ode to My Father zone hence could not enjoy /impressed with the promos so far and I hope it’s a different film and Ali Abbas Zafar can walk the talk –

    EXCLUSIVE details on SALMAN KHAN and Katrina Kaif’s BHARAT: Ali Abbas Zafar talks about recreating the seven eras

    Produced by Atul Agnihotri, Nikhil Namit and Bhushan Kumar, the production design is by Rajnish Hedao, music given by Julius Packiam, cinematography by Marcin Laskawiec and costume and styling by Alvira Agnihotri and Ashley Rebello. The film’s highlight is the various eras with the story of Bharat’s journey running through them all. Bharat is an official adaptation of the South Korean movie Ode to My Father (Bharat).

    The research was another tough part. Ali says, “The most important thing when you direct a movie that is spanning almost 70 years is the research that you do in the film. And Bharat is not a period drama but is based on contemporary history as it starts from 1947. The movie stems from the research material that was done over a year, from 1947-2010 and how the country evolved in those 70 years. Each department – from art, costume, music, production (including assistant directors), dialogue writing, specifically researched and contributed to what we were trying to recreate and set the look of the film. The research work came from all the documentation that was being done from libraries and museums to figure out how the Partition looked like. Obviously, because a lot of things which do not exist today we had to recreate it on set – the migration, Partition, the refugee camps, to how Delhi would look in 1947 and 2010.”

    While shifting from one era to another was a challenge, Ali admits, but made easier by the fact that everything was planned from earlier. “Today what is more important than your schedule is your pre-production. You create dockets of every era so you are very clear that when you are shooting you are only shooting that era, and carrying the storyboard of what is required of 1947, on the sets. Actually, when you shoot a film set in one time period, you only have one script and you are making one film but in Bharat, because you are traveling seven decades it was like making seven different films and every era was different – a certain palette, a certain shooting style, a certain costume style, a certain language, so we created those kinds of dockets so there was no confusion.”


  23. Shivaay Says:

    Can already guess that a lot of semi literates perceptually stuck in their mental state of poverty and mediocrity are having wet dreams about this one.

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  24. sanjana Says:

    New song


  25. sanjana Says:

    A. Avengers Endgame is probably a wrong comparison as that has a lot of business coming from South markets which Hindi films cant do. The target for Bharat will be to beat all the circuit figures outside South of Avengers Endgame especially Mumbai and Delhi / UP which should give it a number to challenge Thugs Of Hindostan.

    But it will be difficult to do as one the trailer had no action and no villain which probably takes out 10-20% of the potential opening of a Salman starrer and secondly it will be the start of the India cricket world cup campaign on the day of release which could take a little out of the film. The cricket should not affect considering Bharat is one of the biggest Hindi releases of the year and lets hope we are not talking about that on the day of release but there is a diminishing craze for Hindi films compared to the past and every things seems to affect. It could reach 5000 screens but that is not an issue really as seen with Avengers Endgame. Its about building capacity and Bharat may have the same capacity as Endgame on 2800 screens with 5000 screens. Due to the 3D rates and not being able to push the Average Ticket Price at big multiplexes to the same rate as Endgame.


    • tonymontana Says:

      How is Avengers not a comparison? How is its fault if Hindi releases aren’t able to break that North-South barrier that Baahubali and Avengers have? This joke of a website just draws its own conclusions as and when it suits them!


  26. All the songs of Bharat are very good. It is after a long time we have a complete musical album. Hope the movie is equally good.


  27. sanjana Says:

    Salman thanked Priyanka Chopra again for giving Katrina this opportunity to play the National award winning role and also indulged in some funny banter with Katrina. During the Q and A session, while asking questions to Katrina about her role and film, Salman was addressed as Bhaijaan. Though Kat didn’t gave much attention to it, Salman was quick enough to say that he is not ‘Bhaijaan’ for Katrina. He said,”Paaji, inke liye bhaijaan nahi hu mai .”


  28. jayshah Says:

    Loving Katrina’s hairstyle here


  29. sanjana Says:


    • 5/28/2019 ‘Poster Child Of Toxic Masculinity’: Sona Mohapatra Calls Salman Khan Out For Comments On Priyanka Chopra’s Bharat Exit 1/3

      ‘Poster Child Of Toxic
      Masculinity’: Sona Mohapatra
      Calls Salman Khan Out For
      Comments On Priyanka Chopra’s
      Bharat Exit

      In 2016, Sona Mohapatra was trolled for criticising Salman Khan
      Entertainment | Written by Nilanjana Basu | Updated: May 27, 2019 22:20 IST

      “Grow up, you fools,” said Sona Mohapatra (courtesy Instagram)

      5/28/2019 ‘Poster Child Of Toxic Masculinity’: Sona Mohapatra Calls Salman Khan Out For Comments On Priyanka Chopra’s Bharat Exit 2/3
      New Delhi:

      Singer Sona Mohapatra, who has a reputation for being fiercely outspoken, launched a scathing attack on superstar Salman Khan for his comments on Priyanka Chopra after the
      actress’ exit from Bharat. “A showcase and poster child of toxic masculinity,” tweeted Ms Mohapatra just days after Salman Khan said Priyanka “chose” Nick Jonas over Bharat, a
      film he said many would consider “leaving their husbands” for. Slamming Salman for his recent comments at a promotional event for Bharat, Ms Mohapatra added: “Low brow dig at
      not only a woman who was not in the room but a disgusting disregard contempt for the woman and colleague sitting next to him in the same room.” Salman Khan attended the
      event with his Bharat co-star Katrina Kaif, who signed the film after Priyanka quit the project last year.

      In her tweets, Ms Mohapatra also claimed that Priyanka Chopra is being trolled for her agegap with husband Nick Jonas over the singer’s tweets on Salman Khan: “They meme her
      10 year age gap with her husband but conveniently forget that their idol is close to 20 years older than her. Grow up, you fools, I say to them.”

      A showcase & poster child of toxic masculinity. Low brow dig at
      not only a woman who was not in the room but a disgusting
      disregard & contempt for the woman & colleague sitting next to
      him in the same room. Unless we call out such serial bad
      behaviour, nothing changes, #India .
      Delhi Times @DelhiTimesTweet
      After @BeingSalmanKhan took a dig at @priyankachopra for walking
      out of #Bharat and choosing to get married instead, singer
      @sonamohapatra has slammed the Bollywood superstar for his mean…
      1,593 1:54 AM – May 27, 2019
      728 people are talking about this
      Trying telling that to his fans who shadow his toxicity & are
      calling her derogatory names on my timeline. They meme her 10
      year age gap with her husband but conveniently forget that their
      idol is close to 20 years older than her. Grow up, you fools, I say
      to them 3/3

      At the previously mentioned event, the 53-year-old superstar said Priyanka was initially signed for the role because she was “keen” while “we all thought it was Katrina Kaif’s film.”

      Tweeting on Sunday in Priyanka’s defence, Ms Mohapatra had written: “Because Priyanka Chopra has better things to do in life, real men to hang out with and more importantly, girls
      to inspire with her journey.”

      This is not the first time Sona Mohapatra has criticised Salman Khan for his comments. In 2016, she was at the receiving end of brutal trolling for slamming Salman’s “like a raped
      woman” comment by followers of the superstar when she put out several stern tweets for the “Bhai Chamchas.”

      Meanwhile, Salman Khan’s remarks about Priyanka walking out of Bharat has continued for almost a year – from Priyanka’s exit for her then impending wedding to just few days left for
      Bharat to hit screens. In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Salman said: “While many would give anything for the film or maybe even leaving their husband, Priyanka left the film,”
      while speaking to IANS, he said: “She spoke to me saying, ‘Nick has proposed to me and I want to get married, so there will be some date issues’. I said, ‘Sure, get married, we can
      adjust those two, three days. Then she said that she does not want to do the film.”

      Salman Khan has also said in several interviews that Priyanka had called his sister Arpita Khan Sharma asking for a role in Bharat.

      Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Bharat releases on June 5.
      to them.
      Aaron @AronChaudhary07
      Replying to @sonamohapatra
      @priyankachopra has clearly moved on, got married/settled down. I think it’s about time this 53 year old baby also move on and find someone else to obsess about.

      628 3:28 AM – May 27, 2019
      313 people are talking about this
      Cus @priyankachopra has better things to do in life, real men to
      hang out with & more importantly, girls to inspire with her
      1,844 8:21 AM – May 26, 2019
      795 people are talking about this


    • Salman need not have played it like this. His big ego is known now but this is not in good taste. After 2 flops like Tubelight and Race3, i am surprised he is still not humble.


  30. Salman’s comment on Priyanka is uncalled for. It gives opportunities to journalists Mohapatra to come up with their own minutes of fame through the backlash.

    It does seem that Salman is quite unhappy with Priyanka’s ‘unprofessionalism’. It is obvious that he feels that the marriage was merely used as an excuse by Priyanka to reject the film a few days before shooting was about to start.

    Still, Salman should get over it now, especially if he really feels the film has gained from Katrina’s presence and if he really feels overall the film is very good.

    As for Mohapatra, she makes a few good points but the ‘real men’ claim is below the belt stuff and it does make her claims sound extremely cheap.

    Does she mean that Nick Jonas is a real man while Salman isn’t? Has she tried both of them in that case?

    Anyway, it is one silliness followed by another and in the end, the film only ends up garnering cheap publicity.

    But all of the stuff only displays things that appear to be in bad taste at both ends.

    Liked by 1 person

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