An Jo on War


War gives bacK YRF and mainly Aditya Chopra the mojo they needed; owing big thanks to Hrithik and Tiger. This is a great pop-corn, disposable film until the climax, and the pre-processing for the climax, which is darn stupid, whether for A, B, C,D, or whatever center one might have.

It’s a simple story of intel-agents/spies working to neutralize/destroy an attempt by ‘non-state’ actors to destabilize India’s defence stationed at the borders. It’s a cat-and-mouse game between Hrithik’s Kabir and Tiger’s Khalid Rahmani. [Goddammit, when are they going to get rid of these religion-neutral names? Grow some b!@#s!]. Kabir supposedly goes rogue, and it’s upto a familially-tainted Tiger, obviously a Muslim, to prove his patriotism. That’s in essence the ‘story’ of this movie: I am not interested in going through the details of the story as everyone might have known it by now.

Tiger and Hrithik make this otherwise disposable film highly entertaining due to their camaraderie. There are superb meta-references here. Yes, in a Siddharth Anand film!! Essentially, in spirit, Hrithik plays the role of Sanjay Dutt in MISSION KASHMIR and Tiger plays the role of Hrithik. [There is even an action scene where Hrithik — watch from 2:15:55

gets beaten black-and-blue by Tiger but stops him with his fist; I remember the audience going crazy with wolf-whistles for Sanju]. So Hrithik’s Kabir is quite in fine control, no-nostrils flaring, no jowls-shaking– even if it is, very minimally–senior, while Tiger’s Khalid, as the student, is the student learning. Terrific ploy that by YRF! You can’t even accuse of Tiger of not knowing how to act! He’s a student for Kabir, and he’s a student for us, the audience! How can you expect a student of perfection, inspite of being signed-off by an accomplished actor like Rana! So both these guys are so terrifically cast that half the job is done!

Now, the action scenes are brilliantly choreographed for a Hindi film. The motor-bike scene is superb and heart-pounding; and so is the scene where Tiger chases Saurabh in Marakkesh; reminding one of Vivek’s superb chase sequence in Nairobi in Ramu’s Company. And so is is the fight sequence where an ISRO chief is abducted — Wow, what a coincidence! We had MISSION MANAGAL, and the actual Chandrayan mission, and PM Modi hugging him and consoling him, and here, we have, well, a ‘gaddar’ ISRO chief — but highly reminiscent of the brilliant Hoffman’s bridge scene in MI []
Still, inspired or not, the bike-chase sequence after this is brilliantly shot.

Goddammit, these two are so terrifically cast that even YRF couldn’t resist a sexual innuendo scene. Both Hrithik and Tiger walk-in in a wedding scene of one of their colleagues in Kerala [and I kept hitting my right side of the head and ear to get my 20/20 back to remind myself that I am not watching Mani’s DIL SE where Manisha walks in on Shah Rukh’s engagement day]. They walk into the first-night bed of the couple! For a moment I froze, is YRF so carried-away that they are going to have Khalid and Kabir make out on the flowers-adorned wedding bed!! And then a female walked in. And I heaved a sigh of relief. And then she said I can elope with Kabir! And then Khalid said ‘Get in line.’! And then again I heaved a sigh of relief. Knowing YRF, you never know what they can do, or not do!!

The biggest dampener for me is the face-off process/motive. For a guy who recognizes in a combat-ridden zone that one has a deficiency, can’t he recognize on a bloody metro when he is face-to-face with a plastic-surgeoned face that he isn’t talking to the original guy?? All the joy, all the fun I had was literally erection-downed at that point. Such a great joy-ride was literally stolen away from me as an audience. What about the height, the skin-tone? Can Kabir really not smell the salt? Come on!!

BR Saab talks about the masala. It’s an insult if you call this film a masala. It is not. it is pop-corn entertainment borrowing a single-grain of pop-corn from the rich masala of Salim/Javed’s DEEWAR. The final scene, with Soni Razdan being proud of her son, is the initial and final scene of DEEWAR with Soni Razdan ‘trying’ to replace Nirupa Roy.

A great one-time watch; except for the ridiculous Face-off motive. Watch it for Hrithik and Tiger’s combinatinatorial effect. Not quite at the level of Amitabh-Shashi/Vinod; or even Anil/Jackie combo.

But a great one-time watch.

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  1. 1. Goddammit, when are they going to get rid of these religion-neutral names?
    Kabir Anand is his name , so I guess Hindu?
    2.Now, the action scenes are brilliantly choreographed for a Hindi film
    I have seen some ridiculous action in hollyboood films as well, Hindi films jaisee hain , theek hain, kaam chala leti hain at 1/100th of the cost.
    3.What about the height, the skin-tone? Can Kabir really not smell the salt? Come on!!
    Yun hota toh aisa hota is for artsy films, and those too have several holes , maza aaya na ? bas !!
    4.BR Saab talks about the masala. It’s an insult if you call this film a masala. It is not. it is pop-corn entertainment borrowing a single-grain of pop-corn from the rich masala of Salim/Javed’s DEEWAR.
    I guess, like everything else , even Masala as we knew it HAS to evolve as well.
    Overall I think you liked the movie but do not want to admit it .
    # Ghunghroo toot gaye !! LOL


    • LOL Rocky Saab..I have written that I had great time only uptil the climax!!

      Am not sure what you are hinting at. It is impossible as an audience for me to dis-connect things. I have been very kind: The ISRO chief abduction is literally a copy of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Owen Damien scene.

      I liked the film. I only pointed out where I was disappointed with the film.

      There are web-sites dedicated where users point-out the plot-holes or gaffes in Hollywood films. You would have come across that!

      My point is, I don’t care about the gaffes. But one’s got to be honest what one’s movie’s about? Is it masala? Is it Hollywood-aping? Getting the mid-path is really a difficult job!

      I am not willing to give this film a ‘masala’ heft. Just because you have a mother who wants her family’s name cleaned, or a son who wants to clear his name, it is not masala. it is just a masala pointer –> not a complete masala. You would know more about that! That thread, has to run through-out the film in subaltern mode!

      And as I said, I enjoyed the film and hence recommended it even!! But I had to say where I was happy, and where I was disappointed!


      • fair enough AnJo.
        I guess at times I detest the fact that some how Hindi films are supposed to climb this impossible height to achieve appreciation, whereas Hollyboood filums are given a free pass.
        Not saying you were doing that , but I just had to vent.
        I am glad you enjoyed it.
        On Masala – they used to be over 190 minutes long with all the time in the world , now toh Bang Bang to the core, otherwise it’s WAR….lol


      • on Masala –
        I was recently watching MKS , and I felt that the entire Amzad Khan part was inserted as an after thought to make the movie marketable ( I suppose it came right after Sholay ), Big B and Dilvaar Khan fighting for Zora Bai.
        No one minded it back then, now it will be lynched .


        • An Jo, nice review.

          Rocky, loved your responses 🙂

          I have always maintained that we are who we are and we don’t need to be better/worse, but just be honest about who you are.

          The more i think abou this movie, the more i love it but i do have issue with the last 15/climax minutes of the movie.

          I think this movie is the most polished product and hollywood looking movie out bollywood.

          i also don’t like how religion is used in sense that again another movie where muslim has to show or prove love for his country. But maybe that is the environment created in India now where muslim is “Guilty by default until proven otherwise”. i do not live in india so not sure what the ground level sentiments are, which i assume me be different state to state, city to city, town to town.

          On the masala point, i grew up with 70s masala and War is not even 1/10th of masala movie but like you said, with time, things change.


          • Thanks Z.
            Re.- But maybe that is the environment created in India now where muslim is “Guilty by default until proven otherwise”.

            I don’t believe that is the case Z. I guess the problem is that the sensible / moderate Muslims are so busy deriding the so called Gau Rakhshaks that they have no time/ inclination to voice their opinion against the radicalized Muslims.
            matlab Leftie hindus toh Hinduism kee ley hee rahey hain, radical Muslims toh obviously lengey, then there are moderate Muslims who join this unholy nexus , while staying quite about the ills in their own community .
            All this is creating a very negative thinking amongst the regular Hindus.
            We need more people like Nusrat Jahan .
            Chalo, do not want to highjack this thread ..


          • Good set of points Rocky but it could also be the flip side of it that moderate feels the only people protecting them and their religion are these few who are fighting. There are always two sides to every story.

            I would love to believe in your thoughts but ground reality I here from some back home, that despite being highly educated, they can’t find a job. There are many housing societies now where house to Muslim are not sold, and so much more.

            When I went to India in 2015, I didn’t feel any of it but I was tourist there for few weeks so not sure if my views are correct.

            I gre up in small town of Gujarat where it was truly Man Mohan Desai world. 1 house hindu, 1 house Muslim. The whole neighborhood was like that. Everyone celebrated Eid and diwali, heck I even remember one of my neighbor aunty had some sort of puja at her house (Krishan janam?), and she didn’t have any kid so she made me sit in as a krishan. There I was a little 7 year old Muslim kid sitting in as krishan bhagwan:-)

            I loved it cause I got to eat so much Penda/sweets.

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          • What a wonderful childhood you had Z, I grew up in a small town and there too Hindus and Muslims lived peacefully.
            Our business establishment was in a Muslim area , and every Diwali there will be a line of Muslim kids to get the sweets distributed by my family, On Moharram we would throw open the doors of our establishment for the prominent Muslim families to come and watch the procession ..tea and snacks were served to them.
            There were always some underlaying tension , but nothing major , and then one riot changed it all .. since ours was one of the few hindu establishment in that area, all the hindus visting from nearby villages for daily bazar, rushed there to hide , they were all burnt alive by the mob, some of the guys who were part of that mob were people who had grown up working for us.


          • Sorry to hear about what you went thru, it’s sad what had happenned on both sides. My wife father went thru same thing in mumbai. his whole shop was gutted.

            i wish there was more open dialogues about it. Sometimes talking about it clears misunderstanding. (Dil halka hojata hai) Think about it, the people who were actually hurt by partition and there are many actors who were like kapoors, kumars, etc… but they all have different understandings of it because they actually went thru it and they understood that the fire was from both sides and it was their own community that got hurt be it hindu/sikh/muslim punjabis.

            i just hope everything calms down, so it doesn’t disrupt my dream of moving to India when i retire. I’ve been in USA for about 40 years and was a teenager when i came to US but my heart is in India and the trip i had in 2015 was more of a spiritual journey for me. And I found inner peace in India, my mind/body was at peace when I was there.

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          • And I do understand that my views/opinions sitting here in USA will be much different from the ones who are in India and the ones who are in India and had some sort of tragedy due to riots.


  2. Will have to watch Mission Kashmir again, don’t remember much from it.


  3. My pick-
    KNPH, KMG, Lakshya, D2, ZNMD, Bang Bang, Super 30 and WAR


    • Lakshya, ZNMD, Jodhaa Akbar, Super 30, War, Mission Kashmir, Koi Mil Gaya. From a die hard HR fan who loathes the fact that he’s done far too many retrograde, dumbed down films with papa Roshan who was single handedly responsible for transforming him from an easy going cool dude persona to a wannabe method actor whose definition of intensity included flexing biceps, flaring nostrils and shivering constantly. Thank goodness he’s back to where he belongs in 2019.


      • Will have to disagree here Shivay.
        Papa Roshan gave him KNPH and KMG, just like Ranbir Kapoor HR too got the bug of Artsy CineMaa because of the company they were keeping .
        Now both are back to main stream …. I was very apprehensive of Super 30, but boy he rocked in that movie .


        • Referring to the 2 Krish films, Krishna’s character in particular which required him to give 20% but he tried 200 & hammed it up.


  4. tonymontana Says:

    Fantastic review An Jo. Makes it two in a row now after the superb take on Joker.

    Hritik’s had the best year of his career after 2006 and his biggest hit since D2

    I’m skipping this one and will wait for its TV/web release. The ticket rates don’t come cheap anyway


  5. The OWEN DAMIEN scene,,


  6. This is Masala – watch it from 5.00 onwards !


  7. Another iconic masala scene –
    Shatru- Iss Trushul sey Maa Kaali ney paapiyon ka naash kiya thaa.
    Shaka- aur Shaka Kali ka bhagat hai !
    Shatru- Magar Tum yeh nahee jaantey kee main Kali Ka Charan hoon !!
    Matlab, alag hee level hai !!!( He is actually Kalicharan fighting as Prabhakar )

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    • Subhash Ghai up to, even including Pardesh was master at masala movies. He truly understood the whole concept including the story, songs, scenes, stars, etc…


    • Arree…..Shabaash!!

      Action, reaction, interaction and satisfaction hai scene mein (in true shotgun style).


  8. Fantastic rev iew An Jo. You have liked the movie a lot. Except for the cliamax scene which is what everyone is saying WAR seems to be a must watch.


    • Thanks Naveen. And I want to add, it’s been a great week for cinema in general. JOKER, ASURAN, WAR, all different genre and finely tuned. The first 2 are emotionally draining, the last one is a great pop-corn entertainer uptil the climax.

      I think the last time I watched movies in a row in the theater was in 1990, when I watched AGNEEPATH on Tuesday, a Thursday, and again on Friday….purely for AB….

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  9. Also, whoever has seen the movie, do let me know if you also felt that the background score for action scenes – especially the one on the air-craft – was quite similar to this…


  10. @ Shivaay:

    We always knew Hrithik would rock in his uber-cool avatar if he was just himself and not trying too hard. One can see the difference in his acts in MISSION KASHMIR, FIZA where he was trying so hard that it put one off.

    But this is Hrithik’s year with his super turn in SUPER 30 and now WAR. I loved him in both these avatars and it’s really pleasant to see him nail both the avatars.

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    • I felt Hrithik showed up in Fiza and MK. His bad films were Yaadein, MPKDH, MDK – the kinds SRK and Salman may have been more accepted in.


      • I think Yaadein was signed along with KNPH, after super success of KNPH, i think his role was extended. Yaadein was outright Jackie film from start to finish, there’s no way a sensation like Hrithik at that time take secondary role in a movie.

        MDK should have been an outright hit based on the films of that time. Thsi one movie i still don’t understand why it didn’t work. To your point, this same movie with SRK would have been a hit at minimum.

        MPKDH was a good sign for hrithik (based on Sooraj Barjatya track record), but this film turned out bad, i don’t think even salman would have been able to save this one. It was just too kiddish.


        • Agree I do think whenever he’s entered the territory of SRK he hasn’t got it right. Hrithik is best doing 2006 type movies and throw in occasional ZNMD or S30. He could have easily done the 3 movies with Bhansali that Ranveer did.

          Hrithik is possibly going to look at next decade and cover lost ground.


          • I’m truly happy for him because he seems like a good guy, grounded, just like his dad was/is.

            If you think, his last 3 films have done well going back to Kaabil. That’s 3 in a row. I think he will make wise decisions going forward. I’m sure Adi is already planning War 2. I was little apprehensive but now i think he will be able to easily carry the bachchan role of satte pe satta, if he is doing that than that’s a guaranteed hit (hope they retain all songs from it as is).

            Then you’ll have Krish which will do well.

            Strange, year ago he was nowhere and now he may be targetting numero uno slot.

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        • Re.- Yaadein – Yes his role was extended, and that had really pissed off Jackie , and his relationship with Ghai was not the same after that .
          Yaadein had a great soundtrack and one of the few movies where I found Kareena HOT !!


      • I found him okay in Fiza and passable in Mission Kashmir too except for the climax. His most intolerable was MPKDH but I don’t think that can be blamed entirely on him. I think post super stardom in 2006, he did not need to try too hard anyways and that’s where his over the top acts in Kites, Guzaarish, Krrish 3 and bits & pieces of Znmd and Agneepath become questionable. Kaabil was a good performance in a horrendous film while although both Super 30 & War have their own set of flaws in the screenplay department in the second half, I feel his mesmerizing underplayed act in Super 30 & explosive avatar in War has completely elevated both these films from being a one time watch to worth watching.

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    • Hrithik for me has been at two extremes – brilliant and average at best.

      I still feel uber action genre is his best and there is no one who does better.

      But in every other genre he has be sub par to the level that one felt he was trying too hard to not able to fit in.

      Now what Hrithik will do is announce Krrish4 which i think will be a bad decision.

      2020- He should do Dhoom 4 in 2020 and start now. He can ask YRF easily.
      2021- Krish 4
      2022- War 2
      2023- Dhoom5
      2024- Krish 5
      2025 – War 3

      Anything else, he will falter or meet with moderate success. Super 30 is the only movie outside of this genre that he did well.

      Tiger has the same problem now. But he is doing Baaghi 3 and Rambo. He is choosing it wisely now.

      Hrithik needs to do same. He is our Tom Cruise…who now will be liked in Mission Impossible series and nothing less.


      • Any attempt to do Satte pe satta remake (ohh i loved it but n has to do ito current star will do justice and Hrithik for sure will not) or Ramayan (OMG? as per last rumour, though Hrithik has not confirmed it) will backfire.

        He did confirm to revive Krish 4. That’s good and i love Rakesh Roshan. But he should think big and have a big villain here…like 2point0. I hope he is reading my suggestions.


        • Satte pe satta is a good choice if its a well made film. AB was no spring chicken when the original released. If he can pull off a Super 30 with effortless ease, there is no reason why he cannot pull off a Satte pe Satta. Ss for Dhoom 4, yrf would surely prefer Tiger in this one, esp after his antagonist avatar in War’s second half. War 2 would be a perfect choice for HR.


          • Am not quite with you on this Shivaay. By the time AB was in STS,he had mastered comedy..

            Hrithik; or for that matter any actor trying to usurp AB’s ‘takth’, including ANIL/JACKE.SRK/HRITHIK, have so miserably failed that I don’t even want to talk on that..

            Here’s a scene; which proves, baap baap hota hai; Also, a terrific scene where the director calls the shots..look at AB’s dress; he wears white on the outside; black inside…get the jist???


          • It can have the same story but the screenplay, dialogues & characterization needs to be completely different. Perhaps even change the name & make it an unofficial remake (like Shetty did with Bol Bacchan). Agreed on the AB point, no one can recreate his screen presence orrespective of genre or theme.


  11. He had signed Yaadein, Fizaa, Mission Kashmir and even K3G before KNPH’s release.

    I think there have been many few actors that have become a star right after a debut. The craze for Hrithik right after KNPH was kind of unprecedented. I have rarely seen any actor generating such a craze with a debut film.

    Unfortunately, he could not build on it straight away. Yaadein, Mission Kashmir and Fizaa enjoyed tremendous initials thanks to him. But they did not sustain well. Then there were duds that followed: MDK, Aap Mujhe Acchhe Lagne Lage, NTJYH, MPKDH etc.. But it was KMG that have him a new lease of life. It was the highest grosser of 2003 (beating KHNH and The Hero).

    Let’s hope he builds on the momentum gained now. It is good to see him signing films now. More than anything, it is the lack of volume of work that has pegged him back lately.

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    • It’s those 2nd batch of films that were awful. Can’t believe I actually paid to watch all of them in cinema.


    • “It is good to see him signing films now”

      May i know which one?

      He has not signed any film as yet. There will be no Hrithik release in 2020. He has only just confirmed Krrish 4 which will be 2021 at best.

      Aise mein we will be saying the same thing what we said about him last year. Potential hai lekin …


  12. tonymontana Says:

    I think HR enjoys a sizeable female following that shows up when any of his films release, especially the massy ones where he gets to show off his dancing, torso shaking skills. He is an eye candy for ladies.
    The reason War is doing well is exactly what made Aquaman a big success in the US: a hero that makes its target audience go weak in the knees

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    • Didn’t he do the same in Bang Bang? The reasons for War’s success are beyond HR’s eye candy stuff alone. The films excels in its action, camerawork and cinematography almost right through and even the screenplay & dialogues work well enough till the farcical last 30 minutes.


  13. And then, the ultimate masala trailer…


    • Very good movie but this was not pure Masala movie. Too dark, there’s a reason why it didn’t work at boxoffice. I vividly remember when the movie had came out, everyone in my town was saying “kya bachchan saab ko gunga banadiya puri picture main”.

      For me, Suhaag, Don, Yaadon Ki Baraat, Qurbaani, Naseeb, and many more were perfect masala movies.


      • ther are two posts on Masala / WAR on Rangan’s blog ..
        The piece by MANK is simply brilliant !! Check it out folks!


      • Agreed Z. It was a dark film for it’s times. That’s one of the rare occasions when YASH went out of his comfort zone after DEEWAR. It’s a fantastic film with flaws like songs inclusion. The timing was really poor. Hammer-impacting scenes were stopped in the tracks by songs.

        SUHAAG, was a great joy to watch/…mainly for me, because it was shot in KOLHAPUR, home-town of our home-goddess AMBA BAI..the temple sequence is right out of it…


        • Suhaag is actually a little dark film coming from Desai (starting portions), but this film was a perfect masala film. Had everything.


      • I loved Kala Paththar in entirety. 10/10 from me.

        It did not work on BO for various reasons but mainly Cost escalations in SFX. These are not in anyone’s hands.


        • Naveen, how old are you?

          Boxoffice back in the days was pretty stright forward, and a lot of it was perception.

          No one looked at the boxoffice with the lense of how much was budget, how much was spent on sfx, etc. It either ran or it didn’t. Back in the days, good 50 to 60% of the movies were hit.

          Take Shan for example, that movie made more money then just about every movie released in that year but Shan is considered average/flop because it didn’t outdo Sholay and then the perception piece kicks in.

          Kala Pathhar was considered flop.

          The beauty of films and film makers of past was that they were true to their art and skills. Not everyone had to be good at everything.

          Raj Kapoor didn’t make action film, Guru Dutta never made teenage love story, Mehboob Khan never made a thriller. They all made films that they were good at.

          Think of Subhash Ghai, perfect masala film maker but from pardesh on, he thought he had to make nextgen films instead of sticking to pure masala film making; and that was the end of him.

          If Ganesh is great at making masala dosa, let him, let someone else be pro at making pav bhaji.

          Samething with stars, there was a mindset that a star has to be in particular avatar. If you go against it, chances are the audience will not except it. So in Bachchan movies, audience expected to see the superstar in it. You go against it like silsila, and you’re asking for a flop movie.

          Part of the reason for bollywood failure recently is everyone tries to be pro at everything. Raju hirani is very successful because he is sticking to his style by making light heart film and will make fun out of rape, death, etc…

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  14. Consolidating my thoughts here on Hrithik:

    Hrithik for me has been at two extremes – brilliant and average at best.

    I also feel, like every one here, that uber action genre is his best and there is no one who does better.

    But in every other genre he has been sub par to the level that one felt he was trying too hard to not able to fit in. I am sure other’s also have meant the same in different comments in this thread. So we all know what’s Hrithik’s SWOTs are.

    My wish list for Hrithik:
    2020- He should do Dhoom 4 in 2020 and start now. He can ask YRF easily.
    2021- Krish 4
    2022- War 2
    2023- Dhoom5
    2024- Krish 5
    2025 – War 3

    Anything else, he might falter or meet with moderate success. But for variety he can do a project like Super 30, which is the only movie outside of this genre that he did well, i mean really really well.

    Tiger has the same problem now. But he is doing Baaghi 3 and Rambo. He is choosing it wisely now. He has learnt fast. He is doing with volume as well.

    Hrithik needs to do same. He is our Tom Cruise ( ok or similar).I really like Tom now only in Mission Impossible series and nothing else, though he is more capable in other genres as well.

    For Hrithik, any attempt to do Satte pe satta remake (ohh i loved it but no current star can do justice and Hrithik for sure will not as it has super comedy moments, which is minus for Hrithik) or Ramayan (OMG…don’t want another MPKDH? as per last rumour, though Hrithik has not confirmed it) will backfire.

    He did confirm to revive Krrish4. That’s good and i love Rakesh Roshan. But it should not be his next release (Dhoom 4 is ideal) and FILMkrafts should think smart and learn from Krrish2 and have a very big villain here…like 2point0, maybe a superstar from South like Vijay or Ajith or Ram Charan.

    And please…sign up more movies Hrithik. So far, there is none that’s even announced. sigh.


  15. Look at the time-seconds, the camera needs to act..and Michael Mann is a master that that..

    Look at the single strand of music running through-out uptil 3:30..


    • if its between you and some poor bastard who’s going to go down and wife as a widow…brother, you are going to go down…

      That line of Pacino’s, the way it is delivered, sends a shiver down your spine…and no wonder, HR copied it to the hilt..and did a fine job..


      • Sidharth Anand has been copying scenes from hollywood from Salaam namaste.


        • Naveen – Sholay was a direct copy of several movies.
          # just saying # Monday blues # Jai Jai Shiv Shankar

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        • Now just to be clear , I am NOT comparing it with Sholay ..
          Also Re.- this whole similar voice thing. We would have never been able to enjoy films like Don, Kalicharan, Dhoom 3, Great Gambler, Satte Pey Satta and many more, if we had been thinking of that . Right ???

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          • I agree with Rocky.

            I think we’re over analyzing too much. Yes, some scenes/songs/etc are copied but what isn’t these days? We’ve seen same copied in past too.

            I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to analyze a movie which is more of a popcorn film and specially when that film is made by sidhart anand; We’re not talking about films made by Raj Kapoor or Mehboob Khan.

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          • Right and agree with everything. For me this Uber action genre is rare. We have very few producers even attempting it now. so full marks to YRF for coming up with these every 3-4 years.
            If many such movies are made, we will soon have original scenes. But till now War and Dhooms, with several inspirations, are more than welcome.

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          • I was counting and could think of the following movies in which Bachchan had double roles-
            STS, Desh Premee, Don, Adalat, Great Gambler, Mahaan, Kasme Vaade, Bemisal, Akhiri Raasta , BMCM and Sooryavansham..
            11 films , what an achievement !!


    • Again, a couple of things let me make clear. The problem is, we can’t have it both ways. On one side, we want to be proud that we are able to technologically match Hollywood; on the other had, if we point out some issues with aping, why should we be so so-worried with it?

      This is not a question of simply over-analyzing and dampening down any effort. I work in the IT industry, I know the kind of pain and hard-work that goes when you have these CGI and high-octane scenes shot.

      The reason I was disappointed with the fact that HR wasn’t able to identify Khalid as Saurabh on the metro because, the director himself, in a previous scene — actually a great scene; a great segue from the Razdan masala scene to HR questioning Khalid’s deficiency, was so well crafted! Now once you have imprinted that in an audience’s mind, it is difficult to consume the follow-through scenes that completely ignore the previous important scene. I guess that’s my view-point. If this anomaly is not striking for you, so good. — [By the way, am not sure what’s the voice issue one’s taking about here; there’s a clear scene with the plastic surgeon indicating that she would work on the vocal chords and make them as close to Khalid’s as possible.] — For me it was. Many other folks have complained about the ‘world-tour’ that this film takes through, and the audience was actually literally laughing out loud in the theater where they showed KERALA after CORSICA, MALTA, PORTUGAL, ARCTIC [Finland passed off as Arctic]: It was like, oh finally we are back in India!! But I just consumed it as a visa-hassle free tourist locations where I am never going to get a chance to visit!


  16. U just can’t compare the legendary Coffee Shop Talk scene to even anything out of hollywood, let alone bwood. It was the first ever scene between Pacino and DeNiro, perhaps the closest that can come to this are one of the Dilip-BigB scenes from Shakti.

    HR didnt ham his way through, but he wasn’t pitch perfect either. It was bearable as long as both HR and Tiger delivered dialogs with expressionless str8 faces. War is avg candy-pop, with only great (for bwood standards) action scenes, albeit with too much collateral damage if one tries to analyze.
    I got irritated with the constant camera-shaking, desperately trying to emulate the Borne movies.
    YRF seem to have lucked out on the jihadi villain formula. first with TZH and now with War. Works with great BO results in the current Indian political climate.


    • If HR does not ham then that itself is a big plus for the audience. Anyways, he had a good year box office wise. He previously also had good years in 2000 and 2006; but lost his way twice. This is like third coming for him. But his next films are hardly interesting – A Farah Khan comedy remake of Satte Pe Satta which will release after 2 years in 2021 and then a Krrish film.


      • This has precisely been Hrithik’s problem. He’s always had to deal with mediocre directors, including his father. Not that he’s a great talent on his own to begin with.

        He’s not good enough to fit into Rohit Shetty’s masala universe. He isn’t very good at drama either.

        But he’s a fabulous dancer — the best of all time, in fact. And he can do action as well. That’s about it.

        Where exactly does he go from here? With Farah Khan, I can bet he’s going to hide his face in shame when the Satte Pe Satta remake comes out. With Krrish he’s back to silly costumes and cheesy SFX.

        Another nondescript period awaits him before he emerges with a “surprise” box office hit, again.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Agreed on all counts.


        • “He isn’t very good at drama either.”~ he delivered well enough for the audiences in Super 30, JA and ZNMD, all of which were drama films (personal opinion may vary on this forum). These coupled with a War like franchise is good enough for a star of his caliber as long as he signs films.


        • Ahh don’t hold back, cowboy! Give the guy a break tho.. He’s just had two of his “most restraint” performances and actually better than anything else this year or last year.. I think the days of “shaking and nostrils” are gone..


          • *That was for Saket.. and also about the dancing.. as much as you guys seem to “emphasis” on his “dancing”.. seems like you guys are into it more than HR himself.. the guy hasn’t had a proper dance type popcorn flick in a long time.. Agneepath, ZNMD, Kaabil, Super30.. just Bang Bang and now War to think of it.. since 2011


          • God willing, if we have this conversation again, after a few decades that is, when Hrithik Roshan’s looks are gone, I think you’d see my point more clearly.

            Oh, and I don’t wish to make fun of him by emphasising his dancing skills. I genuinely think he’s a great dancer. He isn’t a good actor though. Doubt he will ever be one…but he’s a natural ‘star’. That should be good enough for his fans.


      • 2nd coming was with Koi Mil Gaya in 2003 while 3rd coming was in 2006 and his 4th coming was when he delivered 3 back to back hits in ZNMD, Agneepath and Krrish 3 while now is his 5th coming with perhaps another 3-4 more to follow.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Nykavi saab:

      There’s a reason why I compared the scenes: When HR taks of a bullet scene where he says, ‘main hahi sochoonga’. it draws immediate parallels to Pacino/De-Niro and Bachcan/Dilip…

      And Siddharth Anand, for whatever he has achieved in this film,, i an absolute copy-cat..and I am not willing to let him walk away with it…


    • Agreed. Sanjay Gadhvi tried the same trick, interestingly with HR in the mix again, in Dhoom 2. Turned out to be a bigger farce on-screen than it sounds on paper. I cracked up during that scene in Dhoom 2 for all the wrong reasons.

      I have zero interest in watching War. The trailer and the songs are enough to put me off. The last good film that came out of the YRF stable was Band Baaja Baraat, in 2010!

      In between they’ve made turkeys and snooze-fests galore, even besmirching someone like Aamir Khan in the process.


  17. Anjo – what are your thoughts on Heat in general?


    • HEAT was a master-piece from Mann whose cult status grew over the years from a sapling to a sprawling tree, just like AB’s performance in AGNEEPATH. You watch it today, relaxedly, on a 4k DVD and you realize it’s greatness; mainly in externalizing the internal lives of its key players. It’s a superbly ‘talkie’  for a cop versus gang of robbers movie. For example, look at Pacino’s apartment. It’s all messed up, crammed, a bloody 2 room apartment full of furniture and letters and crap you don’t need; or that you don’t have the time to need: On the other hand, De Niro’s is a sea-facing, massive house — not a home — that has hardly one furniture! Why does he need it then? Somewhere, once he comes back from his work, he wants to feel he belongs somewhere, but, also, as mentioned by him in the coffee shop scene, his life and his line of work is such that he should be able to walk away from anything – a house, a woman – in less than 30 seconds!

      It’s a terrific film marrying the gifts that cinema as an art form has to offer in exploring lives so different, yet, in essence, still so same. 

      I can go on and on…


  18. Good news for Hrithik’s fans


    • So, title for Satte Pe Satta remake is Satrangi?
      And no double role?
      Kuch jamaa nahin.


      • ”@Shivayy/Naveen:

        I truly wish HR stays away from this SPS remake; especially if it’s going to be helmed by a parody film maker like SRK.Wasn’t SRK/Shetty film this was earlier?

        I just cannot image HR pulling off this kind of a scene:

        More than that, I cannot imagine any director, let alone Saroj, doing justice to this and the double role that AB pulled off…

        Just my thoughts, if they are still able to do it keeping the spirit and if HR is able to pull off those Bachchan shenanigans, then hats off…

        I would personally wish HR concentrate on newer stuff now that he’s back…

        Liked by 1 person

        • Try this one:

          HR will have shivers, flaring nostrils and what not just to match 2 seconds of that


          • Lol, HR tried so hard in Agneepath! He has a great tendency to ham it up whenever he needs to act a bit. Must be a great concern for a director regarding how to restrain him, to make him bearable. Its not that he didnt get good films in his career. Lakshya and ZMND comes to mind. JA and Guzarish were decent films too. But he had to ham in parts and pull down the movies.


          • There was no amount of hamming in Lakshya & JA and his performance was pin point spot on in both cases. Znmd too was good for most part barring bits & pieces of the second half. Super 30 is a career best while War is a tailor made like D2 & Knph.


        • SRK? Since when did he start directing? Are you referring to Farah Khan? If yes, then yeah that’s a bit of a shocker. Perhaps after the likes of Ajay, SRK and now Akshay, HR wants to try his hand at some slapstick comedy which he’s stayed away from all his career. On a positive note, the name’s been changed and if the characters as well as the screenplay is molded, HR might not need to carry the burden of fitting into AB’s shoes (like he had during Agneepath or SRK had during Don). He can carve his own character arc with just the plot outline sharing resemblance like Bol Bachchan did with Golmaal.


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