Blast from past – courtesy munna

10 Responses to “Blast from past – courtesy munna”

  1. This took ages to locate. First article I wrote for Sandy’s newspaper Sakaal Times. Jodha Akbar was maiden lead running in its second week.

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    • Those were the times. You should have continued.
      Where is Sandhya Iyer now a days?


      • Not blogging I believe. I’m sure she frequently visits here. Am in touch with her but rarely.
        Once Taran Adarsh stopped I stopped.

        Personally I think there is a genuine gap in market in India for a proper box office reporting infrastructure to be set up. What you have today is
        1) not professional
        2) not transparent
        3) bias

        Someone could make an absolute killing sorting it out.


        • I and am sure many others will surely trust your numbers the most if you were to do it consistently for all major movies (if not for all).
          Even for HF4 will go by your number. But not sure if industry will accept it. Fo that, we need to keep doing the good work and over time it will win.

          What will make you to do this consistently? I mean 1 day every week would be needed, i presume.


          • Too early to say. Weekly is maximum as Film Information data is weekly. I will try to catch up with HF4 week 2 tonight.
            You could say Akshay’s movie has resurrected the column.


          • I certainly won’t pay Komal Nahta a penny for data! I’ve had my hands tied by Taran and now it’s Komal’s turn.


          • I might set up a Twitter account. Sounds like a midlife crisis this. By going social media on this I’ll feel the wrath of AnJo!

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          • Twitter gives you visibility and you could become famous with few tweets. But you could be at receiving end as well. If you can choose to ignore then I guess you could be better than most, if you have data. Most of folks out there lack understanding of raw numbers which you have.


          • Ha Jayshah! You will face no wrath at all since I am hardly on social media!!

            On a serious note, it will be good to feed some ‘truth’ on twitter. But as Munna said, you will face abuses but I know very well you will use social media judiciously…


          • No Twitter, I was joking. Lay low I think!


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