Bollywood Star Survives Abuse & Gives Back

We have discussed this sometime back…here she is much more vocal.

13 Responses to “Bollywood Star Survives Abuse & Gives Back”

  1. 11:20 marker..


  2. tonymontana Says:

    It’s sad when she says she thought it was a cultural thing to beat up people you love.

    Possibly why women continue to put up with their husbands and boyfriends, considering it normal.


  3. Amy man who abuses a women or a child is not a man, and the abuse isn’t just physical, it can be mental abuse too.

    It has gotten lot better but it’s still out there…


  4. If I’m not wrong, Salman famously broke a coke bottle on her head or did he pour coke?
    I’m not sure about this, she was very chummy with Salman, in fact had him promote her NGO and all. Seems a bit too sudden although I don’t doubt this happened.


  5. Watched from 11mins. She’s quite engaging.

    A lot of Asian countries go through this. Such a shame, makes me appreciate 90% of the dynamics I have seen growing up.

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  6. At 5 minute marker..and then slap incidence ..9:15 marker


  7. Easy to watch this short clip.


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