Yeh Saali Zindagi, Dil to Baccha Hai Ji (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. B.O. update: New releases open to lukewarm response
    – By Taran Adarsh, February 4, 2011 – 17:12 IST

    The first week of February witnessed the release of multiple films – YEH SAALI ZINDAGI, UTT PATAANG, UNITED SIX and HUM DONO RANGEEN, the evergreen classic. However, the opening of all four films was lukewarm, with the morning and noon shows registering 10% to 15% business [at places even lower]. Among the lot, YEH SAALI ZINDAGI has some chance of scoring over the weekend, since the occupancy increased marginally in the noon shows and may improve in the evening/night shows. Saturday and Sunday, of course, holds the key.


  2. alex adams Says:

    not sure y and how the smoulderingly hot chitrangada singh keeps wasting her time with sidhir mishra and now rakash jha.
    y has she not got better offers.
    cmon even i want to make her an (indecent) offer!


  3. B.O. update: New releases open to lukewarm response

    – By Taran Adarsh, February 4, 2011 – 17:12 IST

    The first week of February witnessed the release of multiple films – YEH SAALI ZINDAGI, UTT PATAANG, UNITED SIX and HUM DONO RANGEEN, the evergreen classic. However, the opening of all four films was lukewarm, with the morning and noon shows registering 10% to 15% business [at places even lower]. Among the lot, YEH SAALI ZINDAGI has some chance of scoring over the weekend, since the occupancy increased marginally in the noon shows and may improve in the evening/night shows. Saturday and Sunday, of course, holds the key.


  4. New Releases Dull Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji Fair First Week

    Saturday 5th February 2011 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The new releases this week were dull. Tum Hi Toh Ho, United Six, Utt Pataang and Yeh Saali Zindaig all opened to poor response. Yeh Saali Zindagi took the best opening and is also likely to have the best collections as it is the only film that is collecting at the box office out of the four.

    Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji had a fair first week of 21 crore nett but the second Friday has seen a fairly large drop from first Friday. The collections are down around 70% which is not good as the film had no major competition this week.

    Dhobi Ghat crashed 90% in week two with around 1.25 crore nett business. The two week total is around 13.75 crore nett. BELOW AVERAGE


    • BOI were kinder to TMK than DG! A film which did not make more than 60-63 crores even according to BOI (55 according to IBOS) is some kind of semi-hit (!) but a film made for pennies like DG is ‘below average’. But wait! Based on the same ‘cost analysis’ Ghajini was somehow not the blockbuster that everyone else thought it was! Such incredible inconsistency.

      Obviously DG slipped quite a bit after week 1 but for such a film to sustain even as long as it did is pretty incredible! BOI have it lower than Taran but it’s fair to say the film ended up around 15 crores. How is this so poor when supposedly a hit like BBB is doing 20-22 crores?!

      DG is a film no one would ever see without Aamir’s involvement in it. His presence has made the film a very safe commercial proposition. To suggest that this film should recover as much from the theaters as a TMK is ludicrous. But I very much doubt Aamir incurred any losses here for himself or anyone else even on the pure theatrical run. He’s the most level-headed guy around in these matters.

      On the film itself (and I’ll explore more of this in a piece) it’s a beautiful work and I think Bollywood is extremely unlikely to produce anything better this year.


      • thecooldude Says:

        BOI is usually very fair to Aamir movies (in terms of their verdict and commentary). They were basically providing hourly updates for both GHAJINI and 3 IDIOTS. Not sure what happened here…


        • they weren’t earlier on and became so only with Ghajini.. since then they’ve been big on him but surprisingly this has not been the case with DG.. it’s not just about the film in each case doing well or not.. they can go to absurd lengths depending on whether they support the star or not.


  5. Indeed, the crash is surprising. Am not sure what people want. Other than stupid stuff like G3.


  6. alex adams Says:

    by the way, soemthign unrelated—
    watched a flick on satellite tv called raat gayee baat gayee–
    found it quite nice—recommend it for a good one time watch.
    Like rajat kapoor !
    what is dhobi ghaats net till now in india and overseas?


  7. Dhobi Ghat Second Week Territorial Breakdown

    Monday 7th February 2011 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhobi Ghat grossed 1.50 crore nett approx in its second week. The drop was 89% approx. The two week total is 14 crore nett approx.

    Mumbai/Thane – 37 lakhs

    Gujarat – 8 lakhs

    Saurashtra – 1 lakhs

    Maharashtra – 7 lakhs

    N Karnataka/Goa – 2 lakhs

    Mumbai Circuit – 55 lakhs

    Delhi City – 16 lakhs

    Delhi/UP – 26 lakhs

    East Punjab – 12 lakhs

    West Bengal – 10 lakhs

    Bihar – 1 lakhs

    CP Berar – 3 lakhs

    CI – 3 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 3 lakhs

    Nizam/Andhra – 10 lakhs

    Mysore – 16 lakhs

    Others – 3 lakhs

    TOTAL – 1.42 crore


  8. Check out this BOI Q&A:

    Q. Dhobi Ghat will earn 7-8 crore from satellite rights so should it not be a hit instead of below average?
    A. Box Office is about what happens at the ticket counters. Even if it gets 20 crore for satellite revenue the box office collections still remain the same. The success of a film is always dependent on collections from cinemas not what it prices it gets for satellite, music, etc.

    but now also see this from the past:

    Q. Will My Name Is Khan recover its 95-100 crore price tag for Fox?

    A. The 100 crore price includes music rights which have been taken by Sony. The Fox investment is around 90-95 crore which will be recovered as theatres worldwide will give around 70 crore and the balance should be earned from other revenue sources.

    So just going by their numbers MNIK had a 20-25 crore shortfall but they still called the film a hit! Based on Fox doing the recovery from satellite rights and so on. So what’s the objection all about when it comes to DG?!


    • This is typical of a Box office agenda driven website


    • Satyam the QUESTIONS are clearly different.

      The first one is about ‘Box Office’ and the other is about ‘Recovery’.

      Since when have you joined the spin gang!!!


      • How does a film that just recovers it costs (after taking into account satelite , music earnings) earn a “hit” tag?
        I think thats the point Satyam is making.


        • yes precisely.. if theatrical business is the only thing that counts to determine the tag of a film then MNIK with a 20-25 crore shortfall cannot be any kind if hit, it cannot even be average or below average or what have you because in all those cases there is some minimal degree of profit involved. Now of course it is always possible for a film to be profitable in one territory or two but be an overall ‘loser’. However with a film like MNIK and given that overall shortfall and also given how fast this film faded in key centers it’s not likely that this film made money for anyone in any of the major centers.

          Getting back to BOI if one opens the door and allows the theatrical under-performance to be made up by satellite and audio rights and so on well then whether a film makes 50% of the ‘recovery’ through these other avenues or 30% of whatever is immaterial. Because the difference has been made up. Of course the argument about DG is flawed in another way. With big budget films if the losses are of a high order you can’t make up all of it with satellite rights. With a film like DG it’s way easier to do this given a minimal gross which DG of course has because 15 crores is very significant for this kind of film.


          • Of all the BO sites I think BOI is still the best. party due to pathetic alternatives like ibos.

            Satyam, if you were to spend even half the effort on ibos, you would end up finding so much bias, hatred and ass-licking on ibos.


          • I seem to have hit my target! It is rather fashionable among those who like BOI to offer IBOS when they’re challenged. All sorts of cases can be made against IBOS but that has nothing to do with what BOI are doing. And partly you’ve argued against yourself here. If the only other option is ‘pathetic’ according to you supporting something that is better than pathetic hardly makes it worthwhile on its own!


  9. Hey guys yday i went to Cinema multiplex (not disclosing name of theater) and it was my party yday.. as it was my day! so i hope no one doubts my story, and during a meeting with manager i came to know following and also if any objection i humbly state this is only relating to that property and just shared as anecdote only.

    TMK, DG – made losses for that theater.

    I said to him clearly neither aamir could save DG, nor Akki TMK.. as its you people who make losses.

    He replied and stated-(its not exact word to word.. its precis of whole discussion only) That knew well in advance about dhobi ghaat as thats how it was sold, cleary by aamir, he had never let them out of the loop about expectation, so he says that was expected and that helped us to manage minimum shows etc.. and he was clear with us relating subject of the movie. So it was in line was expected.

    But TMK, he states was clearly sold to make record collections, and all the factors promoted it blindly without looking at subject at hand, and movie.

    that lead numerous expectation and moreso he states we all clearly felt christmas week with past aamir success would be huge, but he said alas it sank and made terrific loses.

    Patiala House- We are not expecting much from the movie now, but because of lack of promotion and buzz and tmk failure opening might be affected, and we are not getting encouraging signs from that one.. he clearly feels they need wom.. or it could be bad opening of PH.


    • DG must have been a greater failure than expected, if you say that

      >That knew well in advance about dhobi ghaat as thats how it was sold, cleary by aamir, he had never let them out of the loop about expectation, so he says that was expected and that helped us to manage minimum shows etc.. and he was clear with us relating subject of the movie. So it was in line was expected.

      So inspite of everything he made losses nevertheless while Amir is sitting pretty, though personally I’m sure he expected much more.

      I’m quite sick of this praise for an underhanded technique of preemptive and reverse publicity where he did everything to save face if it didn’t work as expected and yet made it known that he was in it.


      • not sure who made the losses though.. Taran has been making the point that because of the way the film was financed and packaged it’s been a safe proposition despite massive falls in the second weekend. Now could it be that Aamir is making money here while for example the Bombay distributor is losing some? I don’t buy that for the simply reason that Aamir is just too astute to do things that way. For example on TZP it would have been really hard for anyone to lose money even if the film had a minimal gross. Obviously if you have a UJ or KHJJS kind of gross for those sorts of films people lose money. But TZP would probably not have lost anyone money at a third of its gross. Not exaggerating at all. The same goes for Peepli. These films cost very little, Aamir’s the best at controlling costs, when you spend little on a film there is not that much to be recovered and hence you can offer the distributors a sweetheart deal. On DG it must have been an even better one. Again Aamir knew this film couldn’t do 30 crores, he talked about how this wasn’t for everyone and so forth. He didn’t say this even for Peepli. So it’s not plausible that he budgets this film or sells it even like TZP when he doesn’t expect that kind of performance at all. The point once again is that it’s not as if he has his profit while others are losing. Are there some theater owners that probably did not see even minimal returns? That’s probably right. But then that’s not much of a bar for this kind of film given that films like KKHH used to do well in major theaters in certain key territories, get the gross up this way and B,C centers would mostly be kaput on these films! So again there has to be some allowance made for the kind of film DG is. If TZP had done 15 crores today it would just be a failure plain and simple. But DG isn’t a TZP or even a Peepli. This is essentially an art-house effort. Even in the West this sort of film would never get a commercial release of any sort. These films release in 3 theaters in NY and London and those kinds of major cities. So it’s not just about ‘different’ here but something beyond this.


        • ideaunique Says:

          i agree with every word here satyam…..for AK – it was more of a labor of love and not a B.O. prospect – still he has made sure that no one looses money and i don’t think any one has – 15 cr nett in India and 5 cr in O.S. is enough for this kind of movie – and why aren’t those people who are coming out with the names of theater owners who have lost money on DG? if it were not for aamir, this film wuldn’t have seen the light of the day and would have been restricted to film festivals – but with aamir’s goodwill – it has done 20 cr – so it needs to be commended instead people are hell-bent on terming it as a below-average and what not!


    • thanks for that note Rooney.. the DG/TMK thing more or less proves my point.


  10. Repeat success?

    Inspired by Hollywood and egged on by the popularity of some films, a spate of sequels is all set to hit Bollywood, reports HARSHIKAA UDASI

    Recreating the magic “Dhoom 2”; (below) “Don”

    When Munna and Circuit were planning to go to Amrika (America), there was a rush of excitement among the trade and audiences alike. Rajkumar Hirani just had to say the magic word, “sequel”, and everybody heard with rapt attention. Hirani, of course, pushed his “Munnabhai Chale Amrika” (the third in the “Munnabhai” series) on the backburner to make “3 Idiots”, a step that many would term hara-kiri. After all, why not make hay while the sun shines, was the industry’s refrain.

    Keen to milk the success of their first film, several filmmakers are hoping to make hay this year, with a barrage of sequels hitting the screens! The Abbas-Mustan duo is gearing up for “Race 2”; “Dhoom 3” is going to hit the floors soon; David Dhawan is all set to commence “Partner 2”; Farhan Akhtar’s “Don 2” is easily the most-awaited film this year; Anees Bazmi is piloting “No Entry Mein Entry”; Boney Kapoor is bringing “Mr India” back to life; and Indra Kumar is set to work on “Dhamaal” as “Double Dhamaal”.

    Generating interest

    Lessons from Hollywood, or merely a drying up of ideas? It’s neither, if one were to believe the filmmakers trying to recapture audiences with sequels. Boney Kapoor of BSK Network and Entertainment that has projects such as “Mr India 2” , “No Entry Mein Entry”, and possibly a sequel to Salman Khan-starrer “Wanted” (2009), says: “A sequel carries forward the credibility established by the first project. The hero creates the initial interest; a sequel multiplies that interest manifold. There is a lot of media buzz around the sequel, something one has to work very hard for in a standalone film,” he says, adding that part of this phenomenon could be attributed to Hollywood. “There was a sequel effect in Hollywood. The “Munnabhai…”, “Golmaal” and “Dhoom” sequels have created an excitement in Bollywood too.”

    Kapoor is not the only one thinking so. Tarun Mansukhani, whose “Dostana” set the cash registers ringing in 2008, has been penning a sequel to it for a while now. Mansukhani has reportedly been under great pressure to quicken the pace and direct a sequel, but is taking his time to put together a solid script. Such is the speculation about the film that reports about Imran and Ranbir essaying the roles of John and Abhishek keep surfacing every now and then, although the director keeps denying them.

    “For a sequel, you’d better have a great script,” says director-producer J D Majethia of Hats Off Productions, whose televised series ‘Khichdi’ made it to the silver screen last year and even posted fat returns on the box office and through satellite rights. He is certain to direct the second part of “Khichdi The Movie”. “When making the film, I wondered if people would pay money to watch a TV series as a film. Now that it has done well, we are scouting for ideas for a sequel,” he adds.

    The “Dhoom” series (2004, 2006) is going to see a third one five years after the second Sanjay Gadhvi-directed film was released to packed houses. Direction is changing hands to Vijay Krishna Acharya (who helmed the infamous “Tashan”) and the script is apparently so good that it has bowled over none other than Aamir ‘Midas’ Khan who has agreed to play villain following the steps of John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan.

    While many think that repeat value is hedged with the characters being etched in peoples’ minds and hence the effort to market a sequel is lesser, opinion is divided over whether sequels are bound to perform better or as well as the original. The fear is that comparison can kill a sequel too. Hence, most directors are keen on pencilling a tight storyline before even thinking of an encore.


    “Race 2” will also be directed by Abbas-Mustan and produced under the Tips Films banner. Initial reports suggest that except for Bipasha Basu, the rest — Anil Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif — will star again in the film.

    “Partner 2”, a sequel to the 2007 romcom, is beginning soon. Besides Salman Khan and Govinda, it will reportedly star Sanjay Dutt. The grapevine suggests that Salman is keen on roping in Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete Rosete as his heroine, in place of Lara Dutta.

    Unlike suggested by some, “Mr India 2” will not have Boney Kapoor’s son in the lead; Anil Kapoor plays hero.

    “Don 2”, a sequel to Farhan Akhtar’s remake of the Amitabh Bachchan starrer “Don” (1978), will see a year-end release. Directed, co-written and co-produced by Farhan Akhtar, it stars Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, Ishaa Koppikar, Boman Irani and Om Puri in their previous avatars. It will also feature Hrithik Roshan in a cameo — his first ever.


  11. Off topic

    Caught a bit of FF awards in between while watching SB XLV.

    Ranbir- Imraan are such a refreshing change. They laugh at themselves and is innocuous fun. They manaegd to get in a couple of quips about KJO’s show as well.


  12. alex adams Says:

    also watched exerpts of the filmfare awards show.
    Ranbir-imran did well. Again, there was the leg pulling of others and of each others.
    But what was refreshingly missing was the nastiness, one-upmanship and garbed humiliation associated with the “fun” srk has while hosting functions.
    ONe of the highlights was the speech (ownderful both in script and delivery) by srk as a tribute to amitabh for his 40 years in the industry..if anyone can provide the link–thatll be gr8!
    Have heards 10 or 25 or 50 years being celebrated. BUt one gets used to awards being create to appease key people–dont mind this one though!


    • ideaunique Says:

      watched the entire show on youtube – that speech by skr – although well-worded lacked the genuine-ness – it was more staged – in fact, the whole thing of awarding big b, skr, YR is becoming so boring year after year – that FF awards are more of an entertaining evening than any credible award show – IK/RK duo rocked and they didn’t spare skr/kjo/sallu/aamir/hritik/akki/….but all was done in a very light humour……ranbir’s srk/mnik act was a riot……the best item was Sonu Nigam’s performance……and they must stop projecting rekha as some kind of goddess now – the whole thing of hinting her to say something about Big B and then those hush hush smiles and cameras panning on certain people (sic.) – i mean comeon – move on guys……all and all it was a good one time watch….nothing extraordinary….and FF went ga-ga over Udan while completely avoiding OUTIM and RAJNEETI!!!!!!!!!!! WTF…


  13. alex adams Says:

    Not long ago, amitabh and ash had announced they will boycott filmfare if there ios no public apology for the “infertile” commment.
    Can anyone tell if they have elicited the apology or have they withdrawn their condition!


    • Nope no apology unless it was done behind close doors.

      In regards to FF. The hosting was terrible AGAIN and just another evening of celebs catching up with each other. Best part of the show without a doubt was Sonu Nigam performance.


      • I prefer lesser stars like shreyas talpade, ritesh deshmukh and arshad warsi as hosts. Plus there far far funnier than the likes of IK and RK. SRK was good but not anymore.


  14. @rajen/satyam must see-



      Rooney you made my day!!! 😀
      Loved Akshay Khanna towards the end.
      What a hoot!!


    • Alex adams Says:

      Hahahaha enjoyed that Rooney–thanx– the entire sequence was hilarious ESP he reactions from akshaye khan towards the end! Guess one should add kjo into this mix as well!
      Also, ranbirs mnik act in filmfare was v good..
      Felt that ranbirs take on ash in guzaarish did not go down well with Amitabh!
      So have the bachchans got back to filmfare without a public apology from then. Things have been sorted but were they sorted behind closed doors??


    • LOL,ROONEY!!!!!


  15. Yeh Saali Zindagi Has Steady Monday

    Tuesday 8th February 2010 17.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Yeh Saali Zindagi had a steady Monday as it collected around 80 lakhs. The collections were just 30-35% lower than Friday but Friday was pretty low. If we compare with Sunday the collections were 55% lower which is pretty good and well above the norm.

    The film is likely to go over near 7.50 crore nett for the week which would be a reasonable total.

    The other films released this week like Hum Dono Rangeen, Tum Hi Toh Ho, United Seven and Utt Pataang could not even collect 5 lakhs between them on Monday.


  16. Patiala House To Depend On Word Of Mouth

    Wednesday 9th February 2011 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Patiala House is likely to depend on word of mouth as the all India business on Friday may be on the lower side due to single screens. The advance opened at single screens on Monday and it was disappointing all over.

    A theatre like Delite in Delhi which is one the best advance theatres in the country had an advance of less than 1 lakhs on the first day whereas a Tees Maar Khan had an advance of over 6 lakhs on the first day.

    Multiplexes which will open plans today are likely to see a better response but lower single screen business could tell on the the first day all India business and content deciding what happens on Saturday and Sunday.

    Click Here

    The advantage for Patiala House is a huge release as the only film doing well Yamla Pagla Deewan is coming to the end of its run leaving Patiala House with complete domination of screen space be it multiplexes and single screens. The release on Friday may well be on around 1400 plus theatres across India. The release gives the film a chance of putting up big numbers if its content is liked by the public.


  17. ZMND has been moved from May 27 and the clash with Ready according to Taran. The new date is June 24.


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