Masked Lawman Stumbles at the Gate (NYT)

“… Together they offer a striking portrait of modern Hollywood. Studios like Disney, searching for global audiences, are making fewer movies but spending more on the ones they do release. This raises the stakes to almost impossible levels; “The Lone Ranger,” which cost at least $375 million to make and market, will need to take in an estimated $800 million worldwide to break even, after accounting for revenue splits with theater owners….”

LINK to the complete article.

6 Responses to “Masked Lawman Stumbles at the Gate (NYT)”

  1. As I’ve said before if you follow the Taran Adarsh or Komal Nahata school of accounting all these problems do not occur. There’s a way to spend massive amounts on films and make them profitable within the first two days.

    More seriously though Spielberg said something along the same lines some weeks back:


  2. Its like the line from the rolling Stones song’ You cant always get what you want but if you try sometimes you get what you need’…I’m not a pinball wizard *thats another song* but I think I like the Lone Ranger.


    • sanjana Says:

      Nice lines.


      • Yaiy–nice lines maggie…
        Btw the overemphasis on vfx / the bigger costlier sequel is getting a bit out of hand…Te superhero genre is losing its novelty.
        Ps: the answer is probably low(er) budget films concentrating on a good script and those which are essentially ‘concept driven’.

        Two actors (cum scriptwriters) can simply chat –and create a brilliant trilogy–as in the ‘before sunrise’ project…
        No obscenity, no big budgets, no bs….


  3. Am not surprised at how Lone Ranger has fared.
    Disney execs must have been smoking something to go ahead with this project at a budget of $250 million.
    Westerns are a difficult proposition at BO as it is and hard to imagine a Western being a blockbuster. Plus, Depp’s star has dimmed considerably since days of Pirates first installment. Never really been a fan of his but feel sorry for the guy.
    Hope Speilberg is wrong tho about the changes he thinks will be coming.


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