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  1. Ragini MMS 2 Goes To 45 Crore Plus In Two Weeks
    Friday 04 April 2014 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Ragini MMS 2 has taken its business to around 45.25 crore nett as it grossed 8.25 crore nett in week two adding to the 37 crore nett in week one. The drop in business in week two was around 78% which is fair for this genre as it tends to be lopsided towards the opening.

    The film has beared the brunt of the ongoing 20/20 world cup with collections going down when the important matches are being played but still has emerged a hit and will come out with a healthy final total.

    The film will miss the 50 crore nett total as it is had a huge drop in screens in the third and is towards the end of its run. The 50 crore nett total would have been easily achievable had it not been for the cricket.


  2. Queen At 56 Crore Plus After Four Weeks
    Friday 04 April 2014 09.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Queen grossed around 5.50 crore nett in its fourth week taking its business to a little over 56 crore nett. The fourth week showed the biggest weekly fall for the film since release. It is the first time that the film has fallen over 50%. The second week saw and 8% rise while week three saw a 40% drop.

    Queen isthe biggest hit of the year till date as it has recovered the 23 crore cost from the domestic theatrical revenue only as its share has gone over 23 crore. The business of Queen till date and the weekly drops is as follows.

    Week One – 18,54,00,000
    Week Two – 20,13,00,000 (+7.90%)
    Week Three – 12,07,00,000 (-40.04%)
    Fourth Week – 5,50,00,000 approx (54.43%)
    TOTAL – 56,24,00,000


  3. omrocky786 Says:

    What a superb comment from the Big B-
    Someone made a commercial comment on two of the recently released films. He stated that the one week box office collections of one, would still be more than the lifetime collections of the other. Maybe. But could it not be that the latter would be remembered for a lifetime and the former for just a week !!

    What then would be the gauge to address merit ?

    Let me guess … it would be a tie in an ideal situation, but the commerce would rule eventually !

    What then, and this is an obvious extension of the argument, signifies status ? Quality or quantity ?

    ‘Success in competition is usually signalled by more lavish consumption, but it need not be, nor need this be the motive for competition. Possession of money may be a sufficient index of success, without the need to display this possession in costly objects …’

    ‘In the upper echelons of the business world, money is sought after not only as a means to consumption but as an index of superior achievement..’

    ‘…. one of the late richest men in the world put it ( quite succinctly ), that money is ” just a way of keeping score “. ‘~

    May this debate rest along with the rest that is required by its perpetrator ..



  4. Under the Skin– ‘Alien in wonderland’

    Have always liked ‘mosaic’ mixed genre flicks -this one whirrs up sci-fi, horror, quirky weirdly dark humour to create a disorienting, otherworldly, enigmatic setup. This was far from my first choice viewing–infact was the fifth choice !! (after Dallas buyers club, Her, the Double, even Main tera hero (!) -all weren’t showing nearby!). And then was forced/coaxed into this ‘art house screening’.

    The competent Scarlett Johanssen is about 27ish, has been a celebrity half her life already, has done it all and now becomes more fearless and experimental both with the genre and her looks. Infact here she embraces nudity as well (finally). But wait guys, this is not the film ‘where Scarlett took her clothes off’! We are talking metaphorical depth and even if one finds that ‘pretentious depth’ ironically shallow, one can’t deny the originality, the inventive imagery and the attempt at innovation.

    Jonathan Glazers British film got made after a long gap of ten years apparently. The one-line ‘plot’ is an unnamed alien (Johannsen) roaming the dodgy streets of Glasgow in a decrepit van looking for unattached male victims. Most of the goings-on are left deliberately unexplained & the lurking oblique atmospheric flavour match the designs of the director & the alien. Filmed partly with hidden cameras & non-professional actors, there’s also a documentary feel to it at places.

    The film isn’t ‘likeable’ nor is it ‘entertaining’ (inspite of Scarlett’s charms & generosity!). But there’s something disorienting that makes you uneasy & the film manages to leave a ‘germ’ in ones mind. Unlike space ships or exotic lands & ‘alien’ milieu, this one unfolds in (hyper) real mundane dodgy Scottish streets & later in the misty soggy highlands. Brilliant camerawork captures the moody dusk, foggy haze or overcast skies that add to the feeling of impending vacant dread. The ‘beach scene’ and the encounter with the ‘neurofibromatosis’ guy were adeptly and subtly handled. The opening scene representing the aliens ‘birth’ has shades of sheer brilliance whilst there are also stretches of random nothingness as well.

    Mica Levi’s experimental, minimalist score–using influences from Hitchcockian Psycho combines viola music,strings, flute and percussion beats. Levi’s score punctuates the film like a rhythm track of heartbeats, or heavy breathing. It might approximate the noise inside Johansson’s head releasing the sounds of rhythmic heartbeats and heavy breathing. In a way, there’s a parallel with Rahmans dabbling with the ‘implosion de silence’ aka the mind maps of Alia Bhatt in Highway. Mica Levi somewhat reminded me of Sneha Khanwalkars use of myriad sounds in Gangs of Wasseypore.

    It’s not really what the alien (Scarlett) sees or does but how the human world looks through alien eyes and how it changes ‘her’. Soon the ‘flat affect’ Scarlett who lacks understanding and empathy starts changing her outlook. She undergoes an abstract Sufi-esque awakening, becoming more ‘human’ & inevitably more ‘vulnerable’. In a masterly scene, Scarlett ‘examines’ her ‘human’ body against crimson light & subsequently attempts ‘kindness’.

    The detachment of Johansson’s character supplements that of Johansson the actor. The theme of ‘literal and psychological alienation’ rears its head in this somewhat aimless enterprise leaving the viewer also ‘alienated’ (sic!). The frustrating but beguiling feature (at the same time) is that there’s a refusal to ‘spoon feed’ the viewer eventually drilling the flick deeper into the mind. That and the unique singular vision will make it near cult-like in appeal (years later).

    Ps :
    Warning- A simpler basic ‘idiot guide’ warning should be : beware of a woman’s seductions…And this is certainly not for guys looking for an ‘erotic road trip’ aka ‘tits n terror’!! For them, a better recommendation would be this one…

    Incidentally i just found this song above average & better than expected (for a bath-tub song) –may serve as a Bollywood(bastard)ised ‘sound’ to Scarlett’s alien flick.
    What a wierdly interesting combo ..both deliver more feeling & poignance than they initially appear to possess..aka ‘deceptive depth’

    This ones for my ‘silent’ fans -enjoy…


  5. ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Has a Huge Opening
    By BROOKS BARNES APRIL 6, 2014, 1:25 PM 1 Comments

    The Marvel movie machine can even bring summer early. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” broke industry records for an April opening by taking in about $96.2 million at North American theaters over the weekend, an astounding 48 percent increase over the three-day opening for its series predecessor in 2011. The movie has already taken in an additional $207 million overseas.

    Strong reviews and premium-price 3-D tickets contributed to the performance of “The Winter Soldier,” which cost $170 million to make and at least $100 million more to market. But Marvel’s methodical rollout strategy for its superheroes may have provided the biggest lift. Captain America, with Chris Evans carrying the star-spangled shield, was re-introduced in 2011 and included in “The Avengers,” which became a global smash in 2012, likely building interest for the 73-year-old character.

    Last fall, “Thor: The Dark World” experienced a similar post-“Avengers” sales shot in the arm, which Hollywood has come to refer to as the “Avengers” Effect. In addition to breaking several smaller sales records, “The Winter Soldier” (Walt Disney Studios) blew past a 2011 box-office record set by “Fast Five,” even when adjusting for inflation, for the largest April opening. For the weekend, “Noah” (Paramount) was second, taking in about $17 million, for a two-week total of $72.3 million, according to Rentrak, which compiles box-office data. “Divergent” (Lionsgate) chugged along in third place, with estimated ticket sales of $13 million, for a three-week total of about $113 million.


  6. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h
    #MainTeraHero Fri 6.60 cr, Sat 8.03 cr, Sun 8.10 cr. Total: ₹ 22.73 cr nett. India biz… Despite cricket match, performed very well on Sun.


    • Satyam: Do share your thoughts on Highway as and when you finish watching it (infact it would be good to have a piece from you on the film). Thought this was a genuine film which took some real risks (and that’s precisely the reason why it grossed far less than it should have). Wish you had seen this in the theatre though.

      Also wish you could get to Rajat Kapoor’s “Aankhon Dekhi”. I really liked this one, more than any of this year’s releases. The representation of Delhi alone (which is a far cry from films BBB and Vicky Donor) made it so compulsively watchable for me


  7. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3h
    #MainTeraHero passes the Monday test. Nets a staggering ₹ 4.2 cr nett in India on Monday. Today’s holiday will boost biz further.


    • jayshah Says:

      Staggering? What is staggering is this salivation over something so marginal


      • sanjana Says:

        New word coined to their vocabulary of earth shattering, humungous etc. etc.


      • He seems to be staggering over pebbles these days.. a big release the next time around might be fatal for him..


        • AamirsFan Says:

          this was under ‘bollywood news’ lol….

          Taran Adarsh launches his Facebook page
          By Bollywood Hungama News Network, April 10, 2014 – 08:24 hrs IST

          For all those who live and breathe Bollywood, here is some news that will surely be music to your ears. The good news is that the leading film critic and trade analyst Taran Adarsh, who, besides being one of the indispensable pillars of Bollywood Hungama, will now also be seen on the most popular networking site ‘Facebook’, as he has now launched his fan page.

          This will be the page, which is not just ‘certified’ by the Facebook officials, but also will be your destination to hot filmy news, updates, box-office figures etc.

          The URL of the same is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Taran-Adarsh/1481543018726070


      • if u give him 1 cr – he will say super-block-buster-megastaggering 🙂


  8. sanjana Says:

    Seems Varun dhawan will give some competition to both ranveer and ranbir. In the masala genre, I mean.


  9. Sickening to read of all these noisy and most of the time confused activity and all hubbub on future projects which are not even conceived properly.

    Either the PR machinery is hyper active with each project being accepted and declined or this is a case of unethical journalism that exploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news to create sensations and attract readers.


  10. Abhishek Bachchan dons a new role, buys kabbadi league outfit
    Shailendra Awasthi,TNN | Apr 11, 2014, 12.20 AM IST

    MUMBAI: The Pro Kabaddi League, the IPL-style avatar of kabaddi which has created a lot of buzz since its launch almost a month ago, has acquired Bollywood flavour with actor Abhishek Bachchan buying the Jaipur team franchise.

    Jaipur is one of the eight city based teams of this league. The other seven teams are Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Patna.

    “It is a matter of huge pride. It is a sport where the amount of skill required is immense. Having played sports at school level and being a sports enthusiast, it’s very exciting for me to be able to be part of this endeavour,” Bachchan said on Thursday.

    The other franchise are owned by Ronnie Screwvala (Mumbai), Kishore Biyani (Kolkata), Uday Kotak (Pune), Rana Kapoor (Delhi), Core Green Group (Vizag) and Kalapathi Investments (Chennai).

    The owner of the Bangalore franchise will be decided in a few days. A pool of 100 players will put up for auction with 28 players coming from foreign countries like England, Canada, USA, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


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