Directors Lounge: Martin Scorceses Best Film?





Tough vote! Choose one movie only…




7 Responses to “Directors Lounge: Martin Scorceses Best Film?”

  1. To me, it will ALWAYS be THE KING OF COMEDY. It’s a great, great director’s vehicle. I will be in the minority here but I have NEVER been awed by his most ‘awarded’ and ‘popular’ films. The small gems, they are truly wonderful.

    Next on the list is THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST.


  2. Very tough. Should be allowed more than 3 votes!


  3. It’s tough. King of Comedy has always been his most underrated work, and I cherish it. I recently revisited Taxi Driver and was just completely in its grip once again. It plays like a priceless artifact.


    • the opening episode of the latest season of Homeland seemed to be yet another piece of work in the wake of Taxi Driver. At least in some of the urban moments (the night scenes).


  4. Not seen all…but i can never go against the masterpiece that is Goodfellas. My fav. film of all time. I love the Departed too.


  5. I may be the only one but Shutter Island for me is his best as far as story telling and engagement of audience is concerned.

    Leo, of course was very much responsible for the movie too.


  6. Definitely Raging Bull.


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