Image from Crack

thanks to JayShah…


9 Responses to “Image from Crack”

  1. Like the poster but the tag line is terrible.


    • How come Jayshah got the credit? 🙂

      Thanks Satyam for posting this. I actually find the title “Crack” quite bizzarre for an independence day release. Neeraj/Akki’s last movie title Baby also could have been better.

      Rest all is fine, esp Akshay Kumar “In and As” Crack. We use the word Crack to call one crazy. However with the image and background, this looks to be a superhero movie.


      • I posted it despite you being Akshay biggest lapdog. Took a lot of effort to find it and copy the link in.


      • This makes you LapDog 2

        Before you posted, i had already shared the Akshay tweet which is still awaiting moderation. If it had got approved, then you could have seen that I am miles ahead of you. 😛


      • I saw your comment about creating a post for the movie poster (unusually for my species I do sleep sometimes so I didn’t see your comment right away..) but there was no link there. On the moderation bit if you put up two links in the same comment it goes into moderation automatically. I didn’t see that comment earlier otherwise I’ve given credit to more than one person for the same post many times. Anyway don’t worry about credit so much on a two-bit blog. Also Akshay won’t be upset with you..


  2. Reproducing my comment under official first poster of Crack’s poster on Satyamshot i.e, under Naveen’s comment in another thread. 🙂

    Not a strong title especially when they are targetting Independence Day. There was one more film – Crook which is Mohit Suri’s and Emraan Hashmi’s biggest disaster during their good times. The title was never liked and film didn’t even get an opening nor is remembered even now. Crook, Crack are all weak titles IMO.


  3. Neeraj Pandey likes an English title, doesn’t he? A Wednesday, Special 26 and Baby…

    Looking forward to this. I know not all people are greatest fans of Neeraj Pandey here. But for me, his 3 movies made till here are among some of the best work coming from Bollywood over the last few years. For me personally, Baby is better than ETT.

    The positive thing is that Akshay Kumar is in a stronger position now. So, at least the initial will be better and the main issue is probably dealt with here.

    My only regret in all this is Abhishek not doing S26. I know he was riding low and the initial would have been low. But even Akshay wasn’t flying at that time and the film made around 6.2 cr on its opening day. But it trended very well and settled at around 68cr, which was alright at that time.

    I feel Abhishek should have done it. He did crap like HNY, AIW or D3’s bit role during that time. Poor choices.

    I think Akshay Kumar has been consistent in his choices since that period. He’s consistently went for the genre with S26, Holiday, Baby, Airlift and Rustom and he’s found an audience again. The irony is that Rustom is the weakest film of the lot but it is definitely reaping the dividends of those good, few movies.

    I think this must be the way for Abhishek. Settle for a genre and consistently do good stuff within it. He may find his audience back.


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