Shivaay trailers (updated)

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  1. Excellent trailer but this might be the best thing about the film!


  2. Well shot but I got bored watch such a long promo without any impact or storyline. Just all chase sequences put together to show the grandness and 99% of the stuff shown is actually directed by an action director(who did many films of ‘Fast n Furious’) and not Ajay Devgn. Supposedly this is the biggest trailer for Indian movies at 3:41 minutes.

    But I’ve seen Ajay’s debut directorial venture (U Me aur Hum) and it was well directed but this is completely different genre.


    • fair point..


    • Not sure if you are active on social media on Shivaay – This is 1st part of the three promo series to come this week.


    • I watched it again with sound – & the Devgn voice over is annoying, the visuals still are cracking but more early on in the trailer. After a bit the trailer has a bit of Rohit Shetty hangover.

      KJo knows how to market a film & with a cast of Ranbir/Aish & the lucky Anushka Sharma I think its a pretty even clash.


      • yes the voice over is poor.


      • Fair points. But I don’t think any of a Rohit Shetty film has stunts or action scenes anywhere near this one. Shetty’s films have a couple of cars flying around and blown up and that’s it. Watch Dillwale or Singham’s trailers and you’ll find the difference.

        Here, the stunts are completely on another level. It is like comparing Dilwale’s action to Fast and Furious. Or Jodha Akhbar’s war scene (with the elephants) to Bahubaali’s war scenes. The standard in the latter is unseen in Indian cinema.

        I think the stunts here look mightily impressive. How they turn out in the movie remains to be seen. Watching bits of it and the whole of these kind of action scenes are different matters. They need to remain gripping throughout.

        In Bang Bang for e,g, a couple of action scenes looked promising early on in the trailers but they were a complete let-down in the actual film. Poor editing, no imagination, poorly filmed or ending with a silly conclusion.

        The one thing about a Bollywood action film is that I have yet to see a really impressive chase scene with cars. It is expensive to film scenes like these and you need great imagination, planning, resources and crisp editing.

        For all the money put in the Dhoom series, Ra1, Don, Krish or Bang Bang, there were no really great chase scenes in there. There was a decent one in Ghayal this year and once again it was from some foreign stunt co-ordinator.

        Here the visuals and some of the stunts look unprecedented in Bollywood’s standard.


      • i just feel that Ae Dil hai Mushkil if it is going to be set abroad and have that NRI hangover, it might just be passe. Whatever be the demerits of Shivaays trailor, it looks fresh and novel. When the clash was announced, KJo obviously had the upper hand. But then RK is in a trough and Shivaays trailor has come early and the verdict is very positive , I feel Devgan has stolen a march here. Multiplexes might screen share equally but I dont see single screens taking to Ae Dil Hai Mushkil…and I do hope its not a remake or based on Doosra Aadmi….


        • Would be very surprised if Shivaay didn’t fizzle out pretty soon. The thing is you need a proper narrative for even this genre. If you don’t have enough of it just the stunts don’t keep the audience coming for too long. This is true even in Hollywood. Fast and Furious has all kitschy story lines to it including of course being a buddy movie. The stunts aren’t ‘everything’ here contrary to what might seem to be the case. But in India (not uniquely) many people read Hollywood as only about technology. That has never been true. The thrillers/disaster movies et al that are blockbusters always dip into some sort of emotional core. But this is also why by the way Cameron in his last two films has trended better than anyone else. To make Shivaay work you need the Dhoom-like format or the Abbas Mustaan of Race or something. The trailer by the way is fine but note how 99% of the best moments here belong to more or less two action sequences and even here the very best ones all belong to that one mountain sequence. Even long trailers can be deceptive.

          On Johar it’s quite true that he’s become passé as has that brand of cinema. Ranbir going through a tough time is still the least of the problems here. Ultimately if the film has convincing trailers (and actually the Doosra Aadmi thing is fine today.. the original film didn’t do very much.. think it could do a lot better today) the multiplex audiences will take to it in a much bigger way. And on trending grounds again you’d have to back this one. So even accounting for all the hazard of still being Karan Johar, still doing that sort of stuff, I’d easily give it to him over Shivaay. Lastly on the initial Devgan isn’t even Akshay at the moment let alone Salman to just power this to a huge initial. By the way that voice-over with the sort of ‘message’ that is being delivered, quite candidly that’s not what turns on a larger multiplex audience. Just isn’t. the best he can hope for is a good enough initial. Unless he’s made a surprisingly good film. Let’s also be honest. A lot of us (myself included) are often impressed by the right kinds of stunts but isn’t the Bahubali message precisely the opposite? You can have the visuals and everything but you also need a very strong narrative arc.


          • Fair comment all round. I am just a bit more hopeful that the movie will have a strong emotional quotient due to the presence of the kid in the trailor. If they can stitch a movie around the father kid thing it could be decent watch with the thril elements thrown in. U Me and Hum had some good emotional moments so Devgan is capable of such a thing.
            On opening, its opening on Diwali and will open better than normal movies. A Singham 2 opened more than 30 crores on a I-day. Thats a brand for sure but pretty much a Western India centric brand but it opened well. There is a clash but I wont rule out a good opening on Diwali day.
            Where ADHM could be better than Shivaay will be the music. The music is already having a strong buzz in the trade. But Mithoon can surprise too…


          • Opening could been impacted. Firstly its releasing on a friday – Oct 28 whereas Diwali is Sunday-Oct 30. The pre-diwali days are bad and best day is after diwali which is monday-Oct 31(unofficial holiday). So, if the weekend isn’t strong and just collects around 65-75 crores.. reaching big totals becomes huge. If both turn out to be average to good reviews then any one movie reaching 200 crores becomes very difficult. If one fizzles out faster.. other movie can still get it. But I see both will do at best 150 crores.. not more than that even with good feedback.


  3. U, me aur hum had an ordinary first half but came into its own in the 2nd half.

    I was expecting Shivaay to be good. And the trailer looks awesome. The visuals are fantastic. The action scenes look like ones never seen before in Bollywood.

    This is the big movie for this year’s Diwali. And it is right up there among the most promising and ambitious movies of the year.

    Expect it to blow away KJo’s movie completely.


  4. Bob Cristo Says:

    What a narration ! What a lyrics ! Heard it thrice with closed eyes just for lyrics. Hats off to that guy who wrote it. Donlowed promo just to listen lyrics everyday for atleast a week. As Rahul said it is an expensive film with some never seen action for a bollywood movie. No doubt many scenes are lifted from ‘Vertical Limit’ but then again it is one my fav Hollywood movie. No end of Ranbeer Kapoor misery. ‘Ae dil hai Mushkil’ is in Mushkil main.


  5. Bob Cristo Says:

    blow away KJo’s…I reat it blow J*b for Kjo


  6. @KRK

    Economy of #Shivaay, COP-125+ P&A 15= 140Cr without Ajay fees. Ajay’s Min fees 25Cr. Total 165Cr. Recovery- Music 6, Satellite 40, Overs 9Cr


    • @KRK

      Means #Shivaay has to do 225Cr business in India to recover balance 110Cr investment n film can’t do more than 100Cr


  7. So, on ADHM teaser release… Rishi Kapoor praising Shivaay trailer. Hmmm..

    RISHI KAPOOR@chintskap Another good trailer. Hindi Cinema extending its horizons. Congratulations! All kinds of films must survive!

    AJAY DEVGN @Ajaydevgn
    Thank you Chintu ji. Totally agree with you. Your blessings count.


    • Rishi KapoorVerified account
      This is your tribute to Raj Kapoor & Yash Chopra films! Romance,Music and intensity. @karanjohar See myself in a lot


  8. Preet Singh Says:

    As pointed out by Satyam.. Last trailer was the only good stuff from the film.

    On Song Promo: that was such a terrible song.. Killed all the buzz shivaays had from past few months.


  9. Maza aa gaya…..beautiful, soulful, melodious with great visuals !!
    Bolo – Har Har MahaDev !!!


  10. So, this is the song which Devgn refused to show on promos as it deserved to be seen only on big screen?

    Titled “Bolo Har Har Har”, the song had been in the making for over a year and has EDM and world music elements. Besides Ajay, it also features composer Mithoon, rapper Badshah and singers Sukhwinder Singh, Megha Sriram Dalton and Mohit Chauhan

    “I play a mountaineer in the film and have the same look in the song as well. We wanted the music video to be something surreal yet integrated in the film’s space. I felt that the song’s scale in the film was so huge that it needed to be first seen on the big screen so I refused to show it outside of theatres. It’s a powerful song that incorporates both contemporary and traditional sounds,” says Ajay Devgn.


  11. Preet Singh Says:

    Not a single soul knew about shivaay title track which released yesterday. Looks like after stupidendous success of admh title track.. Mr devgan lost a trick or two n bogged under pressure to release such a crappy song..

    Now Kjo will release one more song midweek n pile up the misery for shivaay.


  12. @Now Kjo will release one more song midweek n pile up the misery for shivaay”

    Though I agree this is a let down by Devgn but Preet are you here with some alias or part of the 25 lac promotional kjo campaign.

    This is what I read today on KJO movies, so I don’t know what to make out of ADHM except for its exuberant and ‘expensive’ marketing campaign where even an arrogant Kashyap is coming out and apologizing to Ranbir just before his release. What happened to adult choices and responsibilities?

    PJ ‏@Prakashjaaju 9h9 hours ago
    #Kjo’s last 4 films
    #Brothers (Flop)
    #Shaandaar (Disaster)
    #KapoorAndSons (Above Average)
    #BaarBaarDekho (Disaster)

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  13. Big loss to Shivaay, EROS pulls out of the project!!

    Studio partner Eros no longer associated with Devgn’s big Diwali release, thanks to budgetary concerns

    Ajay Devgn’s upcoming Diwali release, ‘Shivaay’, was supposed to be a joint collaboration between Eros International, Pen India and Ajay Devgn Films (ADF). It was said that Eros’ involvement would help the film get more screens, thanks to its impeccable track record last year — ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’. But, we hear, the production-cum-distribution company has pulled out of the project.

    A trade insider says, “The Lullas (Eros’ owners) were the first to come on board for the film. Pen India joined in much later. Due to cash flow issues, the production house signed a deal in partnership with Pen and ADF. ‘Shivaay’ was pegged to be a Rs 70-crore film with Eros and Pen agreeing on a 50:50 investment plan. However, during shooting, ‘Shivaay’ was scaled up so as to not compromise on the final outcome. Eros was unwilling to shell out the extra money and ultimately, bowed out of the project.”
    Confirming the story, Jayantilal Gada of Pen India says, “Pen and Narendra Hirawat are now distributing the film in India while Reliance will take care of overseas distribution. Besides, the music rights no longer belong to Eros Now; it is with T-Series. I wouldn’t like to delve into why Eros is longer a part of the deal. I am just thrilled that we are on board with a project that will go down as a landmark film.”


    • The song promo is hastily put together as a response to ADMH, so I’d be worried by this trend.


      • PEN studio does small or medium budget movies. They never did anything as big as Shivaay. So this move will either make them or completely break them and out of business. If Shivaay goes wrong, PEN will shut down without any doubt. This won’t be the 1st time a studio stopped after a big disaster.


        • Moreover when the studio (EROS here) backs down at the last moment when editing is done and product is known to main distributors then its never about the few additional crores. It is always about the quality of the movie. If Eros feels that the movie is really great they wouldn’t worry about 10-15 crores extra if they feel they can earn it back. So, this gives the possibility of first feedback of the movie.


  14. Bolo Har Har Har MahaDev !!!!

    200 seconds of volatility and passion- coming together for some explosive intensity – This is what Ajay Devgn had in mind when he brought together his team of technicians and those behind the music for the flagship track of Shivaay. When the chant of ‘Bolo Har Har Har’ was devised, composer Mithoon had a task in hand to make it contemporary enough so that it reaches out to the youth across the country.

    “Now this could well be one of its kind tracks that may make it to the religious places as well as clubs and the dance floors alike,” comments our source, “When you name your film Shivaay and bring in references to mythology as well, while seamlessly integrating it all with the storyline too, you can’t begin your musical campaign with something usual or conventional. This is an action film with a difference and to have a romantic track in there for the campaign’s kick-start wouldn’t have made any sense. The title song needed to have an edge and justify the film’s theme.”

    This is what led to the chant of ‘Bolo Har Har Har’ and for Mithoon, it was a huge task indeed to come up with this fusion mix.

    “What turned out was sheer magic in the studio when the jamming began,” an insider comments, “A great team was put together with veterans Sukhwinder Singh and Mohit Chauhan joining hands. Badshah seemed like an unconventional choice for the song, considering the party flavor that he is associated with. However the team was sure that he was the best fit in there. It all rounded up well when Megha Sriram stepped in as the female vocalist. Soon enough, Mithoon had a set of some really powerful voices at his disposal.”

    While Ajay Devgn introduced the flavour of this song in the theatrical promo of the film (which has founds its fair share of fans and repeat audiences), the idea was to keep the fire burning.


  15. Preet Singh Says:

    Gayi bhees paani mei before release.


  16. Krrish, do you think there is any possibility for Shivaay to recover its cost releasing with the clash? Like it was a given for Mohenjo Daro that it will be a huge disaster, what do you think about Shivaay?

    I think if it clicks and accepted to a level, still it will do 120-130 crs max which will not be enough to recover. I don’t see it going like BM to upto 180 crores.


    • It sure needs some content to back up. In case of mohenjo daro there was nothing remotely interesting. In shivaays case I think there is some curiosity to check this out after the first trailor. This song is pretty poor though. I think the movie needs around 150 cr to be a success. It’s not totally in achievable during a holiday period. But it needs content to back it up due to the clash.


      • The main issue for this Diwali release is 1st weekend will be slow as its pre-diwali and by Diwali WOM will be out and it can’t get the benefit of Holiday release.


      • I actually think it’s highly unlikely Devgan could get to 150 without Shetty. For the same reason that Akshay can never cross 130 or so irrespective of genre. There’s a ceiling on Devgan. With Shetty the audience still shows up. even then notice how outside the comedy genre a very good trending Singham still just did 100. The sequel did more because of the initial. Why? The multiplexes just aren’t on board for action generally but certainly not with Devgan in the lead. No star’s success argues against this, not even Salman’s. The films that work are action-comedies. Or stunt-oriented candy entertainment. If you don’t really have the multiplexes on board you can never hit those high benchmarks. Incidentally even with Shetty note how Devgan gets bigger numbers over time by relying on sequels and by making the Golmaal franchise a circus with all sorts of actors. This is hardly a one man show. The only film where he doesn’t do this is Singham and yes he did achieve some iconic success here. But that’s really an exception to the rule and it’s quite an exception when you have not just Shetty directing but doing so off a Tamil hit. So even as a solo release I would have very serious doubts about 150. But with another film that will easily get the two strongest multiplex demographics, the younger audience and the family one (the former might not be excited by this or not show up in droves but that won’t be because they’re heading for Shivaay!), and with that headwind Shivaay will have to be that much stronger. Just improbable. Surprises can always happen but that’s true for any film.


        • That is precisely my point. From when is Ajav Devgn a superstar who can easily touch 200 and that too under his own direction which is still unproven. He ghost directed Hindustan Ki Kasam and Raju Chacha, both with huge budgets during its time and everyone knows the fate of them.


        • No other film after Singham had generated so much interest. I will still give Devgn a benefit of doubt. He is coming with a never seen action movie and himself producing and directing it. Will always support such passion.
          Moreover there has been nothing shown from a story perspective apart from what we know from promo that it would be going to be a movie between the destroyer and an innocent girl. Bajrangi meets Gadar?


        • And yes budget and 150 cr etc is of no importance as we know these figures change a day before the release. So let’s not use that as a weapon to use against any star other than Aamir.


  17. Preet Singh Says:

    Master: how much is adhm cost ? Heard somewhere near 75-80? And related to Shivaay. It is generating a lot of hate among the critics on Twitter before release. So it better be good otherwise no chance for even 70cr.

    Won’t be surprised if adhm opens bigger than Shivaay even in SS based on it’s hit songs


    • “. It is generating a lot of hate among the critics on Twitter before release. ”

      ADHM is generating a lot of hate among critics? Where? Mars?


  18. Yours is a very timely entry Preet. KJO needs to spread his wings all over social media and not letting anything to chance !

    ….and there is a valid reason for this as one trade guy is tweeting !!!

    Sumit kadel ‏@Sumitrajkadel 20h20 hours ago
    The main business day for both #ADHM & #Shivaay will b on monday next day after diwaali. Reviews have to be good then both will score on mon

    Sumit kadel ‏@Sumitrajkadel 20h20 hours ago
    Khuda na khasta agar ek film #Adhm #Shivaay mein se weak hooi aur friday kharab reviews aaye toh monday bahut weak business karegi woh film

    Sumit kadel ‏@Sumitrajkadel 20h20 hours ago
    Had a talk with many exhibitors & distributors across india . All are extremely tensed considering #Shivaay #Adhm bz on this risky weekend.

    Sumit kadel ‏@Sumitrajkadel 20h20 hours ago
    Never ever any big Bollywood film released on the occasion of #Dhanteras . For business mans & jewellers its bigger day then diwaali itself.


  19. MSD: ‘Yours is a very timely entry Preet. KJO needs to spread his wings all over social media and not letting anything to chance !’

    You may be right- MSD. When someone pops up suddenly to only post negativity on one upcoming film and positivity on another, something is fishy. There are BO threads here and other great threads. The guy suddenly pops up and never posts anything except claims that ADHM is going to be the world beater and Shivaay is about to be destroyed. Either he has an agenda behind that, or for him cinema starts and ends on this Diwali with KJo and ADHM!


  20. True. Actually Kjo is market savvy than the rest except when he is pushing his boy toys Siddhartha and Ranbir…..and he loses all reasoning and going that extra mile. Another thing is the outing without srk & pressure to perform minus his name…..though he has replaced Saif with SRK here to somehow negate. He is smart enough to have sufficient masala moments for his base but this may be more critical acclaim than anything else. We don’t know with a certainty if Indian audience has matured sufficiently and would accept a woman who has lost her spouse by death is seen merry making and frolicking around a younger stud. So there are legitimate Lamhe & Silsila fears from box office point of view.


  21. The title track picks up after few hearings. Likely to be used in the background, the promos so far has generated good interest. Shivaay is still leading over ADHM
    Jayshah ofcourse will not agree as Aamir is not acting and directing. 🍴


    • PL Talli – I agree with you. Ranbir is my favourite and I like him more than Ajay in any genre, any movie anytime.
      However one starts supporting a movie when it’s given thumbs down without giving a chance. Many people incl myself then start supporting the underdog. Here it’s a support for Ajay Devgn the producer.


      • “Here it’s a support for Ajay Devgn the producer.”

        Why do you think this is new for Devgn? He did same for Hindustan ki Kasam and Raju Chacha with huge budgets. When he could do the same for his family(father/brother) directing without being at his peak, he can certainly give himself more budget and be confident about it after few hits in recent years and after Rohit Shetty. Also, he has RS as a backup safety net with Golmaal 4 for next Diwali.


        • Or maybe you got impressed with the – Ajay Devgn ‘Producer’ who helps releasing an Leena Yadav’s unreleased film which has won multiple international awards and wants sole credit for being Producer when he was nowhere in sight or attached with the movie while it was garnering awards from past 2 years. Yeah right.. Ajay did really produced ‘Parched’. He’s doing all this drama to get benefit for his dream project Shivaay, that’s all. Maybe you like this ‘producer’ Devgn.


        • Nice conspiracy theory but unverified. Even if its true, what the hard.

          Also going by the logic, last few Karan Johar’s films as producer like Baar Baar Dekho, Brother were badly made big budgeted movie. Even his last directorial Students of the year was not a champagne opener. I will agree that as a director, Karan holds an edge though. But the logic given against Sivaay holds true for ADHM.


    • Everytime you respond to me like this I’ll remind you how classy Akshay Kumar is & how much you are not with this link. Remember his words.

      7 times – all this public shows of affection are making my wife jealous, please stop.


  22. Ranbir even though going through a bad phase can still open a film bigger in plexes than Ajay . Shivaay only chance to lead over ADHM is in single screens thats about it .


    • Preet Singh Says:

      Pk tallli: Coudnt agree more with u on Adhm opening bigger than shivaay at least in plex and overseas.. Shivaay will lead it in SS, but if it’s not good then audience will go for Adhm.. Here Ajay is more at risk as a producer. He has invested some 150-160cr on his dream project which needs to open well at SS and plex.. With only one support of SS it can’t go past even 100cr. While Johar has invested some 75-80cr on Adhm which will be easily covered from overseas.


  23. Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta · 9h9 hours ago

    Continuing about Darkhast song from Shivaay,one is not just talking abt technical brilliance.Ajay gets all scope to convey lot thru his eyes

    Some songs take story forward, convey a lot & convince u, that the film has lots in it. Darkhast song from Shivaay is such a song. Brilliant


  24. Preet singh Says:

    Darkast song: An okay song, but Devgan is looking clueless in the whole song. No chemistry between the leads. Something is looking superficial about the film. But yes, the visuals were quite nice.


  25. [added to post]


  26. ADHM seems boring to me till I start watching the Shivaay song trailers! Incidentally saw the first theatrical trailer of the latter at the Pink screening and it did look rather good on the big screen. Of course it’s been downhill for the film ever since.


  27. The hype has shifted to ADHM due to controversies, KJO’s all out surrender and well timed white flag but if Shivaay is solid in script and story as Ajay says here, it will go a long way being the underdog. I am happy the villain part is a mystery and hope he does not disappoint and has a Tom Hardy / Bane kind of physically imposing figure !

    Of Dreams, Diwali & Devgn

    “Not just the title song, you have not yet shown the main villain of the film. Why have you kept so shivaay-still-for-miss-malinimuch under wraps?

    That’s the beauty and that’s why you two are asking me this question. Not only you, everyone is asking me the same question. Even though they have not seen much of that little girl, they want to see more of her. They want to know how we have shot and shown the title track in the film. There’s curiosity to see the villain of the film. And now the time has almost come for us to reveal to the audience what they’ve been craving.

    When you have a subject like Shivaay, you want to go all out. You want to give it your best, to make it the best. That’s what we were determined to do and we have achieved that.

    Also, going by the trailer and the film’s rich visuals and locations, it looks like a very expensive product. I know there are people who are saying it is a very costly film. I agree, we have spent money to make the film look grand but it is not an unnecessary expense. Today, the remuneration of a director and an actor is more than double the cost of actually making a film. In Shivaay, I am the leading man and the director of the film, and also the producer.

    Yes, Shivaay looks grand and the visuals are spectacular but since it is a well-planned film, it is not a costly project. Instead of burdening the movie with a star fee or a big director fee, we have used that money in the making of the film.

    Tell us more about Shivaay.

    It’s a human story, very high on emotion and drama. There’s a very beautiful love story and father-daughter relationship in the film. It is a film that the entire family would want to go and watch together. There’s something for everyone in Shivaay, right from a child to the young generation to older people.

    Is that why you are releasing the film during Diwali?

    Shivaay is a Diwali film. It is a film that the entire family would want to go and watch together. I would say, Shivaay is a Diwali gift to everyone from ADF (Ajay Devgn Films).


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