Naveen on Baahubali 2

Baahubali is the greatest Hindu Epic on screen!!!

Very rarely you see religious symbols being used so effectively to build characters and connect with the audience. While Baahubali showed love for Shiva, Shivling….Baahibali 2 extends it to Ganesh and Krishna apart from several other Hindu Symbols which appeals to the viewers in a Huge Huge way. The main reason for me sticking this out is the effect it has on audience when shown with the compelling story line and grandeur sets.

**Spoilers ahead**

The movie is India’s own history with several connects to Ramayan and Mahabharat and this is its biggest strength in making the extremely passionate characters believable to us. The movie starts with imageries of the best scenes of Baahubali 1 and helps one to refresh the war epic. One starts building oneself for a huge finale to the war epic. I was expecting a better war scenes.

The movie starts with Amrendra Baahubali’s visit to the countryside of Mahishmati. This symbolizes a key aspect of Ramayan where it is said that a king should visit his villages to know more about the common man and its pain.

There the interesting twists and turns which includes Baahubali falling in love with princess and what happens thereon brings forth a love story that’s unpredictable as well as gives a reminder to us that there is more to the movie than just a war epic that i was waiting for.

Why Katappa kills Baahubali? If we thought Rajamouli and his team was thinking of an easy script to answer us it was wrong. The entire buildup to the scene and the subsequent killing of Baahubali is the best in Indian cinema. Almost everyone was crying at the supreme sacrifice of Katappa as well as Baahubali reminiscent of Lord Ram himself. This is an event inside the event film. I myself realized that tears are rolling past my cheeks and one feels so deeply moved that the only thing left thereafter is to search for tissues and yet keep looking at the screen. It is post demise of Baahubali that one sees the dark side of the demon king, Baahubali’s cousin. He is portrayed as Raavan and the entire setup of Baahubali 2 now lits up going beyond expectation with thumping background music.

The movie ends with a fantastic dual between Mahendra Baahubali and Bhallaladeva. This is the best cliamx one can have for the epic.

Spoiler ends ****

The movie has been well enacted by all the characters.

This movie deserves a national award in direction, story, Best actress, Best actor, Best villain…ohh realised that this is no filmfare. But the movie wins heart in every aspect.

There are several glitches in the special effects which is quite prominent on the big silver imax screen. However the story, context and beauty of the scenes makes one happily ignore those and instead focus on the message.

One don’t need a movie on Mahabharat or Ramayan now., atleast not because Baahubali has taken cinematic experience to a new level. Without referring to these two greatest epics, Rajamouli makes us believe that mythologies were not just stories but a slice of lives of ancient India – mostly referred to as the Golden age of indian culture.

– Naveen


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  1. Congrats. I think this is your first review posted on SS. If I am wrong correct me.

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  2. No problems on SS Rajamouli getting National Awards. Problem is when someone undeserving like Akki gets it due to connections. Everyome knows the truth and even insiders like RGV, Arvind Swamy have tweeted about this


  3. Does it have repeat value? Would you like to see it on big screen again? What is the duration of the film?


  4. Thanks for the review Naveen although I skipped the spoilers section.

    Duration is probably close to 3hrs. Yes the big question is whether it will find repeat audience like first part?


  5. despite having huge expectations, i simply loved it. much more than part 1

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  6. Sanjan / Raj – The film has a repeat value if you love the genre of revenge and periodic dramas.
    One thing is for sure. This is a big screen movie because of the scale. So anyone who can go would definitely go esp with the extraordinary WoM. Its 4.5/5 to 6/5 (From excellent to crazy)

    Repeat value is there.


  7. Another thing one has to understand that Indians are now politically and culturally started taking pride in their history and mythologies. While it was already there but was not something everyone was investing. Now it has captured the mindshare.
    When one hears India was Sone ki Chidiya…it was never depicted on screen or noone showed is visually. Baahubali 1 and 2 does it. One feels nationalistic and cultural pride when the movie unfolds on the screen with huge palaces, mountains, rivers, cascades, lifestyle, dresses, jewelleries- Its ethnic all around. This is the movies/ biggest asset. Its one of a kind.


    • Good review Naveen, seems BB2 has impressed you..

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    • good point…this is going to trigger a wave of mythological movie remakes

      I would love to see rajamouli make another movie in the same genre with bollywood stars as well..there is a huge market for such movies esp. in the B and C centers


  8. Great review. The links and symbols to religion will resonate hugely. I can only kick myself at not watching first part in cinema. It feels like a very significant and emotional film simply through your writing.

    And with no Indian channels on my satellite I can’t see it being fair to watch either or both films ONLY in cinema. Growing up the B.R Chopra Mahabharata series use to scare me but I can now appreciate the true epic reality of these stories. And if this film kills any hope of a great mythological epic then so be it. They should only be made by sensible and creative people anyway who can manage budgets and tell a good story. This series of films remind me of the LOTR series. And those were epic stories on a grand scale which took years to make. I can watch those again more so than Avatar. There is so much to admire in fantasy / mythological films. It taps into everyone’s life. Children live and breathe these world’s. Adults revisit their childhoods all-over again.

    It’s a crying shame that ticket pricing will limit an audience here. If the makers were smart and connected the dots of the TV audience reception with first part reception they could have been friendlier with pricing as it would have made up for it via footfalls and caused an unbelievable event. The fact that first part was huge BB on TV suggests unaffordable families loved it. This is truly where pricing is unethical. It’s unethical when one can’t make good decisions and understanding that their is incredible demand and potential in a film and lowering prices will not hurt the film at all. It is a bulletproof film that every nook and cranny of India will turn up for. The perfect opportunity to change dynamics of film culture, instead they’ve doubled pricing. A FINGER OF SHAME.

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    • Agree with pricing, jay bhai


    • Thanks Jayshah.

      Also i think event films are priced sky high and this is going to stay esp in the first weekend. Its not ethical. Its almost reminds me of the days when we have to take tickets in black at thrice ot four time the price. Here the same is done but in white. 🙂


  9. Great review Naveen, will read the spoiler section once I watch it.
    Aside- Naxal Laundry kee ek Libtardni suggests that that the movie is communal as there is not a single Non Hindu god in the movie !!!
    Kitna girengey yeh log !!!


  10. Saw this on Imax. Simply Astounding visual spectacle with HUGE emotional context and content. Ladies were crying in many scenes. Lots of religious connect, so expect huge turnout in the North. The sheer scale and grandeur makes it a mandatory big screen watch. Downloaded versions just cannot do justice to this.
    It is definitely going to blow past all Hindi records. Wudnt be surprised if it crosses 450cr in Hindi alone. All India 1000cr is done deal.


    • And guess what?
      IPL has got impacted by Baahubali!
      The ratings for the game has crashed post Baahubali 2 release.
      Now this is also unheard of.

      I think there is something more that’s working for the movie. There is a deep sense of ownership reflected by those who have seen it and now they want others to see it. Why?

      Also why everyone wants Rajamouli to work with Aamir or Salman? I mean why? Rajamouli is not India’s biggest entertainer. His name is suddenly all over. As Director he is No 1 to 10 now and then comes others. I think superstars would pay him to work and not the other way round.
      I shudder at the thought of next Rajamouli release. How big that would be now?


    • The spellbinding effect starts from the titles itself, where Rajmoulli has created a visually stunning montage of essential shots from BB1. People have started posting whatsapp messages with the intro montage and pleading everyone to go watch this movie.


  11. Saw it yesterday and was completely immersed right from the opening credits. It is definitely better than the first one . Anushka Shetty’s character is very strong loved her dialogs.
    The action scenes are really creative .
    Imax ticket prices for Hindi were $33.
    It’s truly a great Bharatiya Epic and is a must watch on the big screen.
    Maza aa gaya !!

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  12. After watching the movie, I am reading your review once again. I also liked how Sivagami turns grey and how she blindly trusts her biological son. How Kattappa ultimately defies her dictats fearlessly. How coconut trees are used. How Rajamouli gets those ideas? I think he must be reading a lot. I almost forgot The Beginning.

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    • Naveen Says:

      Glad you liked it. Yes I did not go into the story and highlights but yours is spot on.
      In fact one can take a slice of the movie and can see how effectively it has been shot.
      I am eagerly waiting for Rajamouli’s next and what I know about him, his next is going to be on a very new subject probably a Scifi or a political drama. I am just guessing. I wish he does a comedy now. For a long time this genre had many great actors but not an equally competent director. That’s why you have very few rare gems.


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