Qalandar on MAHESHENTHE PRATHIKAARAM (Malayalam; 2016)

EXCERPT: “The charms of Maheshenthe Prathikaaram, Dileesh Pothan’s 2016 directorial debut, cannot be reduced to its plot, fresh though this is: the tale of everyman Mahesh Bhavana (Fahadh Faasil), worried about his father’s advancing age, passed over by the woman he has long loved in favor of a groom with better prospects, publicly humiliated in an un-related village brawl, and Mahesh’s vow to forego slippers until he has avenged his insult, never lost my interest as it wended its way through the contours of its lead protagonist’s life, and on to a resolution. More importantly, the plot never becomes farcical, not even that last bit about Mahesh’s vow: in the context of the film, it seems quite organic, the self-inflicted wound of a modest man at the end of his tether.

Pothan intuitively grasps that for contemporary Malayalam cinema to thrive, it must be …”

Complete review HERE


13 Responses to “Qalandar on MAHESHENTHE PRATHIKAARAM (Malayalam; 2016)”

  1. Will read this later. But this is one gem of a film. Just unmissable!


  2. This piece, one of your best, is itself a fine example of the universal in the particular. It offers astute commentary on ‘the way things are’. Haven’t seen the film but will look out for it now!


    • Wonderful movie….
      BTW I read it quite quickly but did i miss it or you havent written much on Fahaad Faasil’s performance?


      • You’re not the first to point that out: in my haste I simply forgot to include my thoughts there! I’ve now updated the post, with the new text in bold….



      • I saw Premam as well, man what an overrated film — the film was tonally all wrong (as if its director wanted to cram in every sort of film he’d seen and admired). And what a waste of Sai Pallavi’s character after a promising start — terrible!


  3. chipguy Says:

    Great review Q. I would highly recommend Pothan’s followup work from last year Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum. Hard as it is to believe, Fahadh and Dileesh have hit a higher bar in their second outing together.

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  4. This is now available on Netflix US.


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