Man of Steel (Rangan’s Vikram profile – Caravan)


“You don’t usually hear confessions of weakness from the really big stars—especially the ones in Tamil cinema, whose fans are devoted to their heroes, welcoming each film with firecrackers and giant cutouts of their idols, which they worship with ablutions of milk. The really big stars like to talk about upcoming films, or about their family, but are careful about saying anything that could disturb the macho façade that their fans buy into. Confessions such as Vikram’s sense of fear as he was wheeled into the hospital lift could be considered weakness, and it’s not something you expect to hear from him—not because he doesn’t have weaknesses, and not because he won’t tell us that he has them, but because he won’t tell himself that he has them. The relentless positivity and equanimity, the extraordinary manner with which he’s conducted himself through the low points in his life, make him seem less a flesh-and-blood person than an amped-up motivational poster.”

One Response to “Man of Steel (Rangan’s Vikram profile – Caravan)”

  1. Thanks for posting — I remember reading this in the magazine some months ago. While the piece is very well-written, Vikram’s idiosyncratic, obsessive, even unpleasant personality comes through, and ultimately he seems to “evade” Rangan’s profile…


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