Sunil on Akshay’s stardom

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Vijayshivaay is right.Comparing different generations is futile.Amitabh was greatest of his era.He should not be compared with anyone.Akshay is a legendary superstar.He is the biggest superstar of his Era that is since 1992 or 1999.

The first ever actor in Hindi cinema to get more than 100 crores per film.Tonymontana is wrong to say Akshay did not dominate like Amitabh because that is futile.We should look at the current scenario.Akshay is much bigger than shahrukh khan,Salman khan.
Pathaan is basically a director,content oriented hit.It doesn’t change anything.


20 Responses to “Sunil on Akshay’s stardom”

  1. “Pathaan is basically a director,content oriented hit.It doesn’t change anything.”

    Uthale re baba uthale!


  2. tonymontana Says:

    munna has resorted to having fun too. Good!


  3. This deserves an essay-writing response. I nominate munna to respond.


  4. I warned Naveen and like that SRK was more likely to get 300Cr than Akki.
    In fact I was wrong…SRK skipped 300, 400 and went to 500 instead.

    Akshay doesn’t have the heritage, fanbase for 500Cr.

    He is successful in his own bandwidth. But he was never as popular as Salman, SRK, Aamir, Hrithik…I’d probably say Ranbir, Ranveer and Ajay are more popular than him too.

    The strategy of doing 4 releases per annum is admirable to some degree. When it works it delivers middling successes I.e. 100-200Cr lifetimes. But nothing outstanding that justifies the salary of Akshay. But when it fails it is a disastrous strategy. There is little upside.

    Same for Aamir in opposite way. Delayed projects, dilli dabbling on one project only works if you execute – it has to be pretty flawless. The better balance for him was 05-08. 09-17 he was fortunate enough because scripts worked. Once TOH happened the strategy is a weak one. He will need to readdress and secure a line up that guarantees at least 1-2 films each year.

    Hrithik and Ranbir need to do the same.

    Salman has generally followed a good frequency. Looks like SRK will now too.


  5. If Akshay gets 300cr will jayshah aplogises and become Akshay fan?


  6. WOW, i missed this thread in middle of all other talk.

    Really not sure how to respond.

    Akshay will get 300 Cr soon when Singham 3 releases.


  7. Kya baat hai Sunil . Chaa gaye Boss .Gabbar wil be back, he is Khilaiyon ka khiladi – International Khiladi. Bas ek hee Arzoo hai, he should NOT be doing movies like Laxmi . He is the only one who can bring the Good news of Housefull back. he is the true chotey miyan to the one and only Badey miyan.
    Go Sooryavanshi, tod Bharat virodhi kee nalee !!!


    • Vijay Shivaay Says:

      Hrithik & Ajay D is enough for that. Not possible for puny second rung stars who’re more interested in working with Dharma & doing films like Laxmi and Atrangi Re.


  8. So vijayshivaay is Hrithik fan.I am also Hrithik fan.It is good to see Hrithik fans here.Before satyam and others use to make negative comments against against Hrithik.That is not there now.Hrithik Roshan will become No1 soon.


  9. I had sent this email to Satyam on November 16th , did not hear back from him. I hope he is well.

    Hi Satyam,
    Hope all is well. I am assuming this is for you ? Happy belated birthday man !!

    DAY 5391
    Jalsa, Mumbai Nov 16, 2022

    SPECIAL ONE for Ef SATYAM .. who had his birthday on August 20 .. one of our oldest Ef .. cherished and with vast knowledge .. and we should have wished you long time ago , Satyam .. but better late than never .. we remember you .. and we hope you’re well .. keep happy .. and keep connected .. ❤️❤️❤️

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